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Atchison High School

Please welcome Ms. Ashley Crawford to AHS. Ashley comes to Atchison High School from St. Joe, Missouri. She previously worked for her family in their Road Construction Company. Ashley graduated from the University of Missouri, Columbia and Atchison High School is her first big girl job, as she puts it! She is teaching Journalism, Yearbook and Junior English. She is already busy working on the AHS Newspaper and has jumped into creating this year’s yearbook. We are so happy to have Ashley as part of the AHS family!

when you finally go back to your old home....

Thursday, August 28, 2014

another facebook post by cousin Vicki!

Youngest sons Jesse and David playing outside on a typically windy day in Northwest Kansas 1979!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Clyde Maxwell October 20, 1928 - August 17, 2014

Obituary for Clyde Maxwell
Clyde E. Maxwell 85 of Excelsior Springs, passed on August 17, 2014 surrounded by family and friends. Clyde was the son of James P. and Alma Maxwell. He was a U,S. Army Veteran, meat cutter, butcher for Safeway and enjoyed farming. He is preceded in death by his parents, one brother Jasper Maxwell, his first wife and mother of their children, Doris M.Maxwell. He is survived by son James R. and (Judy) Maxwell of Excelsior Springs Mo, daughter Ruth Maxine Wolf of Richmond Mo,daughter Sharon S. Gardner of Blue Springs MO, Grandchildren: Joseph C. Mattivi, James E. Mattivi, Jennifer M. Kuntz, and Michael Maxwell. Great Grandchildren Tylar Mattivi, Jessica Mattivi and Hailey Smitha Mattivi. Great great granddaughter Rylee Mattivi Alexander.
Funeral Service Wednesday,August 20, 2014 5pm- 7pm at 5951 E hwy 10 Excelsior springs Missouri. Graveside burial will be Thursday August 21, 2014 at 11:00 AM at Hillcrest Cemetery in Excelsior Springs Mo.
Under the Direction of Cashatt family funeral (816)587-8200.
Clyde E. Maxwell 85 Excelsior Springs passed Aug 17, 2014. Service 5-7pm Aug 20, 5951 E Hwy 10 Excelsior Springs. Graveside 11am Aug 21, Hillcrest Cem Arr: Cashatt family funeral (816)587-8200.
Published in Kansas City Star on Aug. 19, 2014- See more at:
Read more here:

facebook message from mom:

At Clyde Maxwells funeral, we met this lady who said she was a cousin. We talked for awhile and she said she was from the Arney branch of the family. Uncle Jim s Alma was an Arney. Shes interested in genology and wanted me to give you her e-mail address so you can friend each other. Her name is Jenny Langly. Minervas estate is NOT SETTLED, Jimmy got a deed for 20 acres and not where the house sets. ( name is Langley) forgot the e on the cousin). Left the chairs, table and basket for you, sorry didnt get them cleaned up.
will shoot her an email before I forget....

Monday, August 25, 2014

"My Two Unbearable Sisters"

KJ College English Comparison Contrast Paper 10/12/09
I have decided to write about the many similarities and few differences between my two sisters. My older sister is 24, and has recently gotten married. My younger sister, will be eleven next month. It has always been humorous to me that, even though they are 13 years apart in age, they have very similar personalities.
The biggest similarity between my sisters is how they act. For anyone who has ever met my sister, it is easy to see how this can be a bad thing for people that live with her. I've read a lot of material that first born children have a very different personality than last born children, but I haven't seen any of this from my two sisters. My sisters are both very opinionated, and always speak their mind. They also have similar taste in TV shows, and almost every time she comes over, I am forced to watch "Bridezillas." I feel genuinely sorry for the person who has to marry some of those women. They also say bad things about people they know, but knowing my sisters, they probably tell the people what they say to each other. The biggest similarity is the way they look. If a person looked at pictures of Koren at Katie's age, they look almost exactly alike. It's kind of surprising that they look like identical twins, even though they are thirteen years apart.
One of the main differences my sisters have is how they approach extra-curricular activities. Katie tries to sign up for everything. She is currently in dance, 4-H, and softball. Koren did not like things like this, she joined cheerleading and quit halfway through the season, and she played a few years in band. Although, similar to her older sister, Katie always complains about these activities, and hates when they have events, such as a dance recital on the weekends, because she likes the free time that weekends give her. Koren crushed some of my childhood dreams, in the form of saying that Santa was fake when I was five; Katie has not done this, so it is a difference, although Katie probably would have if she got the chance.
Even they are very similar, they fight a lot, and I remember one instance in which she told Katie on vacation, that if she didn't stop messing with the talking doll, that she would throw it out the window. This caused Katie to cry, and Koren got in a lot of trouble. On every vacation we've been on since, they find something to get made at each other over, at least once. In spite of this, Katie is always ecstatic when Koren is coming over.
In conclusion, my sisters may not be exactly the same, but they still get along pretty well for siblings. They are very similar in the way they act, and they look almost exactly alike. They like the same shows and movies, and they even like that same kind of music. They only differences they have are small for the most part. In spite of this, I am their brother, and I love them both.

