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Vicki Doze facebook pictures.....

Taken in front of our home in Del City, Oklahoma. Had to have been taken around 1974. Left to right: brother David, dad J.D. with son Cubby in front, sister Tammy holding son Dustin, Mom holding little Jared and me hiding as much as possible because I thought I weighed too much. har de har har!
A fun day at Fike Park in Colby, KS 1979.Front: Jared, Cubby, David, and Mom Vicki. Back row: Daddy Doze holding little Jesse Doze , and Dustin Doze

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Deed of Trust "Filed for Records, this 8th day of May 1942 at 2 o'clock and 10 minutes p.m. (unreadable signature) Recorder"

from the Axsom Shoebox of Memories
303/31 Alfred E. Axsom ET UX to J.T. Axsom ET AL.
State of Missouri, County of Harrison, I, Circuit Clerk and ex-Officio Recorder of Said County, do hereby certify that the within instrument of writing was on the 12 day of May AD 1942 at 1 o'clock, 30 minutes PM duly filed for record in this office and is recorded in Book 303 page 31. In WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my official seal at my office in the City of Bethany, Mo. on this 12 day of May 1942. W.P. Chamber, Recorder. By Mary M. Wightman D.T.
$1.50 pd.
THIS DEED made and entered into this 10 day of April AD Nineteen Hundred and Forty Two by and between Alfred Axsom and Mary P. Axsom of the county of Harrison, and state of Missouri, parties The First Part, and W.W. Noah, of the county of Harrison and State of Missouri, party of the Second Part, and J.T. Axsom and D.O. Axsom, parties of the Third Part.
WITNESSETH That the said parties of the First Part, in consideration of the Debt and Trust hereinafter mentioned and created, and the sum of ONE DOLLAR to them paid by the said party of the second party, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged do by these presents, Grant, Bargain and Sell, Convey and Confirm, unto the said party of the Second Part the following described real estate, situate, lying and being in the county of Harrison and State of Missouri, to wit:
20a E1/2 SE NE section 25, Twp. 66, Range 26. Also SW 1/4 of NW 1/4 except Rail road right of way of 1.4 acres in Section 30, Twp. 66, Range 25, in Mercer county, Missouri.
Cancelled Dec 4 1945 M.K. Barbor Circuit Clerk and Recorder Harrison County Missouri

$600.00 Cainsville, MO April 10 1942 " For value received we promise to pay to J.T. Axsom and D.O. Axsom or order Six Hundred Dollars in Lawful Money of the United States of America....

with interest thereon in Lawful Money at the rate of 5 percent per annum from date until paid, payable in six installments of not less than $100.00 in anyone payment together with the full amount of interest due on this note at time of payment of each installment. The first payment to be made on the 1st day of Jan. 1943 and a like payment on the 1st day of Jan., each year thereafter until the whole sum, principal and interest had been paid, if any of said installments are not so paid, the whole of said principal, sum, interest to become immediately due and collectible at the option of this note. And in case suit or action is instituted, to collect the note or any portion thereof we (can't read, ink from stamp obscuring...deb)to pay such additional sum as the Court may adjudge reasonable as attorney's fees in said suit of action."
signed Alfred E. Axsom, Mary P. Axsom
top stamp CANCELED Nov 13 1945 OVID SEELEY Recorder
bottom stamp CANCELLED Dec 4 1945 H.K. Barlow Circuit Clerk and Recorder Harrison County, Missouri

Withholding Tax Statement 1960.

from the Axsom Shoebox of Memories
Millard R. Rhea Plainview Nursing Home Route #2 Trenton Missouri
Pauline Axiom(crossed out, with correct "Axsoi m" handwritten)
total FICA wages paid in 1960 $146.50
FICA employee tax withheld $4.38
total wages paid in 1960 $146.50
Federal Income Tax withheld NONE
employees SSN 491-42-3105

handwritten notebook paper in ink

from the Axsom Shoebox of Memories
Lester Booth died May 22 1989 cancer
Linda's kids Todd, Debbie, & Troy Constable. She and Jack are divorced.
>Randy Booth has married 2 or 3 times. has a daughter Monique I think. It's a French name and her mom was French.
Warren Erlewine died in Branson.
Sherry Ashley married Tim ____________ first.
Jane Oxfords husband Will Newton.
Jake married a Hamilton and she died of T.B.

piece of notebook paper handwritten in pencil

Axsom Shoebox of Memories.
For 1959 Income>grain bus.- 620 bus.amount $894.00
electricity farm share. $35.00. + $15 phone.
3 tires one tube for car $57.30.
car license $11.00 + ins. $14.38.
figure farm share of car expense 8000 mis. + at .06 per $480.00 = 1/3 for farm $165.80.
selling commission $175.00
$358.00 down payment on farm
abstracting &76.94 + $61.25 + affidavits & recordings-$29.75
realator fees-$175.00
abstracting offer 76.94 + 61.25 + 29.75 = $167.94
170 cattle + 60 hogs +200=430.00
elf B.F. 15-93.3 = $856.81>eggs doz. 42 doz. =$11.35
hd of cattle lbs., 7 3190 $696.00>hd of hogs 8 1800lbs. $260.13
rucking $113.50 (yd. & comm.) $17.48
gas refunds fed. 26.52 state 25.60 total $52.12
labor $55.75
taxes $122.40
gas & oil $202.70
supplies $60.45 + 57.30 tires etc.
parts & repairs $131.82
seeds $24.85
feed $237.65
machine hire $185.00
med & vet $6.93

list of names

handwritten notebook paper from The Axsom Shoebox of Memories....(all typos of course, belong to me, deb)
Grandpa Craig
Grandma Craig
Amanda Shafer died June 25 1988
Betty Shafer Ashley died July 14 1988
Eva Shafer Mathes died.
Bill Avril died June 1984
Roger Axsom died Jan 12 1987
Daisy Boyd Axsom died July 6 1986
Frank Marsden died Dec 16 '88
Edith Boyd Smith died 86?
Cliff Smith died.
Barney Powers Nettie's husband died '88
Charlie Uhler died Jan 19 1984
Amanda Uhler died
Ray Boyd (Clarke's wife) died 87?
Marvin Axsom died March 11 1990
Cora Boyd Axsom died>Jay Axsom died 1933.
Wayne Axsom died.
Junior Axsom died.
Norman Axsom died.
Alma Boyd died.
Gilbert Boyd died.>Anna Axsom Rilling died July 24 1992.
Mary Pauline Axsom died Dec. 6 1992. ( the handwriting on Grandma's death is different. I assume she wrote the original text. She would often note in letters anniversaries of deaths.)

Got Something to tell you DAD on your Day...

Axsom Shoebox of Memories
"There's nobody like You, Dad!"
Since I was small, "Away back when", I've known that My Dad, Is the best of men-And what is more, That opinion, you know, Is something, Dad, I'll never outgrow! Love, Roger, Mary, Freeda, and Bernie X0X0 1956

672 Gridley

I think it was Gridley...been a long time since I wrote a letter to Grandma Pauline & Grandpa Alfred.....
from the Axsom Shoebox Of Memories
handwritten index card.
moved 672 in May 1964
Bought place fall 1965
pd. off in Oct. 1983
started work at Mayhem (Moryhem?) Tile Co. in August or Sept. 1964-there till April 1967
started work at Neet Awning Co July 5 1967 was there till June 7 1974
started work at Kool Metal Awning Co August 1974 was there till Dec. 8 1981
replaced Burner in furnace Summer of 1974.
we reshingled house 1983
put porch & awning up in 1968?
put up front awning in 1971-August.
put up car shelter in fall 1978?
oil shed from Dalan Lumber 1969
ear care Dec 1971.
seems like Grandpa had a couple of months break in between jobs.....did he leave these jobs before he had another job lined up? or were there lengthy family vacations? or was he let go and looking for a job? hmmmm.

