Saturday, August 31, 2013

found Great Grandma Maggie's grave tonite....

yeah, it was hot, and I treated myself to super cold a/c. a king size Reeces and a giant Pepsi on the way home.....was just going to walk half after I dropped off Katie. but just couldn't stop. I expected two small stones (or maybe even those burial plaques on the stick) side by side, figured in a less affluent section. they have a double stone. I was just looking around and pacing and pacing and happened onto it. I found her last husband Isaac's stone long before I found them, got the brilliant idea to google and see what section he was in, to gauge where their section service

yesterday my facebook status was "God Bless whoever invented a/c and God Bless whoever installed it in my home!"

Aunt Chardy commented: " Our air conditioning was the BIG fan down in the basement. Dad made a chute for the air to come up into the living room. Had a switch upstairs to turn on. This fan if upstairs would pull the curtains off the rods. One he got from the Milk Plant they used in the drying room. It needed work as wasn't working and Dad fix. It kept the house cooler than it was outside."
of course Aunt Chardy is my mom's oldest sister, and the resourceful man here is my grandpa. God Bless my grandpa!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Rosehill Cemetery

Katie's boyfriend Chase lives in Lamoni, Iowa, where my great grandma Maggie Webber and her daughter Wyvonne Smith are buried. he told me how to get there, and one day KJ & I went there and did a walk-through. The cemetery is huge and had lots of beautiful stones. didn't find them. came home and looked them up on a website and learned that Wyvonne Elaine Smith is buried in plot 1505 grave 1, Maggie Webber is buried plot 1505 grave 2. now if I could just find a plat map to know what section of the cemetery I am looking at.....or just go back and dedicate myself to finding them !

as a parent, I can now appreciate what my parents did for me.....

Friday, August 16, 2013

this old diary.....

entry from 12-31-1996: to G&G Xmas thing-Karlan, Shawn, Emily, Grant; Robbie, Bobby, & Jace; Chris, Robin, & Ashley; Mom & John; Lisa & Tom; Bre; Aunt Chardy & Jim; Shelia, Kerry, Kenton, & Steven; Aunt Kay & Uncle Bob; Kevin, Deb, Koren, & KJ.
I'm guessing this was at the they squeezed so many of us in that little house for so many years I just don't know....we eventually had to start renting a place for family gatherings, but then we'd all drift to G&G afterwards and shove ourselves in....they had such a warm, cozy, little house and they were so proud of it....

Big Numbers More Important For Farmers

July 31 2013
The Mirror
Hometown Boy by Duane Dailey
Wisely, I recognized I did not have "A head for numbers." I studied journalism when I left the farm. I understood words and grammar and appreciated the elegance and power of words.
Math baffled me. I didn't inherit that gene from Dad and Granddad.
Too bad they never studied any college courses that dealt with numbers. They'd have done well. Their farm management decisions were made in their heads, without aid of computers.
On trips home, granddad challenged me to explain ag economics I was learning. He was amazed that someone would study that for even one semester.
My Dad clerked sales every Friday at the Princeton sale barn. At the end of the day, he could run his eyes down a column of three-digit numbers on his Big Chief tablet. At the bottom, he'd write the sum. His co-workers would find those numbers correct, when they ran them down on the slower hand-cranked calculator.
I still must go down each column of numbers and mark the carry over, at the top of the next column. I'm slow at math.
It's taken a lifetime to catch up with numbers. A lot of stories from the College of Agriculture deal with scientists who have heads for numbers. And, they have powerful computers to "crunch numbers".
At the Crop Clinic last week two young faculty showed the power of numbers. Farmes and crop advisors got a glimpse of the future of agriculture......>
here ends references to his father and I lost interest....deb

Thursday, August 15, 2013