Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Katie & I have made many cemetery visits over our years together, recording/transcribing/photographing family graves & decorating graves for Memorial Day. traditionally we do mostly the babies/youth of our family, but have also added in some others. This year we didn't make it to Brimson to decorate...I make excuses...I was on vacation all last week & didn't get the dance flyers put up either, (Katie & KJ will tomorrow.)...I was painting & sewing & going to meetings & the Festival of Dance @ Worlds of Fun, + I have a cold...then back to rained today, but I was too tired to go, anyway. does this mean I don't care about the family members who have lived & died before me? that I have no respect? I like to think the reason i record & try to remember is to honor their memories. Getting wrapped up in my own life is no excuse. especially when we have premade bouquets from years past & cemetery lists to make it even easier. and I find it so beautiful & peaceful at the cemetery. but this is just a place to put symbols. I feel bad about not going. I feel like I should make every effort. will they forgive me?
got an email from kevin's grandma, she is 89, cuts fresh flowers & decorates many many graves in many different cemeteries. I admire that. I will try harder to get more done with the time I have. I can't let Farm Town take over my life!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dolly Avis Craig

daughter of Pete & Cindy Craig. born 3April1913 died 11Jan1976. her name used to be spelled Dollie and until after her first Christmas it was Mollie. married and divorced Montague Ephriam Acott. she married Albert Herman Gray born 2Oct1914 died 25Aug1991 at a Des Moines IA hospital, services held 27Aug1991, burial Freedom Cemetery northwest of Princeton, MO. Al adopted Dolly's daughters Barb & Shirley from her first marriage & changed their names to Gray.
1.Constance Lureta "Patsy" born 30Aug1934 died 14Sept1934 buried Freedom
2.Barbara Ruth born 17March1937 nurse in Des Moines, IA
3.Shirley Carole born 26Jan1941 married Howard Vincent Flatt Jr, he was born 24April1940.
~Howard Vincent II born 30June1964
~adopted Alcinda Gray born 4Nov1967 died 29Apri1972 a big tire fell on her & killed her, buried Freedom cemetery
~adopted Christopher born 14Nov1968

Martha Ethlen (Cehlen?) Craig

daughter of Pete & Cindy Craig, born and died May 1911 buried at Fairview

Mary Marie Craig

daughter of Pete & Cindy Craig
born 20Jan1910 married Charles Hinkle Uhler (died 1983 buried in Oakhill Cemetery, San Jose, CA)
Winiford Joy born 9Aug1929 married William Clyde Wofer Jr
-William Clyde II born 21June1968
-adopted Mary Katherine born 17Jan
Charles Eugeneborn 25March1932 married Beverly Jean Hegg
-Jeffrey Mark born 1Sept1952
-Charles David born 23May1954
-Linda Carol born 18Sept1957
Richard Craig born 15Aug1934 married Janice Adele Ceretto
-Susan Louise born 6Oct1950 married married Douglas "Duffy" Flood, he had son John by previous marriage. (do I have her birth date right? her dad would've been 16 when she was born....)
-Craig Richard born 23June1957
-Richard Craig
Patricia Annborn 27July1936 married Robert Harold Hazelton
-Joy Elizabeth born 4April1956
-Kathy Ann born 25July1957
-Denise Marie born 1Oct1959
-Pamela Kay born 8Dec1963
-Robert Harold II born 7Oct1965

Monday, May 18, 2009

Bessie Rebecca Craig

daughter of Pete & Cindy Craig
born 22April1908 died 11Nov1994 at the home of her daughter in Woodward IA age 86. she married 10Oct1923 in PRinceton MO to Floyd William Frisbie.
"Bill Red" was born 19April1905 died 30May1975
Mamie Maeborn 4ug1924 married Eckhart Grief...divorced.
-Larry Eckhart born 25MArch1947(1)
-Sharon Louise born 27MArch1948 married Francis Seeman
1.Theresa Lynn Seeman born 26March1969
2.Lisa Anne Seeman born 7June1970
3.Becky Seeman
4.PAtty Seeman
5.Joann Seeman
Charlie William "Little Billy" born 14May1926 died of diptheria 6Dec1929 buried Freedom.

Wilma Blanche Marieborn 22Nov1927 married Harold Nielson, deceased
-Charles William Nielson born 21June1955
-Bradley Edwin Nielson born 24Dec1958
-Christi Kay Nielson born 7July1961
Mary Louise born 28Aug1929 married Harry Varisco
-Linda Lou Varisco born 24Jan1953
-Carol LeeVarisco born 22Aug1954

infant daughter born 20dec1931 died at birth, buried at the foot of Little Billy's grave

Floyd Jr. born 6Oct1934 married Eleanor Louisa Francis born 19 OCt1938
-Robert Eugene Frisbie born 10Nov1955 married _______-
Robert married again
1.Mandi Dawn born 11Aug1988 Leon IA
-PAtricia Louise Frisbie born 4June1959 married Brad O'Neal
1.Carlin (daughter)
3.Lynn Marie born 21Nov1988 Leon, IA
-Barbara Loy Frisbie born 17March1961 (Mrs Barbara Wilderson, Roach, MO?)
-Sherri Lynn Frisbie born 22Aug1966 (mrs Ronnie Barton & Brandi?)
-Michael Keith Frisbie born 31Aug1967 died in car wreck 24Aug1984 burial Freedom

Ronald Edward born 7March1942

Ruth Ann married & divorced Jackie Ray HAgue
-Jackie Ray born 15)ct1961 married Linda Rae Ramsey
1.Sarah Jo born 7Nov1984 Trenton MO
2.Levi born 27May1987
3.Austin Lee born 25Oct1988 Trenton MO
-Joey Allen Hague born 10June1963 drowned in Lake Marie, Mercer MO 5July1984 burial Early Cemetery, Mercer, MO. his fiance Cheryl MArtin married his father & they have a daughter, Lacey. They divorced & Cheryl remarried.
-DAvid Scott born 17May1966 married Kim Sears 24 June ___
1. Nikki
2. son

Richard Wayne born 29Dec1945 married & divorced Lillian Jean Flanagan, Richard remarried Marsha, now deceased.
-Cathie Sue born 24June1965 married Keith Kelly Parkhurst 18June1983 Princeton MO
1.Jason Keith born 31July1985Tx
2.Jamie Leigh born 25Sept1987 Wichita Falls TX
-Nanci Sue born 2Nov1967 married & divorced George E. Duff son of Mr and MRs Hubert E. Duff of Van Wert, IA.
1.Morgan Lee born 19Oct1989 Leon IA
-Joy Lynn born 18May1979

Ida Mae Craig

daughter of Pete & Cindy Craig born 13May1906 married and divorced Lawrence Mortice, her second marriage was to James Dumas. Her son Donald Lawrence Mortice was adopted by James Dumas and his last name became Dumas, born 25Nov1929 married MAe Sophia Murphy....divorced.
1.Dianne Lydia born 7Nov1948 married & divorced Dario Ganzales
-Tonya Diane Gonzales born 22Aug1968
2.Donald Lawrence "Guy" born 15June1950
3.David James born 25Nov1951 married Christina "Tina" born Aug 1951.
-Joshua Jacob born 9Oct1969
...Joshua had a child
4.Michele Sarah born 2June1953
5.Marion Virginia born 15Feb1955
6.Joanna Sophia born 1March1957

John Leonard Craig

son of Pete & Cindy Craig
born 1Feb1904 married Alma Almire Otto who was born 10April1913
-Hallie Irene born 17Dec1931 married & divorced Patrick Jerome Boettger
1.Chrystal Joan Ann born 8March1949
2.Patrick Jerome Jr born 7Nov1950
3.Cecilia Marie born 19April1952
4.Julianna Gail born 7Dec1954
5.Michael Kevin born 31Aug1956
6.Galen Ray born 3May1958
Hallie's second marriage was to Warren Bliss

-Louise Elizabeth born 29Jan1935 married William Earl Wright born 8Jan1929
1.Roxanne Louise born 8Jan1954
2.Roseanne Marie born 12July1955
3.Suzanne May born 2March1957
4.Joanne Lynne born 9July1958
5.Dianne Rose born 11MArch1961

John Melvin born 5May1938 married Marietta Raines born 12July1938
1.John Matthew born 7March1961
2.James Michael born 24Jan1964
3.Michael Leonard born 14June1965
4.Carol Marie born 3Feb1943 married Tom Jones (born 25March1941)
-William Arnold born 10Oct1962
-Thomas LeRoy born 20July1964
-Richard Lee born 1Aug1969

