Wednesday, June 30, 2010

letter from aunt mary

Aunt Mickey is in an assisted living facility with dementia. Aunt Dona's son Randy has cancer & is in great pain. Aunt Mickey's daughter Cathy's birthday is July 4th, she'll be 60. Aunt Dona had given her an old beat up cardboard suitcase that had belonged to Grandma Shafer. in it is an album with pictures & many clippings. There is one with a picture of Ronald Grief who along with another boy fired shots at other vehicled on a highway and who stole gas at 2 farms & set a barn on fire.
There are many clippings of crimes, arrests, etc. by Osborn boys/men (Lyle, Robert, Wilbur, & Truman.) Truman was shot & killed in a bar brawl. It is said that the other man claimed self defense, there were a few witnesses. Obituaries for Aunt Maude (Boyd) & Grandpa Johnnie are in it.
I believe Aunt Hallie & Cleo were listed among Grandma Craig's children in her obit as being the children of her & John Melvin Craig. We know they had an unknown father. Aunt Dona said that Grandpa Pete disliked her two children so much taht their maternal grandmother practically (or actually?) raised them.
Virgina found an Osborn childs obit with burial at Freedom.