Monday, February 6, 2012


aunt minerva collection

Ezra Hobbs family house was old Creswell.
Ezra Hobbs-
Uncle Griff.
Jerry Davidson
Jacke Gibson was Aunt Crosby-
The Creswell did own 1000 acres around Cat Creek.

Cyntha Cresswell needs stone. Stone has only Cynthis on it. Needs dates.

Dan Neff-(can't read) off Grandma.

Grandma Creswell was Cynitha Whitt...

Yancy Creswell

Preston Creswell died in Civil War.

snippet of a letter.....
I visited Lorene & Harold in Portland for a short time in May. Deanna and her husband live in Hillsboro, about 30 miles away, and they had a 3 233k old son, Adam MAxwell(!)--Phillipe (that's Portugese.) Mike, the oldest son lives in Edmonds, Wash., a suburb of Seattle, and MArk lives at Mt. Vernon, Wash. I talk to Lois frequently and she, Vernon and Roberta plan to visit Lorene in August. Vernon has been wtih Lois since May of this year and recently had a stone removed from his bladder so they had to postpone their trip somewhat.

snippet of a letter...
DeAnna's triplets are 17 on May 10th. I haven't seen them since they were babies!
Marks Nora graduates from H.S. this year and DeAnna's Adam graduated from College in June-Mike's 2 girls are in college and little Mike will be a 4th grader ( I think_ How time passes!

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