Sunday, September 26, 2010

can't get pictures to load on computer...

grrrr....have all my pics I took from the roadtrip to Saline...and the few we got yesterday of Katie & Jessica posing by a cool old demolished grafitti building....the plan was pics at Crowder State Park, but it was raining off & on, both the girls have just took pics when it WASN'T raining. they lunched at Sonic, and found cool hats at Pamida. (no shirts there for Katie. I tried....)
got the date set & invites made & posted online for Camp Ghoul Scout & Cookie Kick Off Party, and got the shirt orders done for what I had so far.

Friday, September 24, 2010

and more asst. clippings....

unknown undated
Readers Corner
travel tip a magnifying glass in the glover compartment is great for roadmap reading-Mrs. Emil Sorenson, Baltimore.
Steam Clean: fill a steam iron with white vinegar once in a while and let it sit and steam. cleans out mineral deposits left by tap water. then set iron on cake rack, fill with water, set steam gauge to 'cotton' for 20-25 minutes to flush out remaining deposits.-Mrs Ralph Schlenker, KC MO

handdated Aug. 16 1972 Carrizales Dies; Lived to Age 113
American Indian died of apparent heart attack at this home 412 1/2 E. Fifth St, Des Moines, IA where he lived 82 years.
In October 1945 his wife Mary was 21. they had been married 10 months. she gave birth to a daughter. He was 86.
By his former wives he had four sons and three daughters. Their ages in 1945 ranged from 50-65.
The next year his wife gave birth to another daughter. he attributed his vigor to 'chinning myself 40 times a day and lots of red peppers.'
The Carrizalese had 6 children before seperating in 1959.
he never drank whiskey, coffee, or tea. at 109 he had a gun permit and carried a gun on his long walks around town. he was a figure recognized by many-erect, stern, well groomed.
he was born Jan 14 1859 at Sapulpa in Oklahoma Territory.
he left Oklahoma in 1880 with a wild west show. it played in Des Moines in 1890, & he stayed on.
at 109 he said he had had 3 wives, 13 children, 17 great grandchildren and 11 great great grandchildren.
his mother lived to 118, his great grandfather 145. one of his sons lost both legs in Vietnam in 1966.
he tried to enlist in both WWI & WWII but was rejected because of his age.
he worked at Lake Shore Tire and Rubber Co, later for Wood Brothers Thresher Co, as he approached 100 he worked as a painter, laborer and utility man.
in 1962 he posed for a picture with the mayor of Des Moines, the YMCA general secretary and a youngster as he recieved the first honorary membership issued by the Y. the award cited his ''example of clean living before youth".
services are being arranged at HAmilton's Funeral Home.

handdated July 6 1972
48-degree low is DM record

handdated June 25 1972
warm in DM after cool start
DM had a high of 76 after overnite low of 53.

unknown undated
AFter guilty plea, 15th club faces loss of permit

handdated 1972
Mrs Darlene Rosalie Sims, 24, of New Virginia died while at University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, where she was visiting relatives. autopsy being performed.
lifelong resident of New Virginia, self employed truck driver, member of the New Virginia United Methodist Church. survived by sons John Glenn Willet and Charles Ray Sims, sisters Mrs Clara Ethel Gulles of Omaha, and Mrs Elsie Ruth Brizendine of St Charles, brother Alfred Moss, mother Mrs Frances Moss.
Robert F Sloan
died of heart attack Tuesday at his home, 2421 Maryland Pike, age 67. lifetime Des Moines resident, retired president of the former Sloan-Pierce Lumber Co. member New Christian Church, graduate Drake University Law School, WWII Vet.
surviving a daughter MRs Sally Jordan, Denver CO, his father WO Sloan of Des Moines, brother Dale Sloan of Dallas Center, and a granddaughter
Perry W Moss
age 89, of New Haven Rest Home. died of Pneumonia at Mercy Hospital.
born in Missouri. lived in New Virginia until he moved to Des Moines 16 years ago. retired packing company laborer.
survived by daughter Mrs Elsie Borst of Linden, brother Ralph of Perry, nine grandchildren, 19 great grandchildren, 2 great great grandchildren.
handwritten MArch 4 1972 buried March 8

asst. clippings from the late Amanda Shafer collection

these are things that for one reason or another captured my great grandma's interest enough that she clipped them and saved them....

