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conversation with Marie

May 29 2003 what I think I remember of Kevin's conversation with Marie Dailey Hass. They lived in Grandma Jessie's little house and walked everywhere. They walked to school, home for lunch, back to school, and home afterwords. Wesley was a basketball star. She thinks she remembers Eva playing basketball, too, the court was outside. Newtown school was built the same way, only the stairs were on the other side. She had a friend that she would walk to the mile crossing with, they'd milk a cow and carry the milk back to town. On Sundays, they'd walk to Lineville and back.
When she and Howard lived in the house next to the old Princeton Baptist Church, they'd have church on Weds, Sat, and Sunday, they'd park the street full both ways so they couldn't get out of the driveway, one time they had to go somewhere and did inch their way out, but creased a car (she didn't say if it was theirs or someone elses). The church paid her for the house by tithes. Every house she has lived in has been torn down, she says.
She said something about her Grammy Toot and quilts.
Purple iris were Jessie Shroyers favorite flower because they smelled the best.
Her mother never yelled at the kids, she didn't put up with nonsense and would take a switch from a tree to them. They listened to her. Someone (can't remember who) remarked how they always remembered Jessie smiling and happy and wondered how she could be that way with eight children. Howard's home life as a child was much different

Halfrock Cemetery

went dec. 29 and dec. 30, 2002
the stones:

Luther W Toot

Martin L Toot
died Aug 26 1889 aged 29y4m11d
Hannah A Toot
died July 8 1900 aged 74y1m14d
on front of stone is a picture of sunshine and a castle with the verse "In my Father's house there are many mansions. Weep not for those who now at rest have reached the haven of the blest."

there is a bulletin board with graph of grave locations and info on persons buried, but the Toot one was hard to read. I think this was it:

Toot Hannah grave 33.2 born 24May182_
died July 1900
Toot Martin L grave 30.1 born 27March1860
died 26Aug____
Toot Luther grave 20.4 born 13May1890 died 2_Dec1922

Martin & Hannah share a stone, his information is on the right side of the stone, hers is on the left side, and the front of stone has picture and verse. I don't know their relationship right now.

from Revised Edition of the 1911 History of Mercer County p.157..."Martin Toots, a resident of Grundy County, hanged himself to the limb of a tree near Half Rock, Monday, August 25, 1889. He was twenty-five years of age and recently married."

Family on Facebook

more family on Facebook....
cousins Shelia, Kenton , & Steven, Aunt Chardy, Aunt Deanna, Grandpa Lije , his friend Jo, cousin Steven , Uncle Duane ....

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Jerry Haggard

Feb. 15 2006
picture from Doc...Jerry Haggard is on the right. guessing the date of picture to be around 1950.

Austin Lee Hague

this senior is the son of Jackie & Linda Hague & has lived in Mercer his whole life. His older brother & sister Levi & Sarah attend college at UCM in Warrensburg.
His birthday is Oct. 25 1988, nicknames are "Red Beard" and "Big A". his strengths are his leadership skills and loyalty to his friends. his acheivements include participating in a church misson trip to Mexico with the Sports Crusaders; Academic Team Honorable Mention his junior and senior years, and All Conference Softball his junior year. According to Austin, his weakness is speaking to large crowds.
an honors studen taking many dual-credit college courses, he finds time to live the good life. favorite foods include pizza and hot rolls. his best friends include Heath, Jose, Ben, Bo, Robert, Colton, Mini Hutch, and Tim, and his favorite place to hang out is on the Mercer square or at someones house.
he loves Talladega Nights: Ballad of Ricky Bobby movie. when asked his favorite book, "yeah right...what's a library?" favorite person to torment is Toni, favorite saying is "If you're not first, you're last." if he is not found in the gym shooting hoops, you can find Austin working on his 1969SS Camero with his dad and Uncle Dave. his favorite sport memory is winning the District championshiop title his sophomore year, defeating Ridgeway.
his advice to underclassmen is to enjoy high school while you can because it flies by! his senior year plans include winning state in basketball, and simply getting out of high school alive! his future plans include attending a four year university, getting a good job that he enjoys, and starting a family.

Inseparable "Pals"

this picture appeared in the Post Telegraph in Princeton in 1940. Left to right are Margaret Shroyer Logan, Josephine Girdner Applegate, Virginia Haggard Fray, and Phyllis McKay Overton, all of Mercer, who were inseparable pals. The article stated "that all have proved outstanding scholars while attending the Mercer Schools and have received honors. Phyllis finished her high school work in 3 years and has been an honor student each year. Virginia was valedictorian of the 1939 senior class, and in 1938 her name was engraved on a bronze plaque for being best "all-around" student of the school. Josephine has served as drum major of the Mercer High School Band, proving herself unusually capable in this capacity, and is an honor student. Margaret made the second highest grade in the test given for students to determine who would represent the school in the Student Assembly in Jefferson City. She is also an honor student."
Margaret Logan sent this information to The Mirror. She says that they still get together occasionally. Margaret lives in Indianola, IA & spends winters in Key Largo, Fl. she was married to Max Logan who died when he was 45 years old. She has two sons, Randy and Bruce, and one daughter, Donna, and a step-son, Jerry, who has died.

