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Aunt Mary Johnson at the Vaile Mansion Tea Party.....

when we were kids, she had dress up outfits for us when we would visit....she even gave Katie some dress up clothes when she was little....Aunt Mary loves to dress for her part at The Vaile!

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this sure reminds me of my dad...

typed manuscript: James Maxwell

Early American records show James Maxwell being of Scotch Irish heritage and coming to America in the early eighteenth century. Records indicate his birth date being ca(1745-50) in Ulster, Ireland; thence coming to America, and first settling in Augusta, Pennsylvania where he married a Jane Roberts ca. (1765-70). From Augusta, Pennsylvania he moved to Washington, Wythe and Botetourt counties in Virginia. Because of county boundary changes his location in ca (1771-72) became Tazewell Co. Virginia.
James was actively involved in the Revolutionary War, and is referred to as Captain or Major. It was during this time his two young daughters were killed by the Indians. He was the first Sheriff of Tazewell, Virginia, and the first to sign a petition to form Tazewell County from surrounding counties.
James Maxwell b. (ca1745-50) m (ca 1765-70) a, (27MW 1821).
James and Jane Roberts Maxwell are both buried in Tazewell, Va. No dates available of Jane Roberts Maxwell.
checked for James Maxwell in Tazewell Co, VA. no luck there. deb
*I. JAMES & JANE ROBERTS MAXWELL were the parents of :
1. William
2. Elizabeth--m. Henry Marrs
3. John
4. Mary
5. Margaret (Peggy) b. (1776 Montgomery Co. Va.) m. (David Whitley 24 Jan 1797-Washington Co Va.) d. (19 Dec 1851)
6. Mattie killed by Indians in Montgomery Co, Va. now Tazewell Co, Va.
7. Jeanie {deb: is this a typo? everywhere else she is Jennie?} killed by Indians in Montgomery Co, Va. now Tazewell Co, Va.
8. Robert m. Mary Maxwell
9. James Maxwell b(1780) m (Mary Witten 25 April 1804 Tazewell Co Va.) d (1866). Mary Witten was the daughter of Jerimiah and Sarah Witten.
10. Nancy m. (Paul Whitley 10 June 1801 Tazewell Co Va)
11. Jane m. (John Maxwell 8 Jan. 1809)
*II. William James Maxwell was the ninth child of James and Jane Maxwell was b (1780) d. (1866). James was m (25 April 1804 Tazewell Co.) to Mary Witten b(1780) d (1873).
JAMES AND MARY WITTEN MAXWELL were the parents of:
*1. Witten Maxwell b. (1805) m (4 March 1827) to Alice Creswell b (Tues. 19 Nov 1805) d (1866) Witten Maxwell being the first child of James and Mary Witten Maxwell was given his mother's maiden name as was common in those days.
2. Robert Maxwell b (1807) m. (Margaret Bates)
3. Sallie (Susan) m. (Montraville Steele)
4. James Maxwell
5. Margaret Maxwell
Witten and Alice were the parents of:
1. Susy C. Maxwell b (12 May 1828)
*2. James C. Maxwell b (17 Dec 1829)
3. Mary Jane Maxwell b (26 Dec 1832)
4. Henry Evans Maxwell b (4 June 1835)
5. Frank M. Maxwell
James C Maxwell -or perhaps James Creswell Maxwell, because of his mother's maiden name; however all his legal papers are signed James C. Maxwell. He was b (17 Dec 1829) m (2 Aug 1867) d (16 May 1925). James C. Maxwell was born in Tazewell County, Virginia; and according to military records he enlisted in the Confederate Army Company A, 45th Virginia Inf. 5/29/1861; records show his being sick 9/61 and a POW 9/19/64. He was released from service 6/1/65.
The Virginia census lists James C Maxwell's occupation as a saddler. The story as related to his son Thomas Witten Maxwell was, that his father James C. Maxwell fought during the Civil War; and upon his release his saddle or repair shop was or had been vandalized because of the sentiment in those days; so he came to Missouri. Dates show his dismissal from service being 6/1/65, and his purchase of 40 acres in Harrison County Missouri in the fall of 1866. His marriage to Minerva Creswell in 1867 after he arrived in Missouri.
He was said to have left Virginia and come to a Creswell family in Patterson, Iowa; then migrated to Harrison County Missouri. Minerva Creswell b (Tues. 31 July 1838) m (1867 Harrison County Mo) d (26 Feb 1878) with the birth of twins: a boy and a girl.
James C. Maxwell kept his family together with the help of his inlaws (The Creswells) who lived nearby until (4 March 1881) when he married Harriet Hughs {deb: Hughes, I think} Harrison who died (21 Feb 1911) James C. Maxwell d (16 May 1925.)
There was little or no communication from the Maxwell's in Missouri to the Maxwell's in Virginia; therefore the decendents of James C. Maxwell know of the Virginia Maxwell's only through records.
1. John Henry b (1 Oct 1869) m (27 March 1899) Josephine Quigley m (2nd marriage,no dates). Josephine Maxwell d (4 March 1925). John Henry d (25 Feb 1948) John Henry and Josephine Quigley Maxwell were the parents of:
1. James Franklin b (4 Aug 1903) d (1952) two marriages, the second to Opal Ray (23 July 1950) killed in car accident, no children.
2. infant child buried in Cat Creek Cemetery, Harrison County, Missouri.
{deb: google search turned up this have to buy a subscription link: this isn't worth $69 a year to me, because I'll forget to cancel after the 7 day free trial...sigh... The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri · Page 11 SEPTEMBER 29. 1952. A DAY FOR MOTOR BOATS BUT JUDGE RANDALL HAS TO .... CRASH KILLS A DRIVER, Frank Maxwell, Gilman City. ... (AP)— Frank Maxwell, Gilman City, died in the wreckage of his motor car this afternoon a short ..
September 29, 1952 The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri · Page 11 Publication: The Kansas City Times iLocation: Kansas City, MissouriIssue Date: Monday, September 29, 1952Page: Page 11View full page

