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Rearing Children

Jan 8 1861 Baton Rouge LA "Daily Advocate" The following rules for rearing children deserve the attention of every man and woman: I. Children should not go to school until six years old. II. Should not learn at home during that time more than the alphabet, religious training excepted. III. Should be fed with plain, substantial food, at regular intervals of not less than four hours. IV. Should not be allowed to eat anything within two hours of bedtime. V. Should have nothing for supper but a single cup of warm drink, such as very weak tea of some kind, or cambric ta, or warm milk and water, with one slice of cold bread and butter--nothing else. VI. Should sleep in seperate beds, on hair mattresses, without caps, feet first well warmed by the fire or rubbed with the hands until perfectly dry, extra covering on the lower limbs but little on the body. VII. Should be compelled to be out of doors for the greater part of the daylight from after breakfast until half an hour before sundown--unless in damp, raw weather, when they should not be allowed to go outside the door. VIII. Never limit a healthy child as to sleeping or eating, except at supper but compel regularity as to both. It is of great importance. IX. Never compel a child to sit still, nor interfere wtih its enjoyment, as long as it is not actually injurious to person or property or against good moralls. X. Never threaten a child. It is cruel, unjust, and dangerous. What you have to do, do it and be done with it. XI. Never speak harshly or angrily, but mildly, kindly, and when really needed, firmly- no more. XII. By all means arrange it so that the last words between you and your children at bedtime, especially the younger ones, shall be words of unmisxed lovingness and affection.

William Cullen Bryant

from "1,001 Things Everyone Should Know About American History"by John A. Garraty p. 147 #807 "The Embargo" 1808 by William Cullen Bryant intemperate attack on Thomas Jefferson "Go, wretch, resign the presidential chair" composed when Bryant was 14, to his later embarrassment.

Mary "Polly" Hendrix

these seem to be from Bath Co, KY Polly is Mary Polly Hendrix groom John Boyd bridge Polly Hendrix date 1 Aug 1825 iii.Garret Hendrix b. March 9 1823 Bath co KY d. Nov 12 1873 Platt Co MO source Bath Co Marriage Book #1 as compiled by Alice P. Reynolds children of Mary & John Boyd: John Boyd Wesley Boyd SS Boyd Garrett Boyd James M Boyd ME Boyd Amanda Boyd after Polly died he married Lucy Ann Perks. I know they had at least two children: William Boyd b. about 1854 Sanford Boyd born Oct 21 1859 Putnam Co IN he married Susan Elizabeth Elliott Sanford died 1925 in Cainsville, MO

Mercer Co School Ledgers Mercer Co MO

posted by Linda Osborne Cassidy age parent/guardian name boy girl May 11 1910 BOYD S.C. Gilbert 17 Mamie 18 Edith 11 Madge 9 CRAIG Mel Mandy 7(deb dailey's great grandmother!) Hallie 11 John 6 Osborn Cleo 13 1889 OSBORN Andrew Adena 19 Wesley 16 SArah 15 Anna 10 John Andrew Ida 18 Osborne Lucinda 14 Wm Perks Perks Uriah 16 Morton 17 John 13 Josie 9 John Osborn Bessie McClure no age given May 10 1889 Iverson Craig Craig Sherman 19

May 13 1911 Mercer Co School Ledgers

Mercer co MO, posted by Linda Osborne Cassidy. age parent/guardian name boy girl BOYD SC Gilbert 18 Mamie 19 Edith 12 Madge 10

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Anna Robinson Bryant's Father and Grandfather

George Robinson of English descent, a native of KY. he died on a trip to New Orleans in 1853. His parents were early settlers of KY, whither they moved from VA about 1790. George was a tanner until 3-4 years before his death. George married Clarrissa Holladay, native of KY, who died shortly after the birth of William P. who was the only child. He married Sarah Mountjoy who died about 1835 by whom he had:
1. MAry A. married Dr J.E. Whitecraft county KS
2. Eliza J. deceased wife of late Alfred Williams of Boone county MO
3. Sarah A married Samuel Sherman of McPhearson county KS

Col. WP Robinson was born Feb 20 1826 in Carlisle, Nicholas county KY. He fought in the Mexican War and was wounded at Shiloh April 6 1862 during the Civil War. He was raised by his maternal uncle 3 years after his mother's death and again after the death of his step-mother. He immigrated fall of 1854 with his family to Washington Co, IA. In Spring 1856 came to Harrison Co, MO, farmed and taught until the War broke out in 1861. He moved his family to Sangamon county, Illinois while he fought. Learned the tanners trade while young, conducted "Harrison County Press" a weekly paper about six months, was a Deputy County Clerk, probate judge, and county clerk.

Robinson,William P. Col of 23rd Reg of Inf Mo Vol...enrolled 7 June 1862. discharged 22 Sept 1865 at Atlanta GA by reason of expiration of service, born Carlisle,KY, 38 years of age, 5'9", fair complexion, hazel eyes, dark hair, farmer, recorded Oct 12 1898.

Miriam Cemetery Bethany Missouri

Bryant burials. The Miriam/I.O.O.F. Cemetery was established 1870.located in the northwest portion of the city of Bethany and is generally considered the city cemetery. The original Miriam Cemetery dates back to 1850.


section four

BRYANT Bruce R. 1923-1999
BRYANT Keith Livingston June 22 1919-July 03 1943 1LtUSAirCorpsWWII KIA Sardinia, Italy
BRYANT May L 1891-1973 same stone with William P.
BRYANT William P 1885-1955 same stone with May L

section 9
BRYANT Alexander H died March 1 1858 age 1 y 1 m 11d son of F. and E.J. Bryant no birth date on stone
BRYANT Blanche S 1879-1951
BRYANT Elizabeth J 1820-1858
BRYANT Joseph F 1841-1917
BRYANT Martin L 1854-1881
BRYANT Mary L 1867-1869
BRAYNT Rhoda J 1849-1878 wife of Joseph F Bryant maiden name Manis
BRYANT Stephen 1810-1879
BRYANT Stephen O 1876-1927
section 10
BRYANT Joseph A 1854-1933 same stone with Sarah
BRYANT Sarah J 1860-1942 same stone with Joseph

Stephen Ora Bryant

Ora born Feb 1876 MO married 0 years 21y
Madge wife born Feb 1879 MO

Stephen Ora Bryant born Feb 1876 died 1927 Miriam Cemetery

Judge John B Bryant

born Bethany 1870 died 1943 Miriam Cemetery married 1890 Carrie E Howell 1873-1951 Miriam Cemetery. He farmed in Cypress Township, 5 years in the grocery business, county judge 1904-8m 377 acre farm.
1. Marie married Ray Webb of St Louis
2. Helen 1921 graduate Bethany High School

John B Bryant b. Aug 1870 29y married 87 born MO
Carrie wife b. Nov 1872 MO 27 y 2 children 2 living
MArie dau born Nov 1894 MO 57

William W Howery

William W Howery b. March 1857 Va age 43 married 14y farmer
Melissa J. wife b. Sept 1862 Indiana age 37 7 living children
William D. son b. Dec 1887 MO age 12 farm labor
James E. son b. Aug 1891 MO age 8
Joe A. son b. Aug 1893 MO age 4
Sarah E. dau b. Jan 1896 Mo age 2

James G. Bryant

James G. Bryant born Feb 19 1829 died Aug 1 1870 41y 5m 11d Antioch Cemetery. Married Mary L. Butcher died June 29 1906 aged 77y 11m 23d buried Antioch.
page 298 "In March, 1871, J.G. Bryant, of White Oak Township, was killed by the falling of a tree."
They had 11 children, but only 3 lived to maturity.
1. Joe A. Feb 18 1854-jan 8 1877 22y 11m 10d married Sarah J. Lewis Jan 7 1877 Harrison
county marriage records A-D 1845-1880
2. Jonathan D. born Jan 24 1858 married ___________________________ Oct 24 1878
didn't find a marriage in Harrison County Marriage Records
3. Melissa born Sept 30 1862 married William Howery Sept 10 1886

Bryants in Rogers History of Mercer county MO

p. 365 W. Presley Bryant born Keokuk County, Dec 1 1849 son of Edmund Bryant

p.677 Thomas Wilson Bryant, and Elizabeth J. (White) Bryant and their son William A. (born near Ravanna, MO June 19 1853)

Col W.P. Robinson

married Rachel Sims of Nicholaus County, KY Aug 31 1848. she died June 5 1865.
1. Clarissa deceased
2. Mary r. married Charles A Barber, KS
3. Fannie married John L. Grenewalt
4. Lucinda married Frank Simmons, IL
5. George of Kansas
6. Thomas-twin who died in infancy
7. Robert-twin who died in infancy
8. Anna married Joseph Bryant
9. Elizabeth married George R Williams, KS
10. William H. of KS
11. Charles died in infancy
WP Robinson married Sarah E Kendall of Cinnicinnati, Ohio
1. Edgar P. deceased
2. Jessie married William O Selby
3. Kathleen
4. Harry P.
5. Louis P.

William P Robinson born Feb 20 1826 died in Manhatten, KS Monday, June 20 1904 aged 74y and 4 month. Funeral services will be at the Christian Church, Bethany MO Thursday June 23 1904 at 2:30 o'clock p.m. conducted by Eld. M.M. Goode of St Joe, assisted by Rev. W.J. Willis and Rev. J.B. Youngblood with prayer by Eld. R.W. York. Burial Mirian Cemetery.