"First Born, Later Born: Does It Matter?"

KJ college English essay 10/27/09
In the article, "First Born, Later Born" by Geoffrey Cowley, it is introduced by a story about a young Charles Darwin, and how he challenged conventional wisdom. This enraged Louis Agassiz, who at the time was the world's leading naturalist. The author interviewed Frank Sulloway, who said that it is no coincidence that Darwin was the fifth child of his family, and that Agassiz the first child of his family. Sulloway has done twenty years of research, and found that no matter what their gender, ethnicity, culture, or background that the first born are more likely to defend the status quo, and that later born are more likely to try to topple this logic. Sulloway goes so far as to say that people with the same birth rank have more in common than their own siblings.
There is a lot of controversy surrounding birth order research, and the study has a reputation of flakiness. Sulloway also explained that older siblings have different pressures than younger siblings. which may be a cause of the differences in personality. Studies performed also state that firstborns were more neurotic than younger siblings. In turn, the later born siblings were consistently deemed more agreeable than their first born siblings. Families that have only one child, then that child scored between both categories on personality majors, but were more open to experience than first born children.
Sulloway also said that first born and later born children are likely to have different styles of thought in their core beliefs. His studies also stated that last born children are more likely to support left-wing than to support conservative views. To support the theory that first born children have more conservative political views, Rush Limbaugh, George Wallace, and Newt Gingrich are all first born children. On the opposite side of the political ideology spectrum, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Mahatma Gandhi were both later born children. In addition to the contrast in behavior from first born children and last born children were five times more likely to support Copernican and Darwinian revolutions than first born children. Although there are many exceptions to this rule, and two big ones are that Isaac Newton was a first born, but Hitler was not. The article also said that first born girls are more vocal, assertive, and confident than younger siblings. Even after all of the research done by Sulloway, there are still many people who do not support this theory.

"I was born in a small town in Missouri. When I was only two years old, we moved to a different small town, called Mercer."

KJ College Survival Scholarship Essay
Since then, I have stayed in the house and stayed in the same community, and had the same core group of friends since then. Mercer has an effect on people, and it seems that anyone who stays here more than one year then they will stay for decades. Only one of my childhood friends moved away, but he's back now, so it seems that it makes people want to come back.
My high school life has been a little hectic, because I've always been in some kind of school club, most recently academic team, in which I received honorable mention from my conference, and that is my greatest achievement for any of my high school clubs I joined. The other clubs I have been in are track and basketball, but I am not very good at either of those sports. Ironically, I am congratulated more for being an alternate forward for the high school basketball team, than for my academic season, where I leady high school's team in scoring. Although, I guess that is what happens in a small community. Mercer has always been a basketball town, and they don't really care about much else.
When I do start attending college in the fall, I know that it will take a few weeks to adjust to the new environment, but since I'm going to a smaller sized school, it will not take very long at all. The reason that I decided to go to a smaller university is mainly because I have lived in one for so long. Mercer hardly qualifies as a town with just about 400 people in it. In spite of this, at most high school basketball games, the home bleachers are full, because this town is very proud of it's basketball team, as I previously said.
In conclusion, growing up in a small town is a very good experience. It's nice to know everybody around you, and it makes a town more welcoming. There may be nothing to do around town, but this has given me many memories that will always be with me, for better or worse.

