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flower cards

from evie maxwell's memorial book, aunt minerva collection
wWith Deepest Sympathy Sears-Roebuck Girls in Kansas City Dept. 147; pink & yellow roses
The Orton's, The Frerkings, Elsie & Karen, Aunt Grace , red roses white carnations, red ribbon
Mr & Mrs Lester Robertson &Family, Mr &Mrs Bernard Hockridge & FAmily, Mr & Mrs Glen Hockridge & Family, Mr & Mrs Lee Ratliff & Son, Mr & Mrs Sherm Neil, Mrs. Mae Brown & Bill; lavender & fushia carnations matching ribbon
MR & Mr Robert Cross, Harry Brown, Mr & Mrs D.C. Brown, Fern Brown, MR & Mrs Scott Clark; peppermint & red carnations red ribbon
In Loving Memory, The Family; casket piece of pink roses and pink carnations, mother on the ribbon
Stella Higdon, Gladys & Ed O'Kelley, Avant, Okla.; Maxwell Yellow Roses, Lavender Poms
Central Farm Products Co Employees ; white roses, purple ribbon
Mr & Mrs Don McReynolds, Mr & Mrs Gordon Hill, Leloa Harris, Margurite King, Nadine Hall, Betty Hall, Janice Watson, Mary Jo Wiseman, Naudeville VanSickle, Florence Miller, Idah Higgins; Maxwell, white glads, musms, & pom, rainbow ribbon.
Marsah Jane, Gail, Jasper, Clyde, Charlen, Kay, Janet; yellow glads & mum, yellow satin, Maxwell
Mr & Mrs Archie Peery, Mrs Ira Fulkerson; Maxwell, Red Carnation, Red Ribbon
MR & Mrs Charlie Duncan, Mr & Mrs Jerry Davidson, Mr & Mrs Eldon Jones, Mr & Mrs John Miller, Mr & Mrs Leslie Roberts, Mr & Mrs Garland CAmpbell, Mr & Mrs Kenneth Harris, Mr & Mrs Orville Hobbs, Mr & Mrs Paul Smith, Mr & Mrs Arwood Little; Maxwell Red carnations, green ribbon
Mr &Mrs Isreal Chaney, Mr & Mrs John S Chaney & Family, Mr & Mrs Dale Cottrell & Family; pink carnations, lavender ribbons
Nannie, Harley, Cora, & Family, Evie, Wayne, & Family, Zula, Is & Family; yellow glads & roses, aqua ribbon
Mayma Whitt and Family; pink glads, white roses, pink ribbon
Mr & Mrs Eman Griffin, Mr & Mrs Jewett Grubb, Mr & Mrs Tom Taul, Mr & Mrs P.L. Munn, Mr & Mrs Roy Trosper, Mrs Blanc Shively, Mr Bill Grimms, Mrs Shirley Ellis, Mr & Mrs Vern Smith, Mr & Mrs Robert Dean, Mr & Mrs Ernest Hamilton, Mr & Mrs Hugh Renfrow, Mr & Mrs Walter Hein, Mr & Mrs Buster Tedlock, MRs Edna Sheperd, Nettie & Frank Hobbs, Mrs Mary Hobbs, Mr & Mrs Ralph Hunter, Mr & Mrs Alva Hudson; red & white carnations
Mattingly Bros. and Employees; Red Roses, Red Satin
Mrs Dora Brown, Emma Brown, Mr & Mrs Tom Brown; yellow roses, orchid satin
Mr &Mrs Robert McCullough, Mr & Mrs HArold Corbin, MR & Mrs Cecil CHambers, Mr & Mrs SHerman Neil, Mrs Mae Brown, Mr Bill Brown; lavender mums & poms matching ribbon
Mrs Alta Harrison, Mr & Mrs CR Wickizer, Mr & MRs AP Harrison, Mr & Mrs JN Ratliff, Mr & Mrs WJ TenHulzen; white poms, white ribbon
Zelda Murphy and Family; red glads, carnations, green ribbon
Mr &Mrs Harley Hobbs, Mr & Mrs Ward Foster, Mr & Mrs Clarence Hobbs, Mr & Mrs Lawrence Shirley, Mr & Mrs Chas Davidson, Mr & Mrs LS Peery, Mr & Mrs LL Shirley, Mr & Mrs Guy Straton, Mr & Mrs. Aut Allen, Mr & Mrs Virgil Wynne, Mr & Mrs Garland Helton, Mr & Mrs Perry Hobbs, Mr & Mrs Randall Meks, Mr & Mrs Clair Stratton, Mr & Mrs Roy Sparks, Mr & Mrs Henry Peery, Mr & Mrs Guinith Stratton, Alf Turley; yellow & white roses, yellow ribbon
no flowershop noted on card
Wtih Deepest Sympathy, Don & eleanore Casteel; piece for panel of lid of pink roses and pink carnations
ELLIS FLOWERS & GREENHOUSES, Telephone EL 9-3663 Trenton, Missouri
Mr & Mrs Clay Shirley, MR & Mrs Everett Shirley; red roses
Mr & Mrs CW Bell, Mr & Mrs Glen Hamilton, Mr & Mrs Dale Campbell, Mr & Mrs Frank Mann, Mr & Mrs Robert Taylor, Mr & Mrs Bill Brown, Mr & Mrs Donald Whitt,Mr & Mrs Roy Fox, MR & Mrs Carl Fox, Mr & Mrs Clifton Lamp, Mr & Mrs Steve Towns, Mr & Mrs Glen Taylor, Mr & Mrs Elsie Gibbs; pink roses and white daisies
Neigbors: Mr & Mrs Homer Burress, Mrs Rosa Griffin, MR & Mrs LeeMcCollough, Mr & Mrs Todd Wallace, Helen Quigley,Earl Foster, Mrs Anna Moore, MR & Mrs JW Wise , Ross Griffin, Mr & Mrs Basil Powers, Mr & Mrs Leon Davis, Hester Grimes, Mrs Martha Grimes, Mr & Mrs Buford Moss, Mr & Mrs Forest Jackson, Mr & Mrs John Wilson, O.A. Bryant, Mrs Edith Wingate, Mrs Florence Patterson, MR & Mrs PH Sawyer, Mr & Mrs Winston Hamilton, Mr & Mrs Roy Cox, Mr &Mrs Leona Spencer, Mr & Mrs Frank Chumbley, Mr & Mrs Luther Hackley, Mr & Mrs ErnestRumbly,Mr & Mrs James Whitworth, Mr & Mrs Henry Chanler, Mr & Mrs DAVe Booth, Mr & Mrs Gary Winnings, Mr & Mrs Gary Winnings, Mr & Mrs Vernie Miller, Miss Cleo Clemons, Mr & Mrs Jene Kirk; pink glads & daisies
Home Exchange Bank Officers & Directors A.V.Spillman, Grimes Spillman, Mary Landis, Beverly Mallory, Carloyn Brewer; red glads and white daisies
Aunt Emma Utterback, Harmon & Gladys Utterback, Vernon & Marsha Utterback, Lois & Victor Beal, Roberta Utterback, Lorene & Harold Pederson; yellow glads & lavender asters

nothing written on back of this picture...

really wish they would've written ids on backs! I know this is Leland, guessing the other one of his brothers...probably John, who was very tall. but maybe James? and of course Grandpa Tom's dog who was positively id'd in another photo...but don't know what the dogs name was.