Betty Jean Shafer

daughter of Ross & Amanda
born 17June1928 died 14July1988 at her home in Des Moines IA from cancer. she married David Ashley & they had 4 children.
Rodney David born 1April1951
Sherryl Jean born 13July1954 married Tim Shay, divorced. married Jess Hicks.
Lisa Luanneborn 6OCt1963
Lori Lynne born 21Dec1964 married Jim Evans 3Sept1988

Cecil Dean Shafer

son of Ross & Amanda
"Dean" was born 14Feb1926 married 24March1944 Marolynn Donanell "Dona" Hampshire( born 28Nov1926)
they had a daughter Dona Lynn born 25Oct1944 married Ronnie Hesseltine 29Sept
(he was born 26Nov1945)
they had 3 children:
-Christina Lynn born 9July1963
-Craig Wesley born 12July1966 died 14Jan1968 buried Glen Dale Des Moines, IA, died of crib death, she checked on him around one a.m. and he was okay, he was found dead in the morning.
-Richard Harold "Rick" born 12May1971
Dean & Dona divorced, he married Joanne Sloan & they had a son Roy Dean born 17Oct1946 married & divorced Janet Olson
Dean remarried his first wife Donanell Hampshire Shafer Lawson on 3July1970, she was married & her husband had died.
the Lawson children:
-Lovella Jane "Janie" married Art, son Ty
-William Albert
-Daniel Bruce married Cricket, they had 3 sons...Gilbert, ___________-, & ___________
-Randall Mark had three children from his first marriage: Corby, Michelle, Jason
"Randy" married Kallie, she has a daughter Jennie.

Junior Ross Shafer

son of Ross & Amanda
born 19March1924 died 8MArch1972 married the infamous "Aunt Kate" Katherine Darlene Teas who was born 1Jan1927.
-George Ross "Butch" born Jan1945 married July Miller 1964 divorced.
1.George Ross, Jr. "Butchy" bonr 21 June 1964(5)
2.Brian Keith born 28Oct1965(or 3Aug1966)
"Butch" married Evelyn Overton 1969,she had a child by previous marriage, James, who was born 25May1967. Butch &Evelyn divorced 1978. their children were
1.Michelle Lynn "Sissy" born 15Aug1969
2.FLoyd Ross born 8Aug1970 "Fonzie"
3.George Ross born 31Aug1971 "Huey"
4.Jerry Roy Lee born 4Dec1972
5.David Earl born 3Jan1975
Butch married Doris for 2 months, no children
Butch married Carolynn for 30 days, no children
Butch married Judy 1982-6 no children
Butch married Nancy, lasted three & a half months.
-James Lee "Jimmy" born 15Dec1947 married Marcia Ann Olson children by previous marriage are John James born 15(19)MArch1957 & Ronald Clark born 25Dec1959
Jimmy & Marcia had James Lee Jr "Jimbo" born Aug5 1965; Dawn Marie born 3Sept1968(9); & Linda Leanna deceased age one.

Aunt Dona wrote that James Lee Shafer married 9Aug1990 in South Dakota to Cheri. Don't know if she was referring to James Sr or James JR.

William Ray "Bill" born 28Sept1949 married Susan Lowe born 22Oct1949 died early 1980s, no children. his second wife was Becky born 28June 1947 on & 7June1986.

Stephen Craig born 23MArch1954 married PEggy Sue born 12March1958
children are Stephen Craig Jr. "Stevie" born 1Dec1974 & Robert Ross "Robbie" born 19May1977. "they weren't married until after Stevie was born but I can't remember the date, 1975 I think..." Aunt Dona Shafer.

Karen Kay born 23Sept1955 married Frank Howard Ragan born 2Nov1955 on 7Dec1974.
-Frank Howard Jr "Frankie" stillborn 23Feb1975
-Heather & Gerald are children listed in Dollie Gray's history but not in Dona Shafers...
-Kimberly Marie Ragan born 5May1976
-Michael Leroy Ragan born 29July1982
-Tony Eugene Ragan born 21Nov1984
Karen divorced Frank. and married David Lloyd Andrew (born 12May1955) on 3Jan1986

Gerald Wayne Shafer born 28Jan1956 never married, "Gary" birth year also given as 1967

Cindy Lynn Shafer born 5March1964 was married to Tim Pearson and Rodger Gullian but divorced both, all three children born out of wedlock.
-Joshua Edward Shafer born 4Feb1981
-Jennifer Nicole Shafer born 15Jan1983
-Melinda Sue Shafer born 13Dec1985

Roger Dale Axsom

born 30MArch1952 Trenton MO died 12Jan1987 San Jose CA buried Oakhill, CAmarried Delores Jane Bruce 20(28) Aug 1971, they were divorced next year.

Bernard Axsom children

all 4 children were born at Wright Memorial hospital. the three oldest went home to the Johnnie & Daisy Axsom home where Bernard lived, they lived briefly on a rented farm at Modena, then bought a farm in both Princeton & Spickard school districts, which was the only home John knew as a child.

1. Debra Lynn born Dec 8 1964 married Kevin Fred Dailey Sept 28 1983 Mercer United Methodist Church, Mercer MO.
-Koren Marie Dailey born October 8 1985 Decatur Co. Hospital, LeonIA
-Karl Joseph Dailey born March 9 1992 Fairfax Community Hospital, Fairfax, MO
-Katie Scarlett Dailey born November 2 1998 Wayne Co. Hospital, Corydon, IA

2.Lisa Ann born 17Nov1966 married Thomas Heiber Butler 4 June 1994 Belle MO
-Maxwell Oran
_Logan Aaron

3. Brenda Kay born 28MArch1969
has 4 children with her boyfriend Jason Crabb
-Rachelle Kay born 2June1996 at home in Derby IA while the ambulance was on the way.
-Sarah Renae born 12Jan1998 wayne Co Hospital, Corydon, IA
-David Seth
-Jason Brett Maverick
{this is awful...I don't have these dates written down, & I'm not even sure about the baby's name...I know he has 3 names, not sure of the order, though...)

4. John Ross born 9Sept1980

Freeda Haggard

1. Darla Ann born 19June 1960 Trenton Mo married Marc Winegarden 3May1980.
-Trisha Raschel born 18MArch1982 Redding CA, Trisha married Donald, who took her last name, they have 2 children & are expecting another
-Stacia Nichole born 4Sept1983 Redding CA married
-Jennice Marie born 18Nov1992 at home with midwife
-Morgan Elise born 18Oct1994 at home with midwife
2.Mona Carol born 25June1963 Princeton MO married and divorced Randy Boyer, they had twin daughters Connie Rose & Kristen Annborn 4Aug1981.
one of the girls is married & has 2 girls, the other daughter has 1 girl.
Mona married David Wayne Somers 13Aug1988 Anderson, CA, they have a son Cody Ray born 1May1989
3. Jerry Lynn born

Mary Pauline Shafer Axsom

born 20May1922 died 6Dec1992 from lymphoma at her home in San Jose, CA. married 29Aug1939 Alfred Elmer Axsom, who was born 27Dec1913 Andover, MO.
they had 4 children.

1. Mary Jean born 29May1940 at home near Cainsville, MO. married Alvin Warren Beck he died of a heart attack while they were visiting her brother Bernard & Family of rural Modena, MO. 12Nov1973, buried in Kansas City, MO. her second husband was Fred Johnson 25May1976, they are divorced. Aunt Mary had one pregnancy, but no children.

2. Freeda Darlene born 30Dec1941 at home near Cainsville, MO. married Jerry Lee Haggard of Mercer at Trenton MO 6June1959.
-Darla Ann
-Mona Carol
-Jerry Lynn

3. Bernard Charles born 17June1944 at home near Cainsville, MO married Janet MAe Brown 2June1963 at Trenton MO.
-Debra Lynn
-Lisa Ann
-Brenda Kay
-John Ross

4. Roger Dale

William Ralph Shafer

son of Ross & Amanda, born 18Aug1920 died 20Nov1943 US Marine killed in action in WWII buried Fairview Cemetery, near Cainsville, MO.

