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monument marking birthplace of William Cullen Bryant at Cummington,Mass.

handwritten on front: Feb. 13, 1906
L.F. Higgins

handwritten on back: Carrie H. Osgood

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Eli Craig & Roderick Craig obits.

Subject: ELI CRAIG
Submitted by: Deb Dailey (
Source: Unknown Newspaper and Date

82 year old pioneer died at home of son W. A. Craig near Cainsville Wed., June 25 1924. Seven children survive. Came to Mercer County in 1859 with ox team and covered wagon, a 30 day trip. Born Indiana Sept 22 1841, there until Sept 15 1859. Came with parents to Mercer County, MO at age 18.
"I can remember well the hard times my parents had in Indiana. They made all of our clothes. I have pulled flax many a day and my mother had to spin the thread on a wheel and weave the cloth by hand. People lived in log houses with puncheon floors. No sawed lumber but split logs to make boards for doors. Used wooden pins to fasten boards together. Fire started by striking flint rocks.

When we landed in Princeton back in 1859, there were a few stores, the old court house and a jail. When we arrived in Mainsville it was a rough place."

Married 4 Jan 1862 Miss Sarah E. Brunton, ten children, WA, AL Craig, Minnie Carrington, Laura Barrett of May, Okla, Nora Holmes of Laclede MO, Lucy Craig, deceased. 2 children died in infancy. Wife died 7 years ago. Buried Fairview Cemetery, Cainsville.


Submitter: Deb Daily (
Source: Cainsville News, Apr 26, 1900, page 3

"Uncle" Roderick Craig, widely known in Harrison and Mercer counties, moved here in 1854 and has resided here ever since. He made many acquaintances and kept himself fairly well posted in the ways of the world. He was fond of conversation with well informed people and loved to read. He often inquired of us, as we passed his late residence, what the latest news was.

For many years it has cost him a struggle to live. Indeed he has lived on the border land of the valley of death for years. A great sufferer and a great care to his family and loved ones, but the weary march has ended, the last battle fought, the great enemy of our race has triumphed. Death came to his relief, Tuesday, April 17 1906 at 1:40 p.m. Came not with torture and pain but like the gentle zephyrs of spring, or a tired child falling asleep. He often marveled that his enfeebled life was prolonged when he could render so little assistance to his family.

He was born in Henry Co., Ind., June 8 1822. He was married to Miss Melvina Cook, April 12, 1849. Fifty-seven years of married life, eleven children born to them, 3 of which died in infancy. He served 3 years in Regt. M.S. M. Co. 2 and was always proud of the service he rendered his country in its hour of need. He took great pleasure in Decoration services and largely led in the services held at the Cain cemetery where his daughter, Bellzena, lays at rest.

The funeral services were conducted by the writer at the late home, Wednesday, Arpil 18, 1906, at 3p.m. The text was from I. Thes. 4 ch. 14 va. The lesson was from the 23rd Psalm. His remains were taken to the Zoar cemetery and laid to rest, there to wait the resurrection. Our deepest sympathy goes out to his aged companion who must now finish her pilgrimage alone after 57 years of heroic toil and sacrifice for those she loved.

May the lord sustain her and guide her and her children is my prayer for Jesus sake.

Bro. Hall gave an account of his enlistment 44 years ago, the first of this month and of his army life. He was a good soldier and a brave man. Only 6 of his company remains to answer the roll call. Deacon B.F. Burns is the oldest remaining.