Henry, Frank, & Tom Maxwell

from the evie maxwell memorial book, aunt minerva collection

Leland Maxwell

eva maxwell memorial book, aunt minerva collection

Pop & his dog

from the evie maxwell memorial book, aunt minerva collection
this is Tom Maxwell with his dog

Mom & Aunt Nannie

from Evie MAxwell memorial book, aunt minerva collection
Gilly May Higdon Maxwell and her sister Nannie Higdon Stanley

Christmas Tidings

from Evie Maxwell memorial book, aunt Minerva collection
this Christmas Card is fastened into the back cover of Evie's memorial book. front of Card reads Christmas Tidings. insidse "May the peace and joy of CHRISTMAS fill your NEW YEAR with great happiness and good cheer" handwritten is "Never a Christmas morning never the old year ends but someone thinks of some one old days, old times, old friends." signed Mr and Mrs Joe Neff
enclosed is a letter "Dear Friends, These Greetings are for you & in memory of Eva. I shall never forget her & the joy I had in knowing her just by letter. We often talk of our old neighbors & friends & hear of many who have passed on. Just heard from Charley Tripps saying (?) Thompson & Jess Shirley had passed away.
I think you knew Minnie Pilcher. She lives in California.She, her husband, and son visited us last summer. Her son is now in the service. Myrtle lives out there too.
Our son Howard's boy who is in the navy is on his way home from Korea where he's been since before the war begun. He's due to be discharged next April at which time he wil have served 4 yrs. one year extra over his enlistment time.
Maurice's boy is in training for a gunner on war plane. Howard has another son who's just past 18 but he is school in Denver University taking ROTC. So you see the war is close to us too.
I feel so sorry for our boys in the front lines in Korea. And for what?>\.
Hope you and all your family are well & may the new year be good to you. Your friend, Mrs Joe Neff

other items of family interset may be recorded here

evie maxwell memorial book, aunt minerva collection
clipping from the Gilman City Guide From Gilman City it is reported thte death FEb. 25 1948 in Kansas City of Henry Maxwell an early Harrison County teacher who returned to this locality during World War II and resumed teaching because he was needed in the emergency. He continued teaching with satisfactory results until his health failed, the death of this fine man occured after an operation his body lay in state at the Haines Funeral Home in Gilman City until Saturday when funeral services were conducted at the Church of Christ. Bruial was at the Springer Cemetery
from Bethany Republican Clipper paper Henry Maxwell 78 years old passed away Wednesday evening of last week at the General Hospital in Kansas City and on Thursday the body was brought to the Haines Funeral Home where it lay in state until Saturday afternoon at o1 o'clock when funeral services were held and conducted from the Church of Crist by Brother Kenneth Main and interment was in the Springer Cemetery. Mr. Maxwell was a resident of the Springer Community many years but left for sometime had resided in Kansas City he spent his entire life in the teaching profession. he is survived by one son Frank Maxwell of Kansas City, the daete of his death was Feb. 2 1948.


Evie's memorial book, aunt minerva collection
this is in Grandma Gilly's handwriting...how cool is that I can recognize the handwriting of a woman I never got to meet by doing genealogy?deb
Mildred Evie Maxwell, our eldest child and was never very strong although a very lively thoughtfull and plans for work and play to entertain the younger babies at the age of 4 1/2 she had a serious illness from which the Dr. said we need not be surprised that she be left with paralysis and at teh age of 6 it developed paralysis at the time he said it was usually in the throat and would be mostly overcome and usually just the speech was affected. Although it affected the whole system she never gave up she used her hands to perform all kind of home work and helped with all the children being their mother with anything wished to work at and an advisor as they needed a blessing and help not only at home also with the neighbors as they gathered in the home she has been so missed by all was loved by all. The lord giveth adn the lord taketh away.

memorial book pages

evie's book,aunt minerva collection
they put a lot of love and time into this book
EVIE Thomas W Maxwell, Gilly M Maxwell
SISTER James Maxwell, Leland Maxwell, John Maxwell, Grace Brown, Minerva Brown

Evie Maxwell & unknown woman

from her memorial book, aunt minerva collection
I really wish they would've written names on back of picture

pictures of Evie Maxwell

from her memorial book, aunt minerva collection
the three little girls with Evie have to be her nieces, Janet, Kay, and Charlene Brown.

pictures from Evie Maxwell's Memorial Book

picture #1 no caption on back...I know Evie is in wheelchair in middle, and I know Grandma Grace is the taller girl, so the shorter girl must be Minerva. picture #2
no caption on back...I know the girl in the middle is my grandma Grace Maxwell Brown, and that Evie Maxwell, her sister, is in the wheelchair. The younger girl looks like a school picture of their sister Minerva that I have seen...but I am not sure. Evie appears to be holding a duck.
from the aunt minerva collection

Friends Who Called

Evie Maxwell's Memorial Book, aunt minerva collection
Mr and Mrs Fred Shepard
Mr John Robertson
Ruth Towns
Charley Tripp
Fern Brown
Mr & Mrs George Drury
Mr & Mrs Glen Hamilton
Mr & Mrs Charley Campbell
Mr Vernon Utterback
Jessie Parker
Mr & Mrs Frank Robbins
Mr & Mrs Elmer Booley
Mr & Mrs HArold Kermedy(?not sure on this one! deb)
Mr & Mrs Jack Thompson

relatives attending

Evie Maxwell Memorial Book, aunt minerva collection Mrs Emma Orton, Rosalie, Kan.
Elise L Smith Potwin, Kans.
Frank & Bernice Orton El Dorado Ks
Edna Creswell Oil Hill Kans.


Evie Maxwell Memorial Book, aunt Minerva collection
Pearl Smith, Floyd Smith, Cecil Smith, Rex Murphy, Harley Hobbs, Tom Hobbs
Flower bearers Mrs Lida Smith, Mrs Minnie Smith, Mrs Lois Smith, Mrs Edra Mumma

Mildred Evie Maxwell, age 1

from her Memorial Book, Aunt Minerva collection

Rev. Sharrah

from Mildred Evie Maxwell's Memorial Book, the Minerva Brown collection
in my Great Grandmother Gilly's handwriting, I have used exact spellings as best I could make out. deb
"Rev. Sharrah had visited her in her home for many years and his scripture reading was from Acts-9-36 verse on which reads on the following page his Idea was that she worked with her hands and there was a of Jappa a certain deciple named Tabitha which by interpretation is called Dorcas this woman this woman was filled with good workds and also deeds which she did and it came to pass in these days that she was sick and died whom when they had washed, they laid her in an upper chamber and for as much of Leydda was nigh to Jappa and the deciples had heard that Peter was there they sent into him two men. Desireing him that he would not delay comeing to them, then Peter arose and went with them when he had come they brought him to the upper chamber and all the widows stood by him weeping and showing the coats and garments which Dorcas had made while she was with them But Peter put them aside and kneeled down and prayed and tuned him to the body said Tabitha arise and she opened her eyes and when she saw Peter she sit up and he gave her his hand and lifted her up and when he had called the saints and widows he her alive and it was known throughout Jappa and many believed in the Lord."

In Memory of Mildred E. Maxwell

Memorial Book from the aunt Minerva collection...
Raymond A. Davis Trenton Jamesport
this book is very well worn, and was put together with great love...very nice inscriptions in a neat hand and black ink, pictures of Evie. She died at age 45 years, 8 months, 27 days, but I bet they were glad for all the days they got....her health was shaky as a child, and when she was paralyzed they had to be terrified. They had already lost her two younger brothers.
\In Memory of Mildred E. Maxwell
place of birth Harrison County Missouri
date of birth April 7 1902
date of death January 1 1948
place of death Trenton Missouri
place of services CAt Creek Church officiating cleryman C.E.Sherrow, tims of service Tues. JAn 6 1948 11:00
organist MRs Pearl Smith
soloist or singers: Quartet: Sparks McClure, Mrs Walter Gott, Mrs Sparks McClure, Joe (see picture, can't read!) McClure
soloist Sparks McClure
song selections Quartet:
"Does Jesus Care", "What a Friend We Have in Jesus", Solo: "I Won't Have to Cross Jordon Alone"
place of interment Cat Creek Cemetery, Grundy County Mo 1948, Jan 6, 12:00 noon
Family Record father Thomas Witten Maxwell, mother Gilly May Higdon Maxwell other members of the family James Philip Maxwell, Eugene Higdon Maxwell, Joseph HEnry Maxwell, Leland Albert Maxwell, John Leonard MAxwell, Leona Grace Maxwell, Minerva Alice MAxwell.

