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Xmas Newsletters from Karen & Bennie Yount

from grandma grace's book

Dec 1998
Ernast, Pat, Mike, Matt back from Germany, living in San Angelo, Tx.
Kenneth, Carri, & Becky awaiting a new baby due Jan 7 1989
Anita, Don, Hope Detherow welcomed new baby Aaron Christopher Detherow March 14 1988.
Philip is a student & playing football at Missouri Southern State College, Joplin, engaged to fellow student Sherrie Lutes from Nevada.
our grandchildren are growing:
Matthew age 6 born Oct 31 1982
Mike age 4 born July 7 1984
Becky age 3 1/2 born March 9 1985
Hope age 2 1/2 born Dec 30 1985
Aaron age 9 months born March14 1988

Karen has had knee problems, flew to Hazel Green KY for 50th high school reunion. They have been involved in Budd Park Christian Church, Regional, and Foxwood Springs activities. In June Karen went to Fayetteville for the Mount Sequoyah Enumenical Mission Conf., accompanied 2 buses of women from KC, KS, OK, NE & Mid-America to the Mix in '06 in Indianapolis, left for her 9th trip to Haiti on the 28th & returned July 7th. The four children, spouses, & 7 of the 8 grandchildren were together in Branson in July. Karen followed Hector Garcia across Northern MO in August to raise $ for Reconciliciation. He did it in 2 days & raised $1650.00.
Rebecca graduates from college in Oklahoma City in May
Kent from OWasso High School
Aaron graduated last May from Ozark
Hope is a junior at Drury in Springfield
Beth changed from one company to another
Bennie began an interim wtih the NE Area of the Christian Church of Mid-America in April-it was a great experience with 95 churches. In the middle of Dec. he completed his work & moved back to Raymore.
Ernast, PAt, Matt, & Michael still live in Papillion, NE.

Dec 2005
Karen had cataract surgery with a crystal-lens implant in each eye in May & no longer has to wear glasses.
In June she had total knee replacement. 2 months to the day after surgery and during therapy the tendon tore & 1/3 of the kneecap shattered. 2 days later that was repaired-after 3 months started therapy.
Karen made 2 trips to Haiti-in Feb. & June.
Bennie & Karen sing in the Foxwood Springs choir. She has been with the Budd PArk Christian Church 22 years and 11 years with Regional Staff.
Kenneth, Carri, Kent live in Owassa, OK, Rebecca is in college at OK State U. & planning a trip to Russia.
Aaron Detherow will graduate high school in Ozark in May.
Ernast, Pat, Matt, & Mike live in Papillion, NE.
Anita, Don, Aaron, Alex live in OZark MO, Hope is a sophomore at Drury.

Dec 2004
Bennie had another major surgery Nov 2003, and had that right knee removed. In Jan 2004 it was replaced again. That made 13 surgeries on that knee.

```````````Feb 2003
Bennie interim NKC, MO
Karen, Budd PArk Christian Church, KCMO & Regional Staff
Ernast-Papillion, NE Civilian worker-Offutt
Pat-medical receptionist
Matthew, 20, man. Frazzoli's
Michael 18 1/2
Kenneth, Owasso, OK policeman
Rebecca-17 1/2
Anita Detherow-Ozark teacher
Don-case worker
Hope 17
Aaron 14 1/2
Alex 8
Philip Ozark MO MetLife agent
Beth-investment broker

Aug 2000 Bennie had his left knee replaced. Jan 2001 replaced r. knee..infections...rebuilt a tendon...spacer...10 1/2 months in a wheelchair.
Karen led a bus trip to Louisville for the Quadrennial Assembly.
Michael graduated from high school
Matthew graduated in 2001-works for Frazzoli's
Rebecca graduates in May, she has been working a couple of years in an office after school & holidays.
Kent played football at Owasso
Anita & Don have been following soccer for Hope, Aaron, & Alex. Hope led a school production-The Boy Friend.
Philip & Beth changed jobs. He had been top agent in the district & 2nd in state., now works for MetLife. Beth is working for First STate Bank & also some investment broker on the side. Luke played football.
The Yount-Detherow families sang for the morning worship at Nixa Chrisitian Church, which included Bennie, KAren, Philip, Anita, & Hope.

Dec 1990
Ernast, Pat, Matthew (8) & Michael (6) are still in San Angelo, TX-Ernast is working on some advancement, Pat is supervisor of a dept. at JCPenney's and has taken on another part time job in the office at the hospital.
Kenneth, Carri, Becky(5) and Kent (1) . Becky started kindergarten, Kenneth & Carri are enrolled in furthur education. They live in Owasso,OK, Kenneth is a policeman & parttime security at a country club. Carri babysits in their home.
Anita, Don, Hope(5), Aaron(2) are in Ozark,MO. Don's business-Missouri Division of Family Services-moved into a brand new building last summer. Anita is able to take both Hope & Aaron with her to the preschool where she teaches. Anita has been directing the choir at the Christian Church, where they have been preparing a Christmas cantata.
