Friday, August 31, 2012

Samp Sherman Hughs

here he is again. what a good looking guy! no relation, but here's his history...born Dec. 10 1886, married Maude Shirley June 20 1907. she died July 10 1910. married Bertha F. Colwell Nov. 16 1912. , they were the parents of Lester Aude b. 1913, Loma Marie b. 1915, Bertha died Aug 16 1917. Nov 7 1929 married Lulu Walker. they were the parents of Prescella Elizabeth b.1929, Arthur Lee b.1932, Mary Ann b.1934, Jessie May b.1936, John Sherman b.1939, James Matthew b.1942, Marion Glenn b.1944, Joyce Loretta b.1946, Gilbert Leroy b.1950
Samp Hughes lived and reared his family on acres acquired by his father John W. . located about two and a half miles southwest of Brimson. after his father died Samp maintained the farm and later bought it. Samp died Oct 16 1966. he is buried in Coon Cemetery . Lulu Huges lived on the farm for several years but now resides in Topeka, Ks. near a daughter.
here he is pictured with Bertha. he married young, buried 2 wives, lived a long lfe, had a large family

Nancy Hughes and Children

no relation, but this photo from The Brimson History book has always been a favorite of mine. what a cool group shot! and I love their names, as well.
Aude, Agnes, Nancy holding Herberta, Hila, Garfield, Kate, & Samp.

John Maxwell

Clyde & Jasper Maxwell

Clyde Maxwell

Lorin Towns

Lawrence Dale Brown

DeWitt C Brown

After a battle, Jeff Long was wounded, could not walk. D.C. Brown could not leave him to die, carried him piggy back on a long march. Years later when they visited Jeff reminded D.C. of saving his life. They are at rest in Coon Creek Cemetery only a few feet apart.

Brimson, Missouri

pictures from The Brimson History Book
Bank of Brimson

Katie will tell you her family used to own Brimson, Mo....

and you know, she's right! Aunt Minerva and Uncle Dale bought several of the businesses in Brimson, they ran a General Store and he also had a nuts and bolts and screws store. Bart Utterback worked at the Brimson Bank. Uncle Dale's family owned properties in Brimson.

from the unknown envelope

from the aunt minerva collection
guessing the very tall man in hat is John Maxwell? looks similar to other pictures of him I have seen

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

checked out the 1940 census free trial...

found 259 Axsom households...typed in Johnnie Axsom and found my great grandparents! Johnnie, age 56, born approx. 1884 Indiana, wife Daisy, age 48, born approx. 1892in Missouri, son Marvin, age 16, born in South Dakota approx. 1924. living in Clay Twp, Harrison County, Mo. how exciting!
this is the accompanying image...don't see Axsom on it...can't get it to scroll down, but free is free! that old adage about you get what you pay for....

Thursday, August 23, 2012

To The Pioneers

To The Pioneers
A chapter of history has been written
Each time a pioneer passes on
And their story is almost completed
For those oldtimers will soon be gone.
No longer we'll hear from their own lips
Of the many adventures they had
Of the hardships and trials they endured
In poor times, and when the weather was bad.
Now they came to the west in a wagon
Drawn by oxen, through wind, rain and sun
With only their folks few possessions
To find a home in Saskatchewan.
Many days over trails they did travel
Through the long prairie grass, their way made
Suffering sickness and many misfortunes
And the fear of an Indian raid.
When they finally located a homestead
A small shack was built on the land
The early pioneers made sod houses
Where no wood could be found at hand.
You may hear about all of their hardships
But they'll tell you some 'fun' stories too
Of the school dances, socials and picnics
And their own community do's.
The men helped their neighbors at threshing
Or a barn raising bee, often held
Traded what they'd not need to another
Or help dig a new neighbor's well.
The women assisted each other
Whenever a new child arrived
Did chores while her husband was working
At odd jobs, to help them survive.
But not all of course were just farmers
For they came here from all walks of life
Some to live in a village or hamlet
They experienced their full share of strife.
Now to those pioneers yet remaining
Our respect, admiration we give
May your courage, your strength and your spirit
In generations to come ever live.
found on facebook....

Minerva Brown estate auction....