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Orange Blossoms

this is the album of Aunt Minerva and Uncle Dale's wedding. tucked inside front cover: an envelope postmarked Maryville MO Marc 21 '49 with 3 cent stamp from Division of Field Service Northwest Missouri State Teachers College Maryville, Mo addressed to Mrs. Minerna Brown Spickard, Missouri. (no zip code!)
a small cardboard notebook with "Convention Notes with the compliments of Encyclopedia Britannica Britannica Junior on front, back is a stamped Business Reply Card to Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Department 20 North Wacker Drive Chicago 6, ILL. inside are 2 pieces of paper. first has handwritten: oatmeal (crossed out) pudding mix (crossed out) coffee (crossed out) crackers (X after word), vinegar, sugar (crossed out), celery (crossed out), cabbage (crossed out) bananas, pineapple (crossed out)
2nd page handwritten Great grandfather (scratched out is a name beginning with J, last name Brown.)
a loose piece of paper same size as the notebook paper...a list of figures added up on one side 1.20 + .81 + .33 .10 + .31 + 1.65 +.46 + 6.29 = 11.15 + .23 + .47 = 11.85
on back is handwritten conduit staples, 1 1/2 Doz. with another list of numbers added, then some division.
empty envelope with "Mr and Mrs Joe Higdon, Birch Tree, Missouri" typed on front, "Mrs Minerva Brown Brimson, Missouri", printed on back. "Dad's grandfather Jacob A Brown...grandfather died April 2 1875 66yr 17 days...Sarah P. Brown died June 24 1879 68 year, 5 mo. 13 da ____________________________________- Great Grandfather Moses Brown died Dec. 15 1841 aged 64 yrs 2 mo. 25 day.."
"We met when we were freshmen in Brimson High School. I really don't remember much about him until after Christmas when G.O.Riley our professor moved him to the seat in front of me. From then on he was very outstanding in my thoughts as he teased and tormented me constantly. We use to walk down the street together on teh way home, but he went wtih our other classmates since I was staying with my Aunt Emma Utterback and my folks wouldn't let me go with the boys. After school was out we didn't see each other again until the following fall as I spent the summer in Kansas. Our first date was on Saturday night, August 13, 1938. When we attended Gilman City Fair. Doyle Spencer and Lota Faye Shirley were the other couple. This was the beginning of a seven year romance with one year out for disagreeing."
"Our engagement was announced privatley and individually. I told Fern Brown, Grace Brown. Dale told our folks, his brothers and sisters. Only a few intimate friends and relatives knew the secret."
Parties are given for us: September 11 1945 Brimson, September 13 1946 West Fairview
Showers for me: September 13 1945 we were given a shower & chivari at the Glen Hamilton home, by the West Fairview Community Club. It began to rain about seven o'clock so very few families were able to attend."
Gifts and congratulations: Mr & Mrs Glen Hamilton- Congratulations card...Mr & Mrs Doyle Bunser-Congratulations card...West Fairview Community Club-Congratulations card.....Mr & MRs Glen Hamilton-cookie jar, five pyrex dishes, screw driver, plyers, a butter dish.....MRs Mayme Whitt-pyrex pie plate....Mr & Mrs Harry Brown-wool quilt top...MR & Mrs HArold Evans-pyrex roaster...Fairview Community Club-Bedspread....Miss Rosetta Sawyer-candle sticks and print bowl (Fostarea)....MR & Mrs Rex Murphy-shagg rug & 6 linen towels.....MR Tom Maxwell-pig...Rosette Sawyer fruit bowl and candle holders....Henry Maxwell electric hot plate
As We Are: As we are, I'm at Spickard, Missouri teaching the West Fairview School, Dist. #10 and am staying at Mr & Mrs Glen Hamilton home. Dale is in the Army at McCook, Nebraska and we are both wishing he'll soon be released so we can have a home of our own.
Ancestral trees... maternal grandmothers father JACK BRYANT, maternal grandmothers mother GILLY MAE BRYANT, maternal grandfathers name GEORGE WASHINGTON HIGDON, maternal grandfathers name MARY SARAH FOESTER (FORESTER), maternal grandmother MARY ALICE BRYANT, maternal grandfather PHILLIP HIGDON, mother GILLY MAE HIGDON, bride MINERVA ALICE MAXWELL birthplace Melbourne, Missouri R.R. father THOMAS WITTEN MAXWELL, paternal grandmother MINERVA CRESWELL, paternal grandfather JAMES C MAXWELL, paternal grandmothers mother CYNITHIA WHITT paternal grandfathers mother ALICE CRESSWELL paternal grandfathers father YANCY CRESSWELL paternal grandfathers father THOMAS WITTEN MAXWELL maternals grandmothers father JOHN CAPSEY matenral grandfathers father THOMAS GREGG maternal grandmothers mother PRISCILLA NELSON maternal grandfathers mother JOHN CAMPSEY (?????) maternal grandmother MARAGET CAMPSEY maternal grandfather THOMAS GREGG mother HATTIE PRISCILLA GREGG groom LAWRENCE DALE BROWN birthplace Brimson MO father DEWITT CLINTON BROWN paternal grandmother MARTHA JANE COLE paternal grandfather DEWITT CLINTON BROWN
enclosed: a monkey postcard "Now I lay me down to rest, A pile of books upon my chest, If I should die before I wake, That's one less test I'll have to take."
"The wedding gown was a blue gray pin striped suit. The assessaires were a black hat with silver trimmings. These were bought from Mathra Oberg at the "Surers Shop" (see picture, not sure what it says!) in Trenton Missouri. My shoes were black patent leather & were bought at Chillicothe Missouri. The blouse was white sheer, with lace trimming, it was bought at Albuquerque, New Mexico. Dale picked it out. I wore a silver pin with blue sets, in preferance to a corsage. I carried a black purse, wore a watch given to me by my brother, John, also a locket Dale had given me several years ago for Christmas."
marriage announcement: Mr and Mrs Thomas W Maxwell announce the marriage of their daughter Minerva to Sgt. Lawrence D Brown Thursday, the ninth of August nineteen hundred and forty-five Albuquerque, New Mexico
This certifies that LAwrence D Brown of Brimson Missouri and Minerva Maxwell of Brimson Missouri were by me united in Holy Matrimony at First Baptist Church, Albuquerque, N.M. according to the laws of New Mexico on the ninth day of August 1945 Philip C McGakey, witnesses Leonard H Nuisbaum, Fern Brown.
wedding guests Miss Fern Brown, Mr. Leonard Nuisbaum

Congress of the United States

House of Representativs Washington D.C.
Chairman, Committee On Appropriations
Clarence Cannon Representative from Missouri Ninth District
April 24 1956
Mr Thomas Maxwell Trenton, Missouri
Dear Mr. Maxwell; Have just read of the celebration of your Fifty-six Wedding Anniversary and write to feliciate you and Mrs. Maxwell on that very happy event. It is a wonderful thing to have lived together for fifty-six years--and especially this last fifty-six years. You and Mrs. Maxwell have seen many changes--most of them for the best. When we look back--life is both shadow and sunshine--rain and happiness--but much more fair weather than cloudy weather. These last years have been the finest and let us trust that the coming years will be the best of all. Ida and I wish for you and Mrs. Maxwell many more anniversaries and continued happiness and contentment through life. With congratulations ansd best wishes, Your friend, (signed) Clarence Cannon CC/ep

This Certifies that

Thomas W Maxwell of Fox Creek Twp., State of Missouri and Gilly M Higdon of Fox Creek Twp, State of Missouri Were United in Holy Matrimony At Res. of Philip Higdon on the 15th day of April A.D. 1900, and issued by the Recorder of Deeds of Harrison County, Missouri. Witness my signature. Franklin S Springer Justice of the Peace Witnesses, Bart Utterback Emma Utterback
of course we know that Bart Utterback was the brother-in-law of the groom, married to the groom's sister Emma.