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The Story of the WWII Veteran's Quilts

The Mirror Feb. 26 2014 and March 19 2014>
Deanna Dailey Schreffler called Donna Hashman and asked her for the names of all living WWII Veterans in Mercer county. Donna then called Sally Reighard and asked her to help her in gathering names. Sally got all the names of the WWII Veterans, who were members of the American Legion, and Donna and Sally came up with more names. Deanna made 19 quilts, with veteran's Branch of Service on them. Donna Hashman's aunt, Marie Dailey Hass, made three more quilts. Some of them were presented to the Veteran's before Christmas. When the weather got so bad, we stopped giving them. We finished presenting them at the Sweetheart Valentine's Dinner in Ravanna. on February 15, 2014.
World War II Veterans, who were given quilts, were Frank Clark, H.L. Carmichael, Gene Coon, J. Morgan Donelson, William Gamet, Fairl O'Banion, Bill Pollard, Royce Walburn, Robert Walker, Paul Cridlebaugh, Bob Porter, Herb Covey, Russell Morian, Orvil (Jr) Stark, Carroll Warnock, Dale Robinson, Ernie and Doris Harkins, Tommy Wilson and Myron Moore. Even though Jennie Vertrees is not a veteran, Deanna wanted her to have a quilt for all the work she does for veterans. Bill Collins has yet to receive his.
Deanna has made lap quilts and given them out to some of our veterans last year. She has made it her mission to make more quilts to thank as many of our veterans that she can for their service and sacrifice to our great nation.
Presentations were made to Fairl O'Banion and Gene Coon by Donna Hashman and not show, Sally Reighard. (photos by Bruce "Butch" Cassidy)
Deanna Dailey Schreffler of Des Moines, IA, presents Jennie Vertrees with a lap quilt she made for Jennie's service in keeping the plight of veteran's as one of her main issues. Jennie has written a column "Ramblin' with Jennie" for THE MIRROR for many years. Her writings often deal with veterans and veteran issues. Thank you Mrs. Schreffler for your kindness. Congratulations Jennie for the wonderful honor. (photo by Randi Ferguson)

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Celebrating their dad's birthday, all 4 Crawford brothers.

Jr. Shafer (written by Donanell Shafer.)

from the Axsom shoebox of memories.....
Katherine Darlene Teas Jan. 1 1927. I think they were married Feb. 14 1944.
I. George Ross born Jan 1945 married wife #1 Judy Miller. A) George Ross Jr. born June 21 1964; B) Brian Kieth born October 28 1965
George Ross wife #2 Evelynn Overton, she had James born May 25 1967 by previous marriage. they had A) Michelle Lynn born August 15 1969; B) Floyd Ross born Aug. 8 1970; C) George Ross born Aug. 31 1971; D) Jerry Ray born Dec. 4 1972; E) David Earl born Jan 3 1975.
II. James Lee born December 15 1947 married Marcia Ann Olson, she had 2 by previous marriage. John James born March 19 19578 and Ronald Clark born Dec. 25 1959. (could be Donald?). They had A) James Lee Jr. Aug 5 1965; B) little girl died I think she may have been first. C) Dawn Marie born Sept 3 1968.
III. William Ray (Billy Ray) born September 18 1949. married Susan Lowe born Oct 221949. died. married.
IV. Steven Craig born March 23 1954, married Peggy. they had A) Steven Craig Jr. B) (Robbie) Robert Ross born May 1977.
V. Karen Kay born September 23 1955. married Frank Ragan. they had A) Frankie died at birth. B) Kimberly. C) Anthony. married David Andrew. I can't remember if Tony is his or if they another.
VI. Gary Wayne born Jan. 28 1957.
VII. Cindy Lynn born March 5 1964. She has been married I think 2 times but don't know if the children are either one of her husbands.
My mothers name was Erma. I (Donanell) married Dean March 24 1944. divorced June 8 1945. remarried July 3 1970. daughter Dona Lynn born October 25 1944.
Dean married Joanne Sloan born May 4 1930. they married May 11 1946. their son Roy Dean born October 17 1946.
Chick & I were married December 6 1945. Chick passed away Sept 21 1969. A) Lavella Jane born September 10 1946; B) William Albert born April 2 1948; C) Daniel Bruce born Nov. 9 1949; D) Randall Mark born May 12 1957.
Dona Lynn married Ronald Harry Hesseltine September 29 1962. he was born Nov 26 1943. A) Christina Lynn July 9 1963; B) Craig Wesley born July 12 1966-Jan. 4 1968 (ran off edge, think this is what it says); C) Richard Harold (Rick) born May 12 1971. He was born on his uncle Randy's 14th birthday.
Roy Dean married Janet Olson. she had Brandon by previous marriage.
Lavella Jane married Art Breese on May 20 1967. His names is Arthur Thomas & he was born September 30 1935 (I think). A) Thomas Tyrone (Ty) was born July 24 1975 and they got him July 26, 1975.
Albert married Kathryn Ann Copie(? can't read) on June 6 1970. Kathryn born March 24 1953. A) Traci Ann born Dec. 6 1970; B) William Albert III (Billy) born Sept 21 1974
Danny married Dianna Lee Roberts (Crickett) on July 1 1972. she was born Nov. 19 1983. A) Scotty Allen born April 29 1973. B)Gilbert Eugene born Aug. 12 1974. C) Donnie Dean born May 14 1976.
Randy married Sherry Lee Ellis (born March 30 1959) on March 9 1976. A) Mechelle Lee born Dec 18 1977. B) Jason Mark born June 20 1979. C) Corby Lynn Dec 21 1981. divorced. married Kallie Sawyer Evans Dec 20 1986. divorced June 1989.

a letter in Grandma Pauline's handwriting (I'm pretty sure it's her writing, anyway....)

from the Axsom shoebox of memories......
Speaking of leaving something out of a recipe, I think this one beats them all. A favorite nephew and his wife had driven 500 miles to visit relatives. We asked them to come & have lunch with us. They agreed. but said they'd have to leave soon after the meal to start their journey back home.
I decided to fix chicken & homemade noodles, as we knew that was a favorite of both of them. I cooked & boned the chicken and made a dessert the day before. So the day they came I removed the broth from the refrigerator, made & cooked the noodles, fixed mashed potatoes & a green salad. We four laughed & talked & enjoyed the meal. Barbara offered to help with the dishes after we'd eaten, but I told her I'd do them later. So they started on home. Imagine my surprise & embarrassment when I was putting leftovers away to find the container of boned chicken (that I always mix in with the cooked noodles) still sitting in the refrigerator!
Later on I asked them, "Why didn't you say something about it when we were eating?" They said, "We just figured hard times had hit you." We all laugh about the "chickenless noodles" everytime we're together now.

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Uncle Bob Crawford will be 87 Sunday.

Lisa sent out the reminder for us to send cards. which is good....I can't keep track of anything anymore....and don't celebrate my own birthday....

Taken just before David left for England and Jesse left for Iraq in 2006. Back l-r: Dustin Doze , Cub, and Jared. Front l-4: David and Jesse Doze — in Carbondale, KS.

Vicki Doze's boys....

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"oh, look, another selfie...."

my photogenic sister Lisa....
)and facebook comment from my other sister Brenda.....)

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Lisa's facebook post today....

Six months today. Dad, as always, you are in my thoughts. Love and miss you! Just doesn't seem like April without reports of how many morels you have found. FYI: Dad NEVER went out in the spring without an empty bread sack to put mushrooms in. Many times he would come in the house with that bag full and the overflow in his cap. Sometimes he would have his shirt off also, tied up like a sack, to hold many more. Lots of fond memories of mushroom hunting with the family as a child - especially of Dad and Grandpa Vermal.
and I had to comment "and Grandma Grace in her bib overalls rolled up to her knees."
Lisa replied: "Oh, Deb, I had forgotten that!! He he he. I just remember Grandpa being so competitive that he would run over us kids to get a mushroom before we could!"

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weighed 8.1 lbs..20.75 in. long.

Cruz Cash Duff, Son of Morgan Duff & Phoebe Kitchen and little brother to Emerson

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found a picture on facebook of a beautiful distant relative...distant as in relation, not in actual distance.....

(she goes to school at Cainsville, I always look for her at HSBB games....)she is a beautiful, beautiful girl! Whitney!

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Office of the County Superintendent of Schools, Gettysburg, S. DAK.

