Monday, February 29, 2016

mom bought her sister Kay's sewing box at her auction.

it makes her sad to have it in the house, so I took it. inside is a collection of started projects, patterns, bead, buttons, yarn, crochet hooks. and this pill bottle of Grandpa Vermals (they spelled it Vernal) from 1970.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

I regret to inform you the Dailey's won't be taking a vacation this year. Hope we can all get together in Eureka Springs Arkansas next summer! heart emoticon you guys!

I had started planning a big family vacation in Arkansas this summer. Finances won't allow. hope we get the chance to take another big family trip. Time is precious. no one knows how much they get. I'm so glad we did it last summer and made so many memories. For real!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Lisa Axsom Butler shared a memory.

I'll never forget that day. Miss my daddy so much, especially as mom prepares to sell the farm and move to town. 3 Years Ago Today
Lisa Axsom Butler
February 17, 2013 ·
GREAT day! Enjoyed seeing the family but so nice to be back home! Took a trip down memory lane, aka a scenic drive through Princeton, with mom. Best of all was Max showing dad how to play angry birds on his ipod. "Dang nammit kamikaze birds", "I got one!!!", and "I'm out of birds - what do I do now?" were all heard. smile emoticon

my sister Lisa posted these from the Cainsville History Book

Marvin Axsom - 4th from bottom in 3rd column
Ross Shafer
We have some Craig ancestors. I wonder if this janitor is a relative?
Don't recall if Junior is a relative, but cool picture regardless

Monday, February 1, 2016


Koren Marie Dailey October 8 1985 Decatur Co. Hospital, Leon, IA.
Karl Joseph Dailey March 9 1992 Fairfax Community Hospital, Fairfax, MO
Katie Scarlett Dailey November 2 1998 Wayne Co Hospital, Corydon, IA

these shoes were given to Grandma Deb by her grandparents, Grace & Vermal Brown, for her first Christmas. Koren Wills & Katie Dailey both wore them. and now they go to the soon to arrive Miss Coralie!

(grandma deb being yours truly, and Coralie my oldest daughters soon-to-be-born baby.) I did a Grandma Pauline Axsom and made her a huge box of stuff. Grandma would send us kids birthday and xmas boxes, fruit from trees from their yard in California, candy, trinkets and treasures she'd found at garage sales and thrift stores.... I found Koren's christening gown made by her Great Grandma Marie Dailey Hass, these baby shoes, her Little House books, most of her American Girl books, ordered a huge head bow from Etsy, made a tiny pig from an old nightgown. I also sent off Koren's Samantha Doll to the Doll Hospital but she hasn't come back yet. found some of her doll clothes and washed, too.

Vicki Doze

Jared and I will be embarking on a new life adventure April 3rd. We are moving to live with Jesse and Curtis at Howard/Apple Valley Lake, Ohio. I think we will be able to come back to Kansas about twice a year to see our family.

Vicki Bever Doze added 2 new photos.

I am standing with Actor Eddie Little Sky in front of the Wounded Knee Cemetery on the Pine Ridge Reservation. He walked with me down the hill from the cemetery so I could orally interview him for a class project. This was taken on a Colby Community College Tour. The other picture is one of him when he was younger. If anyone is familiar with the movie Cimarron (1960) with Glenn Ford, Eddie Little Sky isn't given credits but he played Ben Red Feather who along with his wife Arita Red Feather are not accepted by many Indian haters. Eventually, Ben Red Feather is hanged. Eddie Little Sky was best known for his portrayal in A Man Call Horse.