on the 15 day of February 1953-

(from Our Wedding Book that belonged to my great grandparents Maxwell, in the Aunt Minerva collection) the 14 day was the real date of the aniversary of the 50th wedding of Emma Higdon Orton and John Wesley Orton. Which was held at their Home on a farm near Rosalia Kansas. Thomas W. Maxwell and Gilly Maxwell his wife, and Nannie Stanley and Vermal Brown, attended. driving from Trenton on the 14 and returning on the 15 to their home in trenton a family Reunion of the Higdons was supper on the 14 of Feb. 1953 at teh Hobart Orton home. four of the five Higdon children being present. they were by age Mrs Nannie Stanley 75 years of age, Mrs Emma Orton 71 years of age, Mrs Gilly Maxwell 69 years of age, Hobart Higdon 58 years of age. I am assuming this is my great grandmother Gilly's handwriting, which looks a lot like my grandma Grace's handwriting.

wedding gifts

from my great grandparent Maxwells' "Our Wedding Book" from the aunt Minerva collection... Wedding gifts, the article, name of donor, date of thank you Twin beds: Mr & Mrs Dale Brown....Fruit Bowl: Mr MRs Hobert Higdon...sheet & pillowcases: MR Mrs R.O. Williams & Ruth...towels & wash cloths MR MrsJ.W. Orton...dresser scarf crochet: Mrs Stanley, Mrs Maple...blanket: Mr Mrs Frank Orton...lamp, pillow cases: Mr Mrs Vermal Brown...bread toaster: Mr Mrs Bart Utterback...towels blue-pink: Celesta-Chelsey Higdon...table cloth gold: Mr Mrs Roy Creswell...tablecloth lace: Elsie & Karen Smith...radio: Mr Mrs John Maxwell...presto cooker: Mr Mrs Leland Maxwell...pitcher glasses: Mr Mrs Needham...bed spread: Mrs Alma Maxwell...cedar lamp: Mr James P. Maxwell...sheet-pillowcases: Jasper-Clyde Maxwell...table mats: Mr Mrs Rex Murphy...Lamp yellow S: Mr Mrs Hubert Whitt.....pillow cases: Mr Mrs Jack Haun...cale-cake plate & cover: Mr Mrs Raymond Bain...lamp-white shade: Mr Mrs Floyd Smith & Mr Mrs Gamble...handkerchief: Mr Mrs Ross Hobbs...picture framed: Mr Mrs Pearl Smith & Family...towels swan: Mr Mrs Jesse Pilcher-Deloris...shugar-creamer: Mr Mrs Tom Brown...dish towels: Mrs Emma Gardner...handkerchief: Mrs Rev Cash....towels yellow: MR MRs Glen Hamilton...electric clock: Mr Mrs Hobert Orton...yellow sheet: Mrs Brown & Fern...plastic tablecloth: Mr Mrs JErry Davidson...table mats & doily: Grace, Charlene, Kay, Janet Brown...2 $1 bills: MR Mrs Joe Higdon...2 1 bills: Mr Mrs C.H. Tripp...shirt-rug...J.F. Maxwell...towel: Mrs Alva Hudson....wash cloth: Mr Alva Hudson.....Five Dollars: Mr Mrs Victor Beals. debs note: this is obviously an anniversary gift list, since their children and grandchildren are giving them gifts.....the color yellow is noted a lot....did they like this color? a toaster, presto cooker, lamps, electric clock, towels and sheets....dishes....kind of like the gifts you get at a wedding. I wonder if she saw the irony of the large family she raised WITHOUT a presto cooker and a breat toaster? but it's nice that they got to have these things in their later years. I recognize many of these names as family....Brown, Higdon, Utterback, Orton, Creswell, Maxwell, Beals.

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the wedding book continued...

Celon Omos Smith Brimson, MO... M r & Mrs WS Robertson...Frank and Nettie Hobbs Trenton Mo...Mr & Mrs CH Hobbs Trenton MO...Mr & Mrs Birt Taylor Hyshum Mont....MR & Mrs Hubert Whitt Brimson MO...Mr & Mrs Jerry Davidson Brimson MO...Mr & Mrs Herbert Roberts Trenton MO R6...Jasper L Maxwell Brimson MO...Clyde C Maxwell Brimson MO....Mr &Mrs Earl Shirley & son Trenton Mo...James R Gibson Brimson MO...Beulah Haun Brimson Mo...Christine Whitt Brimson MO...MR & Mrs Floyd Smith Gilman City MO...MR & Mrs Gilbert Gamble & Stanley, Gilman...HR Roberts Trenton MO...Billie Lovell(?) Kansas City...Dora Brown Melbourne, Mo...Mrs Emma Gardner Melbourne MO...Tom A Brown Melbourne MO...Opal Bain Brimson MO...PEggy Whitt Brimson MO...Larry Whitt Brimson Mo...Steve Haun Brimson MO...JImmy Haun Brimson MO...Mrs JB Cash Trenton MO...MR Mrs James Maxwell and Jasper clyde Brimson Mo...Mr & Mrs JD PIlcher....Deloris Pilcher...MR & Mrs Pearl Smith...JB Cash Trenton MO...M Gee Shirley....Mrs Earl Shirley, Mr Earl Shirley, Eddie Shirley of Trenton...Bill Lovell KC MO...Mr & Mrs Stanley Maple Cainsville, Mo... Kay, Sharon, Roger & Jim Maple Cainsville....Mr & Mrs Jake Hobbs Brimson Mo...Seth Griffin Trenton Mo...FL Towns Spickard Mo... We entertain Mr Chesley Higdon Goldendale Washington...Mr Mrs Joe Higdon Birchtree Mo...Mr Mrs JW Orton Rosalia Kansas....Mr R.D. Shirley 1911 Grant St Denver Colorado...MR MRs Hobart Orton Rosalia, Kansas...Mr Mrs Frank Orton Potwin Kansas...Mrs Nannie Stanley, Cainsville, MO.... guests 1950 : Mr and Mrs (?) Van Dyke 280 E 19th St Chico California.....Mrs Clay McClure Brimson Mo.....R.D. Shirley 1911 Grant St, Denver Colorado...Alva Hudson, Vesta Hudson Trinton R.6 Mo...Sarah Hudson R6 Trenton Mo...Mr Mrs John Brown Warrensburg Mo......

grandma's house

after Terry B & I were talking about our loved ones today, I drove by grandma & grandpa's house on the way to meet the bus at McDonalds. the people who own it now have filled the yard with flowers, and have a big garden, the house looks well cared for. Grandma & Grandpa would be happy, they loved that house, they bought it and paid it off and fixed it up, they would spend vacations adding on rooms and painting and carpeting....and it made me glad to see that someone else is loving this house now.