Joseph F Bryant

http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~mysouthernfamily/myffd0013/g0000072.html Joseph FRANCIS Bryant
b. about 1840
resided: of KY and Bethany, MO
father Stephen C Bryant
mother Elizabeth Hancock
Family 1 married Rhoda Jane Manus
i. Stephen Ora Bryant
Family 2 married Ann E Robinson

John (Brian) Bryant 1760-1833 married 1786 Mary Owsley 1768-1848

James Guerrant Bryant 1787-1840 married 1806 Martha "Patsey" Bourne 1790-1834

Stephen C. Bryant 1811- married Elizabeth Hancock 1820-

John Brown Bryant

found this online:


One of the younger men in Harrison County who have shown sucessful ability in business affairs and have also made themselves useful in a public way, a son of Joseph F. Bryant, a prominent Northwest Missourian whose career is sketched at length on other pages of this work.
John Brown Bryant was born in Bethany MO Aug 20 1870 and has spent most of his life either in the town or the close vicinity. His education came from city schools, supplemented by attendance at Woodland College in Independence MO and a commercial course in the old Stanberry Normal. His business career began at age 20 in the Cottonwood Valley National Bank at Marion, KS where he remained 2 years. He returned to Harrison County to take up farming, and was known as a substantial farmer for 15 years. While on the farm, in 1904, he was elected a member of the county court from the south district as successor to Judge Taggart, re-elected in 1906. Judge Miller was presiding judge and his associates in the administration of county affairs were Judges Alley and Tucker. During those four years the busied themselves beside the routine affairs with repairing bridges of the county destroyed or damaged in the noteable flood of that time. They also improved the county farm, adding more land and constructing a substantial barn. Besides his work for the county Mr Bryant was also a member of the Bethany school board for a number of years.
Having given up farming and moving into Bethany, Mr Bryant became interested in merchandising as a grocer for three years, and them became a partner in the company of Walker, Bryant, & Company until they sold out to Chambers & Davis. Since then his business has been real estate and insurance, he is also secretary and a director of Bethany Savings Bank. Since leaving the county board he has taken only a nominal interest in politics, but still classifies as a Republican, the political faith in which he was reared. His fraternities are the Masonic, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and the Knights of the Pythias.
In Harrison County on Dec 23 1891 Mr Bryant married Miss Carrie E. Howell. Her father was the late Judge John C. Howell, who died while on the circuit bench including Harrison County. Judge Howell was born in Morgan county, Illinois, Aug 13 1833, and died at Bethany, Sept 29 1882, and has been identified with northwest Missouri since childhood and for many years was a notable figure in law and politics. He was one of two children, his sister being Mrs Carrie Carson. His father was a Kentuckian but settled in Illinois, and on moving to Missouri first lived in Clinton County, but in 1847 went to Gentry County, where Judge Howell grew up. He completed his education at old Bethany College in what is now West Virginia, an institution founded by Alexander Campbell. After entering law, he found himself rapidly promoted in favor and success, and as a democrat was elected to the circuit bench before the formation of the district in which Harrison County is now located. He was a Mason and a member of the Christian Church. Mrs Bryant is the only child of Judge Howell's marriage to Belle Brown, who was born near Monroe, Wisconsin, and died at Bethany. Mr and Mrs Bryant have two children, Marie, who graduated from the Bethany High School in 1913, and Helen, now in one of the grades of the Bethany public schools.

"Direct Descendants of Thomas Bryant"

Steven Bryant Jr married Sarah Shell, a descendant of John Alden, Pilgrim Father. Their son James Bryant Sr born Plymouth Rock 1680 and moved to Manikentown, VA.

James Bryant, Sr. married Elizabeth LAfver
1. James Jr
2. Isaac wounded Guilford Court House, Revolutionary War
3. Judith
4. Elizabeth
5. Mary
6. Martha Ann
7. Fanny
JAmes married Clara Tradue, widow of Anthony, their only child, Thomas, was killed at Guilford Court House, 1779-Revolutionary War. He was a lieutenant.

James Bryant JR married James Guerrant, June 11 1758 Maniketown County.
1. John
2. William G.
3. Jane
4. Sarah
married Jane Forsee
1. James
2. Stephen
3. Silas
4. Mary

James Bryant, Jr. and W.G. Bryant were privates in Battle of Guilford, Revolutionary War.

Stephen Bryant born Garrard county, KY, Oct 1 1811 died 1879 Harrison County, MO. married Elizabeth Hancock born Mercer County, KY about 1820 , died 1871-2 Harrison County, MO
1.William Scott died in Oklahoma
2.Martin Luther 1854-1881 Meriam Cemetery Bethany MO married Edith Whitacher MArch 2
1875. From BETHANY REPUBLICAN JAN 8 1874 "about 11p.m. last night fire discovered
in courthouse by Scott and Luther Bryant.
3.Jane married John Endsley of Harrison Co, MO
4.Mary C. married T.F. Walton of Harrison County MO Oct 16 1874. she was a native of
Clayton Co, Illinois. Thomas born Montgomery County, Indiana June 19 1843 son of David R.
March 30 1818 Ohio birthdate and Christine Walter born March 30 1817 Ohio. He had been
married to Jennie Bumgardner-daughter of David-who died Jan 10 1874 Harrison County.
They were married Sept 17 1868 Warren County Indiana. He farmed in Warren County,
Indiana until March 1873 when he bought a place in Harrison County.

Thomas Walton-Mary O. Bryant Nov 20 1874

T.F. and Jennie (Bumgardner) Walton Children:
1. Eva A. married James Kelley
2. Warren D.
3. Louie C.
T.F. and Mary (Bryant) Walton children:
His father died July 1880, settled in Montgomery County, Indiana in 1839 and married in October, enlisted 51st Illinois Infantry. 1870 came to Harrison County and lived in Butler County until his death.

Thomas and William Flint

father and son, arrived at Salem Massachusetts direct from England, 1640. Son's children were Joseph, John, Abigail, Ann. One of the sons married a Bryant from Plymouth.

Nancy Amy Bryant

born May 27 1849
married Dec 24 1865 to W.T. Foster
they were married about six months after he returned from the Civil War. They met in 1860 when she was between 11 and 12 and he was a little past 20. She was a regular student where he taught school. "Excepting her grey eyes, she is as near her father, mentally and physically, as a woman can be like a man..." quote W.T. Foster.
1. Loren Mae born Oct 28 1866 Salem MO died March 21 1893
married T.J. Wyatt April 24 1892 . he was born Feb 24 1862 Schuyler County, MO)
i. Nan R. born March 3 1893 took the place of her mother in the Foster family
2. Gilly Ione born Sept 11 1868 Daviess county MO married W.H. Westfall Aug 20 1890
i. Cora Bliss born July 21 1892 Randolph Co MO
ii. Bessie born May 25 1898 Randolph co MO
3. Lulu E. born Aug. 1 1871 Gallatin, MO married W.G. Beck of Portland Oregon. No children.
4. Dick Barnett born Dec 2 1873 Bethany MO married Cora B. Evans June 19 1892
i. Donald B. born sept 1893 married Lenora Layton of KS
5. Charles Edgar born Feb 20 1878 Chillicothe, MO married Anna Semens of St Joe MO
March 6 1899
i. Jane R. Dec 21 1909-Dec 7 1912
ii. Charles E. Jr. born Feb 23 1903
6. Ned W. born Dec 19 1880 Chillicothe , MO married Leona Pearl O'Neil of St Joe MO
i. Margaret Wayne born March 10 1904 St Joe Mo
7. Ida Grace born Dec 3 1886 Burlington, IA died Feb 18 1899 Antioch Cemetery, Harrison Co,
8. Ralph D. born April 25 1893 St Joe MO

WT Foster wrote a Bryant history that my Grandmother Grace Brown had possession of and let me borrow years ago....I received some stuff when they cleaned out Grandma's house for the sale, but don't think it was in there. maybe she had borrowed it from someone and returned it...

Samuel J. Bryant

born June 13 1854 Indiana married Sally S. "Sarah" Reynolds June 20 1875
1.Elsie J. married William L. Belieu Feb 14 1897 he died June 28 1900. Their daughter
Zoe was born Feb. 25 1899. Her second marriage was to John Bailey.
2.Bessie B. 1869-1954 Meriam Cemetery Bethany MO
married Fred Bartlet Dec 2 1893
i. Iona born Dec 2 1895 married Paul Blakely
ii. Leila married Cady R. Hook March 25 1907
a. Willam Bryant Hook born March 23 1925
iii. George born Feb 16 1889 died Dec 8 1902
3. Mary Alice
4. James Thomas
5. Nancy Amy

Mary Alice Bryant born April 29 1859 Harrison County MO died Sept 16 1934 age 75y4m17d Winona MO. Married Feb 4 1875 to Philip Higdon. He died Jan 8 1907. She married Nov 21 1916 J.H. McMican. He died OCt 29(30) 1925. She was 15 when she married Philip, had her first child at age 16 (her 17th birthday was 5 months away). She was a grandmother at 36 and a great grandmother at 55. Familiarly known as "Mrs. Mc" and "Mother Mac." Member of Christian Church 50 years. Took pride in the fact that she was related to the famous William Cullen Bryant. "The community has lost one of its....most beautiful characters. (Rev. L.R. Norton in her obituary.)
Children listed under Bryant-Higdon.

(have to find that one, folks! may already be posted on here somewhere....)

Jonathan M. Bryant

Nov 5 1821-March 10 1900 age 79
married Gilly Mae Nelson Nov 7 1823-Dec 13 1866 age 43y1m6d Antioch Cemetery
she was the daughter of Nancy Nelson Oct 25 1802 Carrol County, KY-Aug 10 1879 Kingston, MO

"Jonathan M. Bryant married Elizabeth Hultz Jan 14 1867"

He fought for the Union in the Civil War and was a highly respected citizen of Harrison County. He was a noted singer and teacher of vocal music, very active member of the Christian Cambellite Church, owned 600 acres of splendid farmland and a large amount of livestock. Came to Missouri from Indiana 1855.
1.Samuel A.
2.Mary Alice (deb axsom dailey's great great grandmother)
3.James Thomas
4.Nancy Amy
5.William S born Indiana, died of measles in the Civil War
6. Charles E. born Indiana, died of measles in the Civil War

Jonathan 38y
Gilly 37y
William S. 15y
Charles E. 16y
John Clousen 29y born in Germany
Samuel A. 7y
Mary Alice 6y

Jonathan 57y farmer b.KY father born KY mother born KY
Elizabeth 31y wife b. MO father born TN mother born MO
Thomas 14y son b.KY father born KY mother born IN
LouAnne 10y dau. b.MO father born KY mother bornMO
Al_____ 8y dau. b. MO father born KY mother born MO
Cora B. 6y dau. b.MO father born KY mother born MO
Kitty 4y dau b.MO father born KY mother born MO

William D. Bryant, MD

born Feb 11 1837 died Feb 11 1901 age 64y7d. buried Oaklawn Cemeter. Married Miss Elizabeth Miller of Bartholomew county, Indiana, Oct 1 1857. He was orphaned at age 8. Apprenticed to his guardian Elder Hopkins at age 12 to the tanners trade which proved uncongenial. Enlisted Aug 6 1862 in Company H, 12th Indiana Infantry. Served 26 months, most of the time as clerk and hospital stewart, but twice as a prisoner and participated in the Battle of Richmond. Worked in a brickyard and on his brothers farm from age 12 or so until 1856. The brother came on to Missouri and William worked as a farmhand at Hartsville until Oct 1 1857 when he married Miss Elizabeth Miller, a native of Bartholomew County, Indiana, where her father is still engaged in farming at age 87. William remained in that county, engaged in farming and reading medicine until 1862, when he was in the war. in 1865 he immigrated to Mt Moriah, MO where he spent 3 years practicing medicine, which he had studied before the war in Indiana. July 9 1868 he came to Cainsville, MO where he has enjoyed a lucrative practice for almost 2o years, his territory extending over Harrison and Mercer counties. He was a justice of the peace, notary public, and pension attorney, draws a pension of $8.00 per month. Elizabeth died Feb 24 1892 age 61y10m Oaklawn Cemetery.
2.Thomas F.
3.Josephine died Aug 31 1884
4.Kate G.
5. Cora married a Cain

HISTORY OF MISSOURI ILLUSTRATED 1888 didn't mention Frank.
found a Laura on 1880 HARRISON COUNTY MO CENSUS
"Jessie, daughter of W.D. & E. died Aug. 13 1899 age 24y8m"
"Josie Bryant, age 24y8m died Aug. 13 1884. seamstress. single. born Indiana. in Missouri 19 years. buried Oaklawn Cemetery, Cainsville."