I'm blogging the Aunt Minerva stuff Mom gave me.....our great aunt was a teacher and a farmer....and look what she wrote her genealogy research notes on! made me smile!

esp. the deficiency report....was she researching at school....or did she just carry these about with her in case she felt the need to write one???
handwritten note VIRGINIA 1860 CENSUS TAZEWELL CO.
Witten Maxwell-55-M-farmer (check out) b. date 1805
Alice Maxwell 54-F-b date 1806
Mary J. Maxwell -25-F- b date 1835
James C. Maxwell-29-M-Saddler
*check out*
Register of Marriage Tazewell Co. VA
1878-Oct. 3- Tazewell Co. Witten Maxwell - Sally Carter
huaband: 73 years of age
wife: was 48 yrs. of age
husband: widowed
wife: single
both from Tazewell Co.
husbands parents: Jas. & Polly Maxwell.
wife parents: no info
wife: no info
husband: mechanic
marriage preformed by W.B. Oney
Thomas Witten Maxwell
father: James C. Maxwell
mother: Minerva Creswell
children were 5- 3 boys and 2 girls.
father- Witten Maxwell
mother- Alice Creswell
children were:
1. Susy C. Maxwell b. (MON) May 12 1828
2. James C. Maxwell (Grandpa) b. (MON) Dec 17 1829
3. Mary Jane Maxwell b. (WED) Dec 26 1832
4. Henry Maxwell b. (TUES) June 4 1835
Witten Maxwell born 1805-killed by train 89 yrs. old. married Alice Criswell
father: James Maxwell
mother: Mary Witten
children: James C., Susan, Henry, Evans, Mary G. and Frances M.