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Memories of Our Wedding

a soft satiny padded book of pictures from my great grandparents Maxwell, from the Aunt Minerva collection.... there are 3 fabric scraps inside the front cover....are they from clothes they wore at their reception? their wedding? wish I knew! will scan the old pictures when Kevin hooks up the new scanner... our ancestral trees BRIDE Gilly May Higdon MOTHER Mary Alice Higdon FATHER Phillip Higdon MATERNAL GRANDMOTHER Gilly May Bryant MATERNAL GRANDFATHER Jack Bryant PATERNAL GRANDFATHER George Higdon MATERNAL GRANDMOTHERS MOTHER Gilly May Nelson GROOM Thomas W Maxwell MOTHER Minerva Maxwell FATHER James C Maxwell GRANDFATHER MATERNAL Yancy Creswell GRANDMOTHER PATERNAL Cynthia Whitt Maxwell GRANDFATHER PATERNAL Whitt ////////////////////////////// This 14 day of March 1960 one year since pop passed away has been a real snowy Lonesome day and I am all alone Minerva was the only one of the children that has called this 9 oclock nine o'clock and my usual bedtime some way am not sleepy Just thinking of what the year has been like that I wished to think about and the decisions I wished to make by that time I have decided to deed the property to Leland and Minerva and shall not let them know only through this if they should happen to see it should any one of the children wishes to own it they will have to fix the values according and if it is sold to a stranger I wish enough to be taken to put a good fence on the Cat Creek Cemetery on the part that is on the Creswell-Maxwell part of the from (Punkm?) to Maple land at least This is why I have chosen these two would have put John & Leland had John been close & find these two can think of all concerned with the least hard feeling or hurting words. Each child has had the share in helping with the home Jim with Grandpa and helping buy Evie chairs Leland with fence and taxes. John every way even to the allotment. Grace wtih taxes (?) at home to toake them to in sickness, the five inlaws are fine have all been good to especially Dale and Thelma. They look over my shortcomings so well Vermal has been wonderful in teh helping as he could please by knowing how and doing as he thought it best. Now children dont think I should not do this for just now you are all alive there would not have to be probated although you may not be here when i go I hour earned all of the place so can do this I never married the inlaws that is your problems. Grace and Minerva will know what you children can use and want sell all other household goods and if I don't get pops stone up match Evies at Blackmores love and God Bless You Mother ---------------------- This certifies that Thomas W Maxwell of Taggart Missouri and Gilly May Higdon of Taggart Missouri were united in marriage at the home of her father, Phillip Higdon according to the laws of the state of Missouri on the 15 day of April in the Year of our Lord 1900 by Frank S Springer witnesses Bart Utterback, Emma Higdon, Emma Utterback =============================== Among those present...Bernice Orton, Frank Orton, Norma Orton, Martha Orton, John Franklin Orton of ElDorado Kansas; Chesley O Higdon of Goldendale Nash.; Joe Higdon and Belle Higdon of Birch Tree, Mo; J.W. Orton & Emma Orton of Rosalia Kan.; Nannie Stanley of Cainsville, MO; Emma Utterback , Bart Utterback, Vermal Brown, Janet Mae Brown, Charlene Ann Brown, Sharon Kay Brown, & Grace Brown of Trenton MO; Grace Williams of Winona Mo; Roy Y Creswell & Eula P Creswell of 1206 Gregari Place St Louis Co. 14, MO; Mildred Creswell Fulkerson, Johnny Wilbur Peery, & Ira Fulkerson of Jamesport MO; Eva Brown Maxwell (daughter in law), Marshal Jane Mawell, Marsha Maxwell (granddaughter), Leland Maxwell (son) of Marshall, MO; Minerva Maxwell Brown (daughter), Dale Brown (son in law) of Brimson Mo; Mr & Mrs Joe Chambers , Mrs Inez Bush and son Billy, & Vada Chambers of Chillicothe MO ; Mr & Mrs Roye Johnson of Greeley Colorado; Mr and Mrs Ross Hobbs of Sampsel MO; Mr and Mrs Harley Maple, Cainsville MO; Thelma DeLois Maxwell and John Maxwell (son) K.C. MO; Robert La Verne Murphy, Doris Murphy, Beryle Dale Murphy, Rex Murphy, Pat and Mike Murphy, Jimmy Mac Murphy of Brimson Mo; to be continued////

flower cards

found these in a compartment of the box Great Grandpa Tom Maxwell's Memorial Book was in
handwritten, and you know how much fun I have trying to read old handwriting....bear with me!---- Bronze Std. Mums & Yellow Pompon Mums Ellis Flowers & Greenhouses Telephone 163 Trenton, Missouri "neighbors of Mr & Mrs Leland Maxwell, Marshall, Mo."------- Lavender Snaps, yellow ponis, Lavender Satin Elanore's Flowers, Trenton, MO "With Deepest Sympathy Brimson Community & Brimson School"-------- Gloxinia Ellis Flowers & Gifts one 163 Trenton, Missouri Maxwell Residence 707 Avalon With Deepest Sympathy "neighbors"---------- Piece for lid of casket Peppermint Carnations Eleanore's Flowers, Trenton , Mo. With Deepest Sympathy "Don and Eleanore Casteel"----------- Casket Piece of Red Glads Peppermint Carnations Red Satin "Dad" on Ribbon Eleanore's Flowers, Trenton,Mo In Loving Memory "The Family"------------ Light & Dark Pink Carnations Pink Ribbon Eleanore's Flowers Trenton Mo With Deepest Sympathy "Harley and Eva, Clarence and Rita"----------- White Snaps Red Carnations Red Ribbon Eleanore's Flowers, Trenton Mo. With Deepest Sympathy Mr & Mrs Jerry Davidson, Mr & Mrs Orville Hobbs, Mr & Mrs Garland Campbell, Mr & Mrs John Miller, Mr & Mrs Leslie Roberts, Mr & Mrs Dayrel McClure, Mr & Mrs Wm. Tenhulzen, Mr & Mrs Arwood Little, Mr & Mrs Gene Gibson, Mr and Mrs Eldon Jones, Mr & Mrs J.H. Jones, Mr & Mrs James Gibson-------------- Rose Carnation and Iris Ellis Flowers With Deepest Sympathy Mr & Mrs C.L. Marney, Mr & Mrs Vernie Miller, Mr & Mrs Ernest Rumbley, Mr & Mrs Basil Power, Mr & Mrs Buster Zedlock, Mr & Mrs Paul Henry Sawyer, Mrs Florence Patterson, Mrs. Grimes & Hester, Mr O.A. Bryant, Mr & Mrs Cecil Powers, Mr & Mrs Frank Chumbley, Mr & Mrs Earl Foster, Mr & Mrs Gerald Long & Lelinda Margie, Mr & Mrs Jack Lamma James , Mr & Mrs J.S. Wilson, Mrs Addie Bush & Lorraine, Mr & Mrs Harry Mitchell, Mrs Rosa Griffin & Gilbert, Mr Ros Griffin, Mr & Mrs Delbert Gentry & Family, Mr &Mrs Lee Clinkinbeart & Katie, Mr & Mrs Robert Skinner, Richard & Sarah, Mr & Mrs Mack Ellis, Mr & Mrs Elsworth Smith, Randy & Neal, Mrs John A Lewis, Mr & Mrs Homer Burress, Kay & Rose, Mrs Stacy Murphy & Girls------------------- Yellow Mum Plant to Maxwell Resi Eleanore's Flowers, Trenton, Mo With Deepest Sympathy Mr & Mrs Isreal Chaney, Mr & Mrs Dale Cottrell & sons, Mr & Mrs John S Chaney & T.--------- Whtie Glads and ferns Ellis Flowers & Gifts Phone 163 Trenton Missouri Maxwell Service Davis-Blackmore Employees of Missouri State School Marshall, Mo------------ Rust Snaps, Rust Pom Poms Matching Satin Eleanore's Flowers, Trenton, MO With Deepest Sympathy Cat Creek Church----------------- Yello Snaps White Pom Poms yello ribbon Eleanore's Flowers Trenton Mo With Deepest Sympathy Mr & Mrs Frank Mann, Mr & Mrs Wm. Brown, Mr & Mrs Robt. Taylor, Mr & Mrs Glen Taylor, Mr & Mrs Steve Towns, Mr & Mrs Clifton Lamp, Mr & Mrs Dale Campbell, Mr & Mrs Donald Whitt, Mr & Mrs Howard Taylor, Mr & Mrs Archie Peery, Mr & Mrs Glen Hamilton ----------- Hydrangea Ellis Flowers & Gifts phone 163 Trenton Mo Maxwell Residence 707 Avalon Deepest Sympathy Mr & Mrs W.R. Hobbs Mr & Mrs H.R. Hobbs & Family-------------- Deliver to Tom Maxwell Residence 707 Avalon With our Sympathy Mrs Stacey Murphey and Children Ellis Flowers------------- Red Roses & Lilies Ellis Flowers & Greenhouses Telephone 163 Trenton Missour Mr & Mrs Bart Utterback and Family ------ Yellow Snaps Rose Carnation Yellow satin Eleanore's Flowers Trenton Mo With Deepest Sympathy Gilman City School F.F.A. Department-------------- Glads Bronze Mums Peach Satin "Grandfather " on ribbon Eleanore's Flowers Trenton Mo. In Loving Memory Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren-------------- Red Roses White Carnations Red Ribbon Eleanore's Flowers Trenton Mo With Deepest Sympathy Mrs N.A. Stanley, Mr & Mrs Harley Maple Cainsville, Mo---------- Peppermint & Red Carnations Red Ribbon Eleanore's Flowers Trenton Mo With Deepest Sympathy Harry Dority-------------- Eleanore's Flowers Trenton Mo With Deepest Sympathy Mr & Mrs Kenneth Harris------------ Mrs Maxwell Pink Azalea Plant Eleanore's Flowers Trenton Mo Aunt Gillie from Mr & Mrs Victor Beal----------- peach glads bronze (?) peach satin Eleanore's Flowers Trenton Mo With Deepest Sympathy Mrs Emma Orton Mr & Mrs Frank Orton Mr & Mrs Hobart Orton Mr & Mrs Harold Frerking, Mrs Henry Criswell, ElDorado, Kansas---------------- Red Glads Red Carnations Red & White Ribbons Eleanore's Flowers Trenton Mo With Deepest Sympathy Mr & Mrs Clay Shirley Mr & Mrs Earl Shirley Mr & Mrs Everette Shirley Mrs Lea Shirley Mrs. Blanche Anderson--------------- Red Glads, Red Carnations, Red & White ribbons Eleanore's Flowers Trenton Mo With Deepest Sympathy Melbourne Baptist church----------- Eleanore's Flowers Trenton Mo With Deepest Sympathy Mrs Peark Shirley and Betty-------- pink glads yellow mums pink and yellow satin Eleanore's Flowers Trenton Mo With Deepest Sympathy Mattingly Bros. Store and Employees------------ Red carnations Green Ribbons Eleanore's Flowers Trenton Mo With Deepest Sympathy Mackie Wynne, Billy & Sue Elder------------ pink snaps, pink carnations, green satin Eleanore's Flowers Trenton Mo With Deepest Sympathy Hobart & Stella----------- bronze mum plant Eleanore's Flowers Trenton Mo With Deepest Sympathy Mr & Mrs D.C. Brown & Fern Mrs Dora Brown & Emma Mr & Mrs Tom Brown Mr & Mrs Scott Clark Harry Brown------------ white snaps red & white carnations red satin Eleanore's Flowers Trenton Mo With Deepest Sympathy Mr & Mrs Bernard Hackridge and Daughter, Mr & Mrs Claude Woodall, Mr & Mrs Sherman Neill, Mr & Mrs Harold Corbin, Mrs Mae Brown, Mr Wm. Brown----------

