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desc. of Helen Boyd, dau. of Alfred Boyd by Scott Nesbitt

Descendants of Helen Boyd, daughter of Alfred Boyd:

Children from Helen’s first marriage with Floyd Martindale: Jim Martindale, who lives in Newell, Iowa and Gerada Martindale Nesbitt, married to Richard Nesbitt of Newell, Iowa. Gerada (my mom) passed away on Feb 4, 2001.

Children from Helen’s second marriage to Frances Dingman: Helen Foster, who is married to Rich and lives in Guthrie Center; Ginger Swaney, married to Frank Swaney and lives in Hampton, Iowa; Darl Dingman who lives in Atlanta Georgia; Boyd Dingman, married to Diana and lives in Omaha (check Dingman Collision Center.com on web to find out more detailed information about Helen’s kids.) Darlene was the second to youngest and died of diabetes in about 1953 at the age of 5.

Information about my family: I am the son of Gerada, who was the daughter of Helen Boyd Dingman, who was the daughter of Alfred Boyd.

Dick and Gerada’s children:

Craig (born 1954) married to Shari and lives in Pocahontas, Iowa. They have two daughters, Melanie (age 14) and Lynette (age 10).

Brad (born 1955) married to Barb and lives in Alta, Iowa. They have two boys, Nick (age 23) and Cody (age 20).

Pam (born 1957) married to Rick Sievers and lives in Newell, Iowa. They have two children, Dustin (age 26) and Destiny (age 23).

Scott (me born 1961) married to Janelle and live in Lake City, Iowa. We have 3 children: MaeLaan (age 17), Brock (age 14) and Jaden (age 11).

Lance was the youngest child of Dick and Gerada, and he died in 1986 at the age of 20 from leukemia.

My grandma Helen died in October or November of 2003. She was living in Omaha with my uncle Boyd.

(I intended to email you this last spring when we corresponded but I became sick (with no previous health issues) and ended up having a liver transplant at UNMC.
added April 5 2010
Thank you very much for adding my information to your Boyd family blog. I noticed today that I didn't include Darl's wife Colleen (one of my grandma's sons). Also Frank Swaney died in 2008. I don't know how difficult and time consuming it is to add this info, but if you have time, I would appreciate it.

Thank you very much!!!
Nesbitt, Scott [mailto:scott_nesbitt@southern-cal.k12.ia.us]

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found on facebook....

Nancy Frisbie Duff & son Morgan Duff

The Hatfields & The McCoys

I would always shake my head at old family fueds...how could families split up over something stupid & lose contact with each other? honestly. I have busted ass over the years, showing up at family events, taking endless pictures, writing down details, scrapbooking wedding, birth, graduation, & death announcements...trying to make pleasant conversation with relatives that although I am closely related to, I see at best once a year & really don't know. especially in this day of facebook & email. facebook is of course my fave new genealogy tool...copy pictures, post them on my family history blog. easy, fast, and no real human contact. but even facebook got me in trouble. me and my big mouth. so I am now a couple of relatives short. I probably will be bullheaded and not attend the next gathering, which is really not something I look forward to anyway, just go visit grandma at the nursing home. and after grandma is gone, will these reunions continue? will there be a need for us to get together? because why waste time hanging out with people you really don't like all that much? kind of like going to a class reunion...if you really wanted to hang out with these people, wouldn't you make more of an effort?
so now I have started a feud, pissed off my cousin who hasn't had a job in 11 years by telling her that on top of her manic monday of sick kid & crashed computer she should have a job, too. I get tired of people acting like I work because I want to. I want my kids to have health insurance & food & clothes & a decent house & dependable transportation, birthday & xmas presents & the occasional vacation...that translates into 2 working parents.

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facebook....not always a family friendly site...

I deleted 2 related 'friends' tonite after I made a comment & was jumped on by rob's fan club...who evidently are all stay at home military moms. whatever. do any of them want to walk a mile in my PSF gumboots? I doubt it. one less person on the xmas list...

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The Girls of Summer

Brenda Axsom, Debbie Axsom, Robin Crawford, Sheila Little...looks like we're sitting on the back porch at my parents house at the annual 4th of July picnic..wonder whatever happened to this Royals tshirt...

old picture collage

top left Janet Axsom feeds her baby John a bottle
top right why is Deb Axsom making her baby brother stand up?
middle left Debbie, John, & Lisa Axsom...check out my stylish Midwest Threshers Reunion t-shirt. wonder what ever happened to that...
middle right Grandma Grace Brown with John Axsom
bottom left Brenda, Debbie, & Lisa Axsom & Sheila Little all dressed up on an Aunt Mary visit...
bottom right: John Axsom

Brown Great Grandkids 1997

taken at a Brown Family Christmas at the Grundy Electric building.
left to right: Grant Dishon, Kenton Dauma, Steven Dauma, KJ Dailey, Koren Dailey, Rachelle Crabb, Tara Crawford, Ashley Crawford, Emily Dishon

Donanell and Dean Shafer in Princeton

March 31, 1998

Above, Donanell and Dean Shafer at their home in Princeton last week. Donanell told us she had an interesting Pansy (flower) in her front yard. It had been blooming since January. The Pansy, located directly below Donanell in the flower bed, is located on the south side of the house. This has been a strange winter, when flowers bloom in the winter.

