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Vicki's news on facebook!

Grandson received a 1 on his solos at State Music Competition in Salina yesterday! Yea!!! The Syracuse Singers (he also sings in) received a 2. Way to go, Brett!! Way to go Syracuse

no date, no location, one of Aunt Minerva's genealogy vacations???

Thomas Witten Patriot He And His Family Were The First White Permanent Settlers In This Area. Elizabeth Cecil, his wife, Children Elizabeth, Susanna, Phillip, Jeremiah, Kiziah, Thomas Jr., Ann, James, William
Erected by Fort Maiden Spring Chapter D.A.R Relatives and Friends.

Aunt Minerva, no location, no date.....guessing one of her genealogy vacations....

1979 Clyde Maxwell & Oleta Maxwell (John's wife) at Minerva's June picnic

1979 Jim Maxwell, Jasper Maxwell, and Leland Maxwell at Aunt Minerva's June picnic — in Brimson.

the men congregating out back at Aunt Minerva's June picnic...

unknown house, unknown location

in Aunt Minerva's pictures....

Grandma & Daddy McMican, Spanglers Studio, Superior Kodak Work, Poplar Bluff, MO.


aeiral view of North Tazewell, Virginia looking south, showing Rt. 16 exit
view of Tazewell, Virginia, looking south toward the "Peak" of Rich Mountain, a favorite climb for those who love a picnic and a hike. The "Peak" has an elevation of 4705 feet above sea level.

Pop, Mom, Evie, Jim, Leland, John, & Grace Maxwell

I assume this is by their date on picture...but at least someone put names on the back!

Grace & Vermal Brown at one of Aunt Minerva's June picnics....

lining up by the wall for a family photo was just what was done. I like the mentality, no one wants a picture, so MAKE them take one....I love these old pictures....they bring back memories of us cousins exploring her house and the pastures...of Capri Suns in big washtubs of ice...home made ice cream....Uncle Bob on the grill....Grandma's potato salad...softball games in the old pig lot....walks up the dirt road and through the pastures....

nothing on the back of this, either...assuming an old country cemetery? May 1996

Tazewell County Courthouse, Tazewell, VA, Tazewell County Historical Society, artist-Sallie Moss

this is a notecard to Aunt Minerva from Pat Surface, 401 Surface Drive, Tazewell, VA 24651 4 =Oct 1991
Dear Minerva,
I think this is a beautiful book-it is so well done and so interesting. I know there are many families with Tazewell County roots. I enjoyed reading your own family history very much.
I found one thing which should be of interest to you in 45th Virginia Infantry by J.L. Scott. On page 104 "Maxwell, James C: Co. A Enl 5/29/61 at Wytheville. Sick 9/61. Elected Lt. by 7/62. Captured at Winchester 9/19/64. POW Ft. Delaware. Released 6/17/65. 5'10" tall, grey eyes, dark hair, res. Tazewell Co.
I didn't get to tell your sister-in-law goodbye. Please tell her I hope to see her again one of these days-I do hope you will enjoy your visit to Grafton area as much as I did in August. I am enclosing a complementary copy of our Historical Society Newsletter (which my daughter types.)
Sincerely, Pat Surface

postcard "The Peak" as seen in the late fall, is a landmark on the south side of Tazewell, Virginia.

nothing on back, but pretty sure this is Henry Maxwell

I know he definitely is a Maxwell.....

nothing on back of this picture

looks like pictures of Uncle Joe Higdon, maybe? to have all these amazing old pictures, and not know for sure who they are.....(sigh)

James C. Maxwell age 91 year 7 months, Harrison Co., MO

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Howard Karl Dailey and Marie Shroyer Dailey children and grandchildren

Fred Duane Dailey b. 11-23-1935
Deanna Kay Dailey b. 2-17-1938
Elijah Dean Dailey b. 6-11-1941
Lucinda Ann Dailey b. 9-18-1956
Karla Kay Schreffler b. 10-06-1958
Janet Marie Dailey b. 12-08-1959
Kimberly Mae Schreffler b. 04-23-1960
Dianna Lee Dailey b. 01-09-1963
Kevin Fred Dailey b. 02-28-1965
David Howard Dailey b. 09-23-1966
Kathryn Marie Schreffler b. 10-19-1966
Jessica Marie Muehlberg b. 03-22-1980
Lacey Jaye Muehlberg b. 06-17-1981
Benjamin Michael Davis b. 06-10-1985
Jennifer Lena Davis b. 11-17-1986
Koren Marie Dailey b. 10-08-1985
Karl Joseph Dailey b. 03-19-1992
Jonathan Ryan Dailey b. 07-07-1988
Leah Michelle Dailey b. 07-25-1990
Andrew Travis Dailey b. 04-21-1994
Todd Daniel Rogers (now Daniel Tod Rogers) b. 06-01-1989
Emily Francis Hicks b. 08-01-1996
Samuel Earl Lawrence b. 08-26-1994
Katie Scarlett Dailey b. 11-02-1998
Elizabeth Deanna Schreffler b. 03-01-2002
Lauren Mae Carroll b. 02-17-2010
Taylor Joy Carroll b. 02-17-2010
watch this space Baby Carroll expected May 01 2013
I always thought he was Daniel Todd, he went by Todd when he was young? but who remembers? deb