William D. 43y
Elizabeth 50y
Laura 20y born Indiana
Thomas F. 22y
Kate G. 16y
Cora M. 6y

Indianapolis Indiana City Directory 1858-1859

other Bryants that I found:

Bryant Alexander C gen. freight agent Bellefontaine RR. res. 40 S. Illinois
Bryant Benjamin R. salesman W & H Glenn bds. 57 Massachusetts Ave.
Bryant Benjamin surveryor with William Henderson res. 57 Massachusetts Ave.
Bryants Commerical College Ramsey's Block Corner Illinois and Maryland
Bryant J.m. carpenter Kregelo, Blake, & Co.
Bryant James M salesman VV & H Glenn bds. 57 Massachusetts Ave.
Bryant James G. book & map agent bds. N. Alabama
Bryant Thomas J. principal Bryant's Commerical College bds. Mrs Ferguson
Bryant Wm. A. bds 57 Massachusetts Ave.

Professor TJ Bryants School of Book-keeping and Penmanship

decided to see if anything (besides my most recent blog post!) would pop up on google....


Indianopolis City Directory 1858-9 Index lists:
Bryant's Commercial College 32
Ramsey's block corner Illinois and Maryland

Bryant Thomas J principal Bryant's Commercial College
"The facilities for acquiring a thorough business education at this School have been increased until now unsurpassed. The room is one of the largest and best ventilated in the west, and in addition to the teachers formerly connected with the School, we expect to secure the services of a gentleman who has had over twenty years' experience as a merchant and active business man.
The regular lecturers hereafter will be Dr R.T. Brown, Geo. K. Perrin, Esq., John Coburn, Esq., and the Principal, each of whom are well known.
The large number graduating at this school the past year has far surpassed every expectation, while nine-tenths of them are in good business, and fully establishes the assertion that it is not only the cheapest, but the most thorough School in the west.
Each pupil, on bearing satisfactory examination, will receive a Diploma that is acknowledged to surpass any in the Union. The original design of which (may be seen at all times at our room) cost us months of labor.
The course of studies embraces not only Book-Keeping, but all the connecting branches, such as Penmanship, Mercantile Arithmetic, Mercantile Correspondence, detecting counterfeit Money, & c., with daily lectures on Merchantile Law, and such subjects as are essential to every man.
Terms for complete course, with right of reviewing at pleasure, $25 00.
T. J. Bryant, Principal
Vacation from July First to September First.

The undersigned being personally acquainted with Prof. T. J. Bryant, and his general character as a Teacher and Penman, feel satisfied that he thoroughly understands his business, and will accomplish all he promises; and we cheerfully recommend his Institute to all who wish the aid of an experienced teacher, or to acquire a complete business education.
Ashbel P. Willard, Governor.
A.A. Hammond, Lt. Governor.
Daniel McClure, Sec'y of State.
John W. Dodd, Auditor of State.
Aquilla Jones, Treasurer of State.
Wm. B. Beach, Clerk Supreme Court.
Gordon Tanner, Rep. Supreme Ct.
S.D. Lyon State Librarian

N.B. any scholar who has completed his course with me, and has not received all I ever promised, will have his money refunded on showing that the fault is mine.

wow! what a find! I sometimes forget that I have access to the whole world right here in my livingroom....

Thomas O. Bryant

April 30 1796 KY- Jan 27 1845 married Nancy Edwards
in 1833 they moved to Indiana, made their home in Bartholomew and Decatur Counties.. Thomas died in the latter, having been thrown from a mule while looking over his extensive business. Nancy survived him by 5 months. They are buried side by side on the old homestead. Thomas was a nephew of ex-Governor Owsley of KY and both are descendants of a well-known and highly respected family, both are natives of Garrad Co, KY.
1. T.J. a professor, had school of book-keeping and penmanship of Indianopolis, Indiana
2. William D.
3. Jonathan M.

John Bryant

died July 4 1833
married May 25 1873 Mary Owsley in Lincoln Co KY
he immigrated to KY 1783.
resided in Powhatten Co VA when he entered the VA troops.
volunteered in May 1780 and served three months.
enlisted 1781.
engaged in Battle of Guilford.
served 6 months.
Enlisted summer 1781, orderly sergeant six months.
his sisters were Mary Meyers, Keziah K. Brady, and Elizabeth Hall.
Mary Owsley Bryant was allowed pension on her application executed May 18 1840 at which time was a resident to Garrad Co, KY and 70 years of age. The only child referred to was William O. Bryant. (letter to W.T. Foster from Department of Interior, Bureau of Pensions, Washington DC Nov 15 1915.)
1. William O.
2. James G. (grandfather of Joseph F. of Bethany, MO)
3. Daniel (grandfather of Isaac Bryant)
4. George S (L) (father of Independence MO Bryants)
5. Jonathan (grandfather of Maryville, MO Bryants)
6. Edmond L (father of Pike County Bryants)
7. William (?)
8. Thomas Owsley born KY April 30 1796 died Jan 27 1845 grandfather of Nancy Amy Foster

John Howard Bryant

son of Peter
removed to Illinois 1831. married June 7 1833 at Norton Mass. to Harriet Eliza Wiswall born Sept 14 1808.
1. Henry Wiswall April 17 1835-April 28 1854
2. Elijah Wiswall born Dec 2 1836

Arthur Bryant

son of Peter
married in 1832 Henrietta Raymond born Oct 12 1812
1. Arthur born Oct 15 1834
2. Julian Dward born Nov 8 1836
3. Ellen Aurelia born Jan 8 1839
4. Joseph Plummer born March 25 1845
5. Raymond Lester born Sept 8 1848
6. Henrietta Raymond Aug 15 1851-Oct 12 1852
7. Adeline born Sept 4 1855

Cyrus Bryant

son of Peter
married May 13 1834 Julia Everett, daughter of James Everett of Cummington.
1. Everett born Aug 10 1835
2. Peter born June 2 1837
3. Cullen born June 2 1839
4. Marcus born March 21 1842
5. Julia born Feb 3 1845
6. Charity born Dec 17 1848

William Cullen Bryant

son of Peter
married Jan 11 1821 Frances Fairchild, daughter of Zachariah, of Great Barrington, born March 27 1797. William Cullen Bryant, the celebrated poet, is one of the editors and proprietors of "The New York Evening Post". He was also a lawyer. The first general collection of his poems, according to "Cyclopedia of American Literature" was published in 1832, at New York. Since then, many editions have appeared. Son-in-law Parke Godwin is a well known writer who is associated with William as editor of the "Post".
1. Frances Bryant born Great Barrington Jan 2 1822 married Parke Godwin
he was born Feb 25 1816 Paterson,NJ
i. Minnie
ii. William Bryant
iii. Annie
iv. Nora
v. Frances
vi. Alfred
vii. Harold
2. Julia Bryant born Cummington, June 29 1831

from The Trials of Mrs. Lincoln-the harrowing, never-before-told story of Mary Todd Lincoln's last and finest years by Samuel A. Scheiner...unlike the doctors in Chicago who made fun of her for being in touch with people who could not be seen, Mr Lincoln took a serious interest in the seances shes attended after Willie's death and sat in on them with her when they were in the White House. He was aware that other men of intellect in America like ....William Cullen Bryant....made earnest attempts to get in touch with the spiritual world.

I am fascinated by Abraham Lincoln and have read many books about him...and since he and William Cullen Bryant lived in the same time period, I will find mention of him in some Lincoln books. But not only did they live in the same time period, they actually met! William introduced Lincoln at a speech he did in New York!

Austin Bryant

son of Peter
Married Nov 18 1819 Adeline Plummer, daughter of Edward, born at Pittsfield May 24 1801
1. Sarah Louisa born Sept 16 1820 married July 12 1856 Tracy Reeve
i. William G. Reeve born June 4 1857
2. Edward Raymond born Nov 2 1823
3. William Austin born Dec 21 1826
4. Frances Elizabeth born Nov 11 1823 (same year and month as Edward...probably wrong...)
married Jan 1 1851 Frederic Mosely of Princeton IL
i. Austin P.
ii. Roland E.
iii. Frederic P.
iv. Bryant
5. Charles Howard born March 21 1823 (guessing should be 1832...since we already have 2
siblings born in this year....I'm not the best typist....sigh....)
6. Mary Snell born Nov 2 1834

Peter Bryant

son of Philip
was a physician and settled at Cummington, Mass. He married in 1792 Sarah Snell, daughter of Ebeneezer and Sarah (Packard) Snell. She was born at North Bridgewater April 6 1776. The children were all born at North Bridgewater.
1. Austin born April 16 1793 married Adeline Plummer
2. William Cullen born Nov 3 1794 married Frances Fairchild
3. Cyrus born July 121798 married Julia Everett
4. Sarah Snell born July 21 1802 married Dr Samuel Shaw (born May 6 1790)
i. Ellen Theresa born Oct 24 1822 married Aug 3 1842 Clark Ward Mitchell
5. Arthur born Nov 28 1803 married Henrietta R. Plummer
6. Charity Louisa born Dec 20 1805 married Justin H Olds (born Belchertown, Sept 4 1806)
i. Sarah Snell born april 1 1839
ii. Julia Louisa born July 4 1840
iii. Bryant Oct 22 1843-April 21 1851
iv. John Hixon born May 21 1847
v. Lucy Wood born April 29 1849
7. John Howard July 22 1807-Jan 14 1902 married Harriet E Wiswell

Philip Bryant

son of Icahabod
married 1757 Silence Howard, daughter of Abial Howard. She died June 25 1777 and he married Hannah, daughter of Benjamin Richards. She died Feb 18 1816, age 84, adn he died Dec 19 1816, age 80. children, all by his first wife.
1. Oliver March 5 1758-Aug 24 1776
2. Ruth born March 18 1760 died young
3. Daniel June 27 1763-Nov 5 1787
4. Bezaleel born July 27 1765---removed to New York State
5. Peter born Aug 12 1767 at West Bridgewater
6. Cyrus born Dec 20 1769 married Polly Noyes (desc. found in Kingman's History of North Bridgewater)
7. anna born March 10 1771 married Capt. Henry Kingman
8. Silence born April 28 1774 married Dec 27 1792 Ichabod Bryant, son of Seth & Elizabeth
9. Charity born May 22 1777 removed to New York State

Ichabod Bryant

son of Stephen
died Nov 22 or 27 1759 age 60 at North Parish of Bridgewater. His wife Ruth died March 27 1777 age 75.
1. Philip married 1757 Silence Howard
2. Nathan died unmarried
3. Seth married Feb 7 1765 Elizabeth French (desc. found in Kingsman's History of North Bridgewater.)
4. Job married May 3 1764 Mary Turner
5. Gamaliel resided at New Bedford
6. Phebe married Henry Howard
7. Ruth married Mr. Holmes
8. Sarah married 1750 Francis Cook
9. Anna married Mr. Robinson
10. Prudence died unmarried.

