Wednesday, February 8, 2012

aunt minerva notes

aunt minerva collection...typed as written....all typos are of course mine...
transcribed by my mom

need Index to Deeds 2 indirect 1864-1870
James C. Maxwell to John Yancy Creswell

Indian Heritage

Andrew Jackson: Indians couldn't be buried in white cemetaries-maybe Indians are outside white cemeteries

Cherokeee 3 groups or tribes
decendnts-inter mariage between tribes
1600-1700 Army kept records of Revoluntionary War
Church records-Quakers
Non Delaware-Kickapoo-Shawnee
census records of Indiana
no records until 1924

Tribal roll-Cherkee most counted
Cherokee Roots book
beading experts-tells you which tribe for the clothes they wore
Indian sites on internet
KC has 400-best for Indians Intruder Roll
people living on Indian land-didn't have birth certificates-check books

1800-1840 Trail of Tears
MO-against law for 1859 to own land-scared & trouble
Indians were always in flux, moving west
shoved around.
Indians could not take whites to court.
VIA KC Archives

Order of lickrig(?) Indian lists-follows female lini
If your name isn't on the intruder roll, then you are an Indian-go to Tribal Roll DAUCES(?) roll plus

Inverst Indian Record of Harrison Co MO
Look for letter of book & get page #. then go to that source for original.

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