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Minerva Creswell Maxwell

wife of James C. Maxwell, mother of Thomas Witten, Emma Mary, James Henry.

Trenton Trust Company

from the Axsom Shoebox of Memories
my Axsom grandparents cancelled checks from 1959- 1960. this is a fascinating look into their daily lives, their expenditures. there are counter checks and account checks. Their account checks just have their names. "MR. OR MRS. ALFRED AXSOM" is above the signature address. she signed her checks "Mrs. Alfred Axsom." this interested me. I have been blogging old grade cards. my great grandma Daisy signed her son's grade cards "Mrs. Daisy Axsom." my great grandma Amanda signed her daughter's grade cards "Mrs. Ross Shafer." so it seems to be a personal preference. I just sign my checks "Debbie Dailey" in my unreadable scrawl. No "Mrs.". No "Mrs. Kevin Dailey."
cancelled checks and a few other documents contained in a brown Trenton Trust Company envelope.
Lovell and Hull Service Station $10.00
L. & O. Sales Co. $39.05
Penneys $4.00
JCPenney Co. $5.08
cost of service charge for $.61.
Kings Food Center $5.00
Kings Food Center $5.00
Garnet S. Wismer (for Xmas merchandise) $7.29
Mart Drug $2.49
Dr. C.H. Cullers $30.00
Bernard Axsom $3.00
Bernard Axsom $5.00
Bernard Axsom $15.00
(these checks to my dad were cashed at Smith's Clothing, Kings Food Center, S.M. & Kress Co.)
Wayne Seymour, Collector $53.55
Ruth Greenwood, Coll. $7.84
Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. $7.92
Persill's Grocery $5.00
Missouri Public Service $9.37
Hy- Vee $15.00
Western Auto $1.16
Service Oil Company $3.15
Brinser Station $4.11
Mercer County Abstract Company $4.75
King's Food Center $5.00
Penneys Store $20.00
Home Gas & Appliance $6.38
Professional School Photographers Ass'n $1.75
King's $5.00
Hy Vee $10.00
Spencer Hatchery $4.40
Bakyr's $7.09
Connell Hwd. Co. $4.52
Fair Drug Store $5.93
Hy-Vee Food Store $3.69
Hy-Vee $1.00
Browns Market $1.74
Jc. Penney Co. $15.00
Mo. Public Service Company $9.30
Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. $7.45
there is a card...please sign this card and drop in mail, no postage required. Alfred Axsom Jan 29 1960 Receipt is acknowledged of statement of account for period Dec. 3 1959-Jan. 28 1960 together with cancelled checks. (please sign as name appears on account sheet.)
"Cost of Service" $1.13
State Farm Mutual $14.38
Hy-Vee Food Store $20.00
May 13, 1962 Internal Revenue Service Alfred E. & Mary P. Axsom, Rt. 1, Trenton, Mo. credit reported on Return $2611.70, corrected credit $2240.70. earnings from the business listed are not subject to self-employment tax. Payment on farm sold and interest will not qualify for self-employment coverage. This is only a notice about changes in the computation of income qualifying for self-employment coverage, it is neither a bill for additional tax nor a notice of additional refund.
Donald Crawford, Coll. $61.01
so they grocery shopped at Kings Food Center, Persill's Grocery, HyVee, Brown's Market. these all sound like grocery stores to me, anyways. I know lots of people had small groceries in their homes back in the day. I remember mom taking us to Crooks, I think it was. I remember a big meat dept. and wood floors.