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Thomas W Maxwell Memorial Book

In Memory of Thomas W Maxwell--- place of birth Harrison County Missouri--- date of birth June 7 1873, date of death March 14 1959--- place of death Trenton, Missouri--- age 85 years, 9 months, 7 days--- place of services Cat Creek Baptist Church, Harrison County, MO--- Rev. Chester E Sherrah, officiating clergymen--- time of service March 16 1959 2:00 p.m.--- organist: Helen Fair Fardyce--- soloist or singers: Ida Shaw, Sparks McClure, Juanita Jones--- song selections: Precious Lord Hold My Hand Solo, I won't have to cross Jordan alone, where we will never grown old--- place of interment Cat Creek Cemetery, country Harrison county, MO--- laid to rest 1959 March Monday 3 p.m.--- father James C Maxwell--- mother Minerva Chreswill--- other members of the family wife Gilly Higdon Maxwell; children Mildred Evie Maxwell; James P Maxwell; Eugene Higdon Maxwell; Joseph Henry Maxwell; Leland Albert Maxwell; John Leonard Maxwell; Leona Grace Maxwell; Minerva Alice Maxwell.--- spiritual bouquets Thomas Maxwell became a member of the 1st Baptiste Church by Baptism August 1898 and was at one time sunday school superintendent often a class teacher and prayer meeting leader as long as health permitted.--- Sermon notes by Rev. Chester Sharrah. text (nothing written)--- Bearers: Earl Shirley, Clay Shirley, Harley Hobbs, Jay Gibson, Jasper Maxwell, Orville Hobbs--- Friends Who Called: Eleonore Torrey Casteel, Mr Mrs Sherman Neill, Mr & Mrs Bernard Hickridge & Louise, Mr & Mrs Roy Power, Mr & Mrs Claude Woodall, Seth Griffin, Mr & Mrs Lorin Towns, Mr & Mrs Francis Mosier, MR & Mrs Ray Murphy, Mr Jasper Maxwell, Harry Dority, Vernon Utterback, Mr &Mrs H M Utterback & Karen, Mrs Bart Utterback, r Mrs A P Harrison, Mr & Mrs Orville3 Hobbs, Mr & Mrs Garland Campbell, Glen & Fair Hamilton, Dora Brown, Emma Brown, Ada Roberts, Herbert Roberts,Hyldred Burress, Slyvia Karr, Mrs Gerald Long, Mrs Virgil Wingate, Mrs Earl Foster, Mrs Ernest Rumbley, Mrs Scott Clark, Mr & Mrs Chas. Dunkin, Mr & Mrs Kenneth Bondurant, Mrs N A Stanley, Mr and Mrs A V Spillman, Mr & Mrs W G Tedlock, Tom Brown & family, Mr & Mrs Garland Hann, Frank & Dorothy Mann, Merle & Clifford Ives, Lora Hobbs, Gladys Trump, Rosetta Sawyer, Mr & Mrs Jerry Davidson, Nevin O Adams, Mr & Mrs Clay Shirley, Mrs Frankie Ray, Mrs William Mullins, Lois Soutzenhiser, Mr & Mrs Ward Foster,Mrs Harold Peery, Harley &Eva Hobbs, Mr & Mrs Lester Robertson, Fern Brown, Mrs Jud Shockey, Macoe Whitt, Mrs Lorie Booram, Donald Whitt, Mrs Jewitt Grubb, E. May & Hallie Mitchell, Bart Utterback, Emma Orton- Potwin KS, Mrs Harold Frerking -Whitewater, Kans., Mrs Edna E Creswell -El Dorado Kans, H.R. Higdon (can't read) Okla., H.R. and Ada Roberts, Angeline Burnett, May Terhune, Mr & Mrs JH Jones, Mr & Mrs J.R. Gibson, Mr & Mrs Paul Brown, Mr and Mrs ay Towns, Clarance & Rita Hobbs, Ina Miller Overstreet, Mr & Mrs WArd Shepard, Mr and Mrs W.J. TenHulzen, Mr and Mrs Dick Shirley & Lawrence, Mr & Mrs Clay Shirley, Mrs John Appleby, Mrs H.R. Hobbs, Mr & Mrs W.R. Hobbs, Mr & Mrs Jay Gibson, Sarah Hudson, Mrs Mary McClure, Mr & Mrs Basil Powers, Frank and Nettie Hobbs, Frank & Bernice Orton, Mr and Mrs Clyde E Maxwell, Mr Jasper L Maxwell, Mr Mrs Leland Maxwell and Marsha Jane Maxwell -MArshall, MO, John Maxwell -Grove Oklahoma, Hobart Higdon-Avant, Okla., Mrs Edna Creswell -Eldorado, Kansas, Mrs &Mr Frank Orton and Emma Orton-Potwin Kansas, Mr Mrs Israel Chaney-Gilman City, Mo, Mr Mrs Keith Thomas-Cainsville, Mrs Mary Frerking-White Water Kans., Mr Mrs Harmon Utterback-Kansas City, Vernon Utterback-Davenport, Iowa.---- a small sympathy card tucked into book... During this time we have learned how much our friends really mean to us. Your expression of sympathy will always be treasured. (handwritten) "Will write letter. Love, Stella."----

Grandma Gilly's Memorial Book continued...