Philip will get his degree this spring from Missouri Southern at Joplin. He has been completing student teaching at Mt Vernon this semester. His brothers and sisters all graduated from Mt Vernon.
Karen began a 2 year term as President of the Church Women United in KCMO last Jan.
Karen went to her 30th reunion at Phillips University.

Ernast in Air Force in San Angelo, TX, PAt works at JCPenney's
Kenneth, Carri, Becky welcomed Kent Christopher Yount on Jan 9 1989. He has all the possibilities of having that gorgeous red hair. Kenneth has been promoted in the police force at Owasso,OK & picks up hours doing a couple of other security jobs on days off. Carri takes care of other children in their home.
Philip is in his last year of college at Missouri Southern in Joplin.
Anita, Don, Hope, & Aaron are in Ozark, MO. Anita & Don are both active in Ozark Christian Church. Don is a caseworker for Missouri Family Services. Anita is a teacher at Ozark Early Learning Center.
Last summer to raise money for Reconciliation in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), KAren, Philip, and Don bicycled from KC to Indianopolis-554 miles. Bennie and Anita drove vehicles to assist, taking along Hope & Aaron. It was 7 days of excitement & fun. They were accompanied by 6 other cyclists.
Since Karen had lost 45 lbs. and was in great shape, she biked the 150 miles for MS in Sept,.

Bennie, Central Christian, Granite City, IL Since Aug 92
Karen, Budd Park Christian KC MO since Oct 83
Airforce & associate degree
San AngeloTX
Matthew 10
Michael 8 1/2
police office associate degree in criminology
Carri-elementary degree
Ozark MO
preschool teacher elementary degree & masters
Don-caseworker MO Family Services
Hope 7
Aaron 4
Philip Ozark MO
football coach, school guard, school lunch monitor, dock worker, Famous Barr salesman, Health Food Store, Masters Degree
All of the adult children in the Yount family are in school for some length of time working on degrees of some sort. Phil has been substituting in the Ozark school system in between all his jobs.
Bennie moved to Granite City ILL to start an interim with the Central Christian Church there. He had his Suburban stolen in front of our house here in KC.
Karen's mother Elsie L. Smith died April 21 1992, two days following Easter Sunday. What a proclamation to the resurrection! Although these holiday preparations have been especially hard, she had been seriously ill for several weeks before she died. This saint of the church is with God.

Karen began preparing for the Bike Trip to St Louis from Beatrice, NE but on May 30 fell in the yard and broke her right ankle. she still made the trip, but not on a bicycle.
Ernast, Pat, Mike & Matt are transferring to Omaha the first of the year.
Kenneth plans to recieve his associates degree in criminology on May 7 1994, Carri continues working toward her degree in elementary education.
Anita began the school year as an asst teacher, but the last of Oct got a real teaching job as a remedial reader with the Ozark school system.
Philip Benjamin Yount & Lisa Kay Kiner were married at Dale Street United Methodist Church by Bennie. Phil is head football & track coach at Stratford, MO, but that is only parttime. He works at General Nutrition Center in Springfield. Lisa is working on her masters in biology & is an asst. professor in that role, as well as an asst. manager at the Dickinson Theaters.

Anita Detherow & Lisa Yount are both working toward receiving their Masters this spring. Kenneth got his associates degree last May Alexander Lee Detherow is due sometime between now & Dec 16th, no later than the 27th.
Ernast, Pat, Mike & Matt are building a house in Papillion, NE. Philip & Lisa bought a brand new house in Strafford.
Bennie moved to Bartlesville OK to begin an interim ministry with the First Christian Church there.

Alexander Lee Detherow was born Dec 21 1994.
Philip & Lisa are going their seperate ways. Philip became head wrestling coach and asst. football coach at Parkview High School in Springfield.
Anita earned Masters Degree in Ed. from Drury in August.
Anita, Don, Hope, Aaron, & Alex are moving into a renovated beautiful older home with more space for their growing family.
Philip has 2 black labs-Zues & Apollo.
Karen & Bennie went cross country with bikers this year to Pittsburg PA for the General Assembly. That's the most time they'd spent together in a while.

Bennie is concluding a two year and almost 3 month intentional interim at Bartlesville, so he will be moving to another house.
Bennie had surgery on a toe.
Karen had a stent implant in May to correct a 95% blocked artery to the heart., had a gall stone in a duct, had her gall bladder out.
Ernast has been trying to get a knee cleaned up for several years, there may be a time when he will eventually have to have a knee replacement.
Kenneth was hit broadside in a car in Tulsa the last of October, working on some drug assignments, and fractured a bone in his back. He will be in a brace until the end of Dec.
Carrie began teaching in the Tulsa School System.

Bennie moved from Eldon to Lake Ozark Christian Church. During the summer, he performed around 35 weddings.