Maddie Holt

All tuckered out-all the cheering, dancing, and playing around she did took a toll on Maddie Holt on Friday night, as she needed a break to lay down on the gym bleachers in Grant City. Maddie's parents, former Princeton teachers and coaches Chris & Courtney Holt of Maryville, brought their three year old to theb Princeton-Worth County games to cheer on their former teams. Preston Cole/Princeton Post Telegraph

Austin Hague

emotions run high for Linda & Jackie Hague as they present their son Austin, with a senior plaque. Austin, your hard work will not be forgotten!

Morgan Duff

#33 Tailback Princeton Tigers 2006

Jean Frisbie

was the December winner at the Mercer County Senior Centers monthly birthday party. 2006

September 14 2006 Princeton Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting Friday at Country Charm, which changed hands earlier this summer. Owner Melanie McLain holds the ceremonial scissors. Janet Axsom is in back of picture.

Morgan Duff

2006 Princeton Tiger Football

Bryan Hashman

this month the senior spotlight also shines on Bryan Hashman. Bryan is the son of Bob & Donna Hashman. Bryan, the only child, enjoys hanging out with his girlfriend Susan and his many other friends.
Bryan's plans after he graduates from high school include going to college at North Central Missouri College majoring in Auto Body, as well as starting a family.
During his high school career, Bryan has been involved in activities such as FBLA, softball, and three years of basketball.
In his spare time you can find Bryan out in the woods hunting, at the river fishing, spending time with his girlfriend Susan, hanging out with good friends, and doing stupid stuff with Luke.
He also enjoys staying at home sitting on the couch watching his favorite movie Tommy boy or driving around in his truck listening to rock or country music.
A favorite high school memory of Bryan's that I am sure isn't thought of frequently by his peers is the time he earned a high school in-school suspension for mooning his entire class.
Bryan has been involved in two years of Vo-tech and is taking a college-level Micro Applications class in the afternoon.
As Bryan waltzes through the hallways at North Mercer, you can be sure he will have a smile on his face and a joke about to be told. He has made his classmates appreciate good humor and gut-wrenching laughter. We wish you the best of luck in everything you do. Hopefully your memories of Mercer High School will be good ones! Bryan leaves this advice to his lower classmen as a standard he truly lives by: "Live every day to the fullest."

The Axsom Association

John Axsom; Kevin, Deb, & Katie Dailey; Bernard & Janet Axsom; Tom, Lisa, Max, & Logan Butler

The Dauma/Smith Bunch

The Crawford Clan

in no particular order....Robin, Tara, Chris, & Ashley Crawford; Shawn & Karlan Crawford; Bob & Kay Crawford; Bobby, Robin, Jace, & Lexi Shalz.

A Brown Family Christmas 2009

Great Grandma Grace Brown poses with her great grandchildren in attendance at the holiday dinner....
Katie, Tara, Ashley, Lexi, Max, Logan, Jace, Kenton, & Steven.
Ashley plans to attend Mizzou for print journalism/english/creative writing.
Kenton is a senior & plans on college.
Logan loves Legos.
Max wants his own room.
Steven is 14 and an amazing 6'2!
Jace is in 8th grade.
Tara plays softball & volleyball.
Lexi doesn't like having her picture taken.
Katie is a dancer.

Lynn O'Neal

daughter of Brad & Patty O'Neal
activities/honors: basketball, softball, National Honor Society, French Club, FCCLA, Honor Roll, Law Enforcement Association Essay Winner, First National Bank of Cainsville/Bethany essay winner.
future plans: attend North Central Missouri College at Trenton to be a liscensed practical nurse, then hopefully go on to be a registered nurse.

Austin Hague

son of Jack & Linda Hague
activities/honors: class salutorian, FBLA, FTA, FCA, NHS, Smokebusters, Basketball, Softball, Academic Team, Class Treasurer, Basketball unanimous 1st-team-All Conference, All-District, All-State, Sports Quest 1st-team-All-American, 2nd place state FBLA Word Processing II.
future plans: attend the University of Central Missouri at Warrensburg , major in business management.