Steven Bryant

(genealogy information from my grandmother Grace Brown & my great aunt Minerva Brown.)
Steven Bryant came to Plymouth Colony from England in 1632. Son of Thomas. Steven married Abigail, daughter of John Shaw, who also came from England in 1632. Steven's childrens births were recorded at Plymouth from 1650-1665. Land purchased in his name May 5 1863.
1. John born April 7 1650 wife Sarah
i. John b. Sept 1 1678
ii. James b. July 26 1682
iii.Ruth b. Sept 26 2685
iv. Sarah born Feb 28 1688
v. Joanna b. Nov 13 1690
vi. George b. Dec 3 1693
2. Abigail maried Nov 23 1665 Lt John Bryant
i. Mary b. Sept 11 1666
ii. Hannah b. Dec 2 1668
iii. Bethiah b. July 25 1671
iv. Samuel b. Feb 3 1673
v. Jonathan b. March 23 1677
vi. Abigail b. Dec 30 1682
vii. Benjamin b. Dec 16 1688
3. Mary born May 26 1654
4. Stephen born Feb 21 1658 married Mehiabel
i. Stephen b. May 1 1684
ii. David b. Feb 10 1687 married Elizabeth
a. Stephen b. 1724 Beddeford ME
1. he had a son, Nathan
iii. William b. Feb 22 1691-2
iv. Hannah
v. Ichabod b. Middleboro July 5 1699 married Ruth Staples
vi. Timothy
5. Sarah born Nov 28 1659
6. Lydia born Oct 23 1662
7. Elizabeth born Oct 17 1665

Henry O. Bryant

{after recieving a couple of emails with corrections from a Bryant who found my blog...have been looking for my 'original' genealogy from my grandmother Grace Brown and great aunt Minerva Maxwell. and found this stuff in the meantime! I know grandma & aunt minerva didn't give me any sources of where they found their information....and in the beginning I was bad about not recording my sources as well. need to get back to the Harrison County Genealogy Library to verify where my info came from!}

Henry O. Bryant was born Oct 11 1828, died Sept 20 1876, age 47. married Nancy Ellen Bowling Jan 8 1848 (Jan 8 1829-July 22 1855 age 26), second wife Loue Jane Chenoweth married March 24 1859 (Feb 20 1833-Aug 2 1890)
1. George Albert born April 13 1850 married Elizabeth Blount in 1872
{Harrison County Marriage Records A-D 1845-1880 states George A. Bryant married Phebe E. Peacock Feb 25 1872}
i. Frank Otis
ii. Roy
iii. Mary Ellen married William Jacobson
2. Thomas Otis Oct 6 1857-Jan 5 1858
3. Minnie H. married Stanley M Haas June 15 1898 (Sept 7 1872 Worth county MO son of Henry and Martha J. Frost Haas. His sister Stella E. married Charles D. Neff of Fayette, IA. His brother W.H. is a jeweler and optician at Bethany, MO.)
i. Thorton Henry born Nov 3 1901
ii. Stella Pauline born Nov 22 1908
iii. Martha L. born July 12 1906
iv. Melvin B. born July 12 1913 was an undertaker in Bethany MO.
Mr and Mrs Bryant lived in Bethany. H.O. Bryant started the first regular hotel in Mt Moriah about 1860, was the postmaster there, the county clerk of Harrison County 1864-41866, treasurer Bethany City Government.

Will of Henry O. Bryant
-my eldest son George A. Bryant
-my second eldest son Thomas Bryant
-Minnie Bryant, my daughter
-my wife, Louise J Bryant
-Jonathan M Bryant, exe.
written out Sept 1877
witnessed by A.T. Shaeffer and S.D. Logan
probabated 6 Feb 1877

1860 Harrison County Census
Henry 33y
Lucinda J 26y
George 10y
Thomas 2y

(ok...George Albert was the son of Henry O. and Nancy Ellen by dates. but Thomas Otis was born Oct 6 1857.....Nancy died in 1855, he married Loue Jane in 1859? one of these dates can't be right.....???)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

John Bryant

son of James Bryant & Jane Guerrant born Jan 01 1760 in Cumberland Co VA died July 4 1833 in Lancaster, Garrad Co, KY. He married Mary Owsley May 25 1786 in Stanford, Lincoln Co, KY daughter of Thomas Owsley and Mary Middleton. John served 15 months as a private and sergeant under Captain Hughes and Porter and Colonels Nelson, Randolph, and Goode as a volunteer in the Virginia line. At the time of his 1st enlistment May 1780 he was a resident of Powhatten Co, VA. was in the Battle of Guilford March 15 1871. after the war he was awarded a land grant in Kentucky. He went there as a civil engineer, one report stated he was with the survey party of Daniel Boone. Bryantsville, KY may have been named in honor of John Bryant. There is a Bryant family cemetery in Bryantsville.
His great grandfather Jacques Briand, was born in LaMilliere, France, and came to the Americas sometime before 1700 to settle with other Huguenots in Manakin, VA. John Bryant served in the Revolutionary War. He enlisted in Powhatten Co, VA under Captain Robert Hughes. The company marched to Williamsburg under General Charles Scott, and then to Yorktown under General Thomas Nelson. His enlistment began in 1780. Pension File No. W8390.
In 1824, John served as sheriff of Garrard Co.
In 1803 , the old Sugar Creek Baptist Church was built on John's land. The Lancaster Christian Church was formed in the county seat , a few miles away on 8 Dec 1827. In 1831 , the Lancaster disciples began meeting in the Sugar Creek Meeting House. They remained there until 1835. Sometime later, the Sugar Creek Church was renamed, the Antioch Christian Church.
John Bryant is buried with his wife and an infant daughter Elizabeth, in a private cemetery about 2 miles north of Lancaster, about 50 yards south of the intersection of Lexington Road (US 27) and Bastin Road. There are steps leading from the shoulder of the road up to the cemetery, as well as a large sign with John's name on it.
The following is the text of a letter about the war record of John Bryant. It was copied from"The Family Record of George Smith Bryant and Keziah Arnold Bryant and Their Family Histories." compiled by Maria A. Gregg, published 1901.
Bureau of Pensions
Washington DC
March 27 1897
In reply to your request for a statement of the military record of John Bryant a soldier of the War of the Revolution, I have to advise that he made application for pension on August 29 1832, at which time he was a resident of Garrard Co, KY and 72 years of age having been born in Cumberland County, VA on January 1 1760.
His pension was granted August 22 1832 which he drew to the date of his death. He served fifteen months as a private and sergeant under Captain Hughes and Porter and Colonels Nelson, Randolph, and Goode as a volunteer in the Virginia troops. At the time of his first enlistment ,May 1780, he was a resident of Powhatten Co, VA. During the war he was engaged in the Battle of Guilford. He married Mary Owsley in Lincoln Co, KY on May 25 1786 and he died July 4 1833. His widow applied for and recieved a pension. From the data given it does not appear that his father James Bryant made application. However he does make mention in his declaration for pension that his second enlistment was a substitute for one James Bryant , though the relationship is not stated.
Very Respectfully,
D.I. Murphy
This letter was sent to Mr J.C. Bryant in care of W.C. Pettis, Esquire

More about John Bryant and Mary Owsley
marriage May 25 1786 Stanford, Lincoln Co, KY
their children are:
i. George Smith Bryant b. April 18 1789 in Garrard Co, KY d. August 5 1850 Hickman Mills MO
ii. James G. Bryant b. March 3 1787 d. Feb 13 1840
iii. John Bryant b. March 29 1788 d. Nov 18 1788
iv. Abner Bryant b. Jan 30 1791 d. July 18 1820
v. Elizabeth Bryant b. Oct 8 1792 d. Oct 9 1792
vi. Mary Bryant b. Sept 24 1793 d.June 09 1814
vii. Edmund L Bryant b. March 4 1795 d. Sept 28 1865
viii. Thomas Owsley Bryant b. April 30 1796 d. Jan 27 1845
ix. Jonathon O. Bryant b. Jan 15 1798 d. Sept 25 1879
x. Jane Bryant b. June 29 1800 d. Oct 18 1866
xi. Patience Bryant b. Feb 9 1802 d. Oct 30 1881
xii. John Bryant b. July 19 1804 d. Sept 23 1805
xiii. Sallie Bryant b. Sept 7 1806 d. April 24 1878
xiv. Daniel E Bryant b. Sept 17 1811 d. May 23 1851

from http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/r/o/l/Shannon-R-Roller-Vancouver/WEBSITE-0001/UHP-0611.html


from JALEX4954@aol.com
My great grandfather was Joseph Francis Bryant. and his first wife, Rhoda Jane Manus , was my great grandmother.
(note from deb: my grandmother Grace Maxwell Brown & great aunt Minerva Maxwell Brown had Joseph's middle name as FAWCETT)
Stephen Ora Bryant was my grandfather, he was never married to anyone named MADGE. He was married only once, May 2 1900 to Blanche Snyder. At the time of the 1910 census they lived in San Diego, CA. He died in 1927, and is buried in Miriam Cemetery, Bethany, MO. Blanche Snyder Bryant is buried next to him. She died in 1971.
I also answered the question you had about the two Bryant children in this same lot at Miriam Cemetery.
These Bryants were descendants of an original French Huguenot family who settled in Manakintowne, VA. (Briands/Briant, etc.) They were not English. This website below also lists the 15 children of John & Mary Owsley Bryant. My ancestor in this list is James Guerrant Byrant. Middle name was his mothers name. There is a mistake in this information as their son, Daniel, as listed, should be Daniel G. His middle name was also Guerrant.

thanks for correcting this.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bryant inquiry

Deb, are you Tallulah Jane?
You have posted several items on your blog about the Bryant family. Are you related?
My 4th great grandfather was John Bryant who married Mary Owsley.
Jean Alexander

Friday, March 18, 2011

Mercer County Missouri School Ledger cont.