Karen remains at Budd Park Christian Church, in Oct. spent 2 1/2 weeks in Cuba.
Ernast spent a year in Korea, came home in August. Matthew works at McDonalds.
Hope was in a musical at school "Oklahoma".
Philip, Beth, & Luke moved into a new house in Republic, he is head football coach at Pierce City. Beth is a whiz at making money by loaning money.

Bennie moved to MAcon MO in April & is having an exciting interim there. Bennie's mother Fern died in October.
KAren has spent about 20 times talking about Cuba.
Ernast will be out of the Air Force in Jan. He left for training in June 1978.
Anita is acting moderator at the OZark Christian Church. She came to KC in Sept. & led the music at the Women's Fall Retreat and did a marvelous job! Mom was REAL proud of her.
Phlip is no longer in a school system, after a lot of interviewing and praying, he has become a salesman for Farmer's Insurance. Phil & Beth are members now of the Christian Church in Nixa, MO.

Bennie has moved to Kirksville MO for his next interim. In Aug. he had total knee replacement left knee, will do right on Dec. 27.
Karen had an infection in her leg Jan-Feb, a similar infection mid OCt., eye lid surgery on Dec. 12.
Ernast retired from Air Force, contract job as a civilian with the Air Force.
Kenneth is one of Owasso's finest police officers. Carri is a teacher in Owasso school system. Kent is taller than Rebecca & Carri.
Aaron is taller than his sister Hope.
Philip won a trip selling insurance, they are taking Luke in Jan. on a Disney cruise.

Karen Higdon Yount is Grace Maxwell Brown's cousin.

Elsie L. Smith

from grandma's book
handwritten notes from grandma grace: "this is my mothers side of the house. Hugh Higdon was my mom's brother, Elsie Higdon is his daughter, Karen is Elsie's daughter. Elsie is my cousin."
Xmas letter dated Dec. 17 1984
Dear friends, This has been a long and difficult year for me. Many things have happened within my life, and I want to share where I am now.
In October of 1983, I moved to one of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) facilities at Raymore, MO, Foxwood Springs Living Center, where I had an apartment of my own.
In May, I had a stroke and again in July. When I moved back out to Foxwood Springs, I moved into the Health Care Center where I share a room with another lady. My health has improved from the summer. Right now I have been having a cold, and suffered some burns to my legs a couple of weeks ago. I was visiting some friends in their apartment and spilt a cup of tea on my legs. They are looking better now.
My daughter, Karen, is the senior minister at Budd Park Christian Church in Kansas City. Her husband, Bennie, is the intentional interim minister at Marshfield, MO. Grandson Philip, is a senior in high school at Ozark, where he and Bennie live. Phil has gotten all kinds of football honors this year, and is planning on going to college on a football scholarship. Just where, we arent' sure yet.
Anita, is a senior at Drury adn is doing her student teaching this coming semester and graduates in May. She is planning on teaching music. Kenneth is working on his paramedic training and working for the Tulsa Ambulance Company. His wife, Carri, is still an accountant with Mapco in Tulsa. They are to be parents in March. Kenneth has been offered a job with the police dept. in Owasso, north of Tulsa.
Ernast and Pat have a new little boy, born July 7 1984. His name is Michael Jacob Yount. Matthew Alexander is now 2, as of October 31 1984. In August they will be moving to Germany for three to four years. So you see I have two great-grandsons and another great-grandchild on the way. Who would have ever thought it? Not me. I'm hoping to see everyone the Saturday before Christmas, when they'll all be in Kansas City.
Karen's new position at Budd Park Christian Church keeps her real busy, but she tries to get out to see me every week. She has just moved into a nice big home in Kansas City, just a few feet from where she was.
Elsie L. Smith

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ruth H Carter

from Grandma Grace's book
she has written an attached note "This is on my fathers side of the house.
Griffy Creswell was dad's uncle
Henry Creswell was Griffy's boy
Ruth Carter is Henry's girl
This is in the Creswell familiy history."
(typewritten letter with photograph of Ruth)
Dear Voters:
I am writing this letter to explain why I am a candidate for the city council.
Since 1963 I have worked in Canon City and have lived in the city since 1965. It is more than my residence; it has become my home. I have great concern for the city. While working in Welfare (Department of Social Services) and Probation, I have learned much about the city. Now that I am retired, I want to return that knowledge to the city.
To the position on the city council, I bring experience, knowledge and maturity. I approach problems with common sense, and if elected will serve with commitment. During the years when employed as Chief Probation Officer I was responsible for budgets, personnel matters and worked closely with all phases of government.
I was pleased that people willingly signed my petition and gave my effort encouragement. Some of these people also offered financial support, but I declined to accept, I want to work for Canon City, but I prefer to spend my own funds. I have no hidden agenda; I believe my long involvement with persons in Canon City, my own past experiences and maturity will be valuable to the city I love.
If I am elected, I will be available to all residents and will listen and learn, before I make decisions. Whatever I lack in specific knowledge, I will learn.