Donanell Shafer

was the monthly birthday winner at the Mercer County Senior Center in Princeton. The complimentary floral gift is given monthly by Country Wood Hearts & Lace of Princeton.
Each month, birthdays are celebrated at the Senior Center with birthday cake and games.
Princeton Post Telegraph Dec. 15 2005

Phil Johnson

Retired General Manager Phil Johnson was presented the prestigious NCTA "Manager, Life Achievement Award" during the National Telecommunications Cooperative Association's (NCTA) annual conference held Feb. 2006.
Johnson served Grand River Mutual 35 years prior to his retirement in Dec. 2003.

letter to Nona Axsom

Training for Citizenship Based on Moral Principals
A Young Citizens League In Every School

County Superintendent of Schools
Gettsyburg, South Dakota
Dec. 13, 1927

Miss Nona Axsom
Gettsyburg, S. Dak.

Dear Miss Axsom;

I wrote to the Standard Education Society in regard to that book proposition, and recieved the following reply yesterday in the same mail that brought your letter:
Dear Sir:
In reply to your favor of November 14 regarding our letter to Miss Nona Axsom
of Lebanon, please be advised that our representative informed us that that
order was confused with another and that it was not his intention to send in
the name of Miss Axsom.
We are sorry this little confusion occurred, but want to say the order has been
cancelled and that the matter is now closed.
Very truly yours,
Per L.A. Williams
Collection Manager

Now this was a very polite way to crawl out of it; but since they agreed to trouble you no further, I suppose we had better accept their explanation and let it go at that.
Please report at once if other representatives are working in your district and
disregard the law concerning their entering school houses during school hours. We would like to make an example of one or two of these fellows so they would no longer try to take in the beginning teachers on their dishonest methods.

With kind personal regards, I am
Very truly yours,
John A (can't read)
County Supt. of Schools

Kelli Logan

Kelli Marie Logan graduated from Carlisle High School May 19 2002

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aunt mary letter dated April 30 2009

yesterday Virginia got a printout William "Billy" McGinty at the top. then it read contact Gerald

Josephine "Josie" born Joplin area 1855, died 1924 in Norman, OK.
siblings Mashi__ (who was born in Prussia same as the father Geo. W. and mother Elizabeth.), Josephine, Joseph, Mary, & Geo. W who was the father of Grandpa Ross...found on a census from Joplin, Carthage area 1860? Jasper or Maniteau Co.
married Robert Dunkard McGinty.
in Grandpa Ross's obit it states he was the 3rd son, but doesn't name brothers or the sister who preceeded him in death. lists a sister Alpha Van Zuyer of New Plymouth, Idaho among survivors.
the list of Geo. W. & Rosas children doesn't list Alpha. in the family portrait there are Ross, Rosa, Pearl, George & Inez, no Dell or Alpha.
Robert's sister Nadine was Deloris Nadine, she died in Des Moines 1996.
I thought Oscar & Edna's son that Aunt Inez adopted was Warren. Virigina has Wayne.
Virgina found on 1900 census that Great Grandpa George & Rosa had a son Orville L. born 18Feb1887 who wa 13 years old and Alpha was was 10 born in 1890.
an old postcard has people seated around a table. It's to Velma Shafer. it says Aunt Ann & Uncle Joe, Clarence & wife & me from Rosa Willis. Yukon Oklahoma, Canadian Co.
Virginia thinks the deceased brothers are Dell & Orville L.
Grandpa Ross looked to be a teenager in the family portrait with no Alpha and Dell.

letter from Aunt Mary

May 29 2009

Aunt Dona wrote that Oscar & his sister Inez changed the spelling of Shafer when a wealthy woman who died and had no heirs in hopes of getting some of her money, to no avail. (?)
Aunt Dona has Rose Shafers Bible and in it is written
Rosa Marie Dell Shafer Willis Milner born 11May1896 died 6Aug1927
Rose was an Oxford and her brother Jakes wife was Dell. I believe the Aunt Dell that mom wrote about relatives sitting with in her 1939 diary would've been Jakes' wife.
Roy & Barbara Rilling have 2 grandsons graduations....
Aunt Mickey wrote that Cathy Ann Stephens husband died (Aunt Vi's daughter). then Aunt Mickey wrote that she believed she was wrong and a nephew of hers in Tx had died.
Trisha, Darla's oldest, is expecting again in early Dec. the oldest was 5 in Feb.
a woman who has coordinated a senior's genealogy class from the new Independence Gen. library said that one can search penal records on the internet. I understood this a public record even though other info re: Uncle Oscar has been prohibited via computer. I wonder who did this and why. I think Oscars oldest son was either Wayne or Warren.
Aunt Dona wrote that her son Randy dressed in a kilt and played his bagpipes at his dad's and Uncle Deans' graves.
Freeda wrote that she remembered mom talking about Nadine Oxford. I don't. Oscar & Leta's daughter Nadine married an Oxford. The Oxford husband of Nadine was her Grandma Rose's great-nephew.
I wonder if anyone knows if Oscar was actually in prison. there's never been a prison around Blythedale, Virginia said.
Aunt Mickey has a new great granddaughter Bronwyn born to Michelle Crawford in Singapore. Michelle isn't married.
just got a letter from Aunt Mickey. she wrote that Uncle Marvin was born in Missouri. He was born in South Dakota. Grandpa Johnnie & Grandma Daisy moved to South Dakota in 1919 when Dad was 6 years old. he was 10 when Uncle Marvin was born.