May 13 1888
Parent name boy girl age
GEORGE MARONEY Bertha Maroney 11
Charles Maroney10
Leroy Maroney 8
OSCAR NASHJessie Nash 11
Maggie Nash 8
ANDREW OSBORN Adena Osborn 18
Wesley Osborn 15
Sarah Osborn 14
Anna Osborn 9
JOHN OSBORN Ida Osborn 17
Lucinda Osborn 13
WM PURKS Uriah Purks 15
John Purks 12
Josy Purks 8
NANCY PITMAN John Pitman 12
Almeda Pitman 17
Authur Pitman 6
JAMES STILL Gruly (?) Still 15
Charlie Still 7
Lilly Still 13
RE STILL Theresa Still 8
AM SALLIE Alva Sallie 11
Ora Sallie 9
ALBERT SILL John Sill 11
Nettie Sill 9
MART MILLER H.D. Stanley 18

May 11 1912
SB Boyd
Peter Boyd
Wm Boyd
JM Boyd
Winford Craig
Sherman Craig
John Osborn
Lavinia Osborn
Wesley Osborn

SC Boyd
Peter Boyd
Wm Boyd
JM Craig
Winford Craig
Sherman Craig
John Osborn

Boyd S Boyd Maud 6
Craig W Craig Mirtle 9
Craig Edie Craig Leroy 6
Marony George Marony Bertha 15
Marony Charles 14
Marony Leroy 12
Marony Melvin 9
Osborn John McClure Bessie 8

May 13 1890
George Marony Marony Bertha 13
Marony Charles 12
Marony Leroy 10
Marony Melvin 7
Marion Osborn Osborn Lucy 19
John Osborn Osborn Ida 19
Osborn Lucinda 15
Andrew Osborn Osborn Wesley 17
Osborn Sarah 16
Osborn Anna 11

May 10 1891
Wm Craig Craig Myrtle 6
George Marony Marony Bertha 14
Marony Charles 13
Marony Leroy 11
Marony Melvin 8
Andrew Osborn Osborn Sarah 19
John Osborn Osborn Lucinda 16
McClure Bessie 7

May 14 1892
Boyd S Boyd Maud
Craig Wm Craig Mirtle
Craig Leroy 6
Marony George Marony Bertha
Marony Charles 14
Marony Leroy 12
Marony Melvin 9

Osborn Jno McClure Bessie

May 12 1894
Boyd S Boyd Maud 8
Boyd Cora 7
Craig Wm Craig Mirtle 11
Craig Leroy 8
Craig Elie Craig Carrie 7
Marony George Marony Charles 16
Marony Bertha 17
Marony Leroy 14
Marony Melvin 11

May 10 1895
Boyd S Boyd Maud 9
Boyd Cory 8
Craig Elie Craig Leroy 9
Craig Carrie 8
Craig Ora 6
Marony George Marony Charles 17
Marony Bertha 18
Marony Leroy 15

Boyd S Boyd Maud 6
Craig W Craig Mirtle 9
Craig Edie Craig Leroy 6
Marony George Marony Bertha 15
Marony Leroy 12
Marony Melvin 9
Osborn John McClure Bessie 8

May 15 1893
Boyd S Maud 7
Boyd Cora 6
Wm Craig Craig Mirtle 10
Elie Craig Craig Leroy 7
Craig Carrie 6
George Marony Marony Bertha 16
Marony Charles 15
Marony Leroy 13
Marony Melvin 10
John Osborn McClure Bessie 9
George Osborn Osborn Harvey 16
Osborn Ida 13
Osborn Cora 7
Osborn Edith 6
John Osborn Osborn Lucinda 18

Andrew Osborn Osborn Sarah 19

May 10 1895
Marony George Marony Melvin 12
Osborn John McClure Bessie 11
Osborn Marion Osborn Harvey 18

Boyd SC Boyd Maud 10
Boyd Cory 9
Boyd Alfred 6
Boyd Wm Boyd Almarion 18
Boyd Rosy 16
Boyd Ellie 13
Boyd Orie 10
Craig WA Craig Leroy 10
Craig Carrie 9
Craig Ora 7
Osborn John McClure Bessie 12
Osborn Marion George Ethel 6

May 13 1897
Boyd SC Boyd Maud
Boyd Cory
Boyd Alfred 7
Boyd Wm Boyd Almarion 19
Boyd Rosa
Boyd Orice
Craig WA Craig Leroy 11
Craig Carrie
Craig Ora 8
Craig Essie
Osborn Marion George Eathel

Osborn John McClure Bessie 13

JM Craig
Sherman Craig
Wm Craig
S Boyd
Peter Boyd
Wm Boyd
John Osborn
Marion Osborn

Jerry Adkins
SC Boyd
Peter Boyd
Wm Boyd
Wm Craig
JM Craig
A Craig
John Osborn
Albert Osborn
Marion Osborn

May 12 1900
Osborn Albert Osborn Carrie 13
Osborn Cordie 9
Osborn Mabel 7
Osborn Carl 11
Richardson Wm Cain Frits 17
Still James Moss Roy 10
Still Charles 18
Still RE Still Billy 14
Stuart George Stuard Milly 11
Stuart Ella 9
Stanley Joseph Stanley Ethel 11
Stanley Nancy 11
Stanley Cory 10
Stanley Grace 7
Washburn JC Washburn Josie 17
Washburn James 14
Washburn Ellie 12
Washburn Tillie 10
Washburn Nettie 6

May 8 1901
Adkins Jerry Adkins Ethel 17
Adkins Grover 12
Adkins Otis 9
Boyd SC Boyd Maud 15
Boyd Cory 14
Boyd Alfred 11
Boyd Gilbert 8
Boyd Wm Boyd Orice 15
Boyd Claud 8
booth JM Booth Daisy 15
Booth Burtin (?) 18
Booth Fred 8
Booth John Shaw Maud 18
Case Charles Case Ruth 7
Chapman SB Chapman Ray 8
Eastin Steven Eastin Ernest 18
Eastin Enice 12
Fogelman Wm Fogelman Susie 13
Fogelman Dellia 8
Fogelman Gertie 6
Osborn John Osborn Minne 18
Osborn Jessie 17
Osborn Stephen 14
Osborn Marion George Ethel 11
Still JM Moss Roy 11
Still RE Still Billy 15
Still Milly 12
Stuart Geo Stuard Ella 10
Lefollet Millard Lefollet Leola 6
Gray George Gray Olive 6
Stanley Joseph Stanley Ethel 14
Stanley Nancy 12
Stanley Cory 11
Stanley Grace 8
Washburn JC Washburn Josie 18
Washburn James 15
Washburn Ella 13
Washburn Lillie 11
Washburn Nellie 8
Pittman Nancy Weddle Ernie 18
Butcher Jake Butcher Nellie 18
Stanley Wm Stanley Carrie 15
Purks Pix Perks Lillie 17

May 6 1902
Adkins Jerry Adkins Ethel 17
adkins Grover 13
Adkins Otis 10
Boyd SC Boyd Maud 16
boyd Cory 15
boyd Alfred 12
Boyd Gilbert 9
Booth JM Booth Daisy 16
Booth Bertie 18
Booth Fred 9
Collins BE Collins Fred 9
Butcher Jake Butcher Nellie 18
booth Jessie Booth Minnie 19
Case Chas Case Dean 12
Case Ava 11
Case Grechin 7
Case Calvin Cain Ruth 8
Cain Blanch 6
Fogelman Wm Fogelman Susie 14
Fogelman Della 10
Fogelman Gertie 7
Lefollette Millard Lefollette Leola 7
Newton Wm Newton Ottie 13
Newton Maud 11
Newton Ollie 8
Osborn Marion George Ethel 12
Hamilton tom Hamilton Rolly 6
Hamilton Howard 8
Hamilton Melvin 9
Hamilton Hallie 11
Hamilton Charlie 12
Hamilton Bert 15
Huff Tom Huff Elijah 16
Huff Cecil 9
Huff Angie (?)

May 1 1907
Boyd SC Boyd Alfred 17
Boyd Gilbert 14
Boyd Daisy 15
Boyd Mamie 10
Boyd Edith 8
boyd Madge 6
Craig Melvin Craig Hallie 8
Craig Melvin Osborn Cleo 10

May 15 1905
Boyd SC Boyd Alfred 15
Boyd Gilbert 12
Boyd Daisy 13
Boyd Mamie 8
Boyd Edith 6
Craig Melvin Craig Hallie 6
Osborn John Osborn Stephen 18
Craig Melvin Osborn Cleo should be boy 8

May 8 1908
Boyd SC Boyd Alfred 16
Boyd Gilbert 13
Boyd Daisy 14
Boyd Mamie 9
Boyd Edith 7
Craig Melvin Craig Hallie 7
Osborn John Osborn Stephen 19
Craig Melvin Osborn Cleo should be boy 9

May 12 1903
Boyd SC Boyd Maud 17
Boyd Cory 16
Boyd Alfred 13
Boyd Daisy 11
boyd Gilbert 11
Boyd Mamie 6
Osborn Marion George Ethel 13
Osborn John Osborn Jessie 18
Osborn Stephen 16
Boyd Wm Boyd Orice 17
Boyd Claud 11

May 12 1904
Boyd SC Boyd Alfred 14
Boyd Gilbert 11
Boyd Daisy 12
Boyd Mamy 7
Boyd Wm Boyd Orice 17
Boyd Claud 12
OsbornMarion George Ethel 14
Craig Melvin Osborn Cleo 7
Osborn John Osborn Stephen 17

May 6 1902
Osborn John Osborn Jessie 18
Osborn Stephen 15

Mercer County Missouri School Ledgers

posted by Linda Cassidy

May 13 1888
Andrew Osborn Alena 18
Wesley 15
Sarah 14
Anna 9
John Osborn Ida 17
Lucinda 13

Osborn Andrew Adean 19
Wesley 16
Sarah 15
Anna 10
Andrew John Osborne Ida 18
Lucinda 14
John Osborn Bessie McClure no age given

May 10 1889
Craig Iverson Sherman 19

May 13 1890
Marion Osborn Lucy 19
John Osborn Ida 19
Lucinda 15
Andrew Osborn Wesley 17
Sarah 16
Anna 11

May 10 1891
Marion Osborn Lucy 19
John Osborn Ida 19
Lucinda 15
Andrew Osborn Wesley 17
Sarah 16
Anna 11
Wm Craig Myrtle 6
Andrew Osborn Sarah 19
John Osborn Lucinda 16
McClure Bessie 7

May 14 1892
Boyd SC Maud 6
Craig W Mirtle 9
LeRoy 6
Osborn John Bessie McClure 8
Osborn Andrew Sadie 18
Wesley 19
Osborn Geo. Harvey 15
Ida 12
Cora 6
Osborn Jno. Lucinda no age given.