Monthly Report of Alfred Axsom, School District No. 28, Potter County, South Dakota

Lucas School Dist. No. 28 (school...can't read it....took a picture of it.)
Grade 7, Tacaher Helen Crawford
they were in session 20 days months 1,4,5,6,7,8; 17 days month 2; 18 days month 3; and 21 days month 9.
he missed 1 day month 3, 4 days month 4, 3 days month 5, 1 day month 6, 1 day month 7. 1.5 days month 8, 1 day month 9.
he was tardy 7 times month 4, twice month 5, 1 month 6, twice month 7, once month 8, once 9th month.
Deportment: 60, 60, 60, 70, 70, 75, 75, 75, 80.
Reading 80. 80. 77. 80. 79. 85. 81. 90. 82. 85. 86. 80. 88. 85. 81. 85. 82. average 84%
Writing 80. blank. blank. 85. blank. 85. 85. blank. blank. 85. 85. blank. 85. blank. 85. blank. blank. 80. blank. average 84%.
Spelling. 73. 84. 94. 92. 100. 72. 99. 88. 99. 91. 99. 91. 94. 84. 99. 88. 99. 92. 90. 80. 94. average 89%.
Arithmetic 75. 20. 85. 90. 77. 70. 86. 90. 85. 90. 89. 89. 90. 91. 65. 82. 75. 83. 86. 89. average 75%.
Geography starts on 9th square: 80. 80. 75. 85. 84. 85. 82. 80. 81. 85. 82. average 83%.
Lang. or Grammar 75. 70. 76. 70. 77. 80. 79. 75. 74. 85. 82. 88. 83. 75. 84. 80. 81. 80. 88. average 98%.
US History 77. 65. 75. 85. 77. 80. 77. 80. 79. 65. 79. 65. 79. 80. 81. 80. 84. 85. 83. 80. 84. 85. 80. average 88%.
Physiology 72. 75. 73. 80. 79. 80. 81. 75. 88. average 88%.
Drawing: all 80, 80%.
Agriculture all 80 and 85. average 84%.
there were Daily Grades and Examination Grades.
his mother, Mrs. Daisy Axsom signed his report card.
so, I turned to google, trying to figure out the name of this school....I did find:
General William Henry Harrison Beadle was a leading figure in the early development of South Dakota's educational system. He was credited with being "the father of education in the two Dakotas, the man who saved the endowment and school lands Congress applied to many other states that have since been admitted into the union." By 1916, there were 5,041 one-teacher rural schools in South Dakota but due to declining population and consolidation with larger schools, this number dwindled to 80 by 1986. Hence, the North Canton School represents the one-room rural school that is a vanishing landmark in South Dakota.
of course, I don't know that he went to one-room school.
the grade card was printed. all the course offerings on the card(he didn't take all of them, assuming not all offered) were Reading, Writing, Spelling, Arithmetic, Geography, Lang. or Gram., U.S. History, Physiology, Civics, Drawing, S.D. History, Music, Agriculture, Domestic Science.

Grandma Pauline Shafer Axsom's 3rd grade gradecard

Mercer County Public Schools
Teacher's Report to Parent
name Pauline Shafer
District Center
Grade 3rd
County Mercer
State Mo.
for school year ending May 2 1930
Alma Cross Teacher
Allie S. Wilson County Superintendent. blockquote>
Spelling S, E-, E-. S
Reading S+, S+, S, E-
Writing M+, M+, S, S
Arithmetic M, M, M+, M-
Language M, M, S, S
Drawing M, M, M, M
Deportment E, E, E, E
Days present 37, 20, blank, 23
Days Absent 3, 20, blank, 2
Times Tardy 0, 0, blank, 1
Traits of Pupil Very Commendalbe, 1,2,3 quarters.
Recitations Very Satisfactory 1,2,3 quarters
Conduct Very Good 1,2,3 quarters.
on bottom of Traits of Pupil page: "The young man who smokes cigarettes need not worry about the future; he has none." David Steve Jordan.
Mrs. Ross Shafer signed this grade card quarters 2 and 3. Quarters 1 and 4 are blank. This was signed in PENCIL IN 1930 and is still legible!
Certificate of Promotion This Certifies That Pauline Shafer has completed the work of the preceding grade and is hereby promoted to the 4th grade of the Public Schools of this County. April 4 1930 Sylvia Kirkpatrick, Teacher. Arithmetic not completed.
"Kind words are the music of the world." - Faber. "The first step to greatness is to be honest." - Johnson. the questions. did grandma miss an entire quarter of school AFTER missing half of the preceding quarter? The grades listed on bottom of card were EXCELLENT 90 to 100; GOOD 80 to 90; FAIR 70 to 80; UNSATISFACTORY 60 to 70;POOR below 60. the grades on her card were S, M, E. I would guess E as Excellent, S as Satisfactory......what was M? failing? because I would think of M as Medium.....would that be below Satisfactory? hmmmmmm.......