Cainsville Graduates

Elissa Thomas, Cainsville, daughter of David & Dianne Thomas
activities/honors NHS, Basketball, Softball, FBLA, FCCLA, Honor Roll
future plans attend Southwest Missouri State University, get a degree in Education.

Youth Tour 2002

Grand River Mutual sponsored Elissa Thomas, Cainsville, MO as one of the NCTA's 8th Annual Foundation for Rural Youth Service Tour June 1-5 2002.
held in Washington DC, 93 high school students learned about legislative and regulatory processes that take place in the nations capitol.
area attractions toured were The Capitol, Supreme Court, National Cathedral, Arlington Cemetery, Smithsonian Museums, Washington Memorials, and Mount Vernon.
met with Senator Jean Carnahan and US Rep. Sam Graves. heard presentations from reps of the RUS, FCC, & NTCA organizations.
Elissa had this to say about the trip," The trip was awesome. I wouldn't trade the experience I had for anything."

GM Phil Johnson Retires

Grand River Mutuals General Manager retired December 1 2003.
35 year career began September 16 1968 as assistant auditor. became Auditor January 1 1979, assistant general manager September 1 1983. He became the third general manager November 1 1996. throughout his career, Phil was actively involved in the telecommunications industr on both state and national levels, helping to shape policiies and regulations that have been very beneficial to GRM.
1997-2003 served as Region 8 board director for the National Telecommunications Cooperative Association (NTCA).
board member of the Jefferson City based Missouri Telecommunications Industry Association since 1996, serving as president 2002-2003.

Crawford Xmas letter

Just a quick update on the life of the Crawfords.
Shawn is still with Yellow Technologies and is the Unix team leader. Everyone is preparing for the company to takeover Roadway Corporation. We are still a little unsure how that will unfold, but it's always an adventure! He had Lask surgery in October and went from 20/400 vision to 20/15. It was a textbook procedure with zero complications!
Grant is a junior and ran Cross Country for Liberty High School this fall. He earned a Varsity letter and was named Outstanding Newcomer. He enjoyed it so much that he is now on the swim team as well. Who knows what the the spring season will bring. We hope he is done growing now that he has reached 6'4"!
Emily is a freshman and still playing flute & piccolo, swimming on the Tsunami team during the winter months and will begin varsity swim team in spring. She is looking forward to turning 15 in April and getting her permit. She has big plans for the Ford Escort she is inheriting.
I am still staying at home, ha ha ha. Or should I say I am not employed. Seems like I am always running somewhere. I don't know how I ever got anything accomplished when I was working.
We took a family vacation to South Dakota this year. We stayed in a log cabin in the middle of Custer State Park & just chilled...literally. It was a bit cold in June! We saw major attractions, and spent some of the time doing NOTHING! It was a great trip.
We did have an addition to the family this year. Her name is April and she belongs to Emily. April is a duck...a yellow feathered, quacking, waddling, messy duck. She lives in the backyard with the dog, Sassy. Amazingly, they get along very well.

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Xmas Letter from Linda Cassidy

as you can see there is a picture this year. Last year I didnt' send one out because I didn't have a picture of all my kids together because Nate was overseas. So many of my dear friends complained (loudly!) that I decided that no matter what, there would be a picture this year. But, alas, it was not meant to be! When Nate visited us in February, there was not one time that all my kids were together at the same time. So, again no picture for the Christmas card. I should've been more insightful, and gotten the kids together with someone holding Nate's picture, but again work schedules didn't allow that. If this happens again when Nate is home, I promise to use force if necessary, hire a limo if I have to, and take all the kids to the place where the missing one or ones are working and get my annual picture! I will not admit defeat again!
Below are the kids who have abandoned their mother-which has caused thsi Christmas picture problem.
Nate: serving his country in Iraq since April 2008. He made sergeant this year. His wife Tanya and her son Artem are stationed in Germany presently, waiting for Nate's short leave in January. (Below with Becki & Rachel.)
Alison: abandoned me to move to Oregon. She visited Cousin Liz there, after returning from the Peace Corps, and fell in love with the area. She is working there with handicapped young people with various diagnosis, including Autism.
Coleen: also abandoned her mom.. she is in Milwaukee, in her first year of Med School, at the Wisconsin Medical College! Her goal is pediatrician, and she is working hard to achieve that goal. We rarely see her, as she spends her time studying, studying, studying, studying, and more studying!
As you can see, I haven't lost my wacky sense of humor! I am still deeply in love with Jonathan, my husband of 36+ years! The antics and adventures of all my children and grandchildren still keep me in stitches and laughing. God has truly blessed us with more blessings than we can ever count, and we thank Him for them!
Merry Christmas and God Bless Everyone! Linda & Jonathan.