John Osburn-Amanda Alloway McLure Osburn children

Ida Victoria pronounced "Victory" born 22April1871 died18Aug1904 married Sherman Craig
a. Irene born 10nov1893 buried St Joe MO married Mr Ellis & divorced, they had Charlie & Francis. her 2nd marriage was to Jack Walsh, they had JAck Jr, Patty (deceased) & Betty Jean. she married Earl Seymour, deceased. their children were Gertrude drowned 24June1911; Loyd married his step sister Ruby; Ekner; Durward died infancy

Alcinda Luretta callied Allie when young & Cindy in later years, born 5Sept1874 died 10March1950 buried Freedom Cemetery. married John Melvin Craig, notice the Osburn sisters married the Craig brothers & we have lots of double cousins.
a.Cleo Lional born 7April1895 died 5July1978 buried Glendale Cemetery, Des Moines, IA. I will list the names of the children but I have no way to obtain their birthdates or other information.
-Wilbur Vance
-Bessie Maude, she changed her name to Elsie, she was killed in a car accident 6July1970 buried Weldon IA
-Clifton died infancy buried in Craig lot at Freedom
-Cleo Lavere died 27June1975
-Truman buried Glendale, Des Moines,IA
b. Hallie Inez Pauline Shafer Axsom says her mother told her that she & her sister Hallie didn't have middle names so made up their own, Amanda's was Beatrice, but DID find in March 14 1995 THE MIRROR Middlebury School teachers 1925-1930 Inez Craig!!!
born 6April1898 died 24Sept1960 buried SAn Francisco, CA married Fred Groves (died 29Aug1929 buried Cain Cemetery east of Cainsville, MO)
-Edna May born 25Sept1918 married & divorced Raymond Zimmerman, they had Carol Lee & Raymond Junior, after she moved to California she remarried & had more children. she is buried in Indiana.
-Alelia Pearl born 4Aug1920 died 20May1972
c. Amandaborn23Sept1901 died 25June1988 at Iowa Luthern Hospital, Des Moines, IA, buried Fairview. married Ross Shafer (born 9June1892 died 9June1938 buried Fairview.) they were married 10Oct1919 in Princeton MO. Ross served in France in WWI.
-William Ralph
-Mary Pauline
-Junior Ross Shafer
-Cecil Dean Shafer
-Betty Jean Shafer

Our Family Tree by Dolly Gray

this is a copy of the original handwritten notebook of Dollie Gray in possession of Dona Shafer, Princeton, MO. corrections & additions have been made as necessary.

John & Amanda Oburn lived on a farm three miles northwest of Cainsville, MO. When daughter Alcinda married John Craig, the older folks moved to Princeton, MO & the newlyweds stayed on the farm. Their nine children were born there. In March of 1926, when most of the family was grown, "Pete & Cinda" moved to Saline, MO. In June of that same year a tornado went across the farm and destryoed all the buildings, landmarks, & trees, except one big old cottonwood, just inside of the gate of the EAst Forty. The poor old tree lost all the upper half and was splintered and twisted but it is still growing & so is our Osburn-Craig family. the completion of names & dates have been a "Labor of Love" and is meant only for our family enjoyment. any mistakes are probably due to typographical errors. Don't be mad, just let us know how to correct them!
I have left spaces, whenever possible, for future births, marriages, & deaths. It is now your responsibility to let us know when we are to add a line for someone in your own immediate family. When you are no longer able to keep your book up to date, pass it on to someone who will enjoy doing it for you. My first birthday listed is Great-Grandfather Andrew Craig in 1808. Think what a big book it will be 2008!

Happy Reading-
(signed) Dolly Craig Gray
Dec 25 1970

Craig Andrew born 20Feb1808 NC died 27Dec1876 HArrison Co, MO buried in Craig section at Fairview Cemetery, north of Cainsville,MO. There are nine verses on the tombstone:
"Why do we mourn departed friends
or shake at Death's alarms
It's but the Voise that Jesus sends
To call us to his arms."
[note the spelling of 'voice']
Andrew married Mary Heston 28MArch1981. she was born 3Dec1807 & died 25Dec1876 2 days before Andrew. she is buried beside him.
"Our father and mother are gone
They lay beneath the sod
Dear parents, tho we must mourn
We know you rest with God"
there are 2 more tombstones in the same section
"Ida daughter of E.& C. Craig born MArch 21 1877 aged 4 weeks 3 days"
there is a double stone
"Addie died July 20 1878 age 3 mos 7 days (stone is chipped) Hatfield died Feb 3 1880 aged 2 yrs 9 days"
I have no way to identify either of these.

Ivanson E. Craig born 14Oct1833 Henry Co Indiana. no information on time of death, but there is a grave next to his wife. married Rebeca (born 14Oct1839 died 29Dec1891 at Fairview) It was from Rebeca that we are part Indian, there is a difference in opinon as to how much or what tribe. Anyway, one of our ancestors was already here when the Mayflower landed.

Dad Craig's mom was 3/4 Cherokee Indian.
1.William Emsley (may be the "E" uin Ivanson's name) born 31March1858 died 23April1938 buried in the Craig section at Fairview. married Sarah Ann Johnson (Floyd Frisbies aunt). she was born 8MArch1866 died 14June1948 buried Craig section.
a. William O. died 30Aug1896 aged 1 yr 9 mo buried Craig section
b. Eldridge
c. A boy named Myrtle

John Melvin Craig born 20Aug1862 died 3APril1950 buried Freedom Cemetery, north of Saline, MO. listing of children under Osburn-Craig.

Joseph Craig, no information, only that he never married.

Lydia Craig, she never married & lived her later years with brother John Melvin & family. The children called her "Aunt Lied." she was the "Bean and cornbread lady" died 6Sept1927

Winford Craig born 4July1865 died 5Sept1953 buried Fairview, but not in Craig Section, married Louis McBee (pronounced Lou-eyes Mag-bee) there's a tombstone, but it's worn off.
a. Lottie married Cager Callins
b. Leota married Eddie Willis, they had a son Darrell.
Leota married Clyde Stephens, they had Wilbur & Nina.

Sherman Craig married Ida Victoria Osburn (see listing under Alloway-McLure-Osborn for children)
his 2nd marriage was to Neva, she had children by a previous marriage, it was her daughter Ruby that married his son Floyd.
a. Burnie or Burnice (son)

Roderick Craig, there used to be a tombstone at Freedom for Uncle Rod, now there's nothing left but the foundation. Married Melvina Moreland, buried at Freedom by Uncle Rod, son Pearl, & daughter-in-law Hattie.
a. Pearl "Foxy" born 1886 died 1961
b. Dollie married Harvey Fon
c. Douglas Roy born 20Aug1892 died 18June1970 married Hattie Frisbie (Floyd's sister) b.1899 died 1919 in the flu epidemic. Douglas & Hattie had a son, Fay. Douglas married Sophia Day Willis, she had a daughter, Vivian, by the marriage to Vigil Willis, he was killed by lighting. Douglas & Sophia had sons Dean & Harold.

children of Amanda & John Wesley
Amanda born 10Sept1833 Jennings CO, Indiana died 9Nov1912 Mercer Co MO
John born 11Dec1811 died 6Dan1866
Amanda is buried between her two husbands McLure & Osborn in the Hughes cemetery west of Saline, MO.
Nancy Jane born 6Aug1851 married a Mr Dixon, lived in Colorado. There were several children, but only one lived in Missouri as far as known.
a. Mary Belle Dixon born 1871 died 1957 married Green Elmore (born 1870 died 1952)both are buried at Freedom cemetery.

Mary Elizabethborn 4Dec1852 died 31Oct1942 married Enoch Newton Willis (born 21March1836 died 17Feb1923) both are buried at Hughes cemetery. this information on Aunt Mary & Uncle Enoch's family is not complete as our families have never had a close relationship. I have listed the children we think we remember, this may or may not be correct...
a.Enoch Newton Jr born 5Feb1878 died 12May1943
f.Grover C. born 14Aug1887 died30Jan1915
g.John B. born 15Feb1890 died 4Nov1909(1)

John Wesley Jr.,born 29May1857 died 1947 buried Hughes

Sarah Louisa, born 13Dec1862 she lived her younger years in Alva, OK. later moved to Michigan.
a. Cousin Bess born 5Aug1883 married Harry Mashino & lived in Michigan

Andrew Osburn born Illinois
no info on first wife, Grandpa Osburn told our brother Cleo that his 2nd wife great Grandma Martha died during the covered wagon trip from Illinois to Missouri 1860/1 and is buried somewhere along the trail. children from his first marriage were Ellen OSburn Perks & Charles Wesley Osburn.
According to a letter dated 31 July1866 & rec'd by our grandpa Osburn, Uncle was working for the Atchinson, Topeka, & Sante Fe Railroad at Independence, MO. he indicated in the letter that his father was living with Grandpa at the time. mother told me that her grandpa would sit in the kitchen door &trip her & aunt Ida with his cane if they came running through the house. She didn't remember him very kindly!
children from his second marriage:
a.Mary OSburn Perks (I think the Osburn sisters married the Perks brothers, Aunt Ellen lived in Princeton, and Aunt Mary moved to Alva, OK).
b.John Osburn born 20Aug1850 Springfield Ill. died 22April1934 Alva Ok at the home of his sister. buried Hughes cemetery. married Amanda Alloway McClure, according to the dates hshe was old enough to be grandpa Osburn's mother, she married John McLure the year Grandpa was born). I never knew her, but I remarked to him that she looked so serious and stern in the picture of her that was hanging on the wall. He was nearly 80 years old & grandma had been dead a long time, but there was pure love in his voice when he told me she "Was one of the finest women that ever lived." it was his decision to have her buried by her first husband with the stipulation that he was to be put on the other side of her.

