Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday, January 3, 2016

does making homemade laundry soap make me a better person? probably not, but it does make me feel accomplished! and putting it on a dishtowel from a set my Grandma Grace Brown made for me makes me smile!

xmas cards from family

we receive fewer cards every year, because xmas cards seem to be falling out of vogue. and lots of my xmas card sending relatives have passed on. Great Grandma Shafer, Great Aunt Mickie, Grandma Grace & Grandpa Brown, Great Aunt Minerva, Grandma Pauline & Grandpa Alfred, Aunt Kay & Uncle Bob...
xmas newsletters and pictures are a great way to catch up with your family. we rec'd 2 cards each from Aunt Freeda & Uncle Jerry and Grandma Marie this year. here are tidbits from cards:
Aunt Freeda: This Christmas may you know the Lord's goodness and blessings in a very special way. What joy you'll have with the wonder of Christmas with your little grandson, and another on the way. Praise God. We now have 13 great grandchildren. We go several times a year to Brookings, Or. where Marc, Darla, their two married daughters, 2 single daughters, and 9 grandchildren live. We stay two weeks at a time, back and forth between 3 homes. It is a beautiful area, right at the Pacific Ocean. David, Mona, & their family live near us. Their son Cody is working in Battle Mountain-topside at a mine. (minerals and such.) We will all be at Mona's for Christmas Day-a blessing for me. She will do all the planning and much of the preparation. (much easier for me than years ago.) I will be 74 on Dec. 30. We are finally getting some rain. Some years we have a snowfall around Christmas. Mt. Shasta is north of us where many go skiing-when we have a good year of snow there. Mt. Lassen is to the east of us. We can see both mountains when we are not around town. beautiful glowing white at Christmas. It has been a fast paced year. hard to believe it is nearly over. We have had a long season of beautiful fall foliag3. Come out and visit us. We live in a pretty area. Mt. Shasta to the north and Mt. Lassen to the east are both white with snow. On a sunny day, they look lit up. Every time we leave the house, I look toward the beauty of the mountains. We are 135 miles away from the ocean-Eureka, Ca.
Cousin Linda Cassidy: I hope to travel down your way in June! I will let you know-it would be great to see you! Hope all is well with you and your family. Quite busy over here-our 21st grandchild was born! I am working full time.

Friday, January 1, 2016