Mrs Lucinda Bryant

Submitter: Linda Stewart (
Source: Bethany Democrat, Dec. 30, 1903


Lucinda Stewart was born in Wheeling, Virginia, September 11th, 1816, and departed this life at the residence of her nephew, Wm. C. Shumard, in this city, December 26th 1903. She moved with her sister, Mrs. Susan Shumard to Harrison county, Missouri in 1856, and for several years made her home with her sister and brother, Elder E. Stewart, now of Iowa. She was united in marriage with Stephen Bryant in 1859. Mr. Bryant died a few years after his marriage, after which Mrs. Bryant made her home with the family of the late John S. Allen up to about fifteen years ago, when she went to live with her nephew, Wm. C. Shumard, with whom she ever after resided. Mr. and Mrs. Shumard were at all times devoted to her welfare and made her declining years peaceful and happy. The funeral was held Sunday, Dec. 27th, from the Shumard residence, conducted by Mr. Oren Orahood, pastor of the Christian Church, after which burial occured at the Morris cemetery.
Early in life Mrs. Bryant became a member of the Christian church and was a consistant Christian the balance of her life. Mrs. Bryant was retiring in disposition and kindly to all. Those who knew her most intimately loved her best. She was sick but a few days and seemed to suffer but little. From the first day of her sickness her recovery, owing to her extreme age, was not expected. Her long life is now closed on earth and she will doubtless meet the reward that the righteous may expect. Peace to her memory.


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Cat Creek Cemetery

E Hwy CC, near Brimson,MO. It is a beautiful, quiet place, down a long narrow lane from the highway,surrounded by cows & trees & grass...

Towns Children

Mary Electa & Charles F. Towns lost a lot of children.
there are 2 old grave markers next to their graves....
they are very faded.
from the 1964 record:
Lillie C.
23 Sep 1887
2y 3m 9d
dau of CF & ME

son of CF & ME

9d, son of CF & ME

Gladys E.

Mary Electa Towns

she was a daughter of Harriett Hughes Harrison Maxwell. she is buried in Cat Creek Cemetery by her husband.

widow of Charles F.

her stone is starting to crumble...Katie picked up pieces & put them back for the picture.

can't read

I am sure these are Utterback children stones...not in the 1964 record...will have to go back & chalk them.

Glen Dale Brown

he was the first child of Lawrence Dale & Minerva Alice Brown. he was stillborn.

Glen Dale Brown
Dec 13 1949

in the cemetery transcription he is listed as the son of E.A. & L.

Uncle Dale Brown

like his wife, Minerva Alice Maxwell, Lawrence Dale Brown grew up in Brimson. he served in WWII. They both had long careers as school teachers & bought her family's farm & built a new house on it. After retirement, they opened a store in Brimson & were instrumental in the making of the Brimson History Book.

I remember Uncle Dale at the family picnics, sleeping on a couch reading the paper.

L. Dale Brown
Sgt. US Army
Aug 29 1922
Sept 17 1987

Mildred Evie Maxwell

Evie was the oldest child of Tom & Gilly Maxwell. she got polio when she was 7 & spent the rest of her life in a wheelchair. she learned to do things from her chair...making beds, sweeping floors, helping with younger siblings. She never married. She died while visiting her sister, my Grandma Grace, at Trenton. Grandma had her wheelchair in the basement until they sold her house when she went to the nursing home.

Mildred Evie Maxwell

the cemetery translation from 1964 lists Evie as the daughter of Thos. & Gilly (Higdon) WHITTEN. Whitten was Thomas' middle name.

infant Maxwell

infant daughter of J & J Maxwell

Eugene H. & Joseph H. Maxwell

buried Cat Creek Cemetery, Brimson,MO by Cyntha Maxwell.

they were the sons of Tom & Gilly Maxwell. They died in the same week from an epidemic. there are no dates on the stone, I have the dates somewhere. They were aged 1 & 3. How awful...

I'm pretty sure Aunt Minerva bought this stone for them...all the newer Maxwell stones look alike. I don't know if they had a marker before Aunt Minerva got this one...

Cyntha Maxwell

buried at Cat Creek Cemetery by Jc & Minerva Maxwell

Minerva Maxwell

buried at Cat Creek Cemetery, Brimson, MO by her husband James C.

Minerva Maxwell
wife of James C.

J.C. Maxwell

James C. Maxwell
husband of Minerva

He is buried Cat Creek Cemetery by his first wife, who died young. His second wife Harriett Hughes Harrison Maxwell is buried by deceased children from her first marriage. Her husband died in the Civil War, I believe he is buried in the St Louis area.

JC was a soldier in the Civil War & was held at Fort Delaware Prison on Pea Patch Island.

JC was my great great grandpa. His son Tom & daughter-in-law Gilly took care of him & Harriett. when the house caught fire in 1925, they carried JC out of the burning building on his mattress. He died soon after. My grandma Grace remembers him.