picture top left Steve, Cousin Gil holding Nate's picture, Jon , Rachel, Colleen, Abby, Alison, and Becki

picture top right Linda & Sue in the Badlands
picture middle left Josh, Nate, & Jonathan
picture middle right Josh, Nate, Sam, Caleb
bottom left picture Nate talking to 4th graders at my school
bottom right picture my youngest Sam & Abby at Ruby Falls

Amanda Craig Shafer

my great grandmother

from A. Lincoln A Biography by Ronald C White Jr.

at Cooper Union on 7th street in NY, William Cullen Bryant, editor of the NY Evening Post, who had met Lincoln briefly in Illinois during the Black Hawk War introduced Lincoln as "a gallant soldier of the political campaign of 1858."

other mentions of William Cullen Bryant....
led the Free Soil Democratic wing of the party

Lincoln had to contend with the so-called newspaper generals of NY including WCB...

WCB requested to prepare a poem or ode for dedication at Gettysburg (we know he did not.)

Xmas letter 2008

from Mary Johnson
On Thanksgiving 2008 I was thankful that dignity and honesty may again be the standard of leadership in America. My gentleman friend Fred and I are thankful also that he got a good report from the cancer doctor at the VA hospital.
In early April, I began doing a volunteer tour guide at the beautiful Vaile Victorian Mansion. At first, I felt nervous talking before groups and also there are many dates and facts but I referred to notes. I soon enjoyed/felt more confidence and enjoyed it.
I attended my 50 year high school reunion at Trenton, MO.
Fred's step granddaughter who calls us "Grandpa" & "Grandma" has a darling 10 month old baby girl. It's been fun watching her first steps and now walking.

Mercer Alumni Fundraiser

Donna Hashman,left, Marie Dailey, right, pose with the crazy quilt which will be raffled off.
This year we were saddened by the untimely death of the Mercer Alumni President Wayne Shroyer. Marie Dailey-Hass has donated a beautiful quilt again this year to be offered for raffle "In Memory of Wayne Shroyer", who was her brother. It is a crazy quilt of many colors with the base color dark green and is 75x95, full size. It will be on display at the Farmers Bank of Northern Missouri in Mercer until the Mercer Homecoming on Labor Day weekend. Tickets are $1 each or six for $5, with all proceeds going to the Alumni Scholarship fund. The drawing for the quilt will be at the annual Alumni Dinner August 31st at the North Mercer School.

Thank you The Mercer County Geneaological and Historical Society Museum Committee would like to thank all the volunteers who participated in the Early Cemetary Stroll on Saturday. Special thanks to....Marie Hass for the beautiful quilt...

Marie Hass Displays Quilt Donated For Raffle

Marie Dailey Hass decided long ago that she would piece a quilt for the Orton House Museum Fund. Piecing the quilt over a long weekend, she then took the quilt top to Linda Collobert who batted, backed, & Quilted the queen size spread. Marie was on hand at the Early Cemetery Stroll where she displayed the quilt and sold chances for the raffle.

thank you

We want to thank everyone for helping us with the Quilt Raffle for the Scholarship Fund in Memory of Wayne Shroyer. I made the quilt but it was a concerted effort of many people who helped: Donna Logan Hashman as chairperson; the people who helped sell tickets; thanks to all the people who bought tickets; and those who gave money for the project. Wayne would have been so pleased. Thanks to the people who have shared their memories of Wayne. God Bless, Marie Dailey Hass & Family

Retired Teachers Association Meet

The Mercer County Retired Association met June 24th at the Pinto Beanery in Mercer. present....Marie Hass...

Early Cemetery Stroll Deemed Successful

The Mercer R-III American Literature class of Angie Michaelis took charge on Saturday afternoon and did a wonderful job portraying individuals buried at the Early Cemetery, south of Mercer...
Lou Collobert did a great job as Wayne Shroyer....
other presenters....Levi Hague...

ATV Wreck Kills Mercer Man

Princeton-A Mercer man was killed when the ATV he was driving overturned on top of him last Thursday (July 17).
According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol:
Wayne Shroyer, 79, of Mercer was driving his Suzuki Quadrunner in his field, off Mercer County Route K about 8 miles northwest of Princeton. He was attempting to go up a hill when the ATV overturned, trapping him underneath it.
The report indicates the accident occurred at around 11:30a.m. After the wreck was discovered, Shroyer was taken to Dr Tammy Hart's office in Princeton,where he was pronounced dead at 7:25p.m.
The wreck was investigated by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, with assistance from Mercer County Ambulance District personnel.

