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weighed 8.1 lbs..20.75 in. long.

Cruz Cash Duff, Son of Morgan Duff & Phoebe Kitchen and little brother to Emerson

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

found a picture on facebook of a beautiful distant relative...distant as in relation, not in actual distance.....

(she goes to school at Cainsville, I always look for her at HSBB games....)she is a beautiful, beautiful girl! Whitney!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Office of the County Superintendent of Schools, Gettysburg, S. DAK.

June 12 1928
Dear Friends:
At last the work of grading and averaging the papers in the seventh and eighth grade final examinations is finished, and we are ready to make returns to you. Most of you will be well pleased over the returns, some will be not quite so well pleased, and a very few will be disappointed. No one should feel discouraged and give up, however, as failure is no disgrace; it is only disgraceful if one refuses to make any effort to come back after a failure.
Of the one hundred nineteen who wrote the finals in the eighth grade, one hundred nine will receive diplomas. Of the remaining ten, there may be a few who could earn their diplomas by taking a second examination in August, as in a few cases the general average was almost high enough to enable them to pass, but they fell below the required minimum in one or two subjects. I would be glad to hear from those who care to write again, so that we could make arrangements to that effect at once. No examination will be given unless there is a demand for it, and I must have your written request for it before the 1st of July.
Of the one hundred seventh graders who wrote, ninety will receive their certificates of promotion now, and a few of the remaining ten will receive their certificates just as soon as they have removed the conditions on which they were passed to the eighth grade. These conditions will be explained to the respective pupils in a personal letter with the returns of the examination.
We will begin to need thinking of the graduation exercises for the eighth grade now. The exact date has not been decided upon at this time, but it will be within the next two or three weeks. In the meantime we should chose a class motto, class colors, and a class flower. In order to do this to the satisfaction of all, I will ask that you write me at once, giving your choice in each of these, using the suggestions below as guides. Your preferences will be carefully tabulate and the suggestions receiving the majority of votes will be chosen.
No special instructions as to dress will be given, but simplicity and economy should govern your tastes, rather than extravagance and showiness. Graduation time is not a time for dress parade but rather a time for sober thought of our future and what we are to do with it. In selecting what you should wear at this time, let us be governed by good taste as to our appearance, but not by a selfish desire to "outshine" the other graduates.
Notices of time and place of graduation exercises will be sent with a program, just as soon as we hear from enough of you to complete the selection of motto, colors, and a class flower.
With best wishes and kind regards to you all, I am
Very sincerely yours,
(signed) John A Hembd

Office of County Superintendent of Public Instruction Potter Co. S. Dak. Report of Pupil's Final Examinations

from the Axsom Shoebox of Memories....
Gettysburg S.D. June 9 1927 Alfred Axsom of Lebanon, S.D. The result of your final examination in the seventh grade is as follows:
Reading: school 83, credit work 80-75, average 80
Writing: school 84, credit work 87, average 85 1/2.
Spelling: school 93, credit work 89, average 86
Arithmetic: school 80, credit work 87, average 68
Geography: school 84, credit work 81, average 87 1/2
Language or Grammar: school 88, credit work 67, average 72 1/2
Physiology and Hygiene school 99, credit work 75, average 77
United States History: School 88, credit work 73, average 68 1/2
Drawing: school 80, credit work 88-89, average 81
Agriculture: school 84, average 84.
average 88.2
The required standing for a passing grade is an average of 80 per cent, with no subject below 65 for the 8th grade and an average of 75 per cent with no subject below 60 for the 7th grade. By consulting the above list of your standings you will observe that you are entitled to promotion. signed: Einar Jordith, County Superintendent
phys·i·ol·o·gy [fiz-ee-ol-uh-jee] noun 1. the branch of biology dealing with the functions and activities of living organisms and their parts, including all physical and chemical processes. 2. the organic processes or functions in an organism or in any of its parts. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Origin: 1555–65; < Latin physiologia < Greek physiologĂ­a science of natural causes and phenomena. See physio-, -logy

receipts from The Axsom Shoebox of Memories....

Jack's Repair Shop, General Repairs, Residence Phone 1108-W. billed to Alfred Axsom 4-26-60. sum of $170.86.
$9.28 Oct. 28 '63. to Roy Spencer's. for tractor gas. Bal. bro't for'd. $513.99. Bal Car'd For'd $504.71
Customer's Deposit Receipt. 6-17-64. Alfred Axsom 672 Gridley San Jose. Domestic. deposit amt. gas $15. Elec. $15. signed Mrs. Alfred Axsom
statement to A.E. Axsom. in account with Harrison County Abstract Company. date Nov. 18 1959. Certificate No. 33019. general certificate $5.00. transfer and copy work per page $2.50 @ 1 page. Recorders fees $1.25. total $8.75. paid Dec. 10 1959. .
Princeton MO Dec 8 1959 (Broyles Realty) to Mercer County Abstract Company 2 patents, recording 2 patents & affidavit pd. 12-18-59 $21.00
ck to Alfred Axsom $158.75; Bob Broyles & associates $175.00; Escrow att. abstract $25.00; total escrow $358.75. Pd. Harrison Co. Abstract $8.75; pd. Mercer Co Abstract 16.25 = $25.00, balance due Mercer co. $4.75.
State of Missouri Office of Secretary of State Motor Vehicle Department. Certificate of Title of a Motor Vehicle or Trailer. title number 7058997.
I, the undersigned, Commissioner of Motor Vehicles of the State of Missouri, Do Hereby Certify, pursuant to the provisions of Section 18, page 88, of the Acts of the General Assembly of Missouri, passed at the Extra Session of 1921, that an application has been made to me as by said Act prescribed, for a certificate of title of a motor vehicle or trailer as follows: 1925 1/2 ton Ford Pickup, engine no. 12198430 H.P. 22, bore 33/4. Alfred E. Axsom, Cainsville, Mo R#3,Harrison Co. Date 7-7-41.

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closing thoughts

Axsom Association newsletter Aug-Dec 1999.
This newsletter was prepared from my desk in our RV. We began our retirement travels on schedule at the beginning of October and headed to New Hampshire to visit our son, Matt, and his family for a month. We stayed there much longer than expected because I had a heart attack and spent six weeks participating in a cardiac rehab program there. We have undergone a significant change in the exercise and dietary aspects of our lifestyle because of the heart attack. However my recovery was sufficient so that the cardiologist released us to continue with our plans to travel in our RV. Ruth and I visited the Terrill Cemetery in early December and I expect that we will visit other Axsom descendants and historic locations as we travel the USA. Don't be surprised if you receive a phone call from us as we proceed with our travels!
Larry Axsom, editor
Larry and Ruth did drop in on us on their RV travels! deb

AAA Treasury Status

Axsom Newsletter Aug-Dec 1999
treasurer Barbara Ekstrom, reports balance as of Dec 1 1999 is $1595.31. membership fees of $575. gifts $60. newsletter $392.28. postage $100.52. reunion income meals, bus, hotel, photos: $1718.50. reunion expenses: meals, income, bus. $2488.05.