June 12 1928
Dear Friends:
At last the work of grading and averaging the papers in the seventh and eighth grade final examinations is finished, and we are ready to make returns to you. Most of you will be well pleased over the returns, some will be not quite so well pleased, and a very few will be disappointed. No one should feel discouraged and give up, however, as failure is no disgrace; it is only disgraceful if one refuses to make any effort to come back after a failure.
Of the one hundred nineteen who wrote the finals in the eighth grade, one hundred nine will receive diplomas. Of the remaining ten, there may be a few who could earn their diplomas by taking a second examination in August, as in a few cases the general average was almost high enough to enable them to pass, but they fell below the required minimum in one or two subjects. I would be glad to hear from those who care to write again, so that we could make arrangements to that effect at once. No examination will be given unless there is a demand for it, and I must have your written request for it before the 1st of July.
Of the one hundred seventh graders who wrote, ninety will receive their certificates of promotion now, and a few of the remaining ten will receive their certificates just as soon as they have removed the conditions on which they were passed to the eighth grade. These conditions will be explained to the respective pupils in a personal letter with the returns of the examination.
We will begin to need thinking of the graduation exercises for the eighth grade now. The exact date has not been decided upon at this time, but it will be within the next two or three weeks. In the meantime we should chose a class motto, class colors, and a class flower. In order to do this to the satisfaction of all, I will ask that you write me at once, giving your choice in each of these, using the suggestions below as guides. Your preferences will be carefully tabulate and the suggestions receiving the majority of votes will be chosen.
No special instructions as to dress will be given, but simplicity and economy should govern your tastes, rather than extravagance and showiness. Graduation time is not a time for dress parade but rather a time for sober thought of our future and what we are to do with it. In selecting what you should wear at this time, let us be governed by good taste as to our appearance, but not by a selfish desire to "outshine" the other graduates.
Notices of time and place of graduation exercises will be sent with a program, just as soon as we hear from enough of you to complete the selection of motto, colors, and a class flower.
With best wishes and kind regards to you all, I am
Very sincerely yours,
(signed) John A Hembd

Office of County Superintendent of Public Instruction Potter Co. S. Dak. Report of Pupil's Final Examinations

from the Axsom Shoebox of Memories....
Gettysburg S.D. June 9 1927 Alfred Axsom of Lebanon, S.D. The result of your final examination in the seventh grade is as follows:
Reading: school 83, credit work 80-75, average 80
Writing: school 84, credit work 87, average 85 1/2.
Spelling: school 93, credit work 89, average 86
Arithmetic: school 80, credit work 87, average 68
Geography: school 84, credit work 81, average 87 1/2
Language or Grammar: school 88, credit work 67, average 72 1/2
Physiology and Hygiene school 99, credit work 75, average 77
United States History: School 88, credit work 73, average 68 1/2
Drawing: school 80, credit work 88-89, average 81
Agriculture: school 84, average 84.
average 88.2
The required standing for a passing grade is an average of 80 per cent, with no subject below 65 for the 8th grade and an average of 75 per cent with no subject below 60 for the 7th grade. By consulting the above list of your standings you will observe that you are entitled to promotion. signed: Einar Jordith, County Superintendent
phys·i·ol·o·gy [fiz-ee-ol-uh-jee] noun 1. the branch of biology dealing with the functions and activities of living organisms and their parts, including all physical and chemical processes. 2. the organic processes or functions in an organism or in any of its parts. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Origin: 1555–65; < Latin physiologia < Greek physiologĂ­a science of natural causes and phenomena. See physio-, -logy

receipts from The Axsom Shoebox of Memories....

Jack's Repair Shop, General Repairs, Residence Phone 1108-W. billed to Alfred Axsom 4-26-60. sum of $170.86.
$9.28 Oct. 28 '63. to Roy Spencer's. for tractor gas. Bal. bro't for'd. $513.99. Bal Car'd For'd $504.71
Customer's Deposit Receipt. 6-17-64. Alfred Axsom 672 Gridley San Jose. Domestic. deposit amt. gas $15. Elec. $15. signed Mrs. Alfred Axsom
statement to A.E. Axsom. in account with Harrison County Abstract Company. date Nov. 18 1959. Certificate No. 33019. general certificate $5.00. transfer and copy work per page $2.50 @ 1 page. Recorders fees $1.25. total $8.75. paid Dec. 10 1959. .
Princeton MO Dec 8 1959 (Broyles Realty) to Mercer County Abstract Company 2 patents, recording 2 patents & affidavit pd. 12-18-59 $21.00
ck to Alfred Axsom $158.75; Bob Broyles & associates $175.00; Escrow att. abstract $25.00; total escrow $358.75. Pd. Harrison Co. Abstract $8.75; pd. Mercer Co Abstract 16.25 = $25.00, balance due Mercer co. $4.75.
State of Missouri Office of Secretary of State Motor Vehicle Department. Certificate of Title of a Motor Vehicle or Trailer. title number 7058997.
I, the undersigned, Commissioner of Motor Vehicles of the State of Missouri, Do Hereby Certify, pursuant to the provisions of Section 18, page 88, of the Acts of the General Assembly of Missouri, passed at the Extra Session of 1921, that an application has been made to me as by said Act prescribed, for a certificate of title of a motor vehicle or trailer as follows: 1925 1/2 ton Ford Pickup, engine no. 12198430 H.P. 22, bore 33/4. Alfred E. Axsom, Cainsville, Mo R#3,Harrison Co. Date 7-7-41.

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closing thoughts

Axsom Association newsletter Aug-Dec 1999.
This newsletter was prepared from my desk in our RV. We began our retirement travels on schedule at the beginning of October and headed to New Hampshire to visit our son, Matt, and his family for a month. We stayed there much longer than expected because I had a heart attack and spent six weeks participating in a cardiac rehab program there. We have undergone a significant change in the exercise and dietary aspects of our lifestyle because of the heart attack. However my recovery was sufficient so that the cardiologist released us to continue with our plans to travel in our RV. Ruth and I visited the Terrill Cemetery in early December and I expect that we will visit other Axsom descendants and historic locations as we travel the USA. Don't be surprised if you receive a phone call from us as we proceed with our travels!
Larry Axsom, editor
Larry and Ruth did drop in on us on their RV travels! deb

AAA Treasury Status

Axsom Newsletter Aug-Dec 1999
treasurer Barbara Ekstrom, reports balance as of Dec 1 1999 is $1595.31. membership fees of $575. gifts $60. newsletter $392.28. postage $100.52. reunion income meals, bus, hotel, photos: $1718.50. reunion expenses: meals, income, bus. $2488.05.

Axsom descendants in our thoughts.

Aug-Dec 1999 Axsom Newsletter
Polly White of Palacios, TX
Lola Norman of Bedford, IN

Axsom newsletter inquiries....

Cynthia Kay Axsom, graduate gemologist and daughter of Marshall Axsom, granddaughter of William Andrew "Andy" Axsom.
Alexander Axsom of Spring Hill, TN, son of Robert Dale Axsom, grandson of Marshall Axsom, grandson of William Andrew "Andy" Axsom
Cheryl Christiana Axsom Nelson of Chula Vista, CA, dau. of Hobart Axsom Jr., granddaughter of Stanley Hobart Axsom. who lived in Welliston, MI.
Jimmie Wayne Axsom of Rock Rapids, IA son of Jackie Wayne Axsom, grandson of Bernard Wayne Axsom.
Lana June Axsom Littrell of Columbus, IN, dau. of Edward Axsom, granddaughter of Jason Axsom.
Vicki Jolene Neurer of Sun City CA dau. of Patsy Joan Axsom Wynne, granddaughter of William and Mary (Fleetwood) Axsom of Bloomington IN.
Katherine Sue Axsom Conard of San Diego CA dau. of Cegil Axsom and granddaughter of John Thomas Axsom.
Marvin Wayne Axsom Jr of O'Fallon IL supplied genealogical info about he and his brother Paul Henry Axsom. He is the son of Marvin Wayne Axsom Sr. grandson of Cegil Axsom and great grandson of John Thomas Axsom.
Leslie Brad Axsom of Des Moines, IA son of Larry Wayne Axsom, grandson of Enos Axsom, great grandson of Neal Axsom and Mary Chldress Axsom.
Connie Sue Walters of North Augusta SC dau. of Sue Mae Davis Walters, granddaughter of Clara McGehee Axsom Davis and great granddaughter of William Morgan Axsom who is buried in the Oakdale Cemetery in Mt Airy, NC.