I offer maturity, experience, commitment and common sense.
Ruth H. Carter

(Handwritten letter)
Christmas 1995
Dear Ones,
1995 changed my life forever.
In August my lovely daughter was in a traffic accident and is now a quadriplegic. Thank God she can talk and breathe and her mind is sharp. She continues to live fully in the family and community. Her courage is wonderful.
In November I had to have my Holly (dog) put to sleep-how I miss my constant companion.
Also in Novemeber I was elected as the first woman mayor of Canon City! So I'm busy.
My family and I thank our friends and many we do not know for their prayers and support.
God has been good to us.
As ever,
(note from Grandma Grace: "Ruth Carter my 2nd cousin lives at Cannon City Colo."

(handwritten letter)
Christmas 1996
Dear Ones-I'm late, late!
My dear lovely daughter is still a quadriplegic, but her spirit and wit continues. We all admire her, I most of all.
My third granddaughter, Debbie and her husband gave me my third great grandchild. While she was a surprise-she is almost perfect and such a nice baby. As a family we are doing well-everyone works, even me and enjoy each other and living-
As mayor, I have much to do so far it has been a great-also sometimes there are duties that one doesnt' want . The end of September was my 80th birthday-and almost everyone was here to my complete joy. My sister retired-and in January I added to my household! A pure white, long haired , BIG kitty named Sam. Ebony, pure black long hair still is mischievous and adorable. She took a pair of glasses and kept them for nearly three weeks. That's ok-I only use them to read-so have 5 pairs around the house. Those two are my constant companions and now that it's below 0 they love the electric blanket.
Seriously, being mayor is a real job and certainly takes up most of my time. But it has perks-the city adopted a Fort Carson group and we have seen muich of the army. In fact this fall was invited for a trip down range (Pinion Canyon)and flew there in a Black hawk helicopter and watched actual working war games. General Pickler was very nice to me and sent me in his vehicle up the hill to the helicopter. The absolute highlight of this year was being invited to the Broadmoor West for a party for 1000-black tie optional-wonderful food and for the ultimate a speech by Colin Powell. I was able to shake his hand-he was great!!! See, I still "run my mouth" but I loved your card and letter and wish for you all "good things". Love, Ruth

handwritten letter Christmas 1997
My dear ones,
After six years on city council-my term is almost over. I did enjoy it, especially the two years as Canon City's only woman mayor. 97%joy-37% frustration!
Attended my 63rd high school reunion and loved it.
I really had my 15 minutes of fame, I and two others were interviewed by the New York Times. I was thrilled and heard from many places about being in a prison community. (We have 13 in our county.) One quote about me "lives in a cottage, surrounded by cats, cactus adn cut glass." My two kitties were fasciated by the photographer. One company talked about an HBO documentary but I suspect that was not valid. I still am to be interviewed by Colorado Public Radio and Australian Broadcasting Company.
Outside my "gimpy" leg, life is good. My family is splendid and we are blessed by God.
Peace to all,
Ruth Carter

Christmas 1998
Dear Ones,
This past year was a "lost" year, so I'll be happy to go into 1999. Was scheduled for a complete knee replacement in January, but 2 doctors sent me to a cardiologist. He said, "for your age and the fact that you have had a heart attack-you are OK." So surgery happened in February and at the end of the third day the Doctor asked me what my pain level was-and while I knew I had been there for surgery, compared to the pain I always had, I replied "None" and then that leg developed GOUT-in the deep tissue-so stayed in the hospital seventeen days and came home with my ankle ten inches across. And then the good leg developed a circulatory problem and filled full of "squishy" blood. Gout lasted seven months, the good leg turned bad and is still a problem, but I am three-quarters well. So while I stopped, I'm not in a wheelchair and I've read 60+ books and 2 papers a day and am blessed with wonderful family and friends. My kittens have enjoyed my being home. Thank God I'm now going some places and I still see and hear. Lately I've done several radio talk shows about interesting stories of Canon City. I know 1999 will be much more pleasant. From my house to yours comes a wealth of happy wishes.
As ever,

Merry Christmas 2000
Dear Ones,
What a year this has been for me, but thank God, I'm here, in my own home. The kitties were alone most of seven months while I had shingles. First in the hospital then three and a half months in the adjoining facilty PCC.
I lost most of my memory and lost nearly a year on Labor Day 1999 and whlie watching the Broncos I had four horrible pains in my right eye and after three trips to the ER a young doctor asked me if had ever had chicken pox. I said "yes" then he said you have shingles and so I did and still have residual effects. The doctor says I will have Post herpetico neuralgia for the rest of my life! I never had blisters but just bumps. Enough about me.
What I learned was to appreciate more fully my family, my home, and the true value of friendships. God has been good to me.
Hank & Shirley and their two daughters have been successful and enjoy good health. Lana is a civil engineer in Nevada, Dawn and her husband Jerry live in Williamsburg and she is employed at the Federal institution at nearby Florence.