hand dated July 25 1972, a Tribune photo of Mike Boettger, 15, assistant gardener for the Bankers Life Building at Eighth and High Streets. he has his shirt off & hand weeds spurge, which resist chemical weed killers under a canopy downtown.

not date, tag line Laguna Hills CA---Old Male Lion Is Big Surprise
he came to Lion Country about a year and a half ago after the Mexican circus that owned him went out of business, leaving him jobless, sick, and half starved. His age is estimated at 19-20 years. he gained about 100 lbs. he limped around on weakened legs. most of his teeth are gone. his tongue muscles all but useless, letting his tongue loll out of his mouth. his fur had lost luster & his ears were battered. the 11 female lions rejected all the younger males, but after he had been there overnite the lionesses were napping around him and licking their paws. one of them took their meat to Frasier. none of them ate till he was finished. the females began turning up pregnant, having 2-5 cubs each. 36 cubs in less than 18 months.

undated Hints From Heloise
tells way to get rid of soil lime

unknown undated clipping
Money Stolen As She Sleeps
Police Wednesday were investigating a report that a 75-year-old woman's purse and money bag was stolen from beside her while she was sleeping early Tuesday.
Mrs. Lena Shineflew of 1707 E. Madison Ave, who with her husband Frank operates Frank's Lounge, 3940 McDonald Ave, said the money bag contained about $200 in Monday night tavern receipts. The police report did not say how much money was in the purse.

unknown undated clipping
Gernaiums Can Flower The Year Around

unknown undated clipping of Decorated Military
there is a mark beside SSgt. Nathan B. Woolsey, B Brty., 7/11th Arty. Purple Heart

glory tunnel calico ghost town ticket

from the collection of the late Amanda Shafer
Yermo, California
the original silver vein running through one of the glory holes in this famous tunnel has been missed by three feet. Later some school children accidently discovered this vein and $65,000 worth of ore was recovered. This tunneling shows the typical methods of mining used during the 1800s-stopes, drifts, blow-holes, and shafts. It also contains a flourescent rock display and reveals the secret quarters of two elderly prospectors who lived and toiled in this tunnel for over 20 years.

Rituals in Stanford Church

right side up this time!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Collision, Dies

unknown undated newspaper clipping from the collection of the late Amanda Shafer

Arvid E. Mellin, 57, of 3205 E. Thirteenth st., died Wednesday night at Iowa Lutheran Hospital of injuries suffered in a motorcyle accident Saturday night.
Mellin was riding a motorcycle he used in his work as an escort for funerals. Sheriff's deputies said Mellin's motorcycle and a car driven by Guy J. Gabriel, 23, 1606 S.E. Second st., collided at Canary Lane and E. Fourteenth st.
Mellin was formerly a Polk county deputy sheriff and served as a Des Moines policeman during World War II.
Mr. Mellin is survived by his three brothers, Edwin, Carroll and Richard of Des Moines, and six sisters, Miss Helen Mellin of Des Moines, Miss Mary Mellin of Stamford, Conn., Mrs. Anna Quick of Ankeny, Mrs. EllenZellerholm of Ann Arbor, Mich., Mrs. Ruth Larsen, West Des Moines, and Mrs. Elva Cox of Kessington, Mich.

Mary O'Neil

unknown undated newspaper clipping from the collection of the late Amanda Shafer

Mrs. Mary (Mollie) O'Neil, 83, of Cainsville, died Mar. 17 at her home. Funeral services were held Mar. 20 at the Stoklasa FUneral Home with the Rev. Earl Swafford officiating. Burial was in the Fairview Cemetery north of Cainsville.
Mrs. O'Neil was a longtime resident of Cainsville and was a member of the Assembly of God Church.
Survivors are her husband, Jack O'Neil, Cainsville, a daughter Mrs. Doris Stallsworth, two sons Wayne Masters (& Cecil written in pencil)