Lauren Joy & Taylor Mae Carroll

Dan & Lacey Jaye (Muehlberg) Carroll of Sacramento, CA, are the proud parents of Lauren Joy, 5.14oz, 17" long, & Taylor Mae, 5 lb, 16" long, born February 17 2010.
Grandparents are Craig & Kim (Schreffler) Muehlberg, Sacramento. Great grandparents are Frank & Deanna (Dailey) Schreffler, Des Moines, IA; and great-great grandma Marie Dailey Hass of Mercer, MO.
The clever little girls were born on grandma Deanna's birthday. Lauren Joy was named for grandma Joy Muehlberg, Taylor Mae was named for her great-great-great grandma Mae Dailey, grandma Kimberly Mae Muehlberg and great aunt Mae Jane Dailey Dubin.

found on facebook...

Kimber Lynn, soon to be granddaughter of Cathie Frisbie Parkhurst!

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John Claude Doze

Here is the picture of John Claude Doze, eldest child of Victor and Mary Bailey Doze. I'm sorry the large picture didn't scan well, however the small inset one did so I scanned and enlarged it. At least you can see what the man looked like, I guess.
I sent some brief info on him in my earlier email.

Vicki Bever Doze

Estella "Stella" Doze

from Vicki Bever Doze

Hello everyone!
I'm attaching a picture of Estella "Stella" Doze, the daughter of John Claude and Mary Stanley Doze to go along with the information below that Judy Hall sent to me. I thought you would like a picture to go along with the stats!

Her father John Claude Doze was the eldest son of Victor and Mary Bailey Doze. He was married twice- first to Mary E. Osborne ca 1862 in Sullivan Co., MO. Stella is a child from his second marriage to Mary Elizabeth Stanley 15 May 1871 in Sullivan Co., MO.

John Claude Doze was born 22 Mar 1837 in Darke Co., OH. He died 16 June 1921 in Norwich, Kingman Co., KS and is buried in Upchurch Cemetery in Norwich.

Mary Elizabeth Stanley Doze was born 5 Oct 1854 in Kokomo, Howard Co.,IN. She died 25 Mar 1928 in Pomono, Riverside Co., CA and is buried in Upchurch Cemetery, Norwich, Kingman, KS. She was the daughter of John Stanley and Nancy Nunn.

John and Mary Elizabeth Stanley Doze had four children:

Jemimah Doze born 26 Apr 1877 and died 30 Apr 1877.

Martin Francis Doze born 20 Feb 1879 in Loury City, St. Clair Co., MO. He died 2
Aug 1965 in Kingman, Kingman Co., KS and is buried in Walnut Hill Cemetery in Kingman.
He married Mary Martha Widman 23 Dec 1906 in Norwich, Kingman Co., KS

Estella (her information is below)

Infant daughter born 1 Oct 1891 and died 7 Oct 1891.

My information comes from descendants of John Claude Doze: Ella Doze Randle now deceased; Betty Mansell Arnold; Tombstone inscriptions, death records of Sullivan Co., MO; Census 1870 of Sullivan Co., MO; A Biographical History of Central Kansas v. 1, 1902; newspaper clippings on Martin Doze and John C. Doze.

I know and knew many of the descendants of Martin Doze.

John Claude Doze's first marriage to Mary E. Osborne:
Mary was born 13 Dec 1836 possibly in Tazewell Co., IL or in KY
She died 12 July 1870 in Sullivan Co., MO - a few months after giving birth to her youngest child

They had four children:

Phoebe "Ella" Ellen Doze born Apr 1864 in Sullivan Co. MO and died in 29 Jan 1936 and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Lineville, Wayne Co., IA. She married 9 Apr 1885 to Elijah "Lidge" Dailey.

William Douglas Doze born 12 Feb 1865 in Sullivan Co., MO. He married Lora Arlene Culver 8 Feb 1885.

Henrietta "Retta" born 1867or 1869 (she was aged 11 in 1880 census) in Butler, St. Clair Co., MO (poss. Sullivan Co., MO) and died 27 Jan 1862 in Norwich, Kingman Co., KS. She married James Skillen.

George W. Doze born 17 Feb 1870 in Sullivan Co., MO. and died 3 May 1946. He married Marie Katherine Schreiner 15 July 1901 in Norwich, Kingman Co., KS. George W. Doze was located in the household of his grandparents, Victor and Mary Bailey Doze in 1870 in Sullivan Co., KS. He was also listed during the same census in the home of his Aunt and Uncle Phoebe Doze and Joseph Custer. His mother had died when he was almost 5 months old (12 July 1870--I imagine several relatives were helping out widower John Claude Doze take care of his infant son.)

I have a lot of info on all these families, but it will take time to send. I wish I could just copy and paste the info in my genealogy program, but the program won't let me do it. I will send a picture of John Claude Doze in another email.

Enjoy and please--if anyone can add or correct info to this, please send to me! Thanks.

Descendants of Estella Doze

Generation No. 1

1. Estella4 Doze (John Claude3, Victor2, John Claude1) was born 05 Mar 1885 in St. Clair, Mo, and died Jan 1980 in Fort Scott, Bourbon, Kansas. She married Anderson Reed Norris 20 Apr 1903 in Kansas . He was born 11 May 1882 in Kansas , and died (possibly) Pomona , Los Angeles , California .

Children of Estella Doze and Anderson Norris are:

2 i. Josepine5 Norris, born Abt. 1906 in Kansas .

+ 3 ii. Jaunita E Norris, born Abt. 1909 in Kansas .

Generation No. 2

3. Jaunita E5 Norris (Estella4 Doze, John Claude3, Victor2, John Claude1) was born Abt. 1909 in Kansas . She married Donald W Devinney. He was born Abt. 1904 in Iowa .

Child of Jaunita Norris and Donald Devinney is:

4 i. Betty Louise6 Devinney, born 24 Jun 1925 in Orange , California .