We all have either dog and /or cats which adds to the quality of life.
The two granddaughters in Kansas each have two children (3 girls 1 boy) they live hectic busy lives and both have brought their children to visit me. Sis and Jim renovated an old hotel and have made a beautiful (3rd floor) apartment complete with a "front yard". Sis can look over the courthouse. All of htem have many blessings. And again all your prayers for Sis and her family have been so beneficial. Cats and/or dogs in each family there.
We love and appreciate our animals! My sister Connie and husband Jim have had physcial problems but their three daughters and husbands have nice homes and two of the girls also have jobs, and yes there are dogs and cats! Plus Connie and Jim have an old horse.
May your holiday be full of love and gratitude, and a Happy New Year.
With Affection

and life goes on...

Mom told me Friday that Grandma Grace's house in Trenton had sold.
Grandma had watched her neighbors leaving...death, moving in with family, or to the nursing home. She had lost her husband. She was having health problems.
We hadn't had a Brown Family gathering there in years since the family has gotten so big, but it will always be Grandma's House to me. I remember fireworks & snowball fights in the yard, leaping off the front porch over the sidewalk, collecting rubberbands from under the little pine trees, the summer garage sales, playing Barbies in the front bedroom, the cousins walking to Moberly Park or The Plaza movie theater after family dinners. Spirited games of Yahtzee, Pictionary, & Crap On Your Neighbor. Eating at the kids table in the kitchen. Grandpa taking Polaroid pictures. Grandma had silky pjs & toothbrushes for us when we spent the night. She made us peanut butter toast & we listened to KTTN on the radio in the kitchen...
I started this blog to get all my information in a public place where if anyone wanted it, they could find it. It seemed simple enough, just some massive typing sessions. But as I type I read, & as I read, I remember. It's a long process. I'm about halfway through Grandma's book, which is really just a starting point. I've collected a lot of stuff over the years.

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Cat Creek Cemetery Annual Report

from grandma grace's book

Board Members of the Cat Creek Cemetery met Sunday April 26 1998 at 2p.m. The usual meeting date is the first Sunday in May, but due to other scheduled events involving several board members an early meeting was scheduled, however notice of such a change was published in the local newspaper.
The meeting was called to order by the President Elois Wade, with the following report.
balance of endowment fund $27477.61 April 1997
interest on trust 1471.22 april 1998
deposit in trust 779.33 april 1998
current balance $29728.16 April 1998
SAVINGS ACCOUNT $200.00---required amount
bonding payment 54.00
bank box payment 15.00
current balance $410.00
the savings account is used to keep any contributions until there is enough funds to add to the trust.
The incidental fund is used to pay bonding, bank box, and repair stones.
MOWING FUND balance 1997 $61.77
contributions 599.00=660.00
9mowings x 72.00 -648
balance in account April 1998 12.77
only the interest may be used from the trust account, and it has been the policy of the board to invest the interest in the origianl trust to increase the denomination of the trust until such time it might be able to support the cost of cemetery upkeep. The boards goal is to reach $50,000.00.
flowers are to be removed after the second mowing following decoration.
board members 1998-
Minerva Brown president
Opal Ricketts vice pres.
Pat Essint, Recording Sect.
Dorothy Mullins-Treas.
Ronald Smith & Gavin Moulins Mowing Committee
Elois Wade
Howard Terhune
those attending the meeting were Grace Brown, John Maxwell, Fern Brown, Ronald & Peggy Smith, Garvin Moulin, Dorothy Mullins, Opal Ricketts, Howard Terhune, Minerva Brown, Elois and Wayne Wade.
Remember the annual meeting is an open meeting and the board appreciates your attendance, your comments and contributions.

Cat Creek Cemetery Annual Report

Cat Creek Cemetery Report 1995

from grandma grace's book

The cemetery board would like to report to you the progress and expenditures of the cemetery for the year 1994, and to express appreciation to those who visited the cemetery and made contributions for it's maintainance. The year 1994 was an expensive maintainance and improvement year, and according to the weather pattern it's maintainance will surpass proceeding years.
ENDOWMENT FUND: Bal. May 1994--$15901.30
principal added 95 6381.46
interest added 506.84
bal. april 1995 $22789.60
only interest from the endowment fund may be used for the upkeep of the cemetery; and it has been the policy of the board to re-invest the interest, and thus increase the endowment fund for future need. Those making donations to the endowment are Leland & Eva Maxwell, Albert & Ruth Campbell, Harley Whitt, Mina Hickman, Gladys Utterback, Roberta Utterback, Lois Utterback Beal, Horace & Maxine Lowry, Lynn Armstrong, Mildred King Memorial (flowers), Gale Brown Memorial (Flowers), Brimson History Book Sales, Mildred King Family Memorial. The board members are grateful for the contributions.