Roger D. Axsom, Unit Manager, Canteen Corporation

from the Axsom Shoebox of Memories
Uncle Roger's business card
Canteen Corporation, 70 W. Hedding, San Jose, CA 95110, (408) 295-9677
did a google search to see what Canteen Corporation did. everything in San Jose CA was vending machines. I thought he ran like a cafeteria style restaurant...(?) it could of changed over the years, or I could just be wrong.
then did an image search...and this is what I found with this image (look how tech savvy I've become watching Catfish!
and then I went to the website and found this:
Canteen Vending is the only national (and the largest) vending operating company in the country with several locations, one of which is located right here in San Leandro. This family operated business provides onsite dining, food and beverage vending, not to mention exciting d├ęcor and finishes. When the company decided it was time to update the logo decals on several of their trucks, they selected SignWorks to do the project. The colorful logo was printed using an opaque vinyl because the client will be covering an existing door decal. This type of vinyl will prevent the previous graphic from showing through. Like many of our fleet vehicle customers, the client wanted an affordable option that would fit their budget while still reinforcing the brand identity of the company which has been in operation since 1929. If you are trying to keep an upcoming fleet graphics project on time and on budget, give SignWorks a call at (510) 357-2000 or send us an email at We would be delighted to explore options that will keep the project affordable.
SO: onsite dining. maybe I wasn't entirely in error.....

there was a comment on a Maxwell photo I had posted on a photo site....but can't remember my password, of course...

this was the comment:
Maxwell photos Submitted by Tracy Keeney (not verified) on 2 May 2014 - 8:09am. Hi, My husband's mother was a Maxwell. Her father's name was James William Maxwell. HIS father's name was James Curtis Maxwell (1882-1910), who married Margaret("Maggie", "Madge")Englert, but James Curtis died before he turned 30. James Curtis' siblings were Ella, Emma, George and John T. Maxwell, we think John may have had a son named Russell. We know that for at least a time, the family lived around the Chillicothe area. I noticed you uploaded a picture of a James C. Maxwell, as well as a photo of a John Maxwell and I'm wondering if these might be my husbands relatives. I'd love to correspond with you to see if we can figure out if that's the case or not. Thank you Tracy Keeney
this is my reply:
JC was my great great grandfather. he was a Confederate soldier, POW at Fort Delaware, Pea Patch Island. I think he was the only one of his family to travel to Iowa, then on to Missouri, where he bought land in Harrison County, MO that is now a century farm. His family was from Tazewell Co, VA. he was married twice. his son TW Maxwell was my great grandfather. Tom had 2 boys that died ages 1 and 3 in an epidemic; Leland, who lived his adult life in MArshall, MO; John, who settled around Grove OK; James, whose sons JAsper and Clyde ended up around KC; and 3 daughters: Evie, my grandma Grace, and Minverva. would have to look up his fathers name. I know they were involved in the Indian wars, there were captains and such, and there is a Fort Maxwell somewhere. there were 2 Maxwell girls aged about 7 and p, (Mattie and Jennie, I think?) who were killed by Indians. there is a marker I have found online. Maxwell is a pretty common name. there could be a distant relation, maybe.

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stumbled across a new photo editing site....which is basically picnik with a new name!
so, with no further of my great great grandpa JC three little K' husband the Grandpa....the son we named after our insurance agent.....our Chiefs lovin' family....our girls in Nola....the daughter we named after the heroine of my favorite novel....and our first daughter, Koren. (need to make a new one about how her name came from a baby book....)