Friends Who Called (handwritten signatures, this is what I think they say....) Mrs James L Whitworth, Eleonore Taprey Casteel, Mrs Vada Gamble, Mrs. Coral Shockey, Mr and Mrs Pearl Smith, Mrs Homer Burress, Rose Burress, Judy Shockey, Sarah Crow, Betthy Frances Hall, Fern Brown, E. Mae Mitchell, Hallie Mitchell, Ruby Nigh, Lucille Cunningham, Mary Chambers, Jaunita Lewis, Lida Smith, Mr and Mrs Loren Towns, Mr and Mrs Jack Hoover, Mr and Mrs Francis Mosier, Ada & Herb Roberts, Mr & Mrs Howard Wynne, Mr Mrs Paul Brown, Mrs Nellie Appleby, Rev & Mrs Cleo Sexton, Mrs Mary Whitt, Mrs Ruth Campbell, Mr & Mrs Orville Hobbs, Mr & Mrs Ermar Griffin, Mr and Mrs Scott Clark, MRs Ward Foster, Mrs Harley Hobbs, Jessie L Parker, Mr and Mrs Walter Criswell, Tom Brown, Grace McReynolds, Nadine Hall, Willa Peery, Faith Babbs, Lora Hobbs, Mr & Mrs Larry Little, Lois Soutzerhiser, Emma Brown, Mrs Dora Brown, Gale Brown, Mr & Mrs Erneste Rumbley, Mae Shideler, Lucille Smith, Mrs Roy Hobbs, Leola Harris, Mrs Keith E Abbey
looseleaf papers tucked into the book: typed letter head "THE HALLMARK OF QUALITY" HARDBOARDS FOR HARDWOOD LUMBER, HARDWOOD PLYWOOD, SOFTWOOD LUMBER, SOFTWOOD PLYWOOD, AND SPECIALITIES. W.P. STARK LUMBER CO., INC. Phone ATwater 1-1612 Fairfax Industrial District KANSAS CITY, KANSAS handwritten: Hildred Burress-pie; Sylvia Karr-coffee; Fern Brown-salad; Buleah Waun-pie; Emma Utterback-ham & pie; Mrs Giles-scalloped corn; Helen Cox-green beans; Edna-cookies; Emma B-pies; May Mewit-cakes; Lucille Murpy-Jello (something) thing Bill Stark, Jr. printed at bottom of page
another piece of paper, same letterhead Mr & Mrs Clyde Maxwell, K.C. MO; John Maxwell, Okla;Jasper Maxwell, K.C. MO; MR & Mrs Leland Maxwell and daughter, Marshall MO; Mrs. Grace Williams, Winona, MO; Mrs Emma Orton, Potwin, Kans.; Mrs Frank Orton, Potwin Kans.; Mrs Hobert Orton Potwin Kans.; Mr & Mrs Larry Little, Kansas City, MO; Mr & Mrs Wayne Spicknall, Lewistown, MO; Mrs L.A. Dnuse, Lewistown, MO; Mr & Mrs Harley Maple, Cainsville, MO; Mrs Nan Stanley, Cainsville, MO; Mr & Mrs Keith Thomas, Cainsville, Mo; Mr & Mrs Israel Chaney Gilman city MO; Mr & Mrs Dale Cottrell Gilman City, MO.

Memorial Books

I must confess, I never even knew such a thing existed. and quite frankly, this is a lot of pressure....I never did quite finish my kids baby books, and now there are death books? or is this still a thing? I've never been in charge of arrangements, I just go and sob dutifully.
Mom loaned me more from The Aunt Minerva Collection, and thank God this woman kept about everything to pass on to future generations.
these memorial books are for Mildred E. (Evie) Maxwell, Gilly Mae Higdon Maxwell, and Thomas Witten Maxwell.
there are flower cards, fabric scraps, photographs, handwritten memories, the ribbons from funeral wreaths.
Davis~Blackmore Trenton, Missouri
23rd Psalm The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures; He leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: He leadeth me in the paths of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for Thou art with me, Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: Thou anointest my head with oil, my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.
In Memory of Gilly Mae Maxwell place of birth Harrison County, MO date of birth October 4 1882 date of death MAy 16 1961 place of death Wright Memorial Hospital age 78 years, 7 months, 12 days
Crossing The Bar Sunset and evening star, And one clear call for me! And may there be no moaning of the bar When I put out to sea. But such a tide as moving seems asleep. Too full for sound or foam, When that which draw out from the boundaries deep Turns again home. Twilight and evening bell, And after that the dark! And may there be no sadness of farewell When I embark. For though from out our bourne of time and place The flood may bear me far, I hope to see my Pilot face to face When I have crossed the bar. Alfred Tennyson
Services Cat Creek Church near Brimson Missouri May 18 1961 2 p.m. Organist Mrs Lester J Fordyce soloist or singers: Sparks McClure, Ida Shaw, Juanita Jones song selections "I Won't Have To Cross Jordan Alone", "In The Lord Where We'll Never Grow Old" place of interment Cat Creek Cemetery Brimson, Grundy County,Missouri laid to rest 1961 May 18 3 p.m.
father Phillip Higdon mother Mary Alice Bryant Higdon
Bearers Alva Hudson, Clay Shirley, Earl Shirley, Harley Hobbs, Jay Gibson, Word Foster
Confirmation You ask me how I know that Christ Still lives and walks with men. Today I saw Him in the heart Of one who smiled again. After long days of dulling grief And tears of healing power. Peace and faith reclaimed a soul- I saw Christ in that hour. How do I know that Christ still loves As He loved by Galilee? I saw Him loose the bonds of hate And set a prisoner free. I saw His kind, compassionate eyes Rest on a child in bed, His prayer came through a mother's love, "You are God's child," she said. How do I know that Christ still cares For those who follow Him? I saw Him lift an erring one Whose path was dark and dim. How do I know He overcame Golgotha's cross of pain? Because he lives and loves and lifts And prays and smiles again! Priscilla Drennan
Relatives attending: (handwritten, some I had trouble reading....best guesses here!) Zelda Murphy, Lura TenHulzen, Harley & Cora Maple, Nannie Stanley, Lois U. Beal, Emma Utterback, Mr and Mrs Clyde E Maxwell, Mr and Mrs Isreal Chaney, Mr and Mrs Dale Cottrell, Mr and Mrs Larry Little, Janet Brown, Vermal Brown, John Maxwell, Leland, Eva, & Marsha Jane Anna E Terhune
to be continued....

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those Haggard Boys taken at Richard & Barb's in East Moline

— with Mike Haggard, William Haggard, Joe Haggard, Jerry Haggard, Jerry Haggard Jr., Sean Michael and Bill Haggard.