SAVINGS ACCOUNT: Bal. May 1995 $300.00
interest 18.79
total April 1995 $418.79
stone repair 45 stones @ $20.00---900.00
balance 638.94
mowing fund depleted transferred 300.00 to mowing fund until donations arrived -300
total balance May 1995 338.94
9 mowings at 72.00 = $648.00 (note the interest from the endowment fund would not have been sufficient to cover the cost of the mowings.)
Elois Wade adn Dorothy Mullins were re-elected by accumulation. Another board member is needed to replace Gale Brown. The board would encourage and welcome others to attend the open meeting held on the 1st May Sunday at 2p.m. at the Cat Creek Church. If you were unable to come or missed us at the cemetery please send your contributions to Elois Wade, Dorothy Mullins, Garvin Moulin, Minerva Brown, Ronnie Smith, Don McClure.
$45.00 for liability insurance
$25.00 for bank box
thanks, Members of the Cat Creek Cemetery board.

Cat Creek Cemetery Report 1993

The Cemetery Board Members wishes to express their thanks for your interest, concerns and contributions; and most of all our visits to the Cemetery to pay respect to those you loved.
Board members would like to report to you at this time the progress and expenditures of the cemetery.
The total endowment fund at this time MArch 1 1993 in C.D.s is $15,394.84. 1992's amount was $13,702.22 which is an increase of $1,689.62. This increase amounts to donations to the fund, plus interest earned, which has been re-invested. Only interest from the endowment fund may be used for other expenses. Therefore each year the board has chosen to re-invest the interest to increase the amount of the original endowment; relying on pledges for the upkeep of the cemetery. Thanks to your generosity this has been possible.
A Savings Account is kept open to deposit donations until the amount is large enough to purchase more C.D.s. The amount at this time is $102.41.
A seperate account is kept for the mowing fund. In 1992 the account was $377.47--your donations were $382.00 in 1992. The cost of mowing in 1992 was $472.00, therefore as of Jan 1 1993 the balance in the mowing fund is $308.37.
Brian McDaniels had previously mowed the cemetery; but decided not to continue this year, and recommended Brandon Ward,who will be mowing the cemetery in 1993.
On several occasions the board members expressed concern over some older stones in need of repair. At last years meeting it was voted to establish a seperate account for this purpose. This has been a donation project promoted by Dorothy Mullins and Minerva Brown. The amount at this time is $1,123.94. Their goal is $1.500.00 before getting estimates; so if you have a few dollars to pledge it would be appreciated. We really appreciate those who have contributed so generously.
As the annual meeting all members accepted their positions for another year. Ronald Smith and Garvin Moulin are members of the mowing committee.
Lucille McClure resigned as treasurer; and Don McClure accepted the nomination to fill her unexpired term. We welcome him to the board and appreciate his interest.
Thanks Again,
Cat Creek Cemetery Board
Elois Wade-president
Minerva Brown-vice pres.
Don McClure-treas.
Dorothy Mullins-Sect.
Ronald Smith, Garvin Moulin, Gale Brown-board members
you may contact any of the members for contributions or comments.

Cat Creek Cemetery Report 1992

from grandma grace's book

The cemetery board would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for your interest, concerns, and contributions to the cemetery.
This report is written as an update of the cemetery's business and accomplishments. July 10 1976 a Cat Creek Cemetery Association was incorporated to form an endowment fund for the maintainance of the cemetery. Only interest from the fund can be used for maintainance. An endowment means the portion of an institutions income derived from donations. The board has chosen to re-invest the interest each year to the original endowment to proved for the future upkeep of the cemetery, realizing interest rates will become lower, while the upkeep will increase, and have relied on individual pledges to the mowing fund. Thanks to you who contributed Memorial Day, or have contributed through Memorial Flower Funds this has been possible.
The board strives to keep the lawn presentable through the year, for we know how important this is to you who visit your loved ones.
The treasurer of the cemetery is bonded. The board feels this necessary for the protection of the treasurer, board members and the endowment fund. The bonding is not a lack of confidence but good legal business.
Legal by-laws are being reviewed and rewritten for approval by the board. A copy of these by-laws will be available by writing one of the board members.
The board is concerned about the condition of the many stones in need of repair and erection, and feels a need to share this concern with you. Many of the stones have no relatives left to be concerned or contribute, and many have relatives living at a distance unaware of the conditions, and address unknown. The board discussed the possibility of establishing a separate fund to which donations may be made to refurbish the stones. It may be necesary to do only a part of the cemetery each year. A copy of this report will be sent to those who have stones in need of repair if address is available.
Garvin Maulin and Ronald Smith are members of the mowing committee.
The mowing fund has a seperate checking account. Your memorial day contributions & memorial floral gifts are placed in this account. As of April 31 1992 the balance was $377.47. The cemetery was mowed 7 times in 1991, at the cost of $497.00.
The total endowment in C.D.s is $13,702.22. A savings account is $705.28 waiting to be accumulated enought for another certificate of deposit.