May 15 1893
Boyd S Maude 7
Cora 6
Wm Craig Mirtle 10
Elie Craig LeRoy 7
Craig Carrie 6
John Osborn McClure Bessie 9
Andrew Osborn Sarah 19
Geo. Osborn Harvey 16
Ida 13
Cora 7
Edith 6
John Osborn Lucinda 18

May 12 1900
Boyd SC Boyd Maud 14
Boyd Cora 13
Boyd Alfred 10
Boyd Gilbert 7
Boyd Daisy 8 (deb dailey's great grandma!)
Boyd Sm. Orice 8
Craig Wm. Myrtle 17
Eldrige 14
Craig AL Rollie 9
Lenna 8
Omer 6
Osborn Marrion George Ethel 10
Carrie 13
Cordie 9
Mabel 7
Carl 11

May 8 1901
Boyd SC Maud 15
Cory 14
Alfred 11
Gilbert 8
Boyd Wm. Orice 15
Claud 8
Osborn John Minnie 18
Jessie 17
Stephen 14
Osborn Marion George Ethel 11

May 6 1902
Boyd SC Maud 16
Cory 15
Alfred 12
Gilbert 9
Osborn Marion George Ethel 12
Osborn John Jessie 18
Stephen 15

May 8 1903
Boyd SC Maud 17
Cory 16
Alfred 13
Daisy 11
Gilbert 11
Mamie 6
Osborn Marion George Ethel 13
Osborn John Jessie 18
Stephen 16
Boyd Wm Orice 17
Claud 11

May 12 1904
Boyd SC Alfred 14
Gilbert 11
Daisy 12
Mamy 7
Boyd Wm Orice 17
Claud 12
Osborn Marion George Ethel 14
Craig Melvin Osborn Cleo 7
Osborn John Stephen 17

May 15 1905
Boyd SC Alfred 15
Gilbert 12
Daisy 13
Mamie 8
Edith 6
Craig Melvin Hallie 6
Osborn John Stephen 18
Craig Melvin Cleo Osborn 8

May 1 1907
Boyd SC Alfred 17
Gilbert 14
Daisy 15
Mamie 10
Edith 8
Madge 6
Craig Melvin Hallie 8
Cleo Osborn 10

May 8 1908
Boyd SC Alfred 16
Gilbert 13
Daisy 14
Mamie 9
Edith 7
Craig Melvin Hallie 7
Osborn John Stephen 19
Craig Melvin Cleo Osborn 9

May 11 1910
Boyd SC Gilbert 17
Maymie 18
Edith 11
Madge 10
Craig Mel Mandy Craig 7 My Great Grandma Amanda!
Cleo Osborne 13
Hallie Craig 11
John Craig 6

May 13 1911
Boyd SC Gilbert 18
Mamie 19
Edith 12
Madge 10

May 1912
Boyd SC Gilbert 19
Edith 13
Madge 11
Clark 6
Osborn John Cleo Osborn 12

here is some data stuff I did at some time long ago....
Bessie McClure no age given in 1889, age 7 1891, age 8 1892, age 9 1893, age 10 1894.
Minnie age 18 1901
Jessie age 17 1901, age 18 1902, age 18 1903
Stephen age 14 1901, age 15 1902, age 16 1903, age 17 1904, age 18 1905, age 19 1908
Cleo Osborn age 12 1912
SC BOYD (my great great grandfather)
Maude (6)1892, (7) 1893, (14) 1900, (15) 1901, (16) 1902, (17) 1903, (8) 1894, (9) 1895, (9) 1895
Cora (6) 1893, (7) 1894
Corg (13) 1900
Alfred (10) 1900, (11) 1900, (12) 1902, (13) 1903, (14) 1904, (15) 1905, (17) 1907, (16) 1908,
Daisy (8) 1900, (11) 1903, (12) 1904, (13) 1905, (15) 1907, (14) 1908
Gilbert (7) 1900, (9) 1902, (11) 1904, (12) 1905, (14) 1907, (13) 1908, (17) 1910, (18) 1911, (19) 1912
Cory (14) 1900, (15) 1902, (16) 1903, (8) 1895
Mamie (6) 1903, (8) 1905, (10) 1907, (9) 1908,(1(0 1911
Edith (6) 1905, (8) 1907, (7) 1908, (11) 1910, (12) 1911, (13) 1912
Madge (18) 1910
Clark (16) 1912
Cleo Osborn (7) 1904, (8) 1905, (10) 1907, (9) 1908, (13) 1910
Hallie Craig (6) 1905, (8) 1907, (7) 1908, (11) 1910
Mandy Craig (7) 1910
John Craig (6) 1910
Lucinda no age given 1892
Leroy (7) 1893, (9) 1895
Carrie (6) 1893, (7) 1894, (8) 1895
Ora (6) 1895
Adena (18) 1888, (19) 1889
Wesley (15) 1888, (16) 1889, (17) 1890, (16) 1891, (19?) 1891, (19) 1893
Sarah (14) 1888, (15) 1889, (16) 1890, (16) 1891, (19) 1893
Anna (9) 1888, (10) 1889, (11) 1890, (11) 1891
Sadie (18) 1893
Harvey (15) 1892, (16) 1893, (17) 1894
Ida (12) 1892, (13) 1893, (14) 1894
Cora (6) 1892, (7) 1893, (8) 1894
Edith (6) 1893, (7) 1894
Ona (6) 1894
Lucy (19) 1890, (19) 1891
George Ethel (10) 1900, (11) 1901, (12) 1902, (13) 1903, (14) 1904
Orice (8) 1900, (15) 1900, (17) 1903, (17) 1904
Claud (8) 1900, (11) 1903, (12)1904
Carrie (13) 1900
Cordie (9) 1900
Mabel (7) 1900
Carl (11) 1900
Mrytle (6) 1891, (17) 1900
Mirtle (9) 1892, (10) 1893, (11) 1894
Leroy (6) 1892, (8) 1894
Eldrige (14) 1900
Rollie (9) 1900
Lenna (8) 1900
Omer (6) 1900
Ida (17) 1888, (18) 1889, (19) 1890, (19) 1891
Lucinda (13) 1888, (14) 1889, (15) 1890, (15) 1891, (16) 1891, (18) 1893, (19) 1894
Sherman (19) 1889

Mary Polly Hendrix

notes for Mary "Polly" Hendrix marriage
groom John BOYD
bride Polly Hendrix
date 1 Aug 1825

GArrett Hendrix b. Marcy 9 1823 Bath Co KY d. November 12 1873 Platt Co. MO
source Bath Co. Marriage Book #1 as compiled by Alice P Reynolds

children of Mary Hendrix and John BOYD are
1. John Boyd
2. Wesley Boyd
3. SS Boyd
4.Garrett Boyd
5. James M Boyd
6. ME Boyd
7. Amanda Boyd

after Polly died he married Lucy Ann Perks
I know they had at least two children:
William Boyd born about 1854
Sanford Boyd born Oct 21 1859 Putnam Co IN he maried Susan Elizabeth Elliott
Sanford died in Cainsville MO 1925


2003 geanealogy emails between Linda, Lisa, Jan, & Deb: Jan, yes these Boyds were from Putnam County, IN....although I can't find a connection to my Robert Calvin other than they were at the same place at the same time. There are a number of people working on this line. 1850 Putnam Co., Russell Twp. Census Sept 28 1850 page 465 #1681 John Boyd 50 KY Polly 46 KY James M 24 KY Lewis N 22 KY Jared 18 IN Wesley 14 IN John 10 IN Maria ? 17 IN Elizabeth 16 OM Amanda E 12 IN Frances 7 IN Theophilus 43 KY they have additional notes for these individuals and noted that after Polly died John married Lucy Ann Perks and had at least two children: William and Sanford (born Oct 21 1859 Putnam co Indiana, married Susan Elizabeth Elliott, and died 1925 in Cainsville, MO) --------------------------------------------------------

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Boyds

email from my sister lisa butler

"I've just started on the Boyds, although my older sister has researched them some. I'll keep your email on file and as I get more on them I'll be better able to answer your question. It sounds like it might be a match as Sanford came from Indiana and his parents came from KY. Hopefully we can "connect". John S. Boyd might be the connection as Davis City, Iowa isn't that far from Mercer co, MO where Sanford settled. I'll have to look into this.
What I have so far is-Sanford Clark Boyd was born in Indiana and that his parents were born in KY (this is from a census for Lindley twp. in Mercer Co MO but my sister failed to mention the eyar so I'll have to look it up sometime. A guy emailed me that Sanford was born 21 October 1859 near Green Castle, Indiana, died 1924 and was the son of ?Boyd and Lucy ? (the dates are from his obituary, source for parents unknown and unverified by me.)
I'm copying my older sister Deb on this as she's done more of the Boyd genealogy than I have.

original message
from Janice Katherine Lund genhelp@worldnet.att.net
June 27 2003
Did any of your BOYDS came from Putnam Co, Indiana before Iowa. They married into my LANDES family as follows Any information appreciated.
thanks, Jan Lund

Descendants of Robert Calvin Boyd
1. Robert Calvin Boyd b. 1810 KY d.09August1871
+Margaret Jane Taylor b.09June1813 in Warren County, Ohio m.24June 1830 in Fayette County, Indiana, d.16June1895 in Davis County, Iowa.
2. James P. Boyd b. Aabt.1833
2. Anker Boyd b.12October1834 d.26July1889
+Ananias Landes b.15May1826 m.14Febraury1850 in Greencastle, Putnam Co, Indiana, d.12August1878
3.John Henry Landes b.06October1850 d.19February1933
+Caldone J. Cunningham b.1854 d.1906
2nd wife of John Henry Landes
+Laura Davis-Watkins
3.Margaret A. Landes b.11March1852
+Oliver Cromwell Macy
3.Albert Cary Landes b.03August1854 in Putnam Co, Indiana d.01April1923
+Lola G Burns m.04March1886 d. Aft23March 1943
3.Robert Samuel Landes b.28February1862 in Bloomfield, Davis County, Iowa d.13December1942 in Lacona, Warren Co, Iowa
+Susan Stella Stanley b.1862 in Westerville, Decatur Co, Iowa m. February 1886 in Decatur Co, Iowa d.11November1890 in Westerville, Decatur Co , Iowa.
2nd wife of Robert Samuel Landes
+Martha Tabitha "Bitha" Rogers m. May1892 in Lacona, Warren Co, Iowa.
3.Augusta Anker Landers b.09November1864 in Bloomfield, Davis County, Iowa, d.05December1946 in Search, White County, Arkansas.
+William E. Bruffey b.31October1861 in Attica, Marion County, Iowa d. 05January1935 in Mountain Grove, Wright county, Missouri
3. Emma M. Landes b.08July1870
+John Dee Pope
2. John S. Boyd b.26February1837 in Putnam County, Indiana d.26March1898 in Davis County, Iowa
+Mary J. Harbert m.30June1861 in Iowa
2. Robert S. Boyd b.Abt.1840
2. Amanda J. Boyd b.Abt.1852

thanks for answering. I'm forwarding this reply on to my 'cousin' Linda who is directly descended from the BOYDS who married into our LANDES family. Our LANDES/BOYD families were from Greencastle, Indiana, also (Putnam county) so this looks promising to be a connection for Linda, hopefully!
Jan Lund genhelp@worldnet.att.net


starting search for my mothers line. starts with John Boyd b. 180? married 1. Polly 2. Lucy Ann Perks b.1826
James 1826
Lorenzo 1828
Garret 1832
Martha 1833
Elizabeth 1834
Wesley 1835
Amanda 1838
John 1840
Francis 1843
2nd wife
William 1854 m. Elizabeth 3 children
Sanford 1859 my line m. Susan Elliott b. 1864
Children of this line:
Alfred (my line) 7 Oct 1889
Alvin (d. at 2 years)
Sanford was born near Greencastle, Putnam County, Indiana; South of Indianapolis; he moved to Missouri when he was 9 years old.
James Alfred Boyd was born at Cainsville, Harrison, Missouri.
Should be a lot of cousins out searching. Let me know if you have more information.
Barry West


submitted by Linda Cassidy lindacassidy@ameritech.net
23 Sep 2001

I am looking for info on my ggggrandfather, Andrew OSBORN. His children were Mary and John. John and his wife Amanda Alloway MCCLURE are buried in Hughes Cemetery. So I believe that Andrew must have settled in Cainsville or close by as my grandfather Cleo OSBORN was born there. also wondering where Hughes Cemetery is. Any help will be greatly appreciated. My grandfather Cleo OSBORN married Myrtle Ann JOHNSON in Saline, Missouri.