Marie & Oral Haggard with son Jerry


Oral, Jerry, & Max Haggard at a filling station in Mercer MO

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a letter from aunt mary is always bound to contain

a genealogical gem or two...and this one was no exception. July 8 2012 Sun. This heat wave is widespread. I heard (radio) that Bloomington Ind. (where Grandpa Johnny Axsom was from) had 104 degrees yesterday mid-afternoon. In a recent letter from Freeda, she wrote: Satan has sure tried to wreak havoc on the Axsom bloodlines, trying to stop the generations from continuing, however, what he has meant for bad God in his mighty power can bring good. (...aunt Mary wonders where she got this notion, then continues...) I wasn't aware that the Axsoms were becoming extinct! Several years ago, Larry Axsom 's research had found over 5000 descendants from Surry county's (Joseph?) Axsom. on the 4th of July I was at the Vaile Mansion from 12:30-4 volunteering (as I wasn't fond of sitting home alone). I really don't care to have a lot about myself posted on FACE BOOK.* Freeda wrote that her granddaughter Kristin accidently found my bio (much to my surprise). *I think it's accessible to many people, some ok and some weirdos. Love, Aunt Mary

Friday, July 6, 2012

i wish i had more pictures from my childhood....or some home movies....so I could hear Grandpa Vermal saying 'you make a better door than a window, and "By ad there "(or was it "By God there"? I can't remember and it makes me sad...)or Grandma Grace saying "on it, on it" . Grandma driving the boat while Grandpa waterskied in his boat shoes. Their camper in our yard. Grandpa lighting fireworks on the 4th. the walks we took with Grandma Pauline when she'd pick wildflowers and sing us songs and tell us stories about her family. playing dressup at Aunt Mary's (I know a picture DOES exist of this!) & Aunt Chardy's. Mom and Grandma Grace cutting out patterns on the big diningroom table, weighting them down with tableknives instead of using pins. Grandma Grace working in her flower bed. The light up Santa they had in the front window. The murmur of their voices after us kids went to bed when we spent the night there,and the fragrence of peanut butter toast wafting through the air while they listened to KTTN radio in the kitchen and we watched Popeye or Woody Woodpecker in the LR. how Grandpa would lean around the corner from his easy chair to see who was at the door. the parties we used to throw in the yard for mom and dad, complete with streamers and a show...they would trudge up from the 2nd milking of the day and gamely sit through them....have to go to work....there are so many things you just take for granted until they are gone.

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Fight Like a Girl

by Linda Cassidy 1. Girls gather friends around them. As a group they name the enemy and agree on a plan. "Where two or three are gathered together in My Name, there I will be also!" Matthew 18:20 Fight! 2. A girl fights with healing tears-letting out the pain and worry. "God puts our tears in a bottle, and records them in His Book". Psalm 56:8 You go, girl! 3. A girl knows when she is weak and when she needs to lean on God, her husband, kids, grandkids, relatives, friends, community and church! "...support the weak!" Acts 20:35. Fight on! 4. A girl Believes that the trial God allows will only make her stronger. If she believes, she will find her path filled with beauty. Beauty will be seen in the support she receives from God, family and friends. "Therefore I take pleasure in infirmaties...in needs...in distresses, for Christ's sake. For when I am weak, then I am strong. 2 Corinthian s 12:10 Fight like a girl! 5. A girl prays for others! Praying for others reminds us that we are not the only ones going through difficult times. Caring about others allows us to feel useful, in a time we feel so weak! "Bear ye one anothers burdens". Galations 6:2 Keep fighting! 6. A girl needs to laugh! Medical Science tells us that "laughter increases the level of health-enhancing hormones like endorphins, and neurotransmittesr." A merry heart doeth good like a medicine." Proverbs 17:22 Girls fight and win! 7. A girl never, ever gives up! When the pain, physical and emotionals, seems to get worse-don't give up! When you feel weak and think you can't go on-seek strength from God. "Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like eagles. They shall run and not be weary. They shall walk and not faint." Isaih 40:31. Fight the good fight! 1 Tim 6:12 Greetings to our Family and Friends: Blessings to all and wishing you a Christmas filled with love and laughter as you celebrate Jesus' birth. Another year has passed, and we were unable to get all the kids and/or grandkids together on the same day, so no new family picture. Most of you know that I was diagnosed with breast cancer this year. I had a couple of surgeries, and have just recently finished with radiation treatment. My body did not deal well with the radiation and the severe burns, and I struggled to find faith and strength enough to get through some very difficult days. However, God stood beside me and carried me through each and every day, and wonderful friends in our town and church over-whelmed us with their love and support and meals for six weeks! I have begun the recovery process, which is slow for me, but I am rejoicing in God's faithfulness. He taught me so very much this year, and as He helped me every step of the way, I wrote the seven steps He gave me on how to Fight Like a Girl (printed on reverse.) Our family wishes you a Blessed New Yeaer. We know whatever Journey is yours in the New Year Our God will never leave or forsake you. Love, Linda and Jonathan. pictures 1. Rachel, Mike, Jack, Lily, and Logan 2. Samuel and Grandma Cassidy 3. Me with Sean and Jessica (Jon's), Chloe, Summer, Morgan, and Lola (Steve's), Artem & Baby Liza (Nate's), Nate (Josh's) 4. Me with Alex (Jon's) 5. Abby, Chris, and Jonny 6. Grandma Cassidy with Colleen, Caleb, and Nate, and four cousins 7. Grandma Cassidy with Jon, Steve, and Nate 8. Me with five daughters L-R: Abby, Colleen, Alison, Rachel, and Becki 9. son in law Rhett with Blake, Zeke, Max, Steve, Jon, Josh, and Sean 10. Nate, Tanya, Artem, and Elizabeta LaRue 11. Becki, Rhett, Charati, Zeke, Max and Blake "

a Christmas news letter

Tom & I celebrated our 17th anniversary in June...in an emergency room. We had been gone about 5 minutes, on our way to a romantic dinner, when Max called to say Logan had broken his arm. Thankfully they fixed him up in the ER (initially thought might need surgery) and our anniversary dinner was Taco Bell at about 9:30 with the boys in tow. Max was great-he calmly called us and then had Logan ready to go, including shoes, by the time we got home a few minutes later! We had to retire both our main vehicles. They were high milage (about 170,000 and 380,000 miles) and were developing issues. After having both over 10 years it was a huge change to adjust to something else. Lisa got a roomy family vehicle and Tom's new ride gets great gas milage for his long commute to work. Max became a teenager in August. He's in 7th grade and is 6 foot tall now. He got glasses in October, which really changed his appearance. He plays the trombone and is considering taking up basketball. He was excited to finally get a cell phone this summer, including unlimited texting! Logan's 11 and in 5th grade. (1st year of middle school). He's about 5'5"-Lisa will soon be the shortest in our family. In addition to the broken arm, he fainted at a school ag safety event this year. I was subbing and was paged to go to the event. I casually walked out to be told Logan was in the ambulance. Took about 10 years off my life in 10 seconds! Thankfully they thought he just stood too long and locked his knees, they didn't see anything wrong with him. Lucky kid went down during the ambulance presentation so he was right by the ambulance to get immediate attention! Tom still works on computer networking for Learfield Communications in Jefferson City. The company was just sold to an out-of-state company but he's been promised there won't be any big changes. We'll see how that plays out...Lisa still subs at the local school. We did a whirlwind spur-of-the-moment vacation this summer. We enjoyed the unique scenery of the Wisconsin Dells and the huge cargo ships at the Soo Locks in Michigan. The boys were disappointed they could SEE Canada but they couldn't go there, as we didn't have passports. We also drove over the 5 mile long Mackinaw Bridge that connects the upper and lower penisulas of Michigan. We had to replace the furnace this fall. The repairman said they would replace the defective part for free...but it would be at least a month before the part was available. We decided freezing didn't sound appealing and the furnace was 14 years old so we just got a new one. The next big project will be the basement. We had some leaking and had to rip out the drenched carpet. So, now we have to identify and fix the cause of the leak and then redo the flooring. It's always something... We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy 2012! Love, Tom, Lisa, Max, and Logan

Andy graduates

Class of 2012 Andrew T. Dailey Collins Hill Eagles
Learn from yesterday Live for today Hope for tomorrow. Albert Einstein The Senior Class of Collins Hill High School announces its Commencement Exercises Thursday, May twenty-fourth Two Thousand Twelve eight o'clock in the morning The Arena at Gwinnett Center. Ticket required.

Levi & Tori

North Central Missouri State College Foundation and Alumni News, Spring and Summer 2012 Tori Ann Humphrey and Levi Cody Hague were married April 14 2012 at the First Christian Church in Princeton Mo. and are living in Trenton. Tori graduated in 2009 with an associate in applied science degree in early childhood education. Levi attended NCMC as a dual-credit student in 2003-2004.