Ella Ames Cleppe

Michael & Gretchen (Greenlee) Cleppe of Columbia, MO are the parents of a daughter, Ella Ames Cleppe,born Tuesday March 16 2004 at Boone Hospital in Columbia. She weighted 7 lb 8 oz, 20 1/2" long.
maternal grandparents Michael & Christine Greenlee of Princeton, great-grandparents Esther Shroyer of Trenton (formerly of Princeton) & the late John Wesley Shroyer, and the late Ames & Mildred Greenlee. step-great-grandmother is the late Grace (Martin) Greenlee.
paternal grandparents Michael & Jolene Cleppe of Pittsburgh, Pa (formerly of Bettendorf, IA). great-grandparents are Chuck & Darlene Soenksen of Clinton, IA, & Leroy & Marlene Cleppe of Camanche, IA.

Wayne, a Mercer Truck Driver!

above is another photo from Doc, taken in the 50s. Wayne Shroyer is standing next to his rig on the east side of the Mercer square, south of where Steve's One Stop is now located. Wayne went on to make a profession of over-the-road trucking, working for years as a long-haul trucker. He and his wife Carolyn still live in Mercer.

this appeared in The Mirror.

A Soldier Returns to the Phillippines

Wayne Shroyer, third from left in the cowboy hat, poses with some of his buddies from the 32nd Division, who made a return trip to the Phillippines, fifty years after fighting there in World War II. Wayne operated an armored bulldozer clearing the jungle in the building of the Villa Verdi Trail, a supply road. Wayne was awarded a Bronze Star for meritorious achievement in the campaign.

their division was called the Red Arrow Division in 1944-5. The local townspeople remembered them carving a road out of the Phillipino jungle.
"Welcome back American Liberators," read signs and banners dotting the town of San Nicolas. Wayne said it all came flooding back, the memories of 962 men who were killed while trying to take the heights between San Nicolas and Sante Fe. "There wasn't a dry eye among us," Wayne said.
the men marched along the same trail they had traveled 50 years earlier, and stood next to monument the local people had put up in their honor.
The local citizens named their school after the 32nd division & presented the men with medals, dances, & military reviews. It was a remarkable experience, said Wayne, and also a heartwarming one. Thanks for sharing this story with us Wayne, and thank you for helping people you didn't know 50 years ago. I'm very proud to know you.
Wayne & his wife Carolyn live in rural Mercer County.
appeared in The Mirror, written by Bob Lee Martin.

Missouri Premium Gold Award Winners Honored

Missouri's top producers from 2002 were honored in June. The annual Premium Gold Awards event took place at the PSF cabin near the Terre Haute farms.
Area Manager Terry Busker, during the awards presentation, summed up the direction Missouri production efforts are taking. "We are spending money to make money. Look at the dollars we have spent and will spend on the PRRS project, bio-security, and overall herd health. We are working hard on things we can control," said Terry.
Seven farms and five individuals wer recognized for their achievements by their production supervisors.
Director of Missouri Operations Bill Homann gave his congratulations to all award winners and challanged them to achieve great results again this year.
bottom picture: Production Supervisor Arron Duvall talks with the crew from Wade 1 during the afternoon gathering at the cabin. Left to right Duvall, B.J. Heaton, Lee Stout, Robert Foster, Stoney Coffman, Amanda Holtzclaw.

The Happy Family

Thanksgiving Dinner at the Dailey House

Thursday, November 26, 2009

family pictures on Facebook...

Jessica Muehlberg, Robin & Bobby Shalz, Reed & Stacia Criswell

Wayne Shroyer

In Memory of Wayne Shroyer born February 11 1924, died July 17 2003
services Greenlee-Middleton Funeral Chapel Monday July 21 2003 10:30a.m.
officiating Reverend Max Carmichael, Reverend Ron Helton
pallbearers Christopher Cribb, H.L. Carmichael, Eric Elliott, Todd Wayne Cribb, Thaddeus Garton, Russell Cribb
Honorary Pallbearer Michael Frye
music by Karla Meinke and Mary Berndt
interment Early Cemetery
military honors by Ragan-Hickman American Legion Post #477 Mercer MO

