Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Aunt Mary & I have some interesting conversations in our letters...

Thank you for sharing with me your recent dream about your dad coming to help you at work. Last night, I dreamed vout him, a strange dream. In my dream we were together at Christmas. Your mom and dad were separated. She was opening a 'gift' from him (while we & he looked on.) It was like a color book where he'd colored in or highlighted meaningful verbs such as could, should to express his hopes of reconciliation. In my dream, I could sense his emotions and agony. Then, I woke up.
After my mom & dad & Roger moved to Ca., I missed them terribly. Many times, I dreamed they'd come back to Mo. Once, I dreamed they were back in the old, farmhouse at Trenton, had fixed the hole in the roof and everything (inside) looked cozy and attractive. The owners were pleased to have them there, And, of course, my heart was bursting with joy. I don't recall Roger being there. Another time, I dreamed they came back and were living somewhere so. of K.C. and we drove there. We climbed steps up a bank full of flowering shrubs/vines to a screened in porch. Once again, we were overjoyed to see one another.
Yesterday eve, I watched the 2 hour special on Farrah Fawcett. The love she and Ryan O'Neal shared made me think of Al & me, (and you & Kevin.)
Keith L. Heitz funeral notice in the Star again today. Virginia found info of a Keith L (L for Laine) age 72, who died in Feb. 18 in an eastern state. She told me he'd been married three times, but doesn't know if he was still married at time of his death or how he died. She sent a copy of his sister Mavis Eileen Heitz Collins obit along with a colored pic. She was pretty, age 82 at deatj 8-10-2018 at No. K.C. Mo. Hosp. her husband's name is Wilber (Bud). she graduated from Ridgeway High in '54. Most likely Keith did also.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Keith L. Heitz

Aunt Mary sent me a clipping from the KC Star, says he is a relative.
Keith L. Heitz, Graveside Service, Miriam Cemetery, Bethany, MO. My 26, 2019 at 3 p.m. an Airborne Harley Rider.
she goes on: no age given. Keith was the son of Julian & Sue, was married to Judy Kennedy when they were both young. she worked at Hallmark Cards if I remember right and she and 2 girls (twins) lived in an adjoining apt. in a big house where I lived before Al & I got married. Virginia thinks he was born around 1942.she said that Mavis & Keith's parents are buried in Miriam.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Aunt Mary sent a letter from Cousin Cathy....with some sad news.

Cathy is Uncle Marvin's daughter, my grandpa Alfred's little brother. letter dated May 5, 2019
On Wednesday I got Maxine (Axsom) Bradberry a vase and beautiful bouquet of flowers and , upon arriving at her assisted living residence, asked the receptionist, "is Miss Bradberry in the dining room or upstairs in her apartment?" I thought I would have lunch with her. The receptionist looked surprised: "Oh, I am so sorry - but Ms. Maxine passed away last week."....I am assuming Maxine was the eldest of all of us - at least on Daisy and Cora's branches. Her son, Bill, has been the one to take care of his family, including financial responsibilities, like selling Susan's house. First Jimmy Axsom, 70ish, died. he was living with Susan. Then Susan passed unexpectedly. Last year Madge passed on at age 94. and now his mom, who just turned 96 in February. Bill is retired, so he visits Sharon every week to make sure she is ok and has groceries. she never learned to drive. Roy and Barbara Rilling's grandson Patrick and his wife Roxanne just announced that they are expecting first baby in the fall. Debbie lives in St. Louis. Justin and wife Miriah are moving to Sacramento area this month. Cathy Ann (Aunt Vi's daughter) is a Great Grandma. Suede is 3 months old. (Tucson, AZ).