Hometown Boy by Duane Dailey

The Mirror April 24 2013
this is a weekly column that runs in several newspapers written by Kevin's uncle.
I tweet messages to the world; but, not as much as when I first found Twitter. It's useful to post links to my stories on AgEBB, the MU electronic bulletin board. There's less personal news now.
Monday, I used Twitter to promote BIF, the Beef Improvement Federation meeting, June 12-15. There producers will meet scientists who share new ideas.
Dave Patterson and MU students will be there. They'll reveal new IA protocols from Thompson Farm. This year BIF goes to Oklahoma City, a short drive.
About two minutes after I hit send Twitter erupted. As I watched, two explosions created chaos at the Boston Marathon. Stunned, I watched breaking news evolve. I saw shaky video images from bystanders' cell phones reporting the Boston massacre.
I saw National Guard and police tearing open barriers so rescuers could reach the injured. Bystanders gave battlefield first aid. (I had a flashback to Army training on triage for traumatic bleeding.)
People sorted themselves. Some fled. Others ran toward carnage to aid. I'd like to think military veterans and former farm kids stayed calm and helped.
From such a horror, death loss was low. Daily reports from war zones show higher bomb death losses than in Boston. Bystanders aided. And, top trauma units were only blocks away.
This event showed how crowd sourcing aids law, medic and news.
It also shows individuals don't have secrets. Criminals, terrorists and even kids shoplifting are learning. Things have changed since the attacks of 9/11.
A couple of weeks ago, an ex-CIA agent spoke on how things changed. "Every day, in Columbia, your picture is taken about 200 times," he said.
Every thug who robs a convenience store has his photo taken. Every time citizens cash a check or use ATM they are photographed.
In crowds, fellow citizens gather evidence that you were there. Bostonians showed how that works.
On twitter I saw news not shown on the media. There is so much of it.
Not shown by either source were thousands of hours by analysts looking at crowd photos. Not all photo reading relies on human eyes.
If you use name recognition you know software matches IDs to faces in photos. CIA has sophisticated software.
What I learned from the agent is the detail in the satellite images. Every farmer can see changes in his farm fields on Google maps.
Those are crude. Those same satellites make sharper images also.
"Now they can read your newspaper over your shoulder," he said.
Our state legislators got their shots in a twist over possible drone spying on farms and feedyards. Forget it. Sophisticated images of your house, and North Korea, are on file.
General Stanley McChrystal's memoir tells stories of constant tracking of terrorists in Baghdad. Special Ops teams track couriers going to hideouts of terrorist leaders. The bad guys used old-fashioned evasions to lose followers: U-turns on one-way streets.
If you write something bad about government officials on Facebook, you become a "person of interest." That's not an agent following you, but software tucks your words into a file to use in case needed.
The computer clouds are full of your words.
A point by the former agent: If you think your e-mail is password protected: Forget it.
This week we saw evidence of huge "defense" spending of your tax dollars. The defense budget goes far beyond what Congress allocates to the Pentagon. That's maybe a third of it.
Even Congress doesn't know how much the CIA spends. And, CIA is only one agency. Dozens of U.S. agencies are tracking the bad guys right now.
We spend much on defense, it worked this week. But, think how much is collected and never used. It's costly, more ways than one.
If you dare use e-mail, share intelligence at or 511 W. Worley, Columbia Mo. 65203.

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while I have not done any significant genealogy blogging lately....I have been reading.....

American Tapestry The Story of The Black, White, and Multiracial Ancestors of Michelle Obama. lots of the things in this book could pertain to my own family, as well.....secrets of the past that die with those who knew them...unknown fathers...uncertain periods in their lives...

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poor Logan....