Minerva Brown Estate Auction
Location: 33674 E. 350th St Gilman City, MO Saturday August 25th, 2012 at 9:30 a.m.
Household, Antiques, Shop Tools/ Equipment, Tractors, Machinery, Vehicles, Trailers
Advance Auction Notice Saturday, August 25, 2012 • 9:30 am Minerva Brown Estate 33674 E. 350th St., Gilman City, MO
SALE 1 From Trenton, take Hwy. 146 to 1 mil. W of Brimson, MO, turn on CC blacktop, go N approx. 4 miles to 350th, turn left, go 1/4 mile to sale site.Watch for sale sign.s
Antiques, Collectibles & Misc.: Child’s slat-back rocker; Curtiss candy jar; old marbles; Maytag wringer washer; pine commode; Hummell figurine (Apple Tree Boy); old platte maps; NuGrape Soda clock; chrome dinette drop leaf table; cast iron tubs; milk cans; cast base bar stool; quilts; doilies; chenille spreads; rag rugs; 100# anvil; 2 stone grinders; 2 steel wheels w/planter boxes. This is only a partial listing of antiques & collectibles.
Special Interest Items: Roll top desk from Brimson Post Office; thread/spool cabinet from Brimson General Store; ORCO Rug Loom, Model 70; quilting machine (good); Baldwin organ; 3 Toledo meat scales; package tape machine; American slicer; meat display case w/compressor.
Furniture & Household: Dining room table w/8 chairs; lift chair; La-Z-Boy recliner; full size bed; cedar bed frame; lamp tables; Rainbow sweepers; salad Master pots/pans; pressure cookers/canners; fans; free standing oil heater; infrared heater; Haier dehumidifier (like new); 2 chest type freezers; microwave; wheelchairs; walkers; several totes of Sandak shoes; filing cabinets; metal storage desk.
Tools & Misc.: Hand tools; Snap-On Battery tester (YA164); mailbox; welding table; pipe vise; 5" vise; Craftsman radial arm saw; bolt bins; transfer pump; commercial paint sprayer; insulation machine; Honda motor generator; metal shaper; cut off; trans jack; 4 house jacks; 026 Stihl chainsaw; acetylene torch w/cart; Sears 1/2 hp bench grinder; shop desk; cherry picker; truck load of V belts (new) all sizes; dozens of new handles for shovels, pick, axes, hammers, sledge, wheelbarrow, jobbers, potato forks; spark plug tester; gear sprockets; double pto yokes; tons of new bolts.
4-Wheeler, Lawn & Garden: Honda 4-wheeler (125cc); 5 John Deere mowers (2-165, 1-175, 1-188, 1-185); Lawn-Boy push mower; Bolens roto-tiller w/snow blower; 3 front tine tillers; Troy-Bilt mini tiller; 5’ yard hydrant; hot water power washer; 20’ ext. ladder; Brinkmann smoker; Holland grill.
Tractors, Farm Machinery & Equipment, Vehicles: 950 MM, diesel, 2403 hrs.; 1800 Oliver (gas) 3404 hrs.; ‘66 Oliver (gas); 66 Oliver (for parts, but runs); Ford 6610, diesel, 72 hp, good tires, ROP, new motor, 6778 hrs.; TO-20 Ford; B John Deere; (all tractors have good tires); JD 709 3 pt. mower; 1219 JD hay conditioner w/manual, parts, extra; JD 68 auger wagon; JD manure spreader; Hesston 5800 baler, large; Kellerman V rake; white top small roto-baler (AC); hay elevator; 3 pt. hay fork; 3 pt. carry-all for small animals; incubator; single fiberglass farrowing house; Danuser posthole digger w/8" bit; 7’x20’ all steel triple axle gooseneck trailer; pto seeder; single ga. 10’ disc; Farm Hand Feedmaster grinder/mixer (needs hopper auger); 2 bottom 3 pt. Dearborn plow; 3 pt., 2 row Dearborn cultivator; 12’ pull type cultivator; Ford 6’ 3 pt. blade; 2 JD No. 8 sickle mowers; sickle mower skid plates; new guards, sections, pittmans; carry-all; old 3 pt. bush hog; 8 bale trailer; 2-300 gal. lick tanks, 2 & 4 hole; 50+ 9" split treated posts; Wells Cargo 14’ concession trailer; 16’x7’ Blair trailer (bumper hitch); 1986 or ‘87 Isuzu pickup; 1985 Suburban (117K plus mi.); 1982 Caprice Classic, propane or gasoline; 1986 Chevy 1/2 ton shortbed; 4x4 Isuzu; 1989 Ford 1/2 ton, 2x4 automatic, 6 cyl.; jack stands; new Dayton overhead gas furnace (100,000 BTU).
Auctioneer’s Note: This is the first of two auctions being held to disperse Minerva Brown’s Estate. For more information, call Arnold Auction at 660-789-2365 or 660-358-4900.
Concessions available. Restrooms provided. Minerva Brown Estate Auction For more information, call:
mom said the roll top desk went for $650, she bid it up to $200....

