Friday, April 4, 2008

Dailey Kids in the Newspaper!

North Mercer RII Presents:
On The Cardinal Wing
April 1 2008
(school newspaper)

Talking Government with the Third Grade
by Mr. Doug Eldridge
In social studies, the third grade class has been learning about different governments in the United States...
Katie Dailey says, "I liked learning about the State Government because we get to go see our state capitol building where the governor and lawmakers make our laws."

2008 High School Track
800 meter run KJ Dailey
Long jump KJ Dailey

3rd Quarter "A" and "B" Honor Roll...WAY TO GO!
3rd quarter "B" honor roll
10th grade KJ Dailey

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Katie Dailey on KAAN Radio

Katie Dailey, Mercer R-III 3rd grade student, was interviewed on KAAN Radio, Bethany, about the School Band Carnival. She was fabulous! Her class, the superintendent, & principal all listened in her classroom when the interview aired today. Her father listened @ home, her mother & Grandma Janet both listened to the radio @ work. Now the world knows that Katie's mom likes cake!