Cleo Lionel Osburn

(in our family, you'll see Osburn, Osburne, Osborn, Osborne...)

Alcinda's son Cleo Lionel Osburn born April 7 1895 Cainsville, MO

Cleo Osburn of Cainsville, under the age of 21 married Myrtle Johnson, Cainsville, who was under age 18. Cinda Craig mother of Cleo Osburn & E.V. Johnson, father of Myrtle Johnson have each given their consent to this marriage.
12 Dec 1915 by WA Boyd

Osburne kids
Wilbur Vance 10/12/1918 6/29/1987
Elsie Maude 10/18/1920 7/6/1970
Clifton Emerson 3/12/1922 3/20/1922
Cleo LaVere 1/14/1923 6/24/1975
Wanda Maxine 1/4/1925
Russell Edward 11/19/1927 8/15/2002
Myrtle Ann 8/30/1930
Omehar Adriane 6/31/1932
Truman Everett 6/22/1934 10-31-1959
Lyle Perry 12-18-1935
Patricia Ann 12-24-1938
Gladys Sharon 9-6-1944

Sept 9 1950 Russell E Osburne of Des Moines & Miss Joyce Sanders of Des Moines IA were married at Fort Des Moines.

talk about spreading your kids! If I have the dates right, she was having kids for over 30 years! someone please correct me if I'm wrong...because I have been wrong once or twice over the years...

Andrew Osborn

{found these notes while looking for missing 4-H paperwork....}

born April 1825 died Aug 12 1901
married Martha Davidson Oct 7 1849 in Macoupin Illinois
she died March 3 1861
their children were John Osborn born Aug 20 1850 & Mary Osborn

Andrew served March 29 1862-discharged Aug 1 1863 Union Army, Civil War
he was a private under Capt. Charles McAffe, E. Company 3 Missouri S.M. Cavalry

Andrew & Martha traveled by covered wagon from Springfield Illinois 1861 with their children. Martha died during this trip and is buried by the side of the road.
After her death Andrew continued to Missouri & settled in Mercer Couny. He met a widow Lavinia Hart & they married. While Andrew served in the Army his kids were with Lavinia. They were married forty years & had eight children.

Andrew was 5'8", dark complexion, dark hair, blue eyes.
In the Battle of Newtonia about 15 Sept 1862 he recieved 2 gunshot wounds: right side of face & temple and left shoulder.
He was a Prisoner of War and left for dead.
town of Pilot Knob Missouri
Volunteer enlist. Andrew J. Osborn
born Franklin Co, Illinois age 18 occupation farmer
31 Aug 1864
pvt. Co L 13 Reg't MO Cav.

{ I am confused...2 Andrews? didn't put any sources on this information...sigh}

Friday, May 15, 2009

How I Got The Job

How I got the job | Koren Dailey, 23
The job: Assistant manager.

The employer: Walgreens in Oak Grove is one of about 60 of the chain’s drugstores in the Kansas City area.

My role: I supervise, train and hire employees. I keep track of the store safe and make sure it balances at the beginning or end of the day, depending on what time I am there. I handle customer questions and complaints, including returns and exchanges. I work with various vendors. I help to keep merchandise stocked and displayed correctly. It’s a basic retail position.

How long have you been in this position?

Since May 2008.

How did you find your job?

I signed up for an interview during a career fair last spring at Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph. One of the store managers from a St. Joseph Walgreens had a sign-up sheet for interviews. I was asked to come in for an interview with him a few days later. Several days after that, I went for a second interview, with a Walgreens store manager at a different St. Joseph location. My third interview was with the district manager in Fairway. She called a few days later and offered me the job.

What helped the most in the job search?

I had more luck at career fairs when I engaged the company representatives in conversation and found out if they had hiring power or not. If they like you but have no say in hiring, it’s pretty well pointless. I also found that no matter what your credentials are, if the company rep seems to be rude/condescending toward you or won’t give you additional information about the job, then don’t bother.

Did you reach a low point in this process?

Not really. I found my job before graduation and had another offer that I declined.

What is your best advice for others in the job search?

Job fairs are a great way to go, but also keep asking around for available jobs. Some great jobs don’t get advertised, so you have to know someone to get a foot in the door. Also, if you’re on a college campus, take advantage of the university career center. It can help with the resume and even advise you on what to wear to interviews and job fairs.

What is your educational background?

I have a bachelor’s degree in personnel psychology from Missouri Western State University (May 2008).

Is there anything else you would like to share related to the job search?

It is no fun trying to find a job, especially now, but if you keep looking and asking around, you can end up finding some interesting jobs. Keep meeting people at companies who can help you. You never know where you’ll meet someone. I was introduced to a human resources representative at my fiance’s company Christmas party last year.

How does this job fit into your long-term career plans?

This has been a good opportunity; a good place to get experience. However, my employer is currently freezing promotion opportunities, and the weird hours aren’t conducive to making any plans, or, in the future, to having kids.

| Sue Dye Babson, special to The Star

Posted on Sat, May. 09, 2009 10:15 PM

Koren Dailey in the Kansas City Star

check it out!

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KJ Dailey Goes to Prom

as a junior at North Mercer R-III High School,KJ got to help decorate, plan, & tear down the prom. this is his date, the lovely Kodi Ellis, a classmate from the first day of preschool.

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Potwin, continued...

church records death/marriage
p.125 Elmer Hall & Sallie Maxwell (died 1930) maried Nov 28 1885 Kinney Residence, Rev JW Kinney
p.127 James Edwin Smith died Dec 2 1956 & Della Moss died July 1939
married Dec 4 1898 Moss home, Potwin KS, Rev. B.H. Hobbs
p.128 James Hugh Higdon died April 22 1943 & Nellie Holmes died Dec 26 1948
married March 4 1900 Glasscock Home, Gallatin, MO
p.130 James Wesley Orton died Oct 7 1953 & Emily Phyllis Higdon died Dec 28 1962 married Feb 14 1903 Higdon Home, Bethany, MO by Rev.J.H. Stark
p.142 Harold Frerking married Mary A Higdon May 26 1926 at the Higdon Home, Whitewater, KS, Rev. JH Higdon
p.135 Arthur Milton McLain married HAzel Maxwell (died Jan 12 1919) Oct 29 1914 Brides Home, Rev JH Higdon
p.136 Will Lewis married Vera Maxwell Jan 10 1917 in a double ceremony with her sister Vida Maxwell & Ray I Moore at the Maxwell Home, Rev JH Higdon
p.138 John Wene married Fern Maxwell (died 1925) June 21 1919 Maxwell home, Rev JH Higdon
p.142 Hobart Higdon died Dec 18 1959 married Stella Shannon Feb 14 1927 Presb. Church, Chaney, KS Rev Ed. Murray Clark
p.144 Jess Hill married Carrie Higdon (died Dec 22 1966) May 4 1930 Higdon Home, Potwin, KS, Rev JH Higdon
p.145 Francis R.Orton married Bernice Cousins (died July 21 1962) June 25 1933 Augusta KS Rev JH Higdon
p.145 Philip Higdon married Maggie Doyle June 1 1933 Doyle Home, Douglas, Methodist minister

during my reading I compiled these statistics:
according to the Church Records in this book, Rev JH Higdon performed 46 weddings between 1912-1942, 9 of these were at his home, the locations were Whitewater, Potwin, El Dorado, Burns, Towanda, Augusta, & Brainerd Kansas, many at the home of the bride or groom.

p.149 Hobart Orton married Hazel Buffum Nov 2 1939 Frank Orton Residence, Rev JH Higdon
p.156 Doyle Arthur Higdon died Aug 13 1954
Courtney Oldham & Norma Jean Orton married Dec 181954 University Methodist, Wichita, KS by Rev Loyal Mills
p.157Jimmie Gene Ratts married Martha Jane Orton May 4 1956 Frank Orton Home, Rev. Clinton Thomas
p.158 Bennie L Yount married Karen Jane Smith Aug 23 1959 Bivins Chapel, Phillips University, Enid, OK Rev. LeRoy Hay
p.160 John Francis Orton married Martha Jane Templeton May 28 1964 Potwin Christian Church by Rev. Ernest Leierer

Potwin Christian Church continued...