The parents of Charles Axsom

Aug-Dec 1999 Axsom Newsletter
The Axsom database has show Charles Axsom as an adopted son of Samuel David Axsom. Several Indiana Axsom descendants have commented that they were not aware of an adopted or natural son of Samuel David named Charles. Yet Charles was listed in the 1880 census records in the household of Samuel David. The database lists Nancy Jane Hall as Charles' wife.
Sharp-eyed Norma Zanetti saw that this 1880 census actually showed that "Charley was listed as a "Boarder" in Samuel's household. After further investigation into the matter, Norma reports, "...the marriage application for Charles and Nancy Jane Hall reads: Charles Axsom, father, Joseph; mother, Eliza Hall.....I had already found Charles Axsom listed in a supplemental marriage application index with parents named as Joseph and Eliza Hall, but I had to make sure it was the Charles who married Nancy Jane Hall." thanks Norma for clearing up this long-standing controversy!

A visit to the Terrill Cemetery

Axsom Association Newsletter Aug-Dec 1999
When we finally opened the iron pipe gate and walked into the wilderness graveyard, the winter sun had found its way through the clouds to spread the yellow-orange splatters on the headstones and grass. Besides the relief of the warm sun at that moment, Ruth and I also felt relief in the knowledge that the past hour's hike was not in vain. A the start of the trail near the Hickory Ridge fire tower, we had only the knowledge that the billboard sized map of the Charles C Deam Wilderness area showed the location of the Terrill Cemetery at the end of one of the branches of the trail that led into the forest.
/The trail we followed was along the ridges-only once did it descend into a gulch. The trail was easy to follow-however the branches in the trail were only marked as to whether or not horses, bikes or people were allowed. There were no indication of which branch led to the Terrill cemetery. So we followed the widest trail-one that had been spread with crushed stone suitable for auto or truck passage.
The trees on the hills and ridges were mostly bare of leaves-except for the evergreens. The trail would have been darker in the summer when the leaves would block the light-but in December, the trail was bright even with the overcast sky. We were dressed for a winter hike-with warm coats, gloves, hats, and good warm walking shoes. Our pace was such that on level ground we would cover two to three miles per hour. From maps, I had estimated the distance to be about a mile and a half from the Hickory Ridge fire tower to the cemetery-so we expected to walk about 45 minutes or so. Some 40 minutes into the hike we stopped to rest about 5 minutes-took our rest on the trunk of a fallen tree beside the trail.
At the end of an hour's walk, we were openly asking the question: "Will we find the Terrill cemetery?" We decided to walk further. We had enough exercise by that time that some perspiration was now on our brows. The trail widened into what was clearly an old road. The road took an abrupt left turn and led down a slight slope and up to a clearing enclosed by a 5-foot high fence. It was the cemetery! One corner of the clearing was at the crown of a knoll. The clearing sloped down (what I think was) the southwestern side of the knoll. The clearing was roughly rectangular-about 80-100 yards on each side. There were some large oak and maple trees in the lower corner of the fenced in cemetery. The gate was at the top of the knoll and was held closed with a standard garden gate clasp-not padlocked.
There were 15-25 gravestones in good condition near the gate. Near the lower boundary of the cemetery, most of the grave markers had deteriorated to just stone subs sticking up-most were not even rectangular in shape any more. There were no inscriptions visible on at least half of the grave markers.
The largest marker whose text was visible from the gate was inscribed with: Axsom Hezekiah July 13 1872 Sept 16 1939 Mary Alice April 5 1880 april 27 1860. This marked the grave of Hezekiah Thomas Axsom (#50-son of Andrew Jackson Axsom and his second wife, Lorinda Todd) and his wife, Mary Alice Hillenburg. In the next row of graves and very near this marker were stone markers inscribed with Dortha Viola daut. of H&A Axsom Feb 23 1919; Lestia daut. of H&A Axsom MArch 5 1913-Dec 16 1913; Mamie daut. of H&A Axsom Nov 20 1909; Virgal R. son of C&A Axsom Dec 14 1918 . The marker for Virgal R. shows that he was the son of C&A Axsom. This marker actually closest to the marker for Hezekiah and Mary Alice and the style of the stone marker was identical to the markers for the other children of Hezekiah and (Mary) Alice-but the initials "C&A" were clear in their engraving. Was it an engraving error that was not corrected or was there an Axsom husband and wife with initials of C and A who lost a son Virgal in 1918?
In the row of graves that contained markers for the children of H&A Axsom were two more Axsom markers: Richard Axsom born & died Oct 27 1932; Martin Axsom March 5 1865-Aug 9 1921. Martin Axsom was the son of Samuel David Axsom and his second wife Melvina Hall. I do not know the identity of the parents of Richard Axsom.
There were three Axsom markers near the downhill side of the cemetery whose inscriptions could be partially read: infant son of J&I Axsom b. Apri 11 1902; Ethel daut. of J&I Axsom ????? 1906; Lenial son of J&I Axsom b. Aug 2 1916 ?Oct 19 1919 Who were J&I Axsom? James Axsom married his cousin, Mary Ices Axsom in 1893. James died at about age 60 in 1920. Mary Ices had 4 other husbands.
There was a marker for husband and wife as follows: Axsom Rebeca Aug 10 1856 Mar 4 1914 Samuel Feb 23 1848 Di. Jan 30 1927 This was Samuel D Axsom son of the Samuel David Axsom who came to Indiana from Surry County, CN in the 1830s. He married Rebec(c)a Lawson in 1888. According to the Axsom database, no children issued from this marriage. Samuel D was the youngest son of Samuel and his first wife, Winifred. He was born in Polk Twp., Monroe Co, Indiana.
There was one more marker that contained the name of an Axsom-one that is not buried int he Terrill Cemetery. The marker contained the inscription: TERRILL Weley 1896-1936 Delista 1896-19. There were no numerals engraved for the year of Delista's death. Delista Axsom Terrill died in Hope, Indiana in 1997 and is buried in the Garland Brook Cemetery. The Terrill cemetery in the Charles C Deam Wilderness was likely closed to burials at that time.
There was one other Axsom grave marker-perhaps the most remarkable one we saw. It was a marker for FIVE Axsoms. The marker was wide enough to span 5 graves. It was inscribed as follows: AXSOM Betty 1938-1939, Dora 1925-1931, Dartha 1923-1931, Dorval 1921-1931, Delphia 1918-1931. Just from the dates on this marker, it is clear that 1931 was filled with grief for the parents of these siblings. These were all children of Wylie and Rella (Hillenburg) Axsom. The four who died in 1931 all succumbed to spinal meningitis. Betty died of pneumonia. The other seven of Wylie and Rella's children survived until the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. The spelling "DARTHA" differs from the name listed in the Axsom database- which shows DORTHY.
Of course there were many Terrill graves in this cemetery. There were also markers for the following surnames: Hearth, Snow, Stevens, Hillenburg, Rogers, Reaves, White, Grubb, and Lawson.
The Terrill Cemetery is maintained by the state of Indiana and/or the US Forest service. It is a maintained area in the wilderness that surrounds it. The grass in the cemetery had clearly been mowed in the late summer or early fall. The wire fence around the cemetery was sturdy, not rusted, and supported by 5 foot high, 4 inch creosoted wood posts-each with a metal cap. The surrounding woods were dense with trees, overgrown with underbrush and untouched and unmaintained, as one would expect of a wilderness.
I took pictures of several of the graves along with some notes to preserve for me a sense of the past that pervaded this lonely wilderness burial ground.
We took our leave of the Terrill Cemetery just before the sun slipped behind the clouds. The hike back to the fire tower where we left the truck was quiet as the fading early afternoon light dimmed the landscape. As we walked down that old roadway near the cemetery, I wondered which of my ancestors had walked that road in times past. I thought that surely the cemetery was not very far from one of the Terrill homesteads-but there were no signs of farmhouses, barns, or former habitation that I could see. There were, however, a few overgrown railbeds branching off from thetone we were hiking. Perhaps some of these led to the old homesteads.
This wilderness is located on the south side of the Monroe Reservoir-and two or three miles east of the Todd Cemetery, which was visited by those who attended the 1999 National Axsom Reunion.
The Terrill Cemetery is located much closer to the reservoir than the Todd Cemetery. And it is located only two or three miles from the William David Axsom homestead located on Axsom branch. Samuel David Axsom's homestead was also located in this area. Axsom's are buried in the Deckard, Todd and Terrill cemeteries, which are all within a 5-7 mile radius.
Our truck was a welcome sight as we neared the fire tower. We rested a short while and I unloaded the pictures from the digital camera into my laptop computer. Then we heaed to Nashville, IN for some browsing and dinner.
On the road we passed the Todd Cemetery and stopped their briefly. It was such a contrast to my last visit there. That visit was on the 4th of July, 1999 during the Axsom reunion. It was a sweltering, breathlessly hot day then. Today it is very cool-bordering on cold. Only a dim sun lit the bare trees surrounding the clearing of the Todd cemetery today. We walked the length of the cemetery-and (if one allowed for the changes in season) it looked like it looked in July-with one exception. There was a fresh Axsom grave! At the entry to the cemetery are two Axsom gravestones. One of those had a mound of relatively freshly earth and some relatively recent bouquets. The stone above the fresh earth bore the inscription: AXSOM Benza Sept 13 1903 Raymond Feb 28 1902 Nov 16 1992. Raymond (#1692) was the son of Martin (#26) and Racheal (Fender) Axsom and grandson of Samuel David Axsom (#14). His wife, Benza Hillenburg Axsom had died about a month after the 1999 Axsom reunion.
The road we chose to travel as we headed to Nashville went eastward through the Charles C Deam Wilderness and brought us to the small villages of Kurtz and Storey and finally to Indiana Route 136 leading north to the center of Nashville. These roads shared an interesting characteristic: there were right angle turns frequently. The roads were following property boundaries or section boundaries. Sight seeing possibilities were maximized-as was traveling time.
Visiting the Terrill Cemetery was a great experience-one that I wish I could have shared with the Axsom descendants who came to the National Reunion in July. The length and roughness of the trail would have been prohibitive for some to walk. The trail would have not accommodated the motorized coach that transported the 25 or some Axsoms to Brown County in July. This narrative will have to suffice.

