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Aunt Chardy's facebook Halloween story.

The cold weather coming in today. Of course it's Halloween. Always cold on Halloween. I remember when Shelia was 2 yrs, I stuffed in front and back with pillows and she was a scare crow with hat and overalls. I had to pull in her little red wagon as she could hardly walk. But kept her warm. HA

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Don't ya just love these funny plaid slacks? I was a mother of two and expecting the third when this picture was taken at Arbuckle Lake in Oklahoma in April 1973. We had gone fishing with Kent's parents and even though my fish was little, I was the only one to catch a fish that day! I got teased for a long time after with everyone saying I had only caught that fish because he happened to be swimming by! Kent released the fish back into the lake.

Vicki facebook post.

Treasured Memories of My Mother by Mary Axsom Johnson

My first love was my mother. I was her first born and her name sake. She was Mary "Pauline". I am Mary Jean.
When recent January temperatures plummeted below zero with dangerous wind chills, schools and senior center's activities were canceled. Persons were warned of hypothermia and advised to dress in layers. This took me back to when I was 6 years old and in the first grade at a one room country school a mile from home.
The weather had turned brutally cold during the day. Mom came to the school to escort me safely home. Before we ventured out, she wrapped a scarf around my head, covering my nose and mouth. Only my eyes were exposed as we battled the unrelenting wind. I knew even then that the essence of a mother's love is sacrifice.
Mom and her 4 siblings had all graduated from this grade school. She had a life long love of spelling, "Wheel of Fortune" was her favorite game show and "Scrabble" was her favorite board game. She regretted not having the privilege of attending high school. Her dad died when she was barely 15. This, of course, caused hardships. Later in life, after mom's children were grown, she strived to get her GED.
One of my favorite memories, as a little girl, was seeing the movie, "Little Women" with mom. Like me, she loved to read and Louisa May Alcott was one of her favorite authors.
Mom liked to whistle while she worked. She was artistic, loved pretty colors, flowers, journaling, genealogy and embroidery. Her lime pickles were wonderful. She, like I, had learned to cook on a wood stove. She gave me permission to cook and bake with the understanding that I had to clean up my messes. At age 15, I won a blue ribbon for my yeast dinner rolls at the Grundy County Fair. Dad would preferred pie could expect a homemade pie baked by mom on his birthdays.
To encourage her children to try new things and not give too quckly, Mom would tell us, "Can't never did anything!" Her encouragement that I could do better than a first attempt for a 4-H competition, prompted me to start anew. As a result, I won 3 blue ribbons locally and again in interstate competition.
When Moberly Park in Trenton offered swimming lessons, mom was enthusiastic about joining her 2 teenage daughters.
During my sophomore year of high school, mom worked at the Bulldog Inn directly across the street (west) from the high school and junior college building. I enjoyed the camaraderie we shared those times I got a study hall pass to go help her prepare for the lunch crowd.
When a girlfriend Phyllis and I planned to come to Kansas City to seek work, dad wanted mom to accompany us. We were 2 naïve, country girls, so I was glad that mom helped us to get settled in an apartment.
In my story, "MY DAD, MY HERO" I wrote of the challenges and triumphs that mom and dad experienced including moving to California in 1964 and losing their youngest son Roger in 1987.
In March 1992, mom was diagnosed with malignant lymphoma. My brother Bernard, sister Freeda, and I were all with her during her 5th chemo treatment on August 7th.
Once mom began taking chemo, she lost her hair. It was difficult to keep a wig from shifting around on her bald head. She joked, "I guess I'll have to use a thumbtack to keep it in place!" I marveled at her extraordinary wit and sense of humor.
On September 22, a cat scan showed no signs of cancer. Our happiness was short lived. On October 20, she found a lump in her neck. A doctor thought more chemo would be in vain.
On October 27, mom wrote in her daily log: I'll just put myself in God's hands and accept his will, as best I can.
Many were the times mom cared for me when I was not well. She was a comfort during my heartbreak when widowed. So, without a moment's hesitation,I responded, "Yes! I'll come, help dad care for you!" She and dad had lovingly cared for Roger during his terminal illness and I knew they would have done the same for me.
When I arrived in San Jose on December 1 to help Freeda care for mom, she was concerned about our rest and dad eating right. Her love for her family knew no bounds.
A week or two prior, mom had gone with dad to Oak Hill Mortuary to plan and pay for their funerals. She did not want to leave dad burdened with this difficult task.
Mom died at home on December 6, 1992. She never made the headlines or received public acclaim, but she was a special breed to her family.
In a letter of condolences to the family, mom's doctor wrote that she had made the bravest decision to opt for quality of life rather to prolong it with more chemo.
If I was to choose one word to best describe my mother, I think it would be resilient.
aunt mary late made some changes...will note them here.
When I re-read my story about mom, I see a boo boo on page 2. It should read Dad who (not Dad would.) I was copying it over seated at a table at the senior ctr. in order to get photocopy.) with others talking at the table. And on page 3 I goofed and should not have changed the sentence about camaraderie. Either way would be ok. I believe though when re-reading it that I like we shared better than she and I.
I can't recall what mom's swimsuit looked like. It may have had a shirt. I think she always wrapped a towel around her hips until she reached the pools edge. She thought that learning to swim might one day be lifesaving knowledge. I think the paragraph needs something more, but I'm blank.
On page 2, I've added card games after genealogy. Mom loved to play Skipbo. I have many fond memories of card games at your parent's, your grandparents and my parent's tables. At the end of the first paragraph page 2 I've added: She had many passions and interests but none greater than her family.
a lady reading my story pointed out that I left out the word up (not give up.)
page 4 to (crossed out) than prolonging.
after daughters, page 2: enthusiastic about her taking lessons with her. She thought it would be a valuable skill. Shopping for swimsuits was fun. And the lessons proved to be also.
P.S. after ending: After mom's death, Larry Axsom, editor of the national newsletter, wrote me: your mother had a sense of thoroughness and accuracy that few people I've worked with possess.
of course, any typos are mine. deb

