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Mary Grigsba

births of Mary Grisgba
#1. *John Henry Gilleland-Sunday Dec 9 1866-1867(D)
#2. Lewis Preston Gilleland-Oct.14 1868-Wednesday
#3. Cynthia Susan Ann Gilleland-June 27 1871, Tuesday
#4. Effie Suffrona Gilleland & *twin sister died at birth, February or________ 18 1875
#5. Shone Emily Gilleland Jan 17-1877 (*a boy died at birth between Effy-Shone)
#6. George Yancy Gilleland-a boy died at birth between Shone & George
Friday-August 20 1880
#6. Nancy Eva Gilleland June 15 1885-Friday
*starred* the ones that are in Cat Creek Cemetery
this is exactly how they are listed. (aunt minerva notes)

I find it interesting that the dead children didn't get a #...
I would put them
1. John
2. Lewis
3. Cynthia
4. Effy
5. Effy's twin died at birth
6. infant boy died at birth
6. Shone
7. infant boy died at birth
8. George
9. Nancy

the only one of our family that ever has (can't read) married
Mary Eva Gilleland to Clayton James Grigsba
Dec 2 1907
at Newkirk, Oklahoma
Methodist parsonage
by Rev-Verden

I went in the Baptist Church (voted in the church-July 18 1941) Baptised May 25 1941, In the pond on Mr. Geo. Letherman's farm south west of Uncas,Ola.
Mary Gigsba 12/29/1977
taken from Mary's bible
signed Minerva Brown

Ada A Jackson
204 8th S.W.
Mason City, IWA
sent Mary Grigsba a Christmas Card in 1977. Mary said she would be Uncle Kil Creswell's daughter. Uncle Kel Creswell would be a brother of Uncle Griff Creswell.

#1. IOOF Cemetery Panca City-southwest part-the bodies of the Gilleland family were moved from the Oak Grove Cemetery when they put the Kaw dam in.

151. Joesiah Gilleland and wife
2. JAmes Henry Gilleland & wife Susan Helnick was married Sept 21 1838
children were:
#1. Martha Ann Gilleland born April 7 1839
#2. David W. Gilleland born August 10 1839
#3. Josiah Perry Gilleland born Aug 3 1841
#4. William Sammuel Gilleland born August 19 1843
#5. James Lewis Gilleland born Dec 20 1845
#6. Catherine Susan Gilleland born Sept 20 1848
#7. Georg R Gilleland born Dec 19 or 20 1850
#8. Xantipy (?) Harker Gilleland born MArch 1853
#9. Achilus Burger Gilleland born March 10 1858

these are handwritten in pencil...some were hard to read.

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