Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Mercer High School Class of 1959 Ride In The Parade

The Mirror, Mercer, MO newspaper.
Above, Nick McHargue, Trenton, driving, along with Elijah Dailey, Mercer, in the back, right, and Bud Watson and Linda Lowrey were back in Mercer celebrating their 55 year class reunion. photo by Bob Lee.

Mike & Christine Greenlee

pictures from local newspapers Post Telegraph (Princeton, MO) & The Mirror (Mercer, MO)
Post Telegraph: Mike and Christine Greenlee were recognized for their many contributions to the Princeton community through the years by being chosen to serve as grand marshals for Saturday's Calamity Jane Days parade. photo by Preston Cole.
The Mirror: Christine and Mike Greenlee Parade Grand Marshalls. Above, Christine and Mike Greenlee ride and preside over the Calamity Jane Days Parade as this years Grand Marshalls. photo by Bob Lee.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I am watching Drunk History (a show my social science major son disparges....) and guess who is on the Nashville episode?

Grandma Grace's "Country Cousin" Porter Wagoner! about Dolly Parton leaving the man who made her famous.

Monday, September 15, 2014

a voice mail from Aunt Mary.

Virginia told her she saw on facebook that great aunt Donanell's daughter Dona had a stroke and needed prayer. haven't found any mention of it yet.

Author Kerry Matson

Kerry Matson is a native and resident of Kansas City, Missouri, but it was time spent at his family's farm as a youth, where he developed a love for writing. Although he has been a writer for many years, it was the death of a friend during the summer of 2012, that prompted the writing of his first book, "Finding Faces in the Clouds: A Jump-start to Joy."
Kerry is excited to see where the journey takes him in the years to come and invites others to take the walk as well, seeking out the joys in the simple and "ordinary" things of life. His mantra is to make the best of each day and to celebrate being kind to one another. It will be worth the effort.
He is currently working on his second book, "Learning Hope."
"A Jump-start to Joy is walking on the beach and getting sand between your toes."