Nancy May Her Surname Finally Documented

Axsom Association of America Aug-Dec 1999
The earliest genealogy documets concerning Joseph H. Axsom and his family listed Joseph's wife's name as Nancy. Some documents had the characters "(MAY)" after her name. Thisis a standard notation to indicate the maiden name. A marriage record for Joseph H. and Nancy has never been located. We could not be sure of the real maiden name of Joseph's wife without locating some contemporary document where her maiden name has been officially recorded.
For the past several months Norma Zanetti of Eden, NC has been concentrating much of her research on the Indiana Axsoms. Her email correspondence with the editor has told of books ordered, Social Security records requested, Indiana researchers contacted, marriage records requested, etc. These are a part of Norma's quest to accurately document our Axsom heritage.
On Sept. 24 1999 Norma wrote: "I am so excited. A lady in Bloomington IN agreed to get a copy of Samuel David's marriage record to Anne/Anna Hedrick on her next trip to Nashville, IN. She went this week and I received the copies today.
full name of bride: Anne Wilkerson
maiden name, if a widow: Anne Hedrick
place of residence: Brown Co, IN
age: 27 (lots of discrepancies with her age.)
race & color: white
place of birth: Brown Co IN
father Joseph Hedrick
mother Sarah A. Mullis
when & where married: Brown Co IN Nov 6 1884, Asa Reeves, minister
full name of groom: Samuel Axsom, resides Brown Co IN, age 80 years, white, born NC, father Joseph Axsom, mother's maiden name: Nancy MAY, no. of grooms marriages: second (should've been three)
we can finally remove that "(May)*unknown* from our databases."
There it is! Samuel David Axsom-on the occasion of his third marriage, put into the written record the maiden name of his by then deceased mother! Norma's letter continues:
"Now, there is a family tradition among one line of Axsoms that Nancy's father was William May, a maker of spinning wheels. There were some Williams around, but they seemed to float around and I haven't found one who I think could've been Nancy's father. Since Nancy seemed to be so close to Frederick May, I think Frederick was probably her brother-although he was supposedly born in 1783, too-maybe they were twins. Frederick's father was Martin May. I don't know if I'll ever be able to prove that Martin was Nancy's father-no will, and his estate records did not name his children. But, if I ever do, I will have a pretty good start on that May family. I have built a database of over 1500 May descendants. A recent find suggests that Frederick May was German.

Holdiay and New Years Greetings to you!

Axsom Newsletter Aug-Dec 1999
The end of 1989 approaches-along with the end of a decade, century , and millennium. Our Axsom ancestors surely existed at the beginning of the millennium-we just can't identify them yet.
We can identify most of our Axsom ancestors who lived at the beginning of this century. (We can identify Axsom ancestors as far back as the beginning of the previous century. Prior to that, there are no Axsom names that we can, with certainty, claim as part of our lineage because research has not yet identified the parents of Joseph H. Axsom.)
This century has experienced a tradition of regular, local Axsom reunions in North Caroline/Virginia and in Indiana. In this century, a lot of Axsom descendants have acquired occupations other than farming, woodworking, smithing, and milling. We have Axsom descendants this century who are pharmacists, teachers, scientists, plumbers, engineers, pilots, factory workers, photographers, truck drivers, veterinarians, postal workers, ministers, musicians, and on and on. Louise Wolfe Axsom published, in the ninth decade of this century, one of the first documents containing Axsom-specific genealogy-"Indiana Cousins."
This tenth decade of the century has seen a lot of Axsom family information collected, sifted, analyzed, published, distributed, and discussed. The decade has witnessed: 32 issues of the Axsom Newsletter, three National Axsom Reunions: 1985 Colorado Springs, 1997 Surry County, NC, 1999 Indianapolis, Indiana. The book "From Surry They Came"-published by Larry Axsom in 1992. The founding of the Axsom Association of America in 1995. The creation of a computer database of Axsom genealogy and research notes with major contributions from: Norma Axsom Zanetti, Larry Axsom, Nat Jones, Wayne Campbell, Sandra Axsom Taylor.
And what of the Axsom descendants in the next millennium? We are virtually assured that there will be more Axsom descendants in the future than there are in 1999. And we know that there will be more documentation about our Axsom lineage available to them than was available to us and our parents when they were born. However, there are some other Axsom plans for the new millennium: 2001 Axsom reunion being planned for Branson, MO; new officers for the AAA will take up the banner; research into our roots will continue; preservation of the old Axsom Burial plot in Surry County, NC is under investigation.

On the twelfth day of Christmas...

My true love gave to me:
Twelve census searches
Eleven family bibles
Ten e-mail contacts
Nine headstone rubbings
Eight wills and admons
Seven abstracts brimming
Six second cousins
Five coats of arms
Four GEDCOM files
Three old wills
And a branch in my family tree.
{Axsom Association of America newsletter}