LifeLines For Christ 4th & 5th Generations:
I. Jacob & Flora Jones Moss
II. Della Moss Smith
III. Kenneth H. Smith
IV. Karen Smith Yount

p.76 officers 1969-1970 Warren McLain was an Elder & Chairman of the Board
p.77 Deaconesses Emeritus Elsie Smith
pianist Sandi Smith
church historian Elsie Smith

ministers...J.H. Higdon

roll of members:
Oct 6 1895 Della Moss Smith confession & baptism
MArch 6 1898 Ada McLain confession & baptism
Sept 4 1901 L.C. Smith, Mrs. L.C. Smith, W.T. Smith by letter
Oct 1906 J.H. Higdon, Mrs J.H. (Nellie)Higdon by statement
Sept 1912 Elsie Higdon Smith confession & baptism
Jan 1914 Philip Higdon, Carrie (Hill) Higdon confession & baptism
Aug 2 1914 Vera Maxwell Lewis, Vida Maxwell Moore, Hazel Maxwell McLain, Fern Maxwell Wene
Nov 28 1915 Mary Higdon Frerking confession & baptism
Feb 1917 Kenneth Smith confession & baptism
Jan 21 1917 Mrs Della Smith statement, El Dorado
Feb 1917 Etna Maxwell statement
Feb 1917 Hobart Higdon statement
Nov 1919 J.W.Orton, Mrs. JW (Emma) Orton, Frank Orton statements
May 25 1947 Norma Jean Orton Oldham, Phyllis Ann Higdon, Alberta Sue Higdon Leabo, Karen Jane Smith Yount, confession & baptism
April 29 1949 Martha Orton Ratts confession & baptism
Dec 12 1954 John Orton confession & baptism
April 22 1962 Sandra Sue Smith confession & baptism
Oct 24 1937 Mrs Warren (Doris) McLain confession & baptism
May 22 1949 David McLain confession & baptism
April 14 1968 Mrs John (Mary Jane) Orton confession & baptism

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a handwritten note in the Potwin Church book

in my grandmother Grace Brown's handwriting.

Wionia MO. Aunt Grace, Uncle Dick, & grandparents Rt 19 to Christian Church. first road south of Christian Church-east to cemetery road-first cemetery road to right, turnnext to the left to a 4 way road. There by this intersection on the south is where they are buried. Joe 1879-1951, Belle 1882-no date

Birchtree MO Oak Forest Cemetery go by old schoolhouse south of town. there is four sections-there in northeast section-Lemons & Higdons.

this is written on the back of a map for Alley Spring, Ozark National Scenic Riverways

Potwin Christian Church A History by Elsie Higdon Smith 1969

cursive written inside in dark ink:
To Grace Brown I thought you might like to track down a few of your relatives in this book I compiled for the 75th Anniversary of the Potwin Christian Church in 1970. Your cousin Elsie Higdon Smith
below, also written in cursive with dark ink in my Grandmother Grace Brown's handwriting:
This is Uncle Hugh Higdons daughter. That is my Mothers, Brothers, oldest daughter.

copyrifgt by Elsie Higdon Smith
Library of Congress Catalog No. 78-99962
Printed in U.S.A. by The Mennonite Press
North Newton, Kansas

when Grandma moved into Sunnyview Nursing Home, my mom & aunts had to go through her things & clean her house out to sell. I got possession of this book. I am going to list the family members I know belong to us, and also the ones I think belong to us. Keep in mind how good my memory is...and away we go.

Elsie wrote a foreword expressing thanks for help compiling information and gives a history of their area of Kansas.

p.18 Dedication of the Potwin Christian Church
Since the dedication of the new Potwin Christian Church on Sunday April 28 1918 there have been 3 observances of the founding of the church:
50 years Oct 7 1945
55 years July 23 1952
70 years Nov 7 1965

program OCt 7 1945
Devotionals Mrs. Nellie Higdon
Litany Mrs. Nellie Higdon
Elders K.H. Smith, Philip Higdon, Frank Orton
Trustee Frank Smith
Devotions for the Services of the 50th Anniversary of the Potwin Christian Church Nellie Holmes Higdon
The occasion of our gathering today to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Christian Church of Potwin, should have a reverent scripture lesson. So I wondered just what to choose. It should be something that would express the earnest desire of the founders of the church, and of the members all along, that took up the Christian work.
I can recall when we first came to this community, years ago, that we found a very sincere group of members, anxious to do their very best to build up the church in a devoted, consecrted way as the Christ would wish to be done.
So they gave their talents; and there were many talented personalities included in this membership, and others that came in to help Christ's cause.
We have only to remember the lives of many that have been brought up in this congregation that are giving consecrated Christian service wherever they hav gone in their various walks of life. Among the best of them, were the children of those first families that started the church...
While down in the audience were seated those faithful members, backing the services with their prayers. Among those, with their families...the Smiths, the Maxwells...
Having enjoyed this work with the people here, I can speak knowingly, that they strove to be neighborly and kind at all times...

p.26 The pastor who served the greatest number of years,not only as a church builder, but also a community builder, was the late J.H. Higdon. He began his ministry in 1912 and continued until after the erection and dedication of this building in 1917-1918.

p.27 Program Sunday July 23 1950 piano prelude Miss Norma Orton

p.29 Program Sunday Nov 7 1965 Quartet including Mary Jane & John Orton
sermon by Mrs. Karen Smith Yount

p.30 poem The Potwin Christian Church by Mary Higdon Freking
this is a 2 1/4 page poem!
"In the year Nineteen Twelve, a faithful member and worker,
Being summoned, so it seemed, by God's holy voice,
Accepted this challange; thus it was James Hugh Higdon
Was ordained as a minister, to serve the Church of his choice."

p.35 From the time of the beginning of the Christian Churches, two basic institutions have been followed-the weekly observance of Holy Communion and baptism by immersion.
The Communion service has been served by the men who are deacons and elders of the church, while women as deaconesses prepared the emblems. In the early years this meant home preparation of the emblems. Just a few of the loyal women who served in that capacity...Mrs. Bernice Orton.

p.37 four persons have been ordained in the Christian Ministry, the first was J.H.Higdon who had come to Potwin as a teacher in 1905. When the church was without a minister in 1911,he took charge of the services and members of the congregation urged him to enter the ministry. He was ordained in August 1912 with the Rev. W.T. McLain of Wichita leading with the help of the elders of teh church.
Two recent ordinations were fourth generation members of Life Lines for Christ in Potwin Christian Church and great grandchildren of Philip Smith, a member of the Evangelical faith which shared services with Potwin Christian Church for a few years.
Karen Smith Yount was ordained on the anniversary of the founding of the church on July 21 1963.
Clyde Markee was ordained in a service held at University Place Christian Church, Enid OK Dec 10 1967.
Potwin Christian Church added encouragement to both Karen & Clyde in assistance at various times during their education. A special gift was give Karen when she had the privilige of being on the National Youth Tour of the Caribbean in 1855. Special help was given Clyde on enrollment fees when he was a student at Phillips University & during an extensive illness and hospitalization in Enid.

p.39 J.H. Higdon conducted funeral services for 2 men struck & killed by a train on icy roads, Jan 1937.