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The Life and Times of Snowball

(KJ college English essay)
For anyone who was wondering, Snowball was my first dog. Sadly, a few years ago Snowball passed away. Snowball was my favorite pet, and I would go outside every day and play with him. The reason I am writing my essay about Snowball is because it was the first time any person, or animal I was close to died.
My grandpa's Great Pyrenees had a litter of puppies, so, he asked my father if he wanted one. After I begged dad to get one, we went to my grandpa's house and picked out Snowball. I named him Snowball because I was only three years old, and I only knew four words. Two of those words were snow and ball. I admit, it was a silly name but at least it fit him. This was because Snowball had very white fur. Snowball was also very big; when he stood on his hind legs, he was taller than I was.
I have many memories of Snowball; some are good, but there are a few bad ones. For instance, once when my family got back from shopping, Snowball, had gathered a family of dead rabbits on our porch. After Snowball saw us get out of the car, he ate the rabbits one by one while we were watching. This event made me think Snowball was evil. My dad told me that Snowball did it as a gift to us. Also, when I used to play with Snowball, he would sometimes get on his hind legs and pin me to the ground. After Snowball did this, he would t hen lick at my face. As a child, this frightened me to no end, but in hind sight, it was kind of funny. Snowball also had this habit of getting off his leash and going to town. People in town did not like this because they thought Snowball would attack their pets and livestock. Snowball never went after any animals after we put him on a leash. We had to put Snowball on a leash because the aforementioned people threatened to shoot Snowball if he was around their livestock.
Snowball was about eight years old whenever he stopped moving around as often because he had arthritis. He didn't even try to get off his leash after that, and the only thing he seemed to do was dig holes. I say this because if you got into an area where he could reach with the chain then you had to watch your step. When he was ten, he stopped chasing cats away from his food, and he started to get very skinny. After a few months of him eating a lot less, and almost no moving around, my mom went outside to feed the outside animals, and she found him dead in one of his holes. When my mother told me about Snowball, I had to fight back tears. My dad went outside and helped mom bury Snowball while my little sister and I went out to see if we could help. This was my first experience with seeing something I love die, and it was very difficult to cope with.
Even now, five years later, when I look at where his dog house used to be it brings memories rushing back. It took a long time for me to get over Snowball's death, but now I realize he was in pain constantly, and that in dying, the pain finally stopped. My little sister recently got another Great Pyrenees. She named the new dog Buddha because that was its mother's name. It may be the same breed of dog, but it is just not the same. Snowball may be gone, but he will always live on in my memory.

The Quiet One

(according to a facebook quiz.....)
You’re the quiet one! A dreamer at heart, you stay out of the way of family drama and avoid being the center of attention. You’re creative and agreeable, generally avoidant of conflict, and deeply loving at heart. Although you may sometimes feel unrecognized, your peaceful presence is necessary to the well being of your family unit.

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I wished my 'cousin' Diane Rilling Cook Happy Birthday on facebook. she posted a pic!

Thanks Deb. My first stop of the day is our new downtown library. I'm exploring each floor & just made my way to the top and am in the genealogy section. The Mercer County book caught my eye, and sure enough your branch of Axsom is documented. Very cool.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Kent teaching Jared and little David how to fish at Scott Lake- Kansas in 1979.

posted on facebook by these old pictures of her life that she posts!


found this on facebook....think the blonde woman in white shorts holding a toddler to the left is Aunt Freeda....

where WAS all the food?