Lineage & Descendants of Sara Ann Axsom

August-December 1999 Axsom Association of America Newsletter
Earlier this year, Wayne Campbell of Garner, NC contacted me via email about Axsom genealogy. In answering his email, I copied Norma Zanetti. A few weeks later, she told me that Wayne was sending to her some Axsom descendant information in the form of a database and that Wayne was interested in joining the Axsom Associatin. Norma subsequently sent me the new database information from Wayne. It has been incorporated into the Axsom database and shows the descendants of Sarah Ann Axsom Starling-fifth child of Joseph H. Axsom, Jr. and Mary Setliff Axsom. Thisis a very large addition to the Axsom Database! Thank you Wayne for sharing it with the AAA and congratulations on joining the AAA!
Joseph H. Axsom b. 1778 d.May-Aug 1833 m. Nancy May b. 06-Feb-1783 d. 24 Dec 1854
Joseph H. Axsom Jr. b. 06 Feb 1816 d. 14 Sep 1888, m. c. 1838 Mary Setliff b. 06 Aug 1812 d. 30 Jul 1900
SARAH ANN AXSOM b. 14-Feb-1846 d. 19-Jan-1936 m. 28-Nov-1866 JOHN WILLIAM AUGUSTA STARLING b. 7 Oct 1845 (said 1945, had to be a typo...deb)d. 19 Feb 1926
Willie M. Starling b. 1870
James M. Starling b. 1872
Elery J. Starling b. Sep 1873
m. Sallie F. Dunnigan b. Jan 1880
Mary Leota Starling b. 1875
m. Joseph Albert Walters b. 1872 d. 1936
Eula Walters b. 24 Sep 1905;
Nellie Mae Walters b. 01 Jan 1911
Lillie Mildred Starling b. 17 Dec 1877 d. 08 Nov 1962 ,
m. 1902 Vance M White b. 25 May 1882 d. 19 Feb 1906;
m.07 Aug 1910 Newton Winfield White b. 26 Apr 1878 d. 22 Jan 1953
Coley Abram White b. 07 Dec 1903 d. 04 Nov 1990
m. Mozelle Dockery,
m. Ada Richardson,
m. Ruby James.
Anna Lee White m. Archer Livengood, Sr.
Archer Livengood, Jr.; Melvin S. Livengood,
Estlene White m. Grady Hutchins
Steven G. Hutchins,
Jan Hutchins.
Jettie Pauline White b. 03 Oct 1905 d. 25 Dec 1919
Connie Edward White b. 17 Dec 1911
m. Beulah Mae Moncus b. 14 May 1915 d. 22 Oct 1970
m. Hazel Marie Wade b. 28 Jul 1922 d 08 Mar 1992
m. Braudice Hurley
Irma Valee White b. 01 Jan 1932
m. 2 July 1948 Protus Terrell Wood b. 27 May 1928
Karen Valee Wood b. 21 Dec 1950
m. unknown Tucker
m. 06 Sep ? Stephen Royals McKenzie
Jonathan Wood tucker b. 28 Apr 1977
Travis Steven McKenzie b. 21 Sep 1984
Terra Janice Wood b. 26 Dec 1952
m. 20 Jun 1998 Gino Russo
Terrell Daniel Wood b. 285 May 1958 d. 30 Oct 1958
Kevin Protus Wood b. 04 Nov 1961
Aileen White b. 11 June 1933
m. Dalford J. Huff b. 24 Apr 1931
Trilby Ann White b. 07 Feb 1955
Robert Allan Daly b. 24 Aug 1950
Chelsea Marie Daly b. 28 Aug 1989
Laura Ann Daly b. 02 Jun 1992
Peyton Ashton Daly b. 30 May 1994
Fairene Matilda White b. 13 Mar 1914 d/ 17 Feb 1999
m. 27 Jul 1935 James Dolphin William Campbell b. 23 Jul 1905 d. 03 Aug 1988
m. 25 Dec 1969 Manford William "Matt" Key, Sr. b. 27 Mar 1905 d. 03 Jan 1977
James Wayne Campbell b. 02 Feb 1938
m. Sylvia Jane Vuncannon
m. 22 Dec 1974 Peggy Ann Beach b. 18 Apr 1943
Lisa Dawn Campbell b. 09 Jun 1962
m. 08 Sep 1984 David Craig Nelms b. 12 Jul 1961
Ryan Kevin Nelms b. 26 May 1988
Christina Diane Nelms b. 26 May 1988
Jennifer Anne Campbell b. 06 Sep 1963
James Wayne Campbell, Jr. b. 25 Aug 1968
m. 10 Jul 1977 Pamela Virginia Frazier b. 12 Apr 1967
Dylan Shane Beal b. 31 Mar 1994
Krystal Miriah Street b. 15 May 1991
William David Campbell b. 10 Apr 1940
m. Linda Campbell
Brian Campbell
m. Jennifer Campbell
Lawrence Posey Campbell b. 13 Aug 1941 d. 15 Aug 1941
Wanda Marie Campbell b. 02 Dec 1942 (great-grand daughter)
m. 8 Feb 1957 William Lee Mendenhall b. 19 Feb 1940
Deana Lee Mendenhall b. 05 Aug 1966
m. 27 Aug 1988 Thomas Jackson Hazelwood, Jr. b. 06 Feb 1965
Zachary Thomas Hazelwood b. 16 May 1996
William Lee Mendenhall, Jr. b. 23 Oct 1973
Alvis Eugene Campbell b. 10 June 1944
m. 01 May 1989 Elizabeth Lanier b. 23 Jun 1948
John Dixon Campbell b. 08 Apr 1990
Kenneth Monroe Campbell b. 06 Sep 1945
m. Lois Hayes b. 10 May 1931
Lora Edna White b. 24 Apr 1918 d. 01 Jun 1919
Elsie Marie White b. 05 Mar 1921
m. 08 Apr 1938 Roger Jackson Holder b. 23 Sep 1917
Ronald Jay Holder b. 06 Feb 1939
m. Patty Ann Cockerham b. 14 Sep 1939
Gina Marie Holder b. 02 Jul 1964
m. 04 Jun 1988 John Wakelon Morrison, III
Erin Jay Morrison b. 08 Feb 1990
Nathaniel Holder Morrison b. 17 Apr 1994
Ricia Ann Holder b. 06 Mar 1968
m. 16 May 1992 Corey Allen Pardue b. 03 Jul 1969
Tracy Lee Holder b. 09 May 1940
m. Judy Nell Sharpe b 05 May 1939
m. Grant Newton Holder b. 18 Mar 1989 Elisabeth Popp b. 19 Feb 1963
Sonia Lee Holder b. 09 Mar 1964
Angela Sue Holder b. 24 Sep 1968
Janet Olean Holder b. 30 Dec 1944 (great-grand daughter)
m. 10 Nov 1961 William Bert Phillips b. 02 Jun 1943
m. Amy Janette Phillips b. 06 Aug 1967
m. Roy Mitchell Wagoner b. 25 Feb 1960
Courtland Elisabeth Wagoner b. 17 Nov 1992
Holly Ann Phillips b. 23 Aug 1970
m. 30 Jun 1990 Rodney Dee Rogers b. 19 May 1969
Brittany Nicole Rogers b. 19 May 1991
Roger Jackson Holder, Jr. b. 16 Dec 1955
m. Vanessa Gay Calhoun
Shannon Gail Holder b. 22 Feb 1979
Ashley Denette Holder b. 15 Nov 1980
Dovie Starling b. Jan 1883
m. Jerry Phillips
Paul Phillips
Clyde Phillips
Bessie Phillips
Vernie Phillips
Clora Starling b. 23 Mar 1885 d. 05 June 1964
m. William Preston Tucker
Ethel Grace Tucker
Walter Tucker
Dovie Tucker
Viola Tucker
Annie Tucker b. 11 Aug 1918
m. James (Jim) Simpson
Alfred Eugene Starling b. 23 Apr 1888 d. 16 Apr 1976
Agatha Tolbert
Lizzie Lowder
Mary *unknown
Clyde Starling
Mabel Starling
Vernie Starling
Bobby Starling

In Loving Memory James "J.D." Smith

1941 - 2013 | Obituary | Condolences
JAMES D. "J.D." SMITH Obituary
Video Memory
Video for JAMES D. "J.D." SMITH courtesy of McGilley Antioch Chapel Play Video
James D. "J.D." Smith, 72, Kansas City, MO, passed away Friday December 27, 2013 at his home. Memorial services are 11:00 AM Saturday, January 4th at the McGilley Antioch Chapel where a visitation will begin at 10:00 AM. The family suggests contributions to Cross Roads Hospice. J.D. was born July 15, 1941 to James and Susan (Dannar) Smith in Bethany, MO. He was a 1959 graduate of Albany High School. On October 25, 1997 he married Charlene Ann Brown. J.D. worked for BN Railroad for 32 years, retiring in 2000. He enjoyed fishing, hunting and camping. He was preceded in death by his parents; sister, Effie Harris; and first wife, Sue Hecker. Survivors include his wife, Charlene Smith of the home; daughter, Melody Laipple (Roger Wells); step- daughter, Shelia Dauma Jones (Ben); four grandchildren, Ryan and Shelby Laipple, and Kent and Steve Dauma; great grandson, Kadeyn Dauma; brothers, Jerry Smith (Therena) and Lavern Smith; step- sisters, Lois Brauer and Linda Bounds; step-brother, Frank Steinman; step-dad, Bob Steinman; and numerous nieces and nephews. Arr.'s: McGilley Antioch Chapel, 3325 NE Vivion Rd, Kansas City, MO 64119 McGilley Antioch Chapel, 3325 NE Vivion Rd, Kansas city, MO 64119, 816-453-7700
Published in Kansas City Star on Dec. 31, 2013 - See more at: Read more here:
officiant Reverend Harold Dinsmore, Bethel Baptist Church. Cremation. Please join us in remembering James "J.D." Dmith by visiting our Memorial at Through this site, we invite you to share your thoughts and fond memories with our family. McGilley Antioch Chapel, 3325 Vivion Rd, Kansas City, Mo 64119-2611

Saturday, April 12, 2014

envelope addressed to Mr. Alfred Axsom, Lebanon, So. Dak.

no zip code, no standardized state abbreviations ...
it is from the County Superintendent, Public Instruction, Gettysburg, S. Dak.
it is empty, assuming it once held one of the loose grade cards in the box....