The board thanks you for your interest. If you care to make contributions send them to any board member indicating how you wish your contributions to be utilized.
Thanks, Cat Creek Cemetery Board
Elis Wade President, 1114 Hillside, Chillicothe, MO
Minerva Brown Vice President R#2 Box 182 Brimson MO 64642
Lucille McClure Treasurer 303 Linn Trenton MO
Dorothy Mullins Sect. 109 W 17th Trenton MO
Ronald Smith member 317 S 12th St Bethany MO 64424
Garvin Maulin member R#2 Brimson MO 64642
Gale Brown member R#2 Box 182 Brimson MO 64642

Tempter Grill Menu

from Grandma Grace's book
note on back: "Mrs. Winona (Vern) Smith gave me this history.
Henry Fisher, Ira Desper & Vern Smith started the Tempter Grill, which was located on Five Points. Just off of Main Street on Tenth Street. Mr Fisher took care of (can't read), Mr Desper the book work & Mr Smith was cook. Mr Fisher and Mr Desper where white and Mr Smith was colored (Negro.) Mr Fisher decided to start a restaurant
So he went in on the corner of Main and Tinsman Avenue. Which is now Howards Dept. Store. He ran it for 2 years and then went into Furniture Store with Mr Meeker on North Main across from where the college is. Mr Desper then left and went to Illinois to work as a bookkeeper for an uncle. Mr Smith run it for a few years and then sold out. Then he managed the Plaza Coffee Shop for 2 years. Then bought the Blue Moon Cafe on Main St. Just a short distance from stop light. He managed that until he retired.
Mr Smith passed away July 19 1988 at Trenton Mo at the age of 92.

(deb's note: Vern & Winona were Grandma & Grandpa's neighbors across the street...when you'd go to visit Grandma & Grandpa, Winona would lean out the door to tell you hello, or that Grandma & Grandpa weren't home, or she'd have cookies, she gave us a little dresser when Koren was born that we still have. They were a very nice couple. Grandma & Grandpa had a lot of nice neighbors, it was a good neighborhood to raise kids in!)

Tempter Grill The Good Morning Place of Trenton
Special Club Breakfast Served All Day
No. 1-20cents
Two eggs, buttered toast, and Folgers coffee
ham & one egg, buttered toast & Folgers coffee
No. 3-30cents
link sausage & one egg, buttered toast & Folgers coffee
tenderloin, buttered toast, Folgers Coffee
corn or wheat cakes, one egg & Folgers Coffee
corn or wheat cakes, 3 strips of bacon, Folgers Coffee
corn or wheat cakes & Folgers Coffee
choice of cereal with double cream, toast & Folgers Coffee
grapefruit 10cents
tomato juice 10cents
orange juice 10cents
pineapple juice 10cents
stewed prunes 10cents
sliced pineapple 10cents
sliced bananas 10cents
cereals with pure cream 10cents
wheat, rye, or white bread,with jelly 10cents
waffles, electrically baked 15cents
waffles pecan 20cents
strip order of bacon 10cents
strip order of fried ham 15cents
milk, per bottle 5cents
doughnuts 5cents
butter roll plain or toasted 5cents
eggs-our speciality-2 eggs, scrambled in cream, and butter with toast, jelly, and coffee 25cents.

flower bill

a receipt from Eleanore's Flowers, 919 Main Street, Trenton, Missouri
Telephone 712
date 6-6-61
sold to Mrs Vermal Brown
pink carnations $15.00
yellow glads & mums $10.00
pink & yellow roses $6.00
62 cents sales tax
1. The Family
2. The Grandchildren
3. Sears Roebucks & Co.
deliver to Mrs Maxwell No.7131

I love how Grandma kept records of everything! these were flowers for her mothers funeral. were pink & yellow Great Grandma Gilly's favorite colors?

Marriage Liscence

copy of liscence from grandma grace's book
This Certifies that Lewis Brown of Gilman City State of Missouri and Clara Neill, of Gilman City, State of Missouri, were united in Holy Matrimony at Trenton, Missouri, on the 28th day of May, A.D. 1932 by authority of a License bearing date the 28th day of May A.D. 1932, and issued by the Recorder of Deeds of Grundy County, Missouri.
Witness my signature, DT Warner (hard to read!)
Judge of Probate Court
Mrs May Brown
(can't read 2nd witness name)

William Brown

unknown undated obit from grandma grace's book
WILLIAM WILEY BROWN, 76, of Gilman City, died Saturday at a hospital in Kansas City.
Funeral services will be held at 2p.m. Tuesday at the Roberson-Polley Funeral Home in Gilman City. Burial will be in the Christian Union Cemetery, northeast of Gilman City.
A family visitation is scheduled at the funeral home after 7 o'clock tonight.
Mr Brown, a native of Harrison County, was a retired farmer. He was a member of the Christian Union Church, northeast of Gilman City.
Mr Brown is survived by a sister, Jennie Neill of Gilman City.