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Crawford Estate Sale

Robin Lynnette posted a link on facebook:
Crawford Estate Aug 30
Saturday, August 30, 2014 Starting at 9:30 am
To settle the estate of our parents we will offer the following Real Estate and Personal Property to the highest bidder at the home located at 2021 Sun Valley Rd in St. Joseph, MO. Directions: I-29 to 36 Hwy in St. Joseph, MO, take 36 Hwy West to Belt Hwy Exit (first exit), go North 100 ft to Pacific St, 2 blocks East on Pacific St to Sun Valley Rd, North on Sun Valley Rd to sale site. (Sun Valley Road is not a thru street). Watch for sale signs Lunch Served
Real Estate To Sell at 12:00 Noon: Located at 2021 Sun Valley Road in St. Joseph is a Very Nice one level 1695 sq ft Ranch Style home with partial brick front plus two car attached garage and 14×17 shop, 4 Bedroom, 1 Full Bath & 2 Half Baths w/walk-in showers, New Carpet in Large Family Room, Living Room, Remodeled Kitchen, Laundry Area, Hardwood Floors, Dual Pane Windows, Natural Gas Heat, Central AC, Attic Fan, two storage sheds, chain-link fenced back yard, garden spot. Refrigerator and Kitchen Range will sell with home. This is a very nice home with plenty of shade located in a quiet neighborhood. Pickett Elementary, Truman Middle and Central High School Districts. Shown by appointment only. Auction conducted by Jim Barnett Auction Service. Contact Jim at 816-262-2740 or Dean VanSchoiack at 816-261-1361 to schedule a showing appointment.
Real Estate Terms and Conditions: Immediately following Auctioneer’s statement that property is sold, the successful bidder will enter into a binding contractual agreement with owner. Buyer will provide 10% of the purchase price as non-refundable earnest money to be deposited with Preferred Title in St. Joseph, MO. The closing will be held on or before September 30, 2014 with cash or certified funds at Preferred Title. The cost to close the transaction will be divided equally between buyer and seller. 2014 Real Estate Taxes will be pro-rated as of closing date. Buyer will take possession of property at time or closing. This property is sold as-is, where-is with no warranties expressed or implied. Interested buyers are encouraged to inspect property by contacting Jim Barnett Auction Service at 816-262-2740 for showing appointment or further information. Property is shown by appointment only.
Terms of Personal Property Auction: Cash or approved check. Current picture ID required for Buyer’s Number. All sales are final when Auctioneer states sold. Nothing removed until settled for. Not responsible for accidents, theft or errors in printing. Statements made day of sale take precedence over printed material. Everything sold as-is, where-is with no warranties implied or otherwise
DeWalt Power Shop Radial Arm Saw; Craftsman 12” Band Saw w/Stand; Craftsman 10” Band Saw; Delta Lathe; Craftsman 8” Table Top Table Saw; Craftsman Belt/Disc Grinder on Stand; Power Craft 295amp Arc Welder; Welding Rod; Welding Hoods; Campbell Hausfield 1 1/2hp Portable Air Compressor; B&D small Portable Air Compressor; Delta Shopmaster elect sharpening tool; Craftsman 1/3hp Bench Grinder; MW 4 1/2” Bench Grinder; Table Top Drill Press; Antique Drill Press (mounts on wall); Craftsman 1 ½”hp Router w/case; Other Routers; Power Kraft Elect Hand Plane; Craftsman 19.2V Circular Saw/Sawzall set w/case; 3-Craftsman 13/2V Drill Drivers w/case; Drill Driver w/case; Mouse Sander w/case; Drill Doctor w/case; Desmond grindstone evener; Prest-O-Lite torch set; S-K ½” drive Sockets; S-K ½” drive deep well sockets; S-K combination wrenches; Box End Wrenches; Open End Wrenches; Crescent Wrenches; Craftsman ½” drive socket set; ½”, 3/8” & ¼” drive sockets; Craftsman nut driver set; Craftsman tap & die set; Sm tap & die set; Antique square tap & die set w/wooden box; Bolt Cutters; Hammers; Screw Drivers; Box Knives; Utility Knives; Chisels; Punches; Wood Chisels; Dwell Meter; Pliers; Channel Lock Pliers; Tin Snips; Vise Grips; Side Cutters; Crow Bars; Wonder Bars; Files; Rasps; Hand Drills; Drill Bit Sets; Driver Bits; Hand Saws; Small Tool Boxes; Tile Cutter; Cable Come-A-Long; Hardwood Floor Nailer; Elect Stapler; Hand Stapler; Staples; Concrete Tools; Pipe Clamps; Clamps; Remington Power Fastening Tool; Sears Compass Set; Drafting Tool Set from West Germany; Electrical Testers; Levels (various sizes/lengths); Hand Saws; Coping Saws; Hack Saws; Miter Saws; Saw Vises; Drills; Extension Cords; Trouble Lights; Floor Jacks; Screw Jacks; Jack Stands; Hydraulic Jacks; Table Saw Stand; Post Vise; Shop Vac; 2 – 8ft Step Ladders; Large 3 drawer metal storage cabinet; Old metal folding saw horses; Timing Light; Compression Tester; Organizers; Work Lights; Kerosene Lead Melter; and much more
Lawn & Garden
MTD 14.5hp, 42”cut Riding Lawn Mower; Yard Machines 3.5hp 20” cut push mower; Homelite 1700 watt Generator; Elect Hedge Trimmer; Elect Leaf Blower; 2 wheel Lawn Cart; Wheel Barrow; Garden Hose Reel; Hand Sprayer; Scott’s Seeder; Shovels; Rakes; Sledge Hammers; Potato Fork; Patio Table & Chairs; and much more
Antiques & Collectibles – Household – Miscellaneous
Drop Leaf Table; Antique Chest of Drawers (some burl in top drawer front); Antique Headboard & Dest of Drawers (waterfall); Antique small cabinet w/3 drawers; Antique Kenmore Portable Sewing Machine w/case; Antique White Sewing Machine w/cabinet; Matching Headboard, Dresser w/mirror, Chest of Drawers; Kitchen Table w/4 chairs & 2 leaves; Kneehole desk; Antique Table; Antique Sad Irons; Admiral HD Washer & Dryer; GE Microwave; Magnovox 19” TV; TV Stand; Elna Sewing Machine; Office Desk; Oak Office Chair; Secretary’s chair; Old Small bookcase; Seth Thomas Mantle eight day Clock; Bentwood Rocker; Matching Wooden couch w/cushions & Love Seat; Recliner; Sewing rocker; Cane Bottom Chair; 2 drawer wooden file cabinet; Couch; Coffee Table; Baby Bed; High Chair; Quilt Rack; Antique Frames (some w/mirrors); Several other frames; Jewelry; Jewelry case; Corner Curio Cabinet; 2-Aladdin Lamps; Other Kerosene Lamps; Kerosene Scaunce Lamp; Games (Tip It, Mouse Trap, Old Monopoly & others in original boxes); Lamps; Lamp Tables; Wall Hangings; Pictures; Baskets; Glassware; Tins; Sewing Notions; Dishes; Flatware; Pots & Pans; Kitchen Utensils; Towels; Sheets; Blankets; CB Radios; Scanners; Motorized Erector Set w/original box; Treadmill; many more items too numerous to list
Bobby and Kay Crawford Estate