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googling for info on the Witten Maxwell being killed by train near Pisgah, VA.....

found this page.....
and this:

handwritten notes by Great Aunt Minerva:

Vol I-Annals of Tazewell Co., Virg. 8/13/87
p#169 James Maxwell qualified as Sheriff First Court of Tazwell Co-June 180_
p#175-(1800-1801) James Maxwell Sheriff of County.
p#437-438 Thomas Maxwell killed by Shawanoe Indians-had on white hunting shirt-requested to remove it-refused-Indians attack killing Maxwell (in pursuit of Indians who had attack Thomas English family) (Burke Garden-Wolf Creek Gap) (1787)
p#24 Colonel James Maxwell settled on Clinch in 1772-lived there until 1784-during that time two daughters were killed by Indians.
p#259 - December term-William H. Maxwell qualified to practice law in this court (1851)
Send for Revolutionary War Records-form to fill out. Washington D.C. ask for additional form. SAS)
Jewett Norris Library p#1 8/13/87
Boone County Iowa Gen. Society , 423 Benton St, Boone, IA. Biblo of material available.
William H Lees, 227 Clinton St, Boone, IA. 50036 (929.2 Maxwell, William -ancestors.)
Grundy Co. Hist.- Birdsall Dean p#376 W.M. Maxwell Depot Agent Trenton (1881-July) Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad Depot burned Aug 25th 1881 p#376 p#407 W.M. Maxwell recorder, Trenton Lodge #21 (A.O.U.W.)
Index of Land Purchases (U.S. Land Sale in Mo. 1818-1837)
Catharine 531
Ele y 459
James 548
Joseph 311-538
/blockquote>Maxwell, Wyatt 319
MO Archives Jackson E Springfield
p#411 John Maxwell, Thomas Maxwell citizens of Tazewell Co posted as citizens in these forts (Burks Garden) probably Volunteer Fort. John Maxwell chose as spy for this group (Time 1776)
Pat Surface 1-703-988-3581
#1. Review Cara Bertrams D.A.R. papers-I'm sure the James mentioned there and in the James will is the same James that married Mary Witten-also did you notice on the back one of the typed sheets she mentions that James an Jane are buried outside the fence of the Crockett place-headstones destroyed.
#2.According to Creswell bible records Alice Creswell was born Tuesday-19 Nov. 1805- and that Alice Creswell married Witten Maxwell-4 March 1827. Children born to Alice Creswell & Witten Maxwell are:
#1. Suzy C. Maxwell -12 May 1828-
*#2. James C. Maxwell -17 Dec 1829-
#3. Mary Jane Maxwell -26 Dec 1832-
#4. Henry Maxwell - 4 June 1835-
#5. Frank - no record- some places indicate his name may be Evans Frank.
* there are no death dates mentioned.
Deed Book 15- p. 245 (29 Sept 1873) 200.00 (labor?)
-Black MAre- 4 hd canes & looam-
-would have been his daughter
1860 Tazewell Co. Census # 1255-
Witten Maxwell-55-farmer born in Va.
Alice Maxwell -54
Mary J. Maxwell-25-according to Creswell records she would have been 28- (Close)
41 years old and her name was still Maxwell.
Witten Maxwell was born 1805 or 1804.
1860 & 1880 Census dates figure out right. Alice Creswell had to die between 1860-1878-wonder why Witten was making a deed to his daughter in 1873.
wonder if Mary Jane Maxwell daughter of Witten Maxwell ever married-evidently not-Francie Maxwell 1880 lists Jane as sister 50.
I suspect Witten Maxwells real name was William Witten Maxwell (Harmon's Annals)
Mary Fields-Annals of Tazewell says Witten Maxwell was born in 1805. married Alice Creswell had 5 children. James C.- Susan, Henry Evans-Mary G. could be J. and Frances M.
Mary F. says James d. 1866, Mary d. 1873
Witten Maxwell killed by railroad train-Pisgah Tazwell-89th year.
1860 Tazewell Co VA Henry Maxwell-23 M. Carder Va.
One Maxwell married a William Marrs-they may have been living with his sister Sally. p.142
1850 Census Tazewell Co. Va.
James Maxwell-68 years-wagon maker
Ailsey Maxwell -45-
Susana Maxwell -22-
James Maxwell -20- farmer
Jane Maxwell -16-
Henry Maxwell -15-
Francis Maxwell -13-
Death Records Tazewell Co- Thurman Wilson & Ruth Wilson
James Maxwell W/M
Jane - 80 yrs old-Clinch- old age 1868
1870 Censys Tazewell Co Va.
Witten Maxwsell b date 1804-66-M-W- TN-farmer
Alice-Alsie-65-F- W- VA b date 1805
MAry J -30-F-W-VA-b date 1840 -at home