pp.40-1 Warren McLain has served as chairman of the board of the church from 1968-1970. Both Warren & wife Doris are from early Kansas stock, and both lost their mothers in the severe winter of 1918-1919 in the terrible influenza epidemic.
Warrens grandparents the Maxwells came to Fairview Township in 1872. J. Warren McLain was an early businessman in the community. Warren's mother, Hazel Maxwell, was one of the four Maxwell sisters (Hazel plus Vera and Vida, the twins, and Fern) who united with the church in the McPherson tent meeting held just north of the Harry Coats home in the summerof 1914 as did his father Arthur McLain.
Hazel Maxwell & Arthur McLain were married OCtober 1914, they had two children, Warren, and Mary Louise, now Mrs. Virgil Whiteside.
at the time of Hazel's death Jan 1919 Warren was 3 1/2 & Mary Louise was 22 months. the children went to live with the grandparents, Guy & Mary Gamble Maxwell.
Doris McLain was a member of the Kimberlin adn Nellan's families, both early KS families. The Kimberlins had a Catholic background when they came to KS but her grandparnets, John & Minnie Vann Kimberlin, united with Potwin Christian Church as did several others of the Kimberlin family who lived NE of Potwin.
Delta Nellans Kimberlin, mother of Doris, was raised on the Nellan's farm in the Elbin community; it was a welcome place for everyone and for a time was the location of the Nellan's post office.
at the death of Delta Nellans Kimberlin Oct 1918 Doris made her home with her grandmother, Mrs John (Minnie Vann) Kimberlin,until her marriage to Warren McLain in 1934.
Warren & Doris with their son David have played an active part in the Potwin Christian Church, filling various offices most ably.

picture section fall 1918 J.H. Higdon minister picture.
Easter 1950 choir picture...Bernice Orton, Norma Orton, Elsie Smith accompaniest,
1950 womens' workday picture...Mrs. Orton, John Orton

p.52 Guy & Effie Fresh sold their dairy farm just east of Potwin to Philip Higdon.

p.56 Kenneth Smith accepted Christ in the Early meeting when he was a freshman in high school. he served as a Sunday School teacher, deacon in the church, & a member of the choir. he married Elsie Higdon May 28 1936 at Emporia, KS. he was a grocer for many years.
Kenneth & Elsie had one daughter Karen Jane, who made her confession and was baptized shortly after her father's death in 1947. when her mother became associated with the United Christian Missionary Society as a secretary at Hazel Green Academy in KY, Karen entered the Academy & graduated with honors in 1956. She attended Phillips University and graduated in 1960. she was ordained to the ministry in the Potwin Christian Church July 21 1963. she is the wife of Bennie L. Yount who is a minister.

this is as far as I have be continued....

Decorating Graves 2008

Katie & I always try to decorate graves for Memorial Day, we decorate Dottie Higdon's grave @ Springer Chapel & family graves at Cat Creek, both near Brimson, MO. we usually decorate the baby & children graves, but sometimes she wants to decorate adult graves as well. My great Aunt Minerva decorates family graves as well. Our family gave the land for Cat Creek Cemetery.

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a letter from Josie Johnson to Manda Shafer 1923(8)

this cursive letter is written on small lined tablet paper in pencil. very hard to read, as the words are faded. I'll try to transcribe with original spelling, puncuation, & capitalization as best as I can...any mistakes of course belonging to me. here goes.

Moore, Okla.
May 27. 1923.

My Dear Niece, and (can't read). I will answer your most welcome letter receivied a short time ago.
I was glad to hear you was all well. We are well and having lots of work to do. We have been (can't read) here and crops are getting awful weedy. it is warm today. it is the hottest day we have had this spring. we have lots of new potatoes and peas.
My son, Kid and the children came over and made us a little visit last week. they staid 4 days. wehad a very nice time but it was a little sad too. they was on thir way to Idahoe. don't know when I will ever see them again. they went through in a car. Well Manda you asked what I was doing. just anything that comes handy. Lou works in the field quite a bit so I work around the house and run with the chickens. Roy has in a big crop and it rained so much that he is behind with his crop so Lou is trying to help him catch up. we had some pictures taken when the kids was here but we had to send them off to have them finished up. it will be some time before we get them, but how is all the rest of the folks getting along? how are Boyds folks? she didn't answer my letter. say I sure would like to see Ralph in overalls and that little Pauline trying to walk. I guess Ross is farming some. tell all the folks Hello fro me. I wish I could see you all. but I can't unless you come down to Iklahoma some time. I don't want any more of that cold country upthere. Well Manda dont work to hard this summer. take good care of your selves and them 2 sweet little kids. I will close. Write soon. and tell me all the news. love to Manda Ross and the kids. from your aunt Josie Johnson.

{deb note: the year at top of letter could be 1928. at the bottom of the letter in ink, and different handwriting is "George Shafers sister"}

WIlliam "Billy" McGinty

rec'd from aunt mary, this is a copy, hard to read.

1.Josephine Shafer was born ca.1855 in Joplin, MO & died ca.1924 in Norman, OK. she married Robert Dunkard McGinty ca.1868 in Webb City MO, so of John I. McGinty & Mary Doyle. He was born 10 Nov 1839 in Indiana, died 7 March 1898 in Stillwater, Payne County, OK.

children of Josephine Shafer & Robert Dunkard McGinty are:
Derucious Gillilland McGinty born 20Kam1881 in Cowley Co, KS died 29Oct1963 in Douglas Co,OR. he marrired Mary Ellen Walcher 18April1904 in Day Co, OK daughter of Michael Luther & Elisabeth "Betty" Weeden. she was born april 1883 in Irving, Montgomery, Illinois, &died 12Nov1918 in Arnett Ward 3, Ellis, OK. she was buried 1918 in Arnett, OK.

children of Derucious Gillilland McGinty & Mary Ellen Walcher are
#1. Erma Day McGinty born 18July1905 in Cross Sabre Ranch, Day Co(now Ellis Co)
OK, died 23April1992 in Douglas, OR. she married Oscar Brander 1924 in
San Bernardino, Ca. he was born unknown, and died unknown.
#2. Chester Robert McGinty was born 23Nov1907 in RS Ranch, Day CO, OK, died
11Feb2001 in Bakersfield, Kern Co, CA. married Marie L. Gang 1926 in
San Bernardino, Ca.
she was born about 1910

letter from aunt mary

she sent a picture of Jannette Masters. I'm having scanner problems, will get the picture on later (hopefully...)

"In Mom's diary she mentions family going to see Aunt Dell, who was ill. I think she mentions Aunt Dell dying. I thought the Aunt Dell she was referring to was her Uncle Jake Oxford's wife. She wrote that Punk & Opal Oxford had been there, too. I can't recall Punk's given name, he is buried at Zoar Cemetery, Cainsville, MO. He is Jake & Dell's son. Aunt Alma (Oxford) Axson married Gilbert Boyd was their daughter. {deb is confused here...} I remember Mom hearing Mom say, "Aunt Dell Oxford" but never a Dell Shafer.

My writing teacher told me that if someone had been in prison, penal records can be checked. Perhaps someone has already done this. It needs to be done to be factual (Rather than rumor) if true.

Virgina found out a few years ago that a Boyd was the first person to be hanged in Cass Co., MO.

Eva (Shafer) Mathes lived with her paternal grandparents George A. & Rosa Shafer from around age 5 to age 11. There were rumors of molestation by a family member in the home & threats against Eva if she talked, but a kind teacher could see Eva was troubled & got Eva to talk, the teacher went to Eva's mother Edna, Edna brought Eva home with her. Eva's son said she went to the molesters' gravesite as an adult, prayed, & finally found peace.

Darla's daughter Trisha is expecting, due early December. Her oldest turned 6 in March.

Aunt Josie Shafer Johnson married a McGinty & they had children.

Catherine Ann "Cathy" Avril Stephens husband died, per a letter from Aunt Mickey...."

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Gertrude Crofford Doze vs. Peter Doze

The Leon Reporter
Leon, Decatur County, Iowa
Thursday, December 12, 1901


This is a case of December and May, the honeymoon terminating in just one month from the date of their marriage. The parties were married at St. Joe., Mo., on Sept. 11, 1901, and lived together as man and wife until Oct. 12, 1901. The marriage created considerable comment at the time as the groom was 77 years old and the bride, 19 years. The plaintiff in her petition alleges the marriage was illegal, and at the time she supposed the defendant was legally capable of entering into a marriage contract. That at the time of said marriage, the defendant, Peter DOZE, was impotent, which fact was unknown to the defendant. That prior to making said marriage contract he represented to her he was worth $50,000 and since said marriage he has stated to her that he was not worth to exceed $5,000, but she is informed he has money and notes to the value of $8,000 to $10,000, and the only real estate he owns is a claim in Oklahoma worth $500. She asks for a writ of attachment to restrain him from disposing his property, and that she be granted a divorce and temporary alimony in the sum of $500, and permanent alimony in the sum of $3,000. V.R. McGINNIS attorney for plaintiff.

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new Shafer info

Aunt Mary & Virginia had a compute session & discovered/rediscovered some info about the Shafer family. these are my notes from a phone conversation with Aunt Mary...