Kevin's cousin Donna facebook post: "At Eddyville racing with Bruce n family. Rained n just starting 4 hrs late"

Friday, August 15, 2014

days will pass and turn into years, but I'll always remember you with silent tears....

posted on facebook by Lisa: she has inherited some of Grandma Grace's crochet books....

I love that Grandma Grace Brown and I shared our interests of crocheting. She gave me a lot of her old patterns, magazines, etc when she was unable to crochet anymore. Mom gave me another stack of stuff last week. I was thrilled to find Grandma's note that one book was a gift from her father!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

some days....

my sister's facebook post today:

I've lost several friends and acquaintances to suicide. I've talked to people who had failed suicide attempts. I myself once almost ended my life - thankfully I talked myself out of it. I've been shocked by people who seem to have it all together that fight depression and self esteem issues. You just never know what inner demons a person is struggling with. Don't assume the public face a person wears is their true self. Be kind. Give out smiles. Pray for people. Try to be that one bright spot in someone's day that gives them the motivation to try to get through just one more day. And don't joke about people's appearances, actions, etc or about mental illness unless you know your audience well enough to know it won't push them farther into a pit of despair.

Monday, August 11, 2014

facebook post by Vicki

I thought I'd post this picture of my husband, Kent Doze, who taught 8th grade and coached for 6 years, was acting principal for four years and vice-principal for one year in the Carbondale Grade School. It is a nice picture of the old high school building, too. This was taken around 1967.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

1958 Tawana & 1962 Tawana.

did a google search looking for old Trenton yearbooks to find a pic of my dad on track team. found 1958 and 1962, he was in neither. also no track pictures in either, just football and basetball. so, this called for some edits...found Aunt Chardy, Aunt Mary, Mom, AND Aunt Freeda....
Aunt Mary was a senior in 1958 yearbook, it was star theme, her star was Susan Hayward, her activities were: FHA 2,3,4; Dramatics 4; Girls Glee Club 1,2,3,4.

"I knew Dad ran in track in high school. He used to race us kids and was FAST. But I just learned he also did the pole vault! That shocks me as he always had a bad back. Maybe that's why?! He got hurt somehow (Mom doesn't remember how) and was on crutches for on a pole vault injury when they started dating."

Lisa posted this on facebook today. Aunt Mary had also recently wrote me this. will have to try to find a Trenton yearbook with a pic of him on the track team.....I thought he dropped out of school relatively young. or I assumed, I guess. I do know he didn't graduate.
Lisa commented: Mom got her alumni newsletter today and Aunt Mary had a blurb in there about dad hobbling on crutches from a pole vault injury. Mom read it to me! Then Brenda added: Dad told me about it last summer when we would sit & talk outside at night. He also told me he was in organized boxing matches too. (That was during his high school years, if memory serves me correctly) Amazing just how many cool things a person can find out about a loved one later on in life when they slow down enough to listen.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Ashley's facebook post.....she graduated from Mizzou with a double major and spent the summer working with her dad on the road crew.

Well, seeing as today is my first day on contract, it seems like a good time to announce that I am going to be teaching at Atchison High School this year!! I will teach journalism, junior English and manage the yearbook and school newspaper. The position fell into my lap amidst other plans I had, as all great opportunities do! All the pieces just fell into place and I'm very excited for the year to come.