Where did the Garden City go?

Lee Quarnstrom clipping from The Axsom Shoebox of Momentoes, hand dated San Jose Mercury News, Mon. Sept 12 1988.
I found a couple of brochures the other day for a California city that sounds like a swell place to visit-or even to live.
Listen to some of the amenities for this burg as touted by its chamber of commerce:
"Situated in the beautiful "Valley of Heart's Delight"....its hospitality and healthful climate have enchanted visitors to "The Garden City" of the West.
"Distinctive homes from modest bungalows to pretentious estates-thriving midst ever-blooming gardens and green lawns-have established individuality on the city's tree-lined streets or among the sloping foothills...
Life is lived to its fullest here, for diversions of every type are available....In the eastern foothills of the city lies the 687-acre municipal playground...called 'Little Yosemite' because of it's curious rock formations....
Well, you've probably guessed that this garden spot is, indeed, San Jose. The thing is, the pamphlets I picked up were published in the late 1940s, as far as I can tell, and somehow they just don't seem to quite capture the wonders of San Jose as we know it today in 1988.
It is true, as touted in one pamphlet, that San Jose "is so conveniently located" that you can get quickly to "San Francisco-the gay city of hills and bridges." But what about the statement that "a concrete municipal baseball stadium" is "the home of the 'Red Sox', with a permanent chair-type seating capacity of 2,908,"
Frankly, I've been under the impression that the Red Sox were based back East somewhere. Or were those guys predecessors to the San Jose Giants and the Bad News Bees of more recent years?
And how about the $8 million value of the city's 15 elementary schools, 14 kindergartens, five junior highs, two high schools and single technical high school? That sounds a little low to me.
Back then, 40 years or ago or so, "hundreds of smart shops and stores are conveniently located for the shopper," the chamber of commerce boasted.
The economy looked rosy: "San Joeans enjoy over-all incomes far higher than the citizens of most cities of the United States....High among the 200 leading U.S. cities in per capita buying income. This is due largely to the fact that San Jose is the county seat of Santa Clara County, a leading county in the entire nation in farm wealth."
The chamber boasted of 44 canneries and 30 dried-fruit plants in the Garden City.
In 1943, the brochure says, local bigwigs "inaugurated a national campaign to attract new industries" and "the 1940 census showed that more than half of all workers in San Jose owned their own homes."
Southwest Airlines flew in and out of Municipal Airport and "a modern bus service, with a fleet of 46 buses" handled local transportation needs.
The chamber and the convention and tourist bureau were proud of the city's hotels and suggested that visitors indicate in advance whether they wanted doubles or singles with or without baths.
You could get a double at the De Anza Hotel for a fin, or pay as much as eight bucks if you wanted twin beds. Down the street at the Vendome you could get a double bed for as little as $3 and twins for $5.
If you were willing to pay top dollar you could get into the Sainte Claire, where rates went as high as a sawbuck. But think of the view!
The cheapest rooms-at $2 a night-could be had at the Aconda Hotel, near the Vendome, at the California Hotel on South First Street, at the Imperial, the Lenox or theWinton, at 108 South Second.
"For good eating" the chamber and convention and tourist bureau recommended such eateries as the Alpine Creamery, Hart's Lunch Counter, the Hi-Way Coffee Shop, the Italian Hotel, Rickey's Studio Club up in Palo Alto, the Starlite Drive-In and the Esquire Den, at 34 W. San Fernando.
Those were the days!
The city was proud that the first French prunes in the state were grown in San Jose, in 1856, that the first radio-telephone station in the country was built in San Jose in 1904 and that more than 10,000 roses of some 500 varieties covered the Municipal Rose Garden.
Sounds like a great little city, doesn't it? I wonder what happened to it?

Aunt Dollie Avis Craig Gray

Grandma Pauline note..
died of a heart attack right after supper on Jan. 11 1976. She left her husband Albert and 2 daughters Barbara Ruth & Shirley Carole. (A baby daughter died at birth) and 2 grandsons. A granddaughter was accidently killed when an unused tractor tire fell on her head when she was playing in some friends garage with other children. Cindy was 3 or 4? at the time. At the time of Aunt Dollie's death she was 62 years, 9 mos., and 8 days of age. She was born Apr. 3 1913.

a Grandma Pauline note "all died within 4 years time"

Sat. June 25 1988 Amanda Shafer had surgery Mon. June 20th for a perforated ulcer in her stomach. She was in Lutheran Hospital in Des Moines Iowa where she died at 1 A.M. June 25th 1988. She was 86 years 9 mos. & 2 days old.
Betty Jean Shafer married David Leroy Ashley June 2 19__. Their children were Rodney David, born Apr. 1 1951, Sherryl Jean, born July 13 1954, Lisa Louann, born Oct. 6 1963, and Lori Lynn born Dec. 21 1964. Betty got cancer & died July__ ____. She was 60 years old.
Bill Avril, Vi's husband died June 1984. Edith Boyd Smith died _____. Daisy Boyd Axsom died July 7 '86. Uncle Charles Uhlerdied 1984. Roger Dale Axsom died Jan. 12 '87. Amanda Craig Shaferdied June 25 '88. Betty Shafer Ashley died July '88. Ray Boyd (Clark's widow) died _______. Eva Shafer Mathes died '88? Amanda Uhler (Clark's dau.) died. Jewell Powers (Barney Nettie's husband) died 1988. All died within 4 years time.

Roger Axsom's school band 1967

momentoes from The Axsom Shoebox of Treasures...

wish I knew the story behind some of these....I know the pins are from my vacation at Midwest Threshers with Grandma Grace & Grandpa Vermal....a valentine from Grandma to Grandpa 1948.....the napkin has to be from their 50th anniversary party...I know they had neighbors named Duffy, the receipt from 1964 intrigues must've been something special for them to have kept it all those years.....

Grandma Pauline W-2s from 1959....she worked at Plaza Coffee Shop and Sunrise Café in Trenton, Mo. she paid $1.70 in Federal Income tax, $11.98 FICA, she earned $479.00.

Junior Ross Shafer

unknown/undated newspaper clipping
Junior Ross Shafer
Services for Junior Ross Shafer, 47, of 4280 N.E. Eighth St., who died Wednesday of a heart attack at Veterans Hospital, will be at 10:30 a.m. Saturday at McLaren's Funeral Home with burial at Highland Memorial Gardens.
Mr. Shafer was born in Cainsville, Mo., and lived in Des Moines 29 years. He was an inspector for the Firestone Tire and Rubber Co. and was a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the United Rubber Workers Union Local 310, and was a veteran of World War II.
Surviving are his wife, Katheryn; five sons, George of Unionville, Mo., James of Indianapolis, Ind., William of Des Moines and Steven and Garld, at home; two daughters, Karen and Cindy, both at home; a brother, Dean of Des Moines; two sisters, Pauline Axsom of San Jose, Calif.,and Betty Ashley of Des Moines; his mother, Mrs. Amanda Shafer of Des Moines, and eight grandchildren

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letters from aunt mary

dated April. 1 2014
she is one of my few remaining relatives that write real letters or call on the phone....most of us now facebook and text....
THS Alumni newsletter asked for memories. I wrote that your dad went to school on crutches following a pole vaulting injury and that I didn't know how he managed all the stairs. I wrote that our mom was not pleased when he used a new word "anus" he learned in ag class when our little brother Roger pestered him. I wrote that he'd farmed for 50 years, so I think ag must have been a favorite class.
Today I rec'd a soft cover copy of the book of stories from last falls writing classes. I had "My Dad, My Hero." I turned in two in the recent classes, "The Ugly Coat" and "Treasured Memories of My Mother."
Freeda, I expect to gripe about your use of damn twice, but I don't. I can't think of a more appropriate word to emphasize what you were saying ("I was Born A Dairy Farmers Daughter.")
I published "So Many Adjustments" following Al's death in a 2013 book.
3-13-14 Fred helped to wash dishes after our mediocre lunch at senior center. we aren't to use nails or use tape at Vaile on walls/woodwork.