George Washington Shafer's sister Josie Shafer Johnson "Josie" lived in Oklahoma. she was born in Joplin MO 1855, died 1924 Norman OK
married Robert McGinty
(son?) William Billy McGinty

George Washington Shafer's father was born in Prussia. they found him on a Joplin/Carthage (Montieau County) MO census 1860, age 25, born in Germany. married Eliza, born in Prussia.

George Washington Shafer was one of 5 children, the oldest child in the family was born in Prussia, the rest born in Missouri.
George, Josephine, Mary, Methi....(can't read)
some of the Shafer family went to Oregon.

son or grandson Roy, married Louise "Lou"

Bryant Coat Of Arms

Thomas Bryant granted Bryant coat of arms by the English govt. in 1634. The American flag decorations indicated the coat of arms is for the American Bryants. Badge of the Daughters of the Revolution is used because Mrs Nan Bryant Foster is a descendent of John Bryant-Revolutionary War Soldier. Badge of the Grand River Army Republic used because her father was a Union soldier in the Civil War. Star, crescent, moon, and chevron belong to all Bryants as honorary momentoes of Great achievements in the Crusade Wars (etc.)

Some Background
Bryants held high positions in armies of William the Conqueror. They were prominent in the Wars of France, defense of their churchbrethren, under King Henry II of France, and that is why the lion and the fluer de lip is in their coat of arms. None were entitled to the crest except the family of King Henry II, descendents of his families, and those who rec'd highest honors for greet deeds of honor in King Henry's army (etc.)
After the American Revolution, Bryants went west and crossed the Alleganies and stopped a long time at the old stone fort up the Mongahela River, above Pittsburg, where with 300 others they built family flat boats and floated down the Ohio River. In Kentucky they stopped at Byrant's Fort which they often had to defend against Indian attacks.
After living in Kentucky for a long time, the Bryants moved to Indiana, where they owned farms. In 1855 they moved to Missouri and Jonathan M. Bryant to Harrison County.

Virginia Marriage Records

John Bryant-Milley Fargusen Nov 13 1794 Halifax Co.VA
John Bryant-Kitty Fargusen Nov 13 1794 Halifax Co VA
Silas Bryant-Janette Blount Nov 27 1807 Chesterfield county

Abstract North Carolina Wills

James Bryant
Bertie Precinct
March 11 1731
sons William Bryant, James Bryant, Thomas Bryant, John Dew, Richard Brasewell, Matthew Telsa

John Bryant
Edgewater County
Sept 14 1734
May Court 1735
wife Elizabeth
sons William Bryant, Arthur Bryant, David Hopper

Commander Bryant
Edgecomb county
Sept 21 1749
Feb court 1749
sons Joseph Bryant, William Bryant
daughters Patience Bryant, Sarah Myhand
grandson James McDaniel

Virginia 1790 Powhatten County Census

James Bryant SR 2 white 2 black
James Bryant JR 9 white 18 black
-some claim James Bryant JR was born in England, he was born in Plymouth

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James G. Bryant

James G. Bryant born Feb 19 1829 died Aug 1 1870 41y5m11d Antioch Cemetery, married Mary L. Butcher (died June 29 1906 77y11m23d buried Antioch)

p. 298 "In March 1871 J.G. Bryant of White Oak Township, was killed by the falling of a tree."
they had 11 children, but only 3 lived to maturity. (this poor couple...)
1.Joe A. Bryant Feb 18 1854-Jan 8 1877 22y11m10d married Sarah J. Lewis Jan 7 1877
(found the marriage in HARRISON COUNTY MARRIAGE RECORDS A-DD 1845-1880
2.Jonathan D. Bryant born Jan 24 1858, married __________________ Oct 24 1878...didn't find in Harrison County Marriage Records...
3.Melissa Bryant born Sept 30 1862 married William Howery Sept 10 1886

Howery William W. born March 1857VA age 43 married 14y 'farmer'
Melissa J. wife born Sept 1862 Indiana age 37 7 living children
William D. son born Aug 1891 Mo age 8
James E. son born Dec 1887 Moi age 12 'farm labor'
Joe A. son born Aug 1893 MO age 4
Sarah E. daughter born Jan 1896 MO age 2
Carrie M. daughter born Dec 1897 age 2y
David E. son born Oct 1898 age 7 month
Bryant, Mary L. mother-in-law born July 1828 Indiana 12 children, 3 living
age 72 'widowed'

found these 2 children in Meriam Cemetery, Bethany, MO could these be J.G.'s children?
Alexander H. Bryant 1857-1858
Mary L. Bryant 1867-1869

Thomas Wilson Bryant


Thomas Wilson Bryant, and Elizabeth J. (White) and their son William A. (born near Ravanna, MO June 19 1853

W. Presley Bryant


W. Presley Bryant born Keokuk county, IL Dec 1 1849 son of Edmund Bryant

Anna Robinson Bryant's Father & Grandfather

George Robinson of English descent, a native of KY. He died on a trip to New Orleans in 1853. His parents were early settlers of KY, whiter they moved from VA about 1790. George was a tanner until 3-4 years before his death. He married Clarrissa Holladay, native of KY, died shortly after the birth of William P., who was the only child. He married Sarah Mountjoy who died about 1835 by whom he had Mary A. (Mrs. Dr. J.E. White Craft County, KS); Eliza J. deceased wife of late Alfred Williams of Boone County,MO; and Sarah A. (Mrs. Samuel Herman of McPhearson County KS.)
Col. W.P. Robinson wa born feb 20 1826 in Carlisle, Nicholas Co., KY. he fought in the Mexican War and was wounded at Shiloh April 6 1862 during the Civil War. He was raised by his maternal uncle 3 years after his mother's death and again after the death of his step-mother. He immigrated fall of 1854 with his family to Washington County, IA. In Spring 1856 came to Harrison County, MO, farmed & taught until the War broke out in 1861. He moved his family to Sangamon county, IL while he fought. Spring of 1867 returned with his family to Harrison CO. Learned the tanners trade while young, conducted "Harrison County Press" a weekly paper about 6 months, was a Deputy County Clerk, probate judge, & county clerk.

Robinson William P. Col of 23rd Reg of Inf Mo Vol...enrolled 7 June 1862. Discharged 22 Sept 1865 at Atlanta GA by reason of expiration of service, born Carlisle, KY, 38 years of age, 5 foot 9 inches high, fair complexion, hazel eyes, dark hair, farmer, recorded Oct 12 1898.

Col. W.P. Robinson married Rachel Sims of Nicholaus County, KY Aug 31 1848. she died June 5 1865.
1.Clarissa deceased
2.Mary R. marired Charles W. Barber, KS
3.Fannie married John L. Grenewalt
4.Lucinda married Frank Simmons, IL
5.George of KS
6.Thomas-twin who died in infancy
7.Robert-twin who died in infancy
8.Anna married Joseph Bryant
9.Elizabeth married George R. Williams, KS
10.William H. of KS
11. Charles died in infancy

Col. W.P. Robinson married Sarah E. Kendall of Cinnicinnati, OH
1.Edgar P. deceased
2.Jessie married William O. Selby
4.Harry P.
5.Louis P.

William P. Robinson, born Feb 20 1826 died in Manhatten KS Monday June 20 1904 aged 74y4m. Funeral services will be held at the Christian Church, Bethany, MO Thursday June 23 1904 at 2:30 o'clock p.m. conducted by Eld. M.M. Goode of St Joe, assisted by Rev. W.J.Willis and Rev. J.B. Youngblood with prayer by Eld. R.W.York. burial Meriam Cemetery.


I make lots of mistakes...typos, dates, etc. some of my genealogy info is so garbled from my constant revisions & 'improved' methods of record keeping...please let me know when you find a mistake or have a question!



Stephen Ora Bryant

born Feb 1876 died 1927 Meriam Cemetery, married Madge

1900 Harrison County MO Census Bethany Twp.
Ora Bryant born Feb 1876 MO married 0 years, age 21 'farmer'
Madge Bryant, wife, born Feb 1879 MO

census information was only as good as the census taker and the person supplying the information...but I always record them.