Mercer County School Ledger May 12 1900

posted on IADECATU-L@rootsweb.com by Linda Cassidy

parent name age boy girl
Adkins Jerry Adkins Ethel 16
Adkins Grover 11
Adkins Olis 8
Boyd S.C. Boyd Maud 14
Boyd Alfred 10
Boyd Gilbert 7
Boyd Daisy 6
Boyd Wm. Boyd Orice 6
Craig Wm. Craig Myrtle 17
Craig Eldrige 14
Craig A.L. Craig Rollie 9
Craig Lenna 8
Craig Omer 6
Eastin Stephen Eastin Ernest 17
Eastin Enice 11
Chapman S.B. Chapman Ray 7
Fogelman Wm Fogelman Susie 12
Fogelman Dellia 8
Lawhead R.F. Lawhead Cur 15
Lawhead Wilbur 10
Lawhead Arthur 6
McBee Sam McBee Rosy 18
McBee Leona 17
McBee Sidney 15
McBee Effie 13
McBee Harry 8
Marks Warren Marks Edna 9
Marks Frank 8
Cain Calvin Cain Ruth 6
Osborn Marrion George Thel 10
Case Chas Case Dean 10
Case Ava 9
Chambers Rob Chambers Bernice 18
copied from "Keepint The District Records" School District #9, Township #66 County Mercer State Missouri by Linda Cassidy 6/25/2003

Mercer County School Ledger 1894

this is from an IADECTU-L@rootsweb.com post by Linda Cassidy lindacassidy@ameritech.net July 6 2003

You will probably notice the difference in the spelling of the Purks name throughout the pages. In the 1894 list it is spelled Purx. My Grandmother raised her family all over Decatur County, Iowa, and there were so many Osborns she never got her mail. So, she changed the spelling to Osburn, and later added an 'e'. I am wondering if that is the case with the Purks.
This is copied from a School Ledger that was purchased by my Aunt Pat Osburne Bassett at an estate sale, in the fall of 2002, in Cainsville, Missouri. My grandfather, Cleo Osburne, was raised in Cainsville (Mercer County) and his name is on the roll in this book. In another section of this ledger, his mother, Alcinda Osborn was listed as a student, and Alcinda's father John Osborn is listed as one of the school directors! This was quite a find for my family. I have made every effort to copy this record as written. however, some pages are very faint, and the different years were recorded by different individuals, and some writing is hard to read. I know that there are errors in this ledger, because on some of the pages my grandfather was listed as a girl. But I will record it as written for these records! Hope others find their ancestors here.

May 12 1894 cont.
Osborn John McClure Bessie 10
McBee Sam'l McBee Rosa 12
McBee Leona 11
McBee Effie 7
McBee Sydney 9
Osborn George Osborn Cora 8
Osborn Ida 14
Osborn Harvey 17
Osborn John Osborn Lucinda 19
Osborn George Osborn Edith 7
Purx Jas Purx Minnie 12
Purx Authur 10
Purx Serepta 8
Purx Wm Purx Uriah 18
Purx Josie 14
Perks Charlie Perks Dillie 8
Perks Amanda 6
Pittman Nancy Pittman John 18
Pittman Authur 12
Persons Madison Persons Carrie 12
Persons Minerva 8
Persons John 6
Rookstool Henry Rookstool Rosetta 9
Rookstool Dennis 13
Rookstool William 7
Still James Still Lillie 19
Still Charlie 13
Still R.E. Still Therressa 14
Still William 8
Stanley Joseph Stanley Ethel 7
Washburn Jack Washburn Josie 12
Washburn Ethel 10
Washburn James 8
Washburn Ellen 6
Osborn Geo Osborn Ona 6

Copied from "Keeping The District Records" School District #9, Township #86. County Mercer, State Missouri
by Linda Osburne Cassidy 7/6/2003

Earnest Lee McDaniel

posted on IADECATU-L@rootsweb.com Sunday July 6 2003 by Nancee Seifert iggy29@scican.net

Another obituary I thought might be of interest to someone out there. It was sent to me, however, they are not my McDaniel family. Regards, Nancee (McMurtrey) Seifert

Source unknown, but I believe it is from a Decatur County, Iowa newspaper, of 1959.


Earnest Lee McDaniel, oldest son of John B. and Mahalia Evans McDaniel, was born July 22 1893 in Eden Township, Decatur County, Iowa and passed away at his home in Leon, January 30, 1959, at the age of 64 years, six months and eight days.
He served in the U.S. Navy during World War I. After receiving his discharge, he was engaged in farming. On February 28, 1920 he was united in marriage to Florence Williams, of Leon, Iowa. To this union two children were born, Walter, of near Leon, and Freda Mae OSBORN, of Davis City, Iowa. He leaves to mourn his passing his widow, two children, and eight grandchildren. They are Mahalia, Wayne, Gerald, Kathryn Ann and Carol Jean McDaniel and Marcia, Ramona, and Brenda OSBORN, of Davis City. Also one daughter-in-law, Maxine McDaniel, and one son-in-law, Lorraine OSBORN, of Davis City. All of which he dearly loved. Lee spent his entire life on the farm, except the time spent in the Navy, until the year 1951 when he and his wife moved to Leon, where he spent the rest of his life. He is also survived by three sisters and two brothers, Roy McDaniel, and Nellie Maynard of Leon; Minnie Dale of near Pleasanton; Edythe Dobson of Lineville; and Johnnie, of Augusta, Kansas; also several nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his father and mother, also one sister, Ora Richardson.
He was a kind and loving father, and will be sadly missed by those who knew him.
He was a member of the Grand River Lodge No. 78 A.F. & A.M. for 12 years and a charter member of the V.F.W. Post No. 3778 of Leon.
Funeral services were conducted from the Stewart Funeral Home in Leon, Sunday February 1, 1959 at 2:00 p.m., conducted by George R. Lamb, Pastor of the Leon Assembly of God Church, and burial was made in the Leon Cemetery. The organist was Mrs. Freda Boies. The music was furnished by a male quartette.
We wish to take this means to thank each and everyone who sent flowers, food, cards of sympathy, and comforting words. It will always be remembered.
Mrs Florence McDaniel
Mr & Mrs Walter McDaniel and Family
Mr and Mrs FL OSBORN and Family

copied by Nancee (McMurtrey) Seifert
July 6 2003

John William Ross Shafer

from The Shafer Family by Pauline Shafer Axsom

John was born June 9 1892, the third child of George Washington Shafer & Rose Ellen Oxford. He was known as Ross. He died June 9 1938 from diabetes. Ross was a WWI soldier & served in the trenches in France. He married Amanda Craig Oct. 10 1919.
Their children were:
1. William Ralph born Aug 18 1920 Nov 20 1943
He enlisted in the Marines and was stationed in Camp Pendleton, Ca. Never got a furlough. He was killed in The Battle of Tarawa Nov 20 1943.
2. Mary Pauline born May 20 1922 died at her home in San Jose CA Dec 6 1992 from lymphoma.
3. Junior Ross born March 19 1924 died March 8 19__
4. Cecil Dean born Feb 14 1926 died Aug 8 1998 at his home in Princeton, MO. he had military graveside rites at Princeton Cemetery.
5. Betty Jean born June 17 1928 died July 15 198_

Pauline Shafer married Alfred Elmer Axsom August 29 1939 in Bethany, MO. their children were:
1. Mary Jean born May 29 1940
2. Freeda Darlene born December 30 1941
3. Bernard Charles born June 17 1944
4. Roger Dale born March 30 1952 died Jan 12 1987

Mary Axsom married Alvin Warren Beck Nov 30 1960. No children. He died Nov 13 1973 at the home of his brother-in-law Bernard, rural Modena, Mo. buried in Mt Moriah Cemetery in Kansas City, MO. Mary married Fred Johnson May 25 197_. Later divorced. No children. Mary is a nurses aide.

Freeda Axsom married Jerry Haggard of Mercer Mo. June 6 1959 in Trenton, MO.
1. Darla Ann born June 19 1960
2. Mona Carol born June 25 1963
3. Jerry Lynn born Dec 23 1967

Darla Haggard married Marcus Winegarden of Redding, CA May 3 1980.
1. Trisha Raschel born March 18 1982
2. Stacia Nicole born September 4 1983
3. Jennice Marie born November 18 1992 at home
4. Morgan Elise born OCtober 18 1994 at home

Mona Haggard married Randy Boyer of Redding, CA Feb 21 1981. They had twin girls born August 4 1981.
1.Connie Rose Boyer
2. Kristen Ann Boyer
Mona & Randy divorced in 1986, she married David Somers August 13 1988.
3. Cody Ray Somers born May 1 1989

Jerry Lynn Haggard is not married, works at Rodway Chevrolet in Redding, CA.

Trisha Winegarden is married and has several children. (my grandmother Pauline passed away, & I don't keep up with my California cousins like I should!)
Stacia Winegarden is also married. Their information should be elsewhere on my blog, it's just not here where I can easily plug it in.

