Wednesday, September 6, 2017

cousin Nancy post...

Taken at the Pleasanton IA 4th of July parade 2017. Left to right: Richard Frisbie, Dave Hague, Nancy Faulkner, Joy Frisbie, Jackie Hague, Sherri Barton, Patty O'Neal, Eugene Frisbie, & Louise Frisbie.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Brenda: Kerry. Happy birthday to this guy who still makes my heart race...❤

KJ: Zerelda Dailey says 'hi' from her big girl seat.....

I treasure pics like this with a background....years later it will help them remember. we moved so much our 'backgrounds' changed often when Koren & KJ were young. Kate always had the same 'background' but the furniture and wall decor and stuff strewn about on the floor changed. it's all about the memories. sometimes a pic like this will really take you back and make you smile (or tear up a bit....). you can never never never have too many pictures.