Rituals in Stanford Church

San Jose, California, Thursday Morning, Aprile 6 1961

newspaper clipping from the collection of the late Amanda Shafer

In a candlelight service the last Tuesday in March Dr William Clyde Wafer of Lafayette, La. claimed Miss Winifred Joy Uhler as his bride.
The formal evening rite was solemnized in Stanford Memorial Church on the Stanford University Campus, where the bride did graduate work.
Two clergymen conducted the service. The university chaplain, the Rev. R.M. Minto, read the ceremony while the pastor of First Methodist Church in Palo Alto, the Rev. Ernest Troutner, married the bridal couple.
Miss Uhler is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Charles H Uhler and Mr and Mrs Clyde Wafer of El Paso, Texas are the bridgegroom's parents.
To recite her vows, Miss Uhler donned a full length gown of silk organza enhanced with lace applique, the full skirt extending to a chapel length train.
Lace applique also adorned the bride's silk illusion, fingertip length veiling, which was secured by a pearl headdress. Her bouquet was a cascade of white orchids, carnations, and stephanotis.
For her role as the bride's sole attendant, Miss Donna Ellis, San Franciso, the maid of honor,chose a pale green chiffon dress with satin accents and held a half moon bouquet of baby pink roses.
The bridegroom's father served Dr. Wafer as best man. Guests and wedding party crossed the campus to Bowman Alumni House for the reception.
The cake itself was topped by a bouquet of fresh blooms, lily of the valley, and tea roses.
The bride recieved her M.A. degree at Stanford, completing her undergraduate work at San Jose State College, where her major was education. Until her marriage, Winifred was on the faculty of Menlo Oaks School in Menlo Park.
The bridegroom, who studied at Texas A&M College, is a practicing veterinarian in the Lafayette Animal Hospital.
He and his bride will honeymoon en route to Louisiana, where they will establish their first home in Lafayette.

2 Men Vow to Love, Honor Each Other

unknown handdated newspaper clipping from the collection of Amanda Shafer
(March 22nd 1971)

San Francisco, Calif. (AP) -In a ceremony performed in a United Methodist Church, two men promised to "live together, love, honor, and cherish each other."
At the close, the Rev. Lloyd Wake said: "I pray God's blessing upon you and the best of life for you both."
Then Abraham Valencia, 21, and Jay Furness, 28, exchanged rings and embraced in a shower of red carnations thrown by friends.
The event in Glide Memorial United Methodist church, witnessed by 20 persons, was called a "covenant" ceremony by the minister. Said the Rev. Mr. Wake:
Furness said, "It's just something we wanted to do. It has nothing to do with rebellion or revolt."
Said Valencia, "It's like a celebration. We decided the day we started going together we would live together, and this was just to let our friends share in the celebration."


unknown undated newspaper clipping from the collection of the late Amanda Shafer

Miss Ruth Ann Frisbie, daughter of Mr and Mrs Floyd Frisbie and Jackie Ray Hague, son of Mr and Mrs Levi Hague of Half Rock, exchanged marriage vows at the Freedom Baptist Church at 9:00 o'clock December 25. The Rev. Millard Bales read the double ring ceremony.
The bride wore an antique white brocade dress. Miss Cheryl Hagan, maid of honor, wore blue. Jimmie George acted as best man. Miss Carolyn Hagan plalyed the wedding music.
The bride is a Senior at Princeton, the bridegroom graduated from Princeton, in 1959. They will reside on a farm near Half Rock.

Bridal Shower
Miss Cheryl Hagan and Miss Norma Stout were hostesses at a bridal shower at the home of Miss Hagan Tuesday night, December 20, for Miss Ruth Ann Frisbie. Miss Frisbie was assisted in opening her gifts by her mother, Mrs. Floyd Frisbie. Refreshments of punch and cake was served to: Linda Trainer; Nancy Redinger, Donna May Arney, Wanda Woods, Charlsie Wilcox, Jean Flanagan, Linda Booth, Mary Duff, Marilyn Collins, Martha Brush, Mr and Mrs Dennis Collins, Mrs Floyd Frisbie, and Mrs Edwin Hagan.