Bernard Axsom married Janet Mae Brown of Trenton, MO in Trenton June 2 1963. They postponed the small ceremony quite a while, waiting for his parents to arrive. He finally confessed he had gotten into an argument with his mother over pressing his pants or something, & they weren't coming. My mother has told me this story. I hope I am passing it on correctly! if not....blame me. same goes for typos!
1. Debra Lynn born Dec 8 1964 Wright Memorial Hospital, Trenton, MO
2. Lisa Ann born Nov 17 1966 Wright Memorial Hospital, Trenton, MO
3. Brenda Kay born March 28 1969, Wright Memorial Hospital, Trenton, MO
4. John Ross born Sept 9 1980, Wright Memorial Hospital, Trenton, MO

Debra (who used to go by Debbie & now is known as Deb) married her high school sweetheart Kevin Dailey Sept 28 1983 at the Mercer United Methodist Church, Mercer Mo. Their eyes met on a VICA school bus trip on Jan 7 1983 & the rest is history. Kevin has been a diesal mechanic, a Places Store Manager, a factory worker, worked in a feedmill, and now loads trucks at Hy-Vee.
Deb has worked in fast food, long term care facilities, and has spent the last 16 years in pig barns at Premium Standard Farms.
1. Koren Marie Dailey born October 8 1985 at Decatur County Hospital, Leon, IA
2. Karl Joseph "KJ" Dailey born March 9 1992 at Fairfax Community Hospital, Fairfax, Mo
3. Katie Scarlett Dailey born November 2 1998 at Wayne County Hospital, Corydon, IA

Koren married Cody Boyd Wills, her high school sweetheart, Sept 19 2009 in Mt Crested Butte, Colorado. She was the valedictorian & prom queen of her MHS Class of 2004. She graduated from Missouri Western State University in St Joe, MO in 2008 with a BA in Personnel Psychology. She is a pharmacy tech. Cody installs cable. They bought a house in Grain Valley MO & have 2 cats, Lola & Watson. Koren traveled to Paris & London with college classes. She & Cody have been to Florida, Las Vegas, Colorado, Minnesota...
her father found her name in a baby book. She was going to be Stacy Lynn until right before she was born. Marie is for her great grandmother Marie Dailey Hass.

KJ is a premed/biology freshman at Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, MO. He moved twice when young, but always attended school at North Mercer R-III. He is named after our insurance agent, "KJ" Lewis. Karl is for his great grandfather Howard Karl Dailey. His great grandma Marie tells us there was also a Joseph in her family.

Katie is in 6th grade at North Mercer R-III in Mercer, MO. she is our only child who has never moved. She has had some of the same teachers as her older brother & sister. Katie takes dance classes in ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, musical theater, & clog at The Dance Studio in Princeton, MO. she has competed in Showstopper 2 years, will compete at her second Talent On Parade in April, her 3rd Worlds of Fun Festival of Dance in May, & her first City Stompers Clog in April. Last year she was selected to be a member of the Talent On Parade TOPSTARZ Junior Dance Team & spent a week in a hotel in Des Moines!
Kevin named our first two children. I got to name Katie. She is named after the heroine of my favorite book: Gone With The Wind.

Lisa Axsom graduated from Trenton Junior College in Trenton, MO( now known as North Central Missouri College) & Northeast Missouri State University in Kirksville (now known as Truman University.) She married Thomas Heiber Butler June 4 1994 in Belle, Mo. She & Tom built a house on his family farm 'down south.' Their address is Vichy, MO.
Lisa has been a CPA, owned her own business, & now is a substitute teacher.
1. Maxwell Oran Butler born Aug 28 1998 Jefferson City MO
2. Logan Aaron Butler born Sept 1 2000 Jefferson City MO

Brenda Axsom graduated from American Institute of Business in Des Moines, IA. She is in a long term relationship with Jason Crabb and they have four children. They live in Chariton, IA.
1. Rachelle Kay Crabb born June 2 1996 at her grandmother Sharon's home in Derby, IA while the ambulance was on the way!
2. Sarah Ranea Crabb born Jan 12 1998 at Wayne County Hospital, Corydon, IA
3. David Seth Crabb
4. Jason Brett Maverick Crabb
(and this is embarrassing...right off the top of my head, can't come up with birthdates on my own nephews! their birthdates are somewhere on my blog....good grief!)

John Axsom attended North Central Missouri College in Trenton, MO. he worked at the Grundy County Jail in Trenton, MO for years, and now works at the Jail in Kirksville, MO.

Roger Axsom married Delores June Bruce Aug 28 1971. Later divorced. No children. He loved music and played the piano. Played clarinet in High School Band. He was a restaurant manager. Died of cancer Jan 12 1987 in O'Conner Hospital in San Jose, CA. Buried in Myrtle Section of Oakhill Cemetery in San Jose, CA.

Junior Shafer married Katheryn Darlean Teas of Des Moines, IA, the only daughter of George & Cora Teas. Junior had a heart attack. He also had diabetes. He died March 8 1972. He was a WWI veteran.
1. George Ross "Butch" Shafer
2. James Lee "Jimmy" Shafer
3. William "Bill" Shafer
4. Steven Craig Shafer
5. Karen Kay Shafer
6. Gary Wayne Shafer
7. Cindy Shafer

"Butch" Shafer married Judy ? and had George Ross and other children. "Butch" married and divorced a number of times.

"Jim" Shafer married Marcia? had two children, then divorced.

"Bill" married Susan ? a nurse, no children. She died.

Steven Craig Shafer married Peggy? Have Steven Jr. and Robert

Karen Shafer married Frank ? and had children.

Gary Shafer not married.

Cindy Shafer has 2 children.

Dean Shafer married Donanell Hampshire of Princeton, MO. she has told me they met at Princeton High School, where she worked in the office & he was enrolling his younger sister Betty. He offered her a stick of gum. They couldn't chew gum at work, so she saved it for later. and when she opened it, it was empty! he was quite the prankster. Dean is a WWII veteran.
1. Dona Lynn Shafer
Dean & Donanell divorced & he married JoAnn Sloan of Des Moines, IA.
2. Roy Dean Shafer
Dean & Jo were divorced and after Dona's second husband died, Dean & Dona remarried. Dean has diabetes.

Dona Lynn Shafer married Ronald Hesseltine.
1. Christine Hesseltine
2. son who died of cribdeath at around 1 1/2 years
3. Rick

Roy Dean Shafer had polio as a child. He married, then divorced. no children.

Betty Shafer married David Leroy Ashley of Des Moines, IA in Des Moines June 2 19__. She died of cancer July 15 1988. She also had diabetes.
1. Rodney David Ashley born April 2 1951
2. Sherryl Jean Ashley born July 13 1954
3. Lisa Luanne Ashley born Oct 6 1963
4. Lori Lynn Ashley born Dec 21 1964

Rodney Ashley married, then divorced. no children.

Sherryl Ashley married Jess Hicks Oct 26 1985

Lori Ashley married Jim Evans Sept 3 1988

Rosa Marie Dell Shafer born May 11 1896 died Aug 6 1927. Married Fred Willis of Cainsville. Had twin sons, not full term, not named. She divorced, then married Joe Milner. No children.

Pearl Ethel Shafer April 19 1898-Feb 197_
married Charles Arthur "Hush" Cochran of Cainsville, Mo. he died in the 1950's.
1. Lois Irene born Sept 16 1913
2. Charles Russell born June 19 1915

Lois Cochran married Lester Booth.
1. Linda
2. Randall

Russell never married, lives in Cainsville.

Oscar George Shafer born May 18 1901 and died in the 1970's. Married Edna Banks.
1. Eva Edith born Dec 1 1922 died 1987
2. Verlin Wayne born April 2 1925
3. Clayton Ray born Sept 16 1927
Oscar & Edna divorced. He married Leta Ana Hancock.
4. Delores Nadean
5. Delano Lorene
6. Oscar George
7. Julia Anna
8. Clifford Ora
Oscar divorced again and moved to DeWitt, Ark. where he died in the 1970's.

Eva Shafer married Harold Mathes.
1. Deanna
2. La Vern (son)
3. Gene
4. Keith
5. Victoria
6. Ronda

Wayne Shafer was raised by his aunt Inez & Uncle Bill Cantrell in Michigan. He married Ernastine Orbela and they had two sons.
1. Scott Michael
2. Kevin Wayne

Scott Shafer, born Jan 4 196_ married Elaine __________________
1. Melissa Fay

Kevin Wayne Shafer born July 12 1963

Wayne & wife later divorced.

Clayton Shafer was raised by his mother and step-father Roy Willis.

Nadean Shafer married a 3rd cousin, Gene "Jiggs" Oxford. divorced & married Dale Snelso.

Lorene Shafer was adopted and raised by a family in Bethany MO. her name was changed to ?

George Shafer married Roseanne ? and lived in San Jose CA until her death. no children.

Julia & Cliffored Shafer were placed in foster homes and none of the family ever found out where they were.

Freda Inez Shafer born Jan 22 1904 married Bill Cantrell Jan 31 1932. He died March 1 1940. She married Warren Erlewine who died in the 1970's while they lived in Florida. No children, but they raised her brother Oscar's oldeset son Wayne as their own. Inez now lives in Reeds Spring, MO (1989)

p.s. Rose Oxford Shafer (George's wife) had 4 sisters and 1 brother. brother Jake married and had William Roger "Punk" and Alma.

Alma married Gilbert Boyd and had 1 son Gifford.

"Punk" married Opal Bender. they had Vera, who married Max Kephard, Kathleen, who married Alfred Catley (or Katley?), William Mc Don ________ "Buster", Leonard who married Marguerite Griffin daughter of Maurice & Phoebe Griffin, Mary Ann who died at around the age of 9 or 10, Rancel, Basil, D________, Opal May, and Marjory Fay, Sue.

Ile, who married Clyde Taft, no children.

Mary Dell who never married

"Sissy" who married Isum Purdun. They had Lloyd, who married Mary ? She got blood poisoning from a burn on her head from getting a permanent wave and died not long after their marriage., Mary, Ona, & William who never married.


This information was written to the best of my knowledge March 1989.
signed, Pauline Axsom

The Shafer Family by Pauline Shafer Axsom

George Washington Shafer born March 22 1862-died Jan 21 1937. On dec 25 1882 he married Rose Ellen Oxford of Cainsville, Mo. She was born October 15 1868 and died May 4 1933. They had 3 sons and 3 daughters.
1. Orville Leroy Shafer who died of diptheria or strep throat around the age of 30. He never married.
2. Alpha Shafer born Jan 29 1890 and died Dec 1942. Married Archie Kindred (? his last name ran off edge of page, could be Kinders. I'm sure I asked her, but didn't write it down on this handwritten copy she gave me...)Their children:
1. Roscoe Fay born Feb 24 1909
2. Raymond Floyd born July 6 1911
3. Una Fern born August 18 1915
4. Lillian Lucille born Jan 13 1918
Archie died of smallpox & is buried in Colorado. Alpha married Peter Van Zuyen and lived in Idaho.
5. Maurice Van Zuyen born Jan 14 1922
6. Harold Paul Van Zuyen born May 2 1924
3. John William Ross Shafer born June 9 1892 and died of diabetes June 9 1938. He was a WWI soldier. He married Amanda Craig October 10 1919.
children on next post!

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found this in my "junk " email today

saw your website & I am descended from Edmon Shafer. I would love to learn more.
John Shafer

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Albert, Jennie, & Bill Brown

Acaleene Welsh, William Brown, Lucelle Harrison

here I go with the picnik edits again...these are such great old pictures to work with!

Jennie family pictures

Mae is also spelled May on some pictures....how confusing!