Judge John B Bryant

born Bethany 1870 died 1943 buried Meriam cemetery. married 1890 Carrie E. Howell (1873-1951 Meriam Cemetery). he farmed in Cypress township, 5 years in the grocery business, county judge 1904-8, 377 acre farm.
1. Marie Bryant married Ray Webb of St Louis
2. Helen Bryant 1921 graduate of Bethany High School

Harrison County MO 1900 Census
John B. Bryant b. Aug 1870 MO age 29 married 8y
Carrie Bryant wife born Nov 1872 MO age 27 2 children, 1 living
Marie Bryant daughter born Nov 1894 MO

Joseph Fawcett Bryant

born Jan 21 1841 Bartholemew county, Indiana died Jan 16 1917 age 75y11m25d at his home, Bethany, MO. he attended private schools in Indiana, he was about 10 when his parents came to Harrison County, MO. he rec'd his education at Edinburgh college, walking from there to Bethany and walking back after semester. Taught school the winter he was 17, with his limbs gnarled by pain & disease & with an organic digestive disorder, he kept on regardless of these handicaps, became a lawyer and the time of his death, was the richest man in Harrison County. Held county offices 9-10 years. married Rhoda Manus (Morris, Manus, Minnis) July 2 1866, she immigrated with her sister from Ireland and was a native of Illinois. died 1877.
1.John B. born 1870 Bethany, MO died 1943 Meriam Cemetery
2.Pauline married R.N. Martin of Alton,KS
3.Joseph F. Jr.
4.William P.
5.Elsie, a 1910 graduate of Bethany High School, married Harry Endsley of Omaha
6.George W., 1915 Bethany High School graduate
7.Bertram, a 1917 Bethany High School graduate
8.Howell a 1919 Bethany High School graduate
9.Stephen Ora Feb 1876-1927 Meriam Cemetery, married Madge.

1860 Harrison county MO Census Bethany Twp.
Bryant Stephen 47y
Lucinda 44y born VA
Joseph F. 19y born Indiana
Mary 14y born IL
Eliza 12y born Indiana
William S. 9y born KY
Luther 6y born MO

1880 Harrison County MO census
Bryant JF age 39 probate judge born Indiana, father born KY, mother born KY
Anna wife age 22 born MO, parents born in KY
John son age 9 born MO, father born Indiana, mother born IL
Cora F. dau age 7 born Mo, father born Indiana, mother born IL
Ora age 4 son born MO, father born Indiana, mother born IL
Pauline age 9 months dau. born MO father born Indiana, mother born MO

1900 Harrison County MO Census City of Bethany
Bryant Joseph F. born Jan 1841 Indiana, married 22y, 'capitalist', age 59
Anna wife born June 1858 Mo age 41
Pauline dau. born Aug 1879 'at school' age 20
Elizabeth da. born April 1881 Mo 'at school' age 19
Joseph F. born March 1883 MO son 'at school' age 17
William P. son born Dec 1885 MO 'at school' age 14

Direct Descendants of Thomas Bryant

Steven Bryant JR married Sarah Shell, a descendant of John Alden, Pilgrim Father. Their son James Bryant SR born Plymouth Rock 1680 & moved to Manikentown, VA.

James Bryant SR married Elizabeth Lafver.
1.James JR
2.Isaac wounded at Guilford Court House, Revolutionary War
6.Martha Ann
James Bryant SR married Clara Tradue, widow of Anthony, their only child, Thomas, was killed at Guilford Court House, 1779-Revolutionary War. He was a lieutenant.

James Bryant JR married Jane Guerrant, June 11, 1758 Maniketown County.
2.William G.
married Jane Forsee

James Bryant JR & W.G. Bryant were privates in Battle of Guilford, Revolutionary War.

Stephen Bryant born Garrad County,KY Oct 1 1811 died 1789 Harrison County, MO. married Elizabeth Hancock born Mercer Co, KY about 1820m dued 1787-2 Harrison County, MO.
1.William Scott died in Oklahoma
2.Martin Luther 1854-1881 Meriam Cemetery, Bethany, MO married Edith Whitacher
March 2 1875. From Bethany Republican Jan 8 1874 "about 11p.m. last night
fire discovered in court house by Scott & Luther Bryant.
3.Jane married John Endsley of Harrison Co, MO
4.Mary C. married T.F. Walton of Harrison Co, MO Oct 16 1874. she was a native
of Clayton Co, IL. Thomas born Montgomery County, Indiana June 19 1843 son of
David R. (March 30 1818 Ohio birthdate) & Christine Walter born March 30 1817 in
Ohio. He had been married to Jennie Bumgardner, daughter of David, who died Jan 10 1874 Harrison County. They were married Sept 17 1868 in Warren County, Indiana.
he farmed in Warren Co, Indiana until March 1873 when he bought a place in
Harrison County.

Harrison County MO Marriage Records
Thomas Walton-Mary O. Bryant Nov 20 1874

T.F. Walton & Jennie Bumgarden Walton children:
1.Eva A. married James Kelley
2.Warren D.
3.Louie C.
Thomas Walton & Mary O. Bryant Children:1.Ella

His father died July 1880, settled in Montgomery county, Indiana, in 1839 and married in October, enlisted 51st Illinois Infantry. Discharged after one & a half years of service for disability and returned home. 1870 came to Harrison County & lived in Butler Co. until his death.


Thomas & William Flint, father & son, arrived at Salem, Mass. straight from England in 1640. The son's children were Joseph, John, Abigail, & Ann. One of the sons married a Bryant from Plymouth.

Nancy Amy Bryant

was born May 27 1849, Dec. 24 1865 married W.T. Foster. they were married about 6 months after he returned from the Civil War. They met in 1860 when she was between eleven and twelve and he was a little past twenty. she was a regular student where he taught school. "Excepting her grey eyes, she is as near her father, mentally and physically, as a woman can be like a man..." quote W.T.Foster.
1.Loren Mae Foster born Oct 28 1866 Salem MO died March 21 1893.
Loren married T.J. Wyatt April 24 1892. he was born Feb 24 1862 Schuyler Co, MO
a. Nan R. Wyatt born March 3 1893 took the place of her mother
in the Foster family.
2.Gilly Ione Foster born Sept 11 1868 Daviess County, MO married W.H.Westfall
aug 20 1890
a. Cora Bliss Westfall born July 21 1892 St Joe MO
b. Bessie Westfall born May 25 1898 Randolph County, MO
3.Lula E. Foster born Aug 1 1871 Gallatin, MO married W.G. Beck of Portland, OR.
they had no children.
4.Dick Barnett Foster born Dec 2 1873 Bethany MO married Cora B. Evans June 19 1892
a. Donald B. Foster born Sept 1893 married Lenora Layton of KS
5.Charles Edgar Foster born Feb 20 1878 Chillicothe, MO married Anna Semnes
of St Joe, MO March 6 1899
a. Jane R. Foster Dec 21 1909-Dec 7 1912
b. Charles E. Foster Jr. born Feb 23 1903
6.Ned W. Foster born Dec 19 1880 Chillicothe, MO married Leona Pearl O'Neil
of St. Joe MO.
a. Margaret Wayne Foster born March 10 1904 St Joe MO
7.Ida Grace Foster born Dec 3 1886 Burlington IA died Feb 18 1899
buried Antioch Cemetery
8.Ralph D. Foster born April 25 1893 St Joe MO

by looking at the birthplaces of their children, W.T. & Nan moved a lot...Salem; Daviess County; Gallatin; Bethany; Chillicothe; & St Joe MO & Burlington,IA.

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Mary Alice Bryant

born April 29 1859 Harrison County, MO, died Sept 16 1934 aged 75y4m17d Winona, MO. married Feb 4 1875 to Philip Higdon. He died Jan 8 1907. she married Nov 21 1916 J.H.McMican. he died Oct. 29 [30] 1925. she was 15 when she married Philip, had her first child at 16 [her 17th birthday was t months away]. she was a grandmother at 36 and a great grandmother at 55. familiarly known as "Mrs. Mc" and "Mother Mac." member of the Christian Church 50 years. took pride in the fact that she was related to the famous William Cullen Bryant. "The community has lost one of its...most beautiful characters." [Rev. L.R. Norton in her obituary]
children listed under Bryant-Higdon.

Samuel A. Bryant

born June 13 1854 Indiana married Sally A. "Sarah" Reynolds June 20th 1875.
1. Elsie J.
2. Bessie B.

Elsie married William L. (I.) Beliew Feb 4 1897 he died June 28 1900. her second marriage was to John Bailey.

Bessie 1869-1954 Meriam Cemetery, Bethany MO married Fred A.Bartlet Dec 2 1893.
1. Iona born Dec 28 1895 married Paul Blakely
2. Leila married Cady R. Hook March 25 1907
a. William Bryant Hook born March 23 1925
3. George born Feb 16 1889 died Dec 8 1902