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

to be identified....

aunt minerva collection

"Celesta took these..."

aunt minerva collection
handwritten on back of this postcard...."Celesta took these pictures Now I want one of and ? baby I have the three the girl in the wheelchair please send the others" written on front of picture 11-20-'20

"to be identified"

aunt minerva's pictures

to be identified....

aunt minerva collection

Papineau Studio

aunt minerva collection
no id. on this picture.....there is a whole envelope of pictures marked "to be identified"

Grandma & Daddy McMican

aunt minerva collection
Mary McMican

Grandma & Grandpa Maxwell

aunt minerva collection
Gilly & Tom Maxwell

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Minerva Maxwell Brown

aunt minerva collection

The Tug Boat

"The gug boat John (Maxwell) planned the rebuilding"
aunt minerva collection

Tazewell postcard

aunt minerva collection
Looking East on Main Street, Tazewell is on U.S. Routes 19 and 460. "The Trail of the Lonesome Pine" in the beautiful mountain and blue grass region of Southwest Virginia. Elevation 2,513 ft. Pleasant and invigorating year around atmosphere. Photo by Greear Studio, Marion, Va. (postcard)

Monday, August 20, 2012

school picture

aunt minerva collection
back of picture says "for Dale Brown", middle row 4th from left looks kind of like Dale Brown....assuming this is Brimson High School.

Bart Utterback 1938-1939

the aunt minerva collection

Vernon Utterback

the aunt minerva collection

Peter Phoenix Doze

Real name was Peter Phoenix Doze. Everyone called him P.P. Doze. The picture at the river was very blurry. I think someone had blown it up to 8 x10 size from a small picture. Kent's cousin, Gary Doze believes the picture might have been taken at the large pond/lake on the Doze property. The picture of him with the crows and owls: He didn't like crows and owls because they carried off baby chickens, baby rabbits, and destroyed the song birds. He considered the crows as "Bandits of the Air." I have a big article about his crusade against the crows! If I ever find it, I'll send it. Hope these files aren't too big. Vicki got these today from Kevin's cousin Vicki Doze.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Aunt Emily Creswell

aunt minerva collection
taken at Graham studio, Trenton MO

Mary Alice Bryant Higdon McMican

aunt minerva collection
Grandma McM written on back

unknown girl

aunt minerva collection
taken at Rex Studio, Trenton Mo

Marsha Jane Maxwell & Emitt Williams wedding picture

aunt minerva collection

The old Maxwell home in 1895

aunt minerva collection
you can see a team of horses hitched to a wagon in foreground,a good sized house, an outbuilding, fences, a woman in fenced in area to the left of picture, a woman in dark clothes right by fence in center front, and a woman to her right, on far right there appears to be a man. The house has 2 front doors.
I really wish I knew who these people were! I would guess woman on left to be Harriet Harrison Maxwell, based off the one picture I have seen of her. there is a second wagon by the open shed. (I'm using a magnifying glass, folks!) there are several downed limbs...maybe this was taken after a storm?

unknown family picture

aunt minerva collection
I love this picture! just wish I knew who it was.....the younger girl in front with her hair down really catches my eye...and the lady middle row second from right looks like a picture of Aunt Emily Creswell..maybe someday I will find out who they are! I'm guessing a Creswell family picture?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

unknown couple

aunt minerva collection
Kilroy Studio
writing on back....Gilly & family, then a date, all I can make out is 1928.

Josiah & Lucinda Jane Higdon

aunt minerva collection
Kenneth-Eller Artist Photographers
This is a copy of the last picture Father and Mother had taken December 5 1926. Father was 78 and Mother 69. They were married 46 years December 30, 1926. Mother died Christmas Day 1928 and Father died March 1, 1933.
Goldendale, Wash.

Marsha Jane Maxwell

aunt minerva collection
Gilkey Studio

Minerva Creswell Maxwell

aunt minerva collection
Minerva Maxwell, her maiden name was Creswell. taken from an old tin type. She was the mother of Thomas W Maxwell, James Henry Maxwell, and Emma Utterback

Harriet Harrison Maxwell

aunt minerva collection
2nd wife of JC Maxwell
grandmother Harriet Harrison Maxwell-
had sisters whose married names was McClay, King, Gamble, Harrison, Hill and Graham. Grandmother Harriet's maiden surname was Williams.
source Lura Mae Harrison Ten Hulzen
I had her name as Harriet Hughes was Hughes also a married name? deb