Amanda Shirley

she is not related. she was the murdered neighbor of my great grandparents Tom & Gilly Mae Maxwell, living on further up the dirt road from them. this was someone they knew, and Tom was the first one her husband summoned when he came home & found his dead wife in the house with their young daughter. Tom many years later told his grandchildren he worried that he might be a suspect since he was out working in the fields all that day.
She was a young woman with young children.
as far as my research showed, this was never solved. forensics weren't quite as good in 1911...

Amanda L.
aug 9 1884
Sept 17 1911
wife of JE Shirley

Cynthia Whitt Creswell

this is a newer stone at Cat Creek Cemetery, I am sure my great aunt Minerva Maxwell Brown had it put there. it has a portrait.

Cynthia Whitt Creswell
wife of John Yancy Creswell
married Oct 15 1837
they donated an acre of land for the Cat Creek Cemetery in 1845

the 1964 transcription:
Chreswell Cynthia
(no dates)

Laura G. & Erastus Harrison & Slyvia Hill

Harriett Harrison Maxwell was buried by the graves of two of her children at Cat Creek, the stones are old & hard to read. from the cemetery transcription 1964:

26 Aug 1858
01 June 1867
dau of Alex & Harriett

03 Dec 1861
01 Jan 1862
dau. of Alex & Harriett
(this is wrong, Erastus was a son)

I don't think I photographed Syria Hills grave, she is the young cousin who drowned with Laura.

Syria N. Hill
08 Jan 1851
01 Jun 1867

Harriett Hughes Harrison

when we got to Mt. Pleasant Cemetery No. 1 (Cat Creek), we always encounter the holy bible shaped gravestone of Harriett Hughes Harrison first. she was the second wife of my great great grandpa JC Maxwell. her first husband was killed in the Civil War. She lost her baby boy Erastus when he was a month old in 1862 & she lost Laura who drowned in Cat Creek at age 8 in 1867. as JC's wife she ran a post office out of her own home. she fascinated me. she was buried with neither husband, but has a large stone near her lost children. will have to find her biography to post.

have a transcription of stones made in 1964, but it doesn't have the verse we couldn't quite make out on it....

Harriett Harrison
wife of JC Maxwell
Aug 29 1829- Feb 21 1911

"Earth has lost its look of gladness
Heaven seems to see more ________"

Dottie Higdon

from Katie's facebook:
Katiє Dailєy 2day we decorated graves...i always get really sad when i visit a certain grave of a baby named Dottie......we hav this wierd bond. its totally........ghost whisperer! lol
Victoria Terabelian-Mckinney i would get really sad too! just think they'll are in a better place!
Katiє Dailєy yeah.....she just never got much time to live. she was alive 9 1/2 hours........this status is kind of a downer! lol

daughter of P & MA Higdon
died Nov 21 1885
aged 9 1/2 hours

she has a tiny stone & was the only one of this family who was laid to rest at Springer Chapel Cemetery, located right on East Hwy CC between 136
& Brimson.

Katie & I always wondered what happened...was she premature? injured somehow? crib death? her parents had a large family, but I'm sure that didn't make her loss hurt any less.

Memorial Day Weekend 2010

"Let us, then, at the time appointed gather around their sacred remains and garland the passionless mounds above them with the choicest flowers of spring-time; let us raise above them the dear old flag they saved from dishonor..." General John Logan, General Order No. 11, May 5, 1868

many years ago when Katie was small we started decorating 'baby' graves at Brimson. in the beginning it was fresh flowers from the yard, but now we have a collection of stuffed animals & fake flowers. we added a couple of flags for my great uncle Dale & great great grandpa JC Maxwell, who served in WWII & the Civil War, respectively. and flowers for great (great great!) grandmas. and a flower for poor Amanda Shirley, my great grandparents neighbor who was murdered in her own house in broad daylight & as far as I can figure from newspaper accounts, the murder was never solved. that was in 1911. I also decorate JC Maxwell's second wife Harriett Hughes HArrisons grave, and those of her children, who arent' really related...

so, I'll post pictures of this years decorating...Katie requested not to be in the pics this year. I took along a notebook to write down inscriptions that I could read, etc. the kids & I spent several summers traveling to our local cemeteries & chalking & photographing gravestones...not sure I can find these notes now, though...and some of the stones at Cat Creek are just so old and unreadable now.