Virgil Wayne Shroyer, son of Virgil Wyman and Jessie Leona (Toot) Shroyer, was born in Mercer, MO on February 11, 1924, and passed away on July 17, 2003 at his home west of Mercer, MO at the age of 79 years.
Wayne was united in marriage to Carolyn June Haggard on December 19, 1942. She survives him of their home. He is also survived by two daughters, Sharon Cribb and son-in-law Garry of Kansas City, MO; and Linda Shroyer of Davison, MI; six grandchildren, Russel Scott Cribb and wife Rebecca, Todd Wayne Cribb and wife Laura, Christopher Jason Cribb and wife Jaime, Jennifer Ann Elliott and husband Eric, Cicely Rose Lapierre and husband Nate, and Thaddeus Dylan Garton; four great-grandchildren, Luke, Bryanna, Alexander, and Skyler Cribb; two step-great-grandchildren, Tally & Berka Lapierre; four sisters, Ruth Austin of Bella Vista, AK, Marie Dailey Hass of Mercer, and Margaret Logan & Betty Daily of Indianola, IA; and by many nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends. He was preceded in death by his parents; three sisters, Wauneta Shroyer, Vera Nanning, and Eva Alley; and by one brother, John Wesley Shroyer.
Wayne was raised in Mercer and was a 1942 graduate of Mercer High School. He was a veteran of World War II, serving with the US Army in the Philippines from 1944 to 1946. After the war, he went into business with his father for several years. He later owned and operated Shroyer Feed, Grain and Trucking in Mercer, and served as Mercer's postmaster for a short time. He spent the next 22 years working for Southwest Freight Lines of Kansas City, where he was an owner, operator of his own truck. He also was a graduate of Auctioneering School in Kansas City, and auctioneered many sales in Mercer County and the surrounding area.
Wayne was a member of the Ragan-Hickman American Legion Post #477 of Mercer, Masonic Lodge #91 A.F. & A.M. of Corydon, IA., the Mercer United Methodist Church, and also served as President of the Mercer High School Alumni Association.
Wayne loved visiting his grandchildren and great-grandchildren, who were very special to him. His garden was his great joy, and he made many trips to Kansas City to share his garden produce with family and friends.

USDA Rural Development Grant

from the Princeton Post Telegraph Nov 6 2003

Earlier this summer, the city of Princeton rec'd a USDA Rural Development grant for $184,000 to drill a new water well, and a mock check presentation was held in late September to note the grant. Representatives from Missouri's congressional delegation, the city of Mercer and Mercer County Public Water Supply District #1 (who recieve water from Princeton) and the Mercer county commission were present. Princeton Mayor Mike Greenlee, second from right, front, accepted the check on behalf of the city of Princeton.

Hawthorn Green LaPierre

Nathan & Cicely LaPierre of Corballis, Oregon, are the proud parents of a son born at home with a midwife in attendance, October 6, 2003, at 4:14 a.m. He has been given the name Hawthorn Green and weighed 10 pounds, and was 22 1/2 inches long. He joins a stepbrother, Tallie LaPierre and a stepsister, Berka LaPierre.
Grandparents are Linda Shroyer of Davison, Michigan, Ron Garton of Corydon, Iowa, and Rick & Joan LaPierre of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Great-grandparents are Carolyn Shroyer and the late Wayne Shroyer of Mercer, Missouri, and Wilma Garton and the late Charles Garton of Corydon,Iowa.

MHS Homecoming

#30 Bryan Hashman Cardinals Sophomore

The Mercer Cardinals

Members of the North Mercer boys basketball team include from left, Derek Holmes, Tyler Hartley, Jeff Girdner, Travis Miller; middle row, Cody Brundage, Austin Hague, Levi Hague, Ben Stark,; back row, coach Dan Owens, Jeremy Hayden, Bryan Hashman, Heath West, Jeremy Hutchinson. not pictured, Cole McReynolds.

Alumni Association Raffle Quilt

Wayne Shroyer & Donna Hashman of the Mercer Alumni Association display the quilt made by Marie Shroyer Dailey Hass which will be raffled off during the Alumni Association Dinner. The quilt was machine quilted by Jeane Henley at the Linda Collobert class of 2002. Tickets for the quilt will be $1 eaach or 6 for $5. The quilt is called the Log Cabin and is in green and beige. The Alumni Association has challanged the classes at Mercer School to sell $20 worth of tickets per class to faciliate the Alumni Association scholarships given to Mercer Students.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Always on Key

photo from the Princeton Post Telegraph
The Trenton Chapter of the Sweet Adelines performed at the start of Princeton's Independence Day Celebration Saturday. picture by Preston Cole.
(Janet Axsom is in the middle of the front row)

Hague on UCM Dean's List

Post Telegraph News Services
Warrensburg-Austin Hague of Mercer has been named to the Summer 2009 4.0 Dean's List at the University of Central Missouri.
Students named to the list had to maintain a perfect 4.0 grade point average to make this portion of the UCM Dean's List.