Dear Debbie and family,

letter from aunt mary dated 1/12/2014
Mom lost her dad when she was only 15 and her brother Ralph (when she was 21, pregnant with your dad, winter starting, and 2 kids underfoot. Ralph was 23.) in WWII. I know how devastating this had to be for her. She made several entries of feeling blue in her little diary. How painful all of this had to be for her!
a few days ago I began writing a story of my memories of my mom for an upcoming writing class, I decided to give it a try. Once I got started, I kept writing with a few additions. I wanted to do her justice same as I did dad. I will read parts of it aloud as we go along in class. Unless the teacher suggests a change, I'll leave it as it is.

partial letter from aunt mary:

(no date). was cleaning out totes of papers in basement and found a bunch of letters....
Mom had reprints made for us from a 1941 snapshot of dad (deb's Grandpa Alfred Axsom) standing between 2 gigantic draft (work) horses. I have another cherished reprint of mom, dad, and me at probably 2-3 years old. Dad is holding me and I have one arm outstretched, clutching the bodice of mom's dress. Dad is wearing striped bibbed overalls and his forehead appears white (typical of farmers who wear caps.) Both pictures have a border around them like all snapshots did in the 40's. (deb has copies of these somewhere.) We can submit one picture with our story at the Mid-Continent Genealogy Library in Independence. A friend attended several classes with me and told me last week that our names are listed as authors or writers when she pulled up info on her computer. Early classes were "1001 Stories (I believe) and "Building Life Stories." I have stories in 2 or maybe 3 books on the shelf at the library.

Monday, October 27, 2014

letter from aunt mary

Oct 5 2014
I think Aunt Dona will be 88 on Nov. 28. Mom would be 92 and Uncle Dean was 4 years younger. Aunt Betty would've been 86 last June 17 (your dad was born on her birthday).

sometimes Aunt Mary will include letters she's received from others....this one is from Aunt Dona. Aunt Dona is a character!