unknown undated obit from grandma graces book
Etha May Wissler, daughter of Rudolph and Pane (Smith) Wissler was born March 2 1884 near Hatfield, Mo. where she grew to young womanhood. She departed this life Dec. 31 1967 at the age of 83 years, 9 months, and 29 days.
On Aug. 28 1904 she was united in marriage to Francis Marion Brown, who preceded her in death Aug. 30 1945. To this union were born four children, Albert Everett, William Wiley, Jennie and Francis Eugene. Two sons, Albert and Francis, preceded her in death, also her father, mother, sister, Estel Markum, and one brother, Elmer. Survivors are the son, William, daughter, Mrs. Jennie Neill, son-in-law Sherman Neill, with whom she had made her home since the death of her husband, also several cousins, nieces and nephews. Some of whom had lived in her home and been cared for.
She had been very ill for several months and tenderly cared for by her daughter and husband and son, William.
She with her parents moved to Gilman City in 1902, where the remainder of her life was spent. She was converted when a young girl near Hatfield and later united with the Christian Union Church near her home. May was a kind, loving wife and mother, a good neighbor and always made her friends welcome in her home. She will be sadly missed for she was well loved by many.

Precious memories of a dear mother.

"She always learned to watch for us,
Anxious if we were late;
In winter by the window,
In summer, by the gate.

"And though we mocked her tenderly,
Who had such foolish care,
The long way home would seem more safe,
Because she waited there.

"Her thoughts were all so full of us,
She never could forget!
And so I think that where she is,
She must be watching yet.

"Waiting till we come home to her,
Anxious if we are late;
Watching from Heaven's window,
Leaning from Heaven's gate."

Funeral services were held Wednesday, Jan. 3 at Christian Union Chapel, conducted by the Rev. Wayne Caulkins. The Rev. Caulkins and family sang "Precious Memories", "How Beautiful Heaven Must Be", and "Beyond the Sunset".
Pallbearers were Jay Welsh,Darrel Ratliff, James Ratliff, Leo Turner, Lester Robertson and Hubert Carter.
Flower girls were Juanita Welsh, Marjorie Flint, Marian Carter, Alta Harrison, Chloe Carpenter, Aville Robertson, Accalene Taylor and Deloris Ratliff.
She was laid to rest beside her husband in the cemetery near the church.
Card of Thanks
The family wishes to extend their sincere thanks to all the friends and relatives for the many acts of kindness show, for the food, cards, beautiful flowers and words of comfort, and especially to Rev. Caulkins and family for the beautiful songs and prayers. Also to Dr Cross for his care of our mother during her long illness. May God bless each of you.

Harold Corbin Auction

unknown undated clipping from grandma grace's book
Sunday Sept. 21 1986
location 1 mile west of Trenton on Highway 6 to gravel road. South on gravel road 1/2 mile to auction.
Vehicles-Tractors-Farm Equipment-Cattle- Lawn & Garden Equipment.
1979 Chevrolet Scottsdale heavy duty 1/2 ton 44,000 miles
1971 Impala 4 door Sports Sedan 70,900 miles
1976 Massey Ferguson 255 diesel 1041 hours
brush cutter
bottom plow
bale mover
JD 4 section rotary hoe
JD 4 row planter
JD 4 row cultivator
hydraulic tandem wheel disc
pull type mower
300 gallon sprayer
hay & grain elevator with drag chute
2 wheel trailer
2 wheel manure spreader
mineral feeders
calf creep feeder
swine feeders & waterers
10 black angus cows with 6 calves-cows are bred back to simmental bull
Troy Bilt tiller
riding lawn mower
push lawn mower
Antiques-Primitives-Household Items- Misc.
Indian artifacts, pressed glass, Ruby Red, depression, cobalt blue, stoneware, Daisy churn, cream cans, loom, sausage grinder, shoe last, parlor stove, various antique chairs, cream seperator, kerosene lamps & lanterns (including R.I.), brass wash board, walnut pie safe with square nails, #1 dinner bell, wooden wood vises, large selection of miniatures, salt & pepper collection, hen on nest collection, meat platter, spool bed, quilts & quilt pieces, milk stool, cast iron kettles & pots, Lane cedar chest, bedroom suite, queen size poster bed, large 4 door lighted china cabinet with drawers, oak wishbone dresser with serpentine front, china cabinet, small round lamp table, small drop leaf table, divan & chair, recliner, bookcase, walnut end table, Maytag washer & dryer, refrigerator-freezer, Amana Radar Range, 2 chest type freezers, Maytag wringer washer, Kirby vacuum sweeper , 2 metal clothes closets, small electric kitchen appliances, linens, pots & pans, rag rugs, various rugs, card tables, books, various clocks, pictures & frames, lamps, lawn & garden tools, hand tools, hand scales, vise, fishing equip., power tools, cylinders, large anvil, misc. items too numerous too mention.
Lowrey Bros. Realty & Auction Co.