303/321 J.T. Axsom ET AL to Alfred E. Axsom ET UX

State of Missouri, county of Harrison....was the 12th day of May 1942 at 1 o'clock, 20 minutes, p.m. duly filed for record in this office and is recorded in Book 302, Page 321. In witness thereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my official seal at my office in the City of Bethany, Missouri on this 12 day of May 1942. W.P. Chambers, Recorder by Mary M Wightman D.T. $1.00 Pd. (Ret. 25cents)
On this 10 day of April 1942 before me personally appeared J.T. Axsom and D.O. Axsom, his wife to me known to be the persons described in, and who executed the foregoing instrument, and acknowledged that they executed the same as their free act and deed. In Testimony Wherof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my official seal at my office in Cainsville, Mo. the day and year first above written. My term of office as a Notary Public will expire Dec. 13 1942. J.P,. Wilson Notary Public.
General Warranty Deed 8th day of May 1942 at 2 p.m. recorded in Princeton MO Book 91 Page 541. Recorders Fee $1.25. mail to Recorder Bethany MO, mailed to Alfred Axsom R.3 Cainsville MO.
I, Cecil E Ogle, County Collector Mercer Co MO do hereby certify that J.T. Axsom Cainsville Mo did, on the days hereinafter set forth, between the hours of 10 o'clock a.m. and 4 o'clock p.m., of the respective days, purchase at Public Auction, at the Court House in Princeton, the Lands and Town Lots below described, situated in the said county of Mercer for the taxes, special assessments, interests, penalties and costs due and unpaid thereon for the years 1928, 1929, 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1935, 1936 and paid as purchase money on each tract or lot the total amount of taxes, special assessments, interests, penalties, and costs thereon as stated herein opposite the description of each tract or lot: Nov 1, 1937 To Whom Assessed J.A. Boyd, address unknown to J.T. Axsom, Cainsville, MO. SWNW sec. 30 twp. lot 66 range block 25 38.60 acres amount bid $100.00 In consideration of the sum of $100.00 paid to me by J.T. Axsom of Cainsville MO Harrison Co. I, the within named executor do hereby sell, assign, transfer and set over to the said J.T. Axsom or his heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, the within certificate of purchase and all my right, title, interest in or to the real estate therein described, to have and to hold to the said J.T. Axsom, his heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, to his and their sole use, benefit and behoof forever. 1st day November 1937 Cecil E. Ogle.
This indenture, made on the Eighth day of May 1924 by and between Santford C. Boyd and Susan E. Boyd his wife of the county of Harrison, state of Missouri, parties of the first part, and Allen W. Weddle of the county of Harrison, state of Missouri of the Second part, witnessth, that the said parties of the first part in consideration of the sum of one dollar and other valuable considerations to them paid by said pafty of the second part, the receipt of which is herby acknowledged, do by these presents, grant, bargain and sell, convey and confirm . unto the said party of the second part, his heirs and assigns, the following described Lots, Tracts, or Parcels of land lying, being and situated in the county of Harrison & Mercer, and state of Missouri, towit The South one-half of Lot 2 of the NW Quarter of Section 30 Township 66 Range 25 Mercer County Missouri, except the Right of way of the Keokuk & Western R.R. through land; Also the East one-half of the SE Quarter of the NE Quarter of Section 25 Township 66 Range 26 Harrison County, Missouri, thence running East 150 feet more or less to the Rail-road right of way; thence South along the West line of said right of way 205 feet; thence West 150 feet more or less to the half Section line; thence North 205 feet to the place of beginning. Recorded 23rd May 1924 9 a.m. Book 73 page 565 Mercer County, MO
10th April 1942 by and between J.T. Axsom and D.O.Axsom of the county of Harrison, state of Missouri, and Alfred E. Axsom and Mary P. Axsom of the county of Harrison and state of Missouri in consideration of the fee of $750.00. the following described lots, tracts, or parcels of land, lying, being and situated in the county of Harrison and state of Missouri, towit: All 20a E1/2 SE NE section 25, Twp. 66, Range 26. Also SW 1/4 or NW 1/4 except railroad Right of Way of 1.4 acres in Section 30, Twp. 66, Range 25, in Mercer county, Missouri.

newspaper clipping in the Axsom box....

Carl Potter, two miles north of Farmersville, recently brought to the Republican-Times office a clipping which contained an old bill of sale showing what farmers sold in 1849.
The clipping which was datelined Sikeston, Mo., is as follows:
An old sale bill found by L.I. Denton, farmer of Mississippi county, which was published in Kentucky in 1849, is of special interest to farmers because of the changes in farm practices since that time. The bill reads as follows: "Having sold my farm and am leaving for Oregon Territory by ox team, will offer on March 1, 1849, all my personal property to wit: All ox teams except two teams, Buck and Ben and Tom and Jerry; 2 milk cows; 1 gray mare and colt; 2 ox carts; 1 iron plow with wood mole board; 800 feet of poplar weather boards; 1000 three-foot clapboards; 1500 feet fence rails; one 60 gallon soap kettle; 85 sugar troughs made of white ash timber; 10 gallons maple syrup; 2 spinning wheels; 30 pounds of mutton tallow; 20 pounds of beef tallow; 1 large broom made by Jerry Wilson; 300 poles 100 split hoops; 100 empty barrels 1 32 gallon barrel of Johnson-Miller Whiskey 7 years old; 20 gallons apple brandy; one 40 gallon copper still; four sides of oak tanned leather; 1 dozen real hooks; 2 handle hooks; 3 schythes and cradles; 1 dozen wooden pitchforks one-half interest in tanyard; 7 32-calibre rifles; bullet molds and powder horn; 50 gallons of soft soap, hams, bacon, and lard; 40 gallons of sorghum molasses; six head of fox hounds, all soft mouthed except one." "At the same time I will sell my six negro slaves-2 men, 35 and 50 years old, 2 boys 12 and 18 years old, 2 mulatto wenches, 40 and 30 years old. Will sell all together to same party, as will not separate them. Terms of sale, cash in hnad, or note to draw 4 percent interest with Bob McConnell as Security. My home is on McCon's ferry pike. Sale will begin at 8 o'clock a.m. Plenty to eat and drink."

more family momentoes.....

Uncle Roger's beginner swimming card...a picture from Summer '85 of the helicopter mailbox that Harold Mathes made...grandpa Alfred grade card from South Dakota in 4th grade....1923-4....signed by great grandpa Johnnie! he missed 23.5 days out of 151 days school was in session. he was tardy 20 times, his deportment was from 85-90 each month, his classes were reading, writing, orthography, arithmetic, geography, Lang. & Gramm., Phys. and Hyg., art & drawing. grades from 70%-97%, highest grades in orthography, arithmetic, & phy. and Hyg. His teacher was Evelyn Foncannon. he was promoted to grade 5. ....grandma Pauline rec'd a One Hundred Perfect Spelling Lessons award on March 16 1931.......a valentine card from grandpa Alfred "To the most ardent & devoted wife & angel mother. Daddy & Babies" to grandma Pauline. "Darling I know that all of your valentines in the future will demand the same tokens of love which you so dearly deserve, your lover, xoxoxoxo 1948.......a wedding card to grandma & grandpa from his sister Vi and brother in law Bill...