Day 99 - I'm not saying my youngest is a slob... but this IS the stack of papers we pulled out of his locker after school today. And this IS the 3rd time we've done this so far this year. (AKA "day 2 of it sucks to have your mom be a substitute teacher" - My classroom today was right across from Logan's locker so I witnessed him having trouble getting it open due to stuff getting caught in the door when it was closed before, trouble closing the door, and papers cascading out of the locker and onto the floor when he opened it).

hi babe

an email from my husband to me Friday Aug 24 2001 @ 4:15 p.m.
first off, you have to understand that we have worked opposite shifts for years and somedays barely see each other, or not at all. we communicate by notes and phone calls, and obviously, emails.....
"I have to work six to six Saturday, if you want to go somewhere tomorrow get me up about noon or so and I'll go with you. Jeans are on sale buy one get one half price at Pamida. Sorry about this morning had a bad night at work everything quit and then had to tell dayshift what happened and how we fixed it. It was almost seven before I got out of there. I miss you and miss talking to you. I love you. I put 300 in savings and the rest in checking. see you in the morning.
Love, Kevin"
(deb's note: I have never enjoyed shopping by he often offers to go with me to make sure it gets done. I can always find better things to do than drive 1 1/2 hours to and from grocery store and then pack in and put away stuff...)

an anoymous tale....

this is an email I sent out Jan 15 2002. will not mention some names here, but you get the gist.
_(young child) was yelling at Kate that Santa wasn't real, right in her face, and (her mother) bent down and started murmuring about we can't yell at people just because they chose to believe in things that are wrong. Kate didn't say anything after, she's one of Santa's #1 fans. That was Friday nite, I think, we were sitting at the table.


1/13 missed day personal
1/27 missed all day dr excuse
3/6 all day no note
3/13 1-4 period no note
3/26 all day no note
3/27 all day dr/dentist appt.
days absent 5.857
hours absent 36.998
April 7 2003
Dear Mr and Mrs Dailey
Attached is a copy of the attendance report for KOREN at this point in the semester is 10 days of classes. All days missed by the student count toward the absence limit until such times as the attendance committee has had a chance to review the reasons for the absence.
We cannot overstress the importance of your child being in school every day to be successful with schoolwork. Each day's absence makes it more difficult to keep up with the class and assigned work.
Just a reminder, if there are any medical problems that we need to be made aware of, please contact Mrs. Paula Gauldin, our school nurse, and she will assist you in any way possible.
Stacy Snyder
Secondary Principal

an email from Robin....Feb 7 2001

todays episode finds our heroine facing a toilet that won't flush.
It was acting up the night before said heroine's husband departed on his latest voyage of worldly travel. The water would rise but not fall, so to speak, so he took the plunger to the problem and it seemed better. But alas, it was not! Last night it would rise, not fall, then after a lengthy period of time the water would drain out but not the toilet paper. Thinking quickly she instructed it to not be used for any function, esp. of the solid nature and to utilize the downstairs facility.
After sleeping on it and realizing that this problem was "something" and was not going to fix itself she called Bud's Sewer and Drain Service whose motto is: "A Good Flush Beats A Full House"...Amen to that! Bud himself showed up soon after the call and utilizing his auger fished a Dixie Cup out of the line! Hmmmmmmm! He said the plunging probably cleared accumulated paper from around the Dixie Cup temporarily only to have it collect again. He said it would not havbe disintegrated and a plumber would have been necessary sooner or later!
So our heroine was relieved to have a flushing toilet again and to know that she made the right decision!
Stay tuned for the next episode of....The misadventures of Robin...!!!

letter from Aunt Mary 2-14-2003

"Freeda wrote me recently that they want to go to a church that has a spirit filled pastor.....
"I wonder if it's what we called Holy Rollers about Uncle Willie and the church there in Cainsville (Assembly of God), I doubt if your dad was old enough to remember how people gathered on the sidewalk outside Uncle Willie's church (like it was a circus with a freak show) and whoop and holler, "Axsom's down again!!!!!" I know this embarrassed dad.
Darla, her 2nd daughter Stacia, and her oldest daughter's husband all flew to GA recently, the women went for ministry training. Darla was attending healing/deliverance seminar as soon as she got back to CA in Nov. of 2001."


from my historical reading (and sorting thru some boxes in the garage...), I don't know if he is related, Thomas Bryant is such a common name, and this is a name in our genealogy....but I don't know about Lawrence County.....
Thomas Bryant of Lawrence County, Missouri would've fought for the rebels at Prairie Grove but he had the measles. When he was captured and tried in October, 1863, he was charged with violating his oath by joining "Colonel Mitchell's Regiment of Guerrillas." He pled guilty to all of the charges, but objected to the word "Guerrilla." He was convicted and sentenced to prison during the war. Nicolay wrote, "Sentence approved. FEbruary 9, 1864." The "A. Lincoln" is smeared, but still clearly readable.
Footnote RG 153, MM 1006

all my grandmas are in heaven....

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Vicki and her sister Colleen....

poor Logan...

Sometimes it sucks to have your mom be a substitute teacher. Esp. when you "forget" an assignment in the class your mom taught in today so she nicely "reminds" you to do it!

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