Our minister is ailing so had another preach Sunday....he sure gives a good sermon. Sunday was about taking Gods name in vain. So I in turn thought about the little boy that accused the minister of swearing. After services I told him the story and he just threw his head back &
I think this word is bellered....but it could be hollered....
this darn pen just don't want to work! Guess cause its black ink ha!
we had quite a storm last night. high winds up to 80mph. Art came to see if I had any damage here. All he could find was the owl I had on the ramp railing was broken. The birds crapped on the ramp & railing and were just covered. I have to use the rail to get up and down the ramp and I couldn't find a clean spot to hang onto. The owl sure did help that. Art & Janies had damage, mainly the skirting.
found some memories....this birth might give it to Debbie, think she's the history one. Golly, it brought so many memories to me and I can't get them out of my mind. .....found the ad of our sale when we left Cainsville and moved to Reeds Spring. I found a picture of Rick batting in Little League.
I wish they'd get some decent shows for TV like we used to have. Like The Waltons, I Love Lucy, etc. I really don't like sitcoms. Some are so stupid and some are pure sex & vulgar. So many swear words in them. It's no wonder the kids pick up all the kind of talk.
Randy has a beautiful garden. The best tomatoes I've tasted in years. He canned pickled beets, Dill pickles, bread & butter pickles. Frozen green beans, peas, and corn. The Fareway store had a meat sale....freezer just about full....variety of stuff to eat.
I have a cleaning lady she comes every other week. you can't do much when you have to depend on a walker to stand. I do manage to keep my laundry and dishes done. Thank God for the dishwasher. I'd never be able to stand long enough to wash dishes. She's Latino and I can't hardly understand anything she says. She goes to my church. Her mom is from Mexico and doesn't speak English. She was wither one day & Angelina introduced her but she spoke in their language. She (her mom) held the door open for me to come back in the house and I said Gracious (that's only thing I know.) Her mom was elated.

Dear Debbie,

This morning when I was outside briefly. Phyllis (Sharp) Smith called and left a message that Rowena (her sister) passed away and she said that she'd call back, but so far hasn't. They were our closest neighbors on Rt. A. Phyllis is a year older than me and I think Rowena was 2 years older than her, which would make her 77. They were 13 and 15 (I think) when their baby brother was born in Sept. 1952. (same year as Roger.)
This afternoon, upon leaving the Vaile, a guy in a pickup truck ran a red light, T-boned a car which whirled around into the car in front of me, driven by a Vaile volunteer. Luckily, I escaped by a hair. Another volunteer was right behind me. A 4th one was further back (with cars between her and us) so she turned onto a side street. I waited around, but couldn't be a waitress, since I know Mary Ann. Both the T-boned lady and Mary Ann were loaded into ambulances. still another volunteer Joann told me by phone that Mary Ann has had hip replacements. Joann saw on the 4 o'clock news info that said one person was seriously injured.
....went on a chartered bus trip to Arrow Rock Aug. 27th.
My Mom said, "You never expect to outlive one of your children!"
Freeda wrote me that Darla's oldest Tricia had baby #6 on Aug. 29. everybody but Morgan & Marc were there. The midwife told Tricia that she should stay off her feet and rest, so her husband was taking the older 5 to a park and the pool. The kids are 10 1/2 down to under 3. Baby named Liberty Ann.
a raccoon (they think) got into a 3rd floor storage room at Vaile and tore ups some Christmas gift shop buyers stuff early in the summer.
Aunt Freeda dislikes gossip.
the reason her granddaughter and grandson-in-law changed their last name was no ones business. (deb agrees.) another granddaughter's divorce shouldn't be mentioned, and it was for the best. (again: agreed.)

It's A Boy!

Theodore David Evans was born on November 9th 1992 at 7:20 p.m. He weighed 10 lbs. 1 oz. and was 22" long. Jim & Lori Evans are the very proud parents!

Dear Debbie and family,

Thrift stores are my favorite places to shop. I get books (many to loan to a rest home resident), most of my wardrobe, knick knacks, toys, & stuffed animals and things for theme parties or Halloween. I got a coffee table and 2 nice rocking, wing chairs, platform rockers, which I had reupholstered alike. I got a set of Christmas dishes & glasses (I'd always wanted some.) Occasionally I find a neat pitcher for my collection. I've also bought some movies and some quilts, pictures, and craft like things even.
The girls and I stopped in Jamesport and had buffet lunches at Gingrich Pantry. The food is scrumptious (they included apple sheet cake with a sauce for dessert!) They only charged $2.99 for kids under 12! They also had soft serve ice cream included. We browsed many shops, the girls petted a horse and we stopped at one Amish farm on a curve as you head towards Gallatin and got some not-too-large pumpkins, a jug of cider, and 2 smallish watermelons. Of course I always get loaves of bread from the Amish bakery!!
I heard from Aunt Dona last week. her oldest daughter your dad's age is moving to Princeton in the old Axtell home. Don't know how she managed to retire so early. Wish I could!!!

Dear Debbie and family,

Dear Debbie and family,
It was misting rain awhile ago when I came in. We got some much needed rain last Sat. and Sat. night. It