Man Killed When Tractor Overturned

unknown newspaper clipping dated 1954 from the collection of the late Amanda Shafer.

Arthur Elmore, 53 years old, was killed last Thursday when a tractor overturned on him at his farm near Mount Ayr, Iowa.
Mr. Elmore, a music teacher at the school in Beaconsfield, Iowa, was born and reared in Mercer County. He taught school in a rural school near Saline and at New Hampton and Blythedale, Mo., before moving to Iowa. He was a graduate of Northwest Missouri State College, Maryville.
Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Mae Elmore, and a daughter, Miss Renabel Elmore, both of the home; two sisters, Mrs. Florence Chapman, Hale, Mo., and Mrs. Raymond Miller, Saline; a brother, Charles Elmore, Saline, and his mother, Mrs. Green Elmore, Saline.
Services were Saturday at Mount Ayr and burial was in the Freedom Cemetery near Saline.

Osburne Slain In D.M. Tavern

undated unknown newspaper clipping from the collection of the late Amanda Shafer

Truman Osburne, 25, was shot and killed at The Keg Tavern, 936 Sixth ave., late Saturday night.
Osburne, who has a long record of arrests for fighting and other offenses, died about three minutes after arrival at Broadlawns General Hospital.
He was shot once. The bullet pierced his jugular vein at the base of the neck.
Jessie Rodriquez, identified by police as a bartender at the tavern, was held for questioning.
Osburne has three brothers-Russell, Robert, and Wilbur.

the scrapbook my great grandma Amanda Shafer made....

picked it up today from virginia...also a bag of loose newspaper clippings. are they all related? not sure. but will post them all here eventually, then pass the scrapbook on to another family member.....

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Uncle Wint's grave

(was Uncle Wint a Shafer? a Craig? not sure if I know!)
Uncle Wint's grave. died Sept 5 1953
Fairview Church & Cemetery 2 1/2 miles north of Cainsville, MO

Barbara Slagle

Mr and Mrs Roy Slagle of 531 Patricia Lane, El Cajon, announce the engagement of their daughter, Barbara Ann Slagle, to Roy Lee Rilling, son of Mrs Anna Rilling. The wedding will take place on Sept. 4. The bride-elect is a senior at Grossmont High School and her fiance is a graduate of that school.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Barbara Slagle marries Roy Rilling

The marriage of Miss Barbara Ann Slagle and Roy Rilling took place at the Fletcher Hills Presbyterian church Saturday.
The bride is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Roy Allen Slagle of El Cajon. Mrs. Anna Rilling of 4210 Ohio St is the mother of the bridegroom.
Mrs. Slagle gave his daughter in marriage. (deb 's note...this is what the clipping says!) She wore a gown of white chantilly lace over satin. The fitted bodice was fashioned with an illusion neckline & brief sleeves. A lace flounce cascaded over her bouffant tulle skirt. Her fingertip veil was held by a bandeaux trimmed with pearls. She carried a bouquet of white orchids and stephanotis.
Miss Janet Moore attended the bride as maid of honor. Miss Linda Wilkes was bridesmaid. THe flower girl was Cathy Axsom.
Clyde Hatfield was best man. The ushers were Bill Puntar and Edgar Hatfield.
A reception at the home of the bride's parents followed the ceremony.
Mr and Mrs Rilling were graduated from Grossmont High School. Following a honeymoon trip to Catalina, they will reside at 905 Wo;spm Ave. El Cajon.

Uncle Oscar Shafer

Gene & Nadine Oxford

she was 15 & watched Mary (age 4) & Freeda Axsom while their baby brother Bernard was being born.
she was Oscar Shafer's daughter. He was Punk & Opal Oxford's son. picture taken 1966.

Harold & Eva Mathes

this picture was taken in 1987, Harold was 69, Eva was 64. she was Uncle Oscar Shafer's daughter & Pauline Shafer Axsom's cousin. Eva died November 1987.

Alfred Axsom & horse team

aunt Mary Johnson shared some old family photos with me.....
this one is her father Alfred Axsom with his team Prince & Puny, March 1941 beside his dad Johnny Axsom's barn.