Friday, September 28, 2012

Tara & Ashley

the Robin's

the original Robin, and Robin Lynette....we love them both!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

cousin Donna at Mercer Homecoming

making a purchase from the Senior Coke Stand!
well, that's who I thought it was at first not so sure...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

family heirlooms....

toy dishes from my childhood
the dynamite crate I got from Grandma Grace's sale
a US spoon that John Maxwell used in the service
butterchurn that mom or grandma grace gave me
the original 1888 Mercer & Harrison County history from Aunt Minerva's house
cigar box I found at Mom's store
old book I found at mom's store
old camera mom gave me

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mercer Boys Basketball Team Late 1930's

From The Mirror, Mercer, MO newspaper...Pictured from left to right are Buddy Alley, Wayne Hannamon, Bob Alley, C. Graham, Fritz Haggard, J.D. Myers, William Alley, Earl Girdner, H. Fisher, Joe Hartley, Roy Taylor, Wes Shroyer, R. Hickman and Coach Robert Hodge. Thanks to David McIntosh for sharing this great old photo with us.
Wes Shroyer was Kevin's great uncle

unknown woman and children

from the aunt minerva to be identified file....

my great grandparents Tom & Gilly Maxwell are in back row....dated Feb. 15 1953. I'm thinking these were taken at her sisters 50th Wedding Anniversary...will have to look it up...

from the aunt minerva 'to be identified' collection....

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Minerva Maxwell Brown is the young girl front row. Evie Maxwell is in wheelchair. Think great grandma Gilly Higdon Maxwell is behind Minerva. also think my grandma Grace Maxwell Brown is the young woman middle back row.

from the aunt minerva to be identified collection.
I know my great grandparents Tom &Gilly Maxwell are in the back row. back of picture inscribed "Feb. 15 1953"

back of photograph inscribed Feb. 15 1953

know my great grandparents Tom & Gilly Maxwell are in the back row.

unknown woman outside with a plant on a stand....

from the aunt minerva 'to be identified' collection
I strongly suspect this is my great grandma Gilly Maxwell. of course, I can't be sure...

man in overalls logging....

from the 'to be identified' aunt minerva collection...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

another picture from the aunt minerva unknown file

I'm sure she knew who these people were. always always always label your pictures! of course, all modern pictures are now tagged on worries!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Grandma Grace rocked her great grandbabies in this chair at Aunt Minerva's yearly picnic....

/I wonder what the history of this chair is? how long it's been in the family? I know my great grandma Gilly didn't live long enough to have great grandchildren to rock...did any other ancestors rock babies in this chair?

aunt minerva's antique auction....that I can't go to because I have to work....

Minerva Brown Estate Auction Location: 33674 E. 350th St Gilman City, MO Saturday September 15th, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. Household, Antiques, Shop Tools/ Equipment, Tractors, Machinery, Vehicles, Trailers
From Trenton, take Hwy. 146 to 1 mil. W of Brimson, MO, turn on CC blacktop, go N approx. 4 miles to 350th, turn left, go 1/4 mile to sale site. Watch for sale sign. Auctioneer’s Note: Very large sale with about everything/anything imaginable!! Will run two rings if possible!! Only a partial listing.
Antiques, Collectibles & Misc.: Handmade copper coffee pot/pitcher; coffee grinders; crystal coffee grinder (very unusual); Eagle oiler 400; service station oil jar w/spout; Delco battery jars; Dietz lantern; Dietz Acme Inspector Lamp; Gambles barn lantern; 2 Rock Island lanterns; AT & SF RY lantern; Round Charter Oak wood stove - No. 1205; Peoria, New Century Round wood heating stove; Wood King water heater wood stove; King Oak stove; 7’ Good Year Tire porcelain advertising sign; 5’ Polenne Motor Oil advertising sign; advertisement clocks (Coca-Cola, Budweiser, Miller, Winston); last advertisement signs from Brimson store (Marlboro, Coca-Cola, etc.); Pepsi machine, crates with bottles; 2 Skelly supreme gas pump globes (excellent); 6 scythes; surveyor’s tools, transit; cast boiler; copper boilers; milk crates; Lambrecht butter crock; salt crock; numerous crocks (Ruckels Western Red Wing Buckeye Blue Ribbon) (1-6 gal. sizes); Red Wing poultry fountain; 3 gal. Red Wing churn; 5 gal. brown top crock jug; stone jugs (Western, Macomb); Diamond Brand 5 gal. ice water crock w/lid; 5 gal. ice water crock w/wire bales; 4 qt. Dazey churn plus 4 qt. bottom; granite pitcher; granite pail; blue & white swirl wrought iron kettle; Range Co. tea kettle; copper tea kettle; cast iron teapot with star; apple peeler; cherry pitter; lard press; excellent cider press; 854 Griswold cornbread pan; 6 cast iron kettles; copper torch; small platform scales; glass one gal. milk jugs; cream pail; crust cutter; biscuit tins; incubator; Hauson scales; child’s wagon; Allis Chalmers pedal tractor with matching wagon; ‘70s Series John Deere cast toy (good); 340 International cast toy (good); cast eagle; chalkboard; good Sportsmaster snow sled; horse collars; tricycle.
Special Interest Items & Clocks: Seth Thomas mantle clocks, one w/marble columns, one w/lion’s head & feet; 14" & 15" round back saddles; wooden stirrups; church pew; lights from old Hobb’s building (Brimson); wooden door with etched scene (elk); WWI war photo; 1957 Pioneer Days, Coffey, MO, plate; metal Handy Andy’s child’s toolkit; Makit wood building toys; Brimson store items (cash register, counter scales, Coca-Cola machine).
Antique Furniture & Misc.: Chest of drawers w/small mirror; 2 large oak rockers (one w/original leather); 2 curve back chairs; 2 small metal stools; drop leaf table; oak rockers; round oak tables; 5 square oak tables; oak piano benches; small oak table; several sets of oak chairs; Victrola; oak secretary; lg. ornate frame; highchair; 4 bentwood chairs; writing desk; oak dresser; chest of drawers; lg. "Pinky" framed picture with ornate frame; "Cupid Asleep" & "Cupid Awake" pictures; Queen Anne #2 lamp; oil lamp; porcelain top table; kitchen vegetable table w/granite top; 6 steel pedestal base counter stools.
Tools & Misc.: Craftsman radial arm saw; oak Skil saws; metal shelving; buzz saw blades; 2 band saws; drill press; lathe; lg. belt sander; lg. table saw (Walker Turner); 18" & 20" planers; 6" planer; Pittman rod jig; jig saw; brace & bits; crosscuts; ice saw; iron implement seats; 2 hand corn planter; lead bars.
Vehicles: 1972 Malibu 2 door hardtop, great original condition, 50,000 miles, new tires, reconditioned motor (not overhauled); 1963 Ford Galaxie 500, auto, 4 door, 95,000 miles, great shape.
Auctioneer’s Note: Come see these classic cars. Not often do you find in this condition.