Lewis: She runs a popular Web site

(aunt mary johnson sent me this clipping)
See what Linda K. Lewis has been up to for the last five years at
She hopes her work calls the publics attention to those cemeteries that could stand some loving. "Some of the cemeteries need all the help they can get, anywhere it can come from," she said.

Xmas newsletter from Butler Family 2008

Our biggest news this year is our home robbery April 28. They busted in through the basement garage door. They took all our jewelry except for our wedding rings (took our class rings, a watch Tom had gotten from his father, etc.), camcorder, camera (thankfully Max & Lisa had the good camera on a fieldtrip that day.), computer (had just gotten a new one), and lots of miscellaneous items. There is nothing like realizing someone has touched so much stuff in your house or trying to sleep knowing someone stood right next to the bed and went through your nightstand. Thankfully they were long gone when we got home. Then, as the boys put it, we were "robbed" again by the replacement company our insurance uses. We got a check within 2 weeks for the items we elected to either not replace or replace ourselves. THe items the replacement company replaced for us took 6 weeks and numerous phone calls to finally arrive. The boys (and yes, Lisa) were rather irate to be without a computer for so long.
The next biggest news is that Lisa sold her resale store, her last day was May 31. She had the summer off, relaxing and catching up at home. The boys enjoyed not being cooped up in the store all summer while Lisa worked!! In the fall Lisa started working as a substitute teacher for the school district the boys attend. It was a little slow at first but she is now working steadily. She's decided she likes the lower elementary the best as the older kids (especially high school) tend to be rather obnoxious to subs. The boys love that they get to come straight home from school now, instead of having to go to Mom's store until it closed like in years past.
Max is now if fourth grade and Logan is in second. Last year Max was one of four 3rd graders out of about 60 selected to participate in the math bowl. We were a little suprised as he's not a mathematical genius, but very proud. He really enjoyed it, even though none of the kids from his school got a medal. Both boys also got good citizen awards for their classes last year. They are both getting tall-Max is over 5' now & Logan is about a head shorter. They are both acting more and more like teenagers every day, developing attitudes and such.
Lisa tried her hand at a craft show this fall (mainly as the PTO had the show and she didn't want to work concessions all day!) She used a lot of her "Extra" scrapbook stuff to make notebooks and such. She did fairly well at the show but decided it'll be her first and last one. It's too much effort for too little return.
Tom has worked for LEarfiled Communications in Jefferson City for over a year now. He manages the computer networks and really enjoys it. We didnt' care for the long commute when gas prices were so high-thank goodness they've come back down. Lisa is still active in the PArent Teacher Organization at the boys' school and on the board with the local amublance district. Her term expires in April and she's not running for re-election. Between her meetings and various school and church activities it seems like we're always on the go.
We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a great 2009.
Tom, Lisa, Max, and Logan Butler

Hague and Cavanah to Wed

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hague and Mr. and Mrs. Dave Cavanah, announce the engagement and upcoming marriage of their children, Sarah Jo, and Christopher O'dell.
Sarah is a 2003 graduate of North Mercer High School and a 2006 graduate of the University of Central Missouri with a bachelors degree in Psychology. She is working on her Masters degre in College Student Oersonnel Administration at UCM and will graduate May 2009. Sarah is currently employed as a Graduate Assistant for the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. Chris is employed with the Crest Ridge School district and will begin this fall as the head football coach and physical education teacher.
The wedding will take place at 2:00 p.m. Saturday June 28th at the First Baptist Church in Mercer. A reception will follow at the PSF Education Center in Princeton. All family and friends are invited to attend.

Dailey Graduates Magna Cum Laude

Koren Marie Dailey graduated Magna Cum Laude from Missouri Western State University, May 10, 2008. She earned a Bachelor of Science with a major in Psychology and a specialization in Personnel Psychology.
Others from the area graduating on the President's Honor Roll were Rachel Lynn Booth of Ridgeway, and Jamie Gayle Brown of Unionville.

Mercer 8th Grade Graduating Class of 1954-55

graduated in 1959-to celebrate 50 Year Reunion During Mercer Homecoming.
back row 4th from left Lije (Dean) Dailey
photo submitted by Helen McReynolds, teacher

Stephanie Thomas

from Princeton Post Telegraph
Congratulations Stephanie Thomas Grand Champion Ewe-Grand Champion Market Lamb-Reserve Champion Market Lamb

Mary Johnson

Aunt Mary sent me this clipping, dated December 2008/January 2009
The annual Historic Sites Volunteer Banquet marked a milestone in the city's history, as the progrqam reached its' 25th season. Volunteer Coordinator Cathy Offutt prepared a check to present to Mayor Reimal as a "gift" from the volunteers, in the amount of $4,763,943.20, which represented the 387,530 hours donated.
Aunt Mary is in the front row, third from the left, with her jacket draped around her shoulders.