We always decorate at Springer Chapel & Cat Creek Cemeteries on Hwy CC East by Brimson.

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she gave me her latest alumni magazine....
Spring 2010
Western The Magazine of Missouri Western State University

Alum Notes
KOREN DAILEY, '08, and Cody Wills were married Sept. 19, 2009. The couple resides in Oak Grove, MO.

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UCM Graduate Austin Hague

of Mercer graduated from the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg May 8 2010 with a bachelor of science in administration degree and cum laude honors. He plans to begin his masters program this fall at UCM.
those attending his graduation ceremonies were his parents Jack & Linda Hague, Chris & Sarah Cavanah, Levi Hague, & Tori Humphrey.
Princeton Post Telegraph May 20 2010

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Steven & Troy Hahn

stole this pictures from Facebook!

Mercer Graduates

Princeton Post Telegraph May 20 20

The 16 graduates received diplomas, awards, and scholarship during ceremonies Sunday afternoon.
Graduate K.J. Dailey was recognized as a National Honor Society member, received College Preparatory Study Certificate, North Mercer Band Boosters Award, Preceptor Lambda Eta of Beta Sigma Phi scholarship, Northwest Missouri STate University Tower Scholarship, Missouri Achievement Scholarship, North Mercer Alumni Scholarship, Anna Mae Kauffman Finney Music Scholarship, & Missouri State High School Activities Association Missouri Good Sport Award.

Kelli Stark

this appearedin the April 2010 Premium Standard Farms Accouting Newsletter.

Accounting Employee Spotlight
Kelli Stark-Feed Mill Accounting Clerk

Kelli grew up in Cainsville & currently lives in Ravanna with her husband Tyson and daughter Kymber, 14 months. Kelli & her family like to be outside walking their dogs, Deke & Avery, or going fishing. She enjoys watching movies & spending time with her big family. Before coming to PSF, Kelli worked as a cosmetologist. In her spare time she does hair coloring, haircuts and styling for proms & weddings.

Kelli has been with PSF since July 2007. She started in the Inventory Control dept. and moved to Feed Mill accounting in March of 2008. With the changes in the feed ordering and accounting system this past year she has gained more 'responsibility' in Feed Mill Accounting. Kelli is the PSF 'Feed Coordinator', she is responsible for switching farms to Paylean feed, resetting non-lot farm bins for Prestarter and monitoring and troubleshooting Feed Order & Final Feed errors.

With the multitude of changes that have occurred in the Accounting dept., Kelli has taken on the record keeping for the Company Store, tracking invoices for the LRM Custom Pumpers, tracking and booking Office Supplies, and the Outside Hauling Price Volume.

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Senior Spotlight

Karl Joseph Dailey
This month's spotlight shines on Karl Joseph Dailey. He was born on MArch 9, 1992, to Kevin & Debbie Dailey. He has an older sister, Koren, and a younger sister, Katie.
KJ's hobbies are reading, hanging out with friends, and making fun of Dakota. His friends include Dakota,Jennie, Corey, Heather, Derek, & John.
KJ's favorite food is pizza, and his favorite type of music to listen to is rock or alternative. His favorite game to play is basketball, and his favorite movie is The Hangover.
KJ's favorite book is Desperation by Stephen King and his favorite subject in school is history. The city park is his favorite place to go. When asked what annoys him most he said, "Calvin's refusal to pay me my money!"
KJ's favorite memory from school is being inducted into the National Honor Society, and his worst moment from school is when a guy paid him in small change for a walking taco at senior stand. KJ is going to miss hanging out with his friends the most about school and senior stand the least.
KJ's goals are to be a good student in college and hopefully get into med school. His plans for the future are to go to college, then med school, and hopefully become a physician.
KJ's advice to underclassmen is to "Listen to your teachers and turn in your homework." We wish you all the luck, KJ!

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Kimber's First Fashion Show

from Grandma Cathie's facebook page....

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Uncle Jason meets Baby Kimber

Jason Parkhurst meets his little niece Kimber Lynn Peel...from Jean Frisbie's facebook page...facebook is a great genealogy tool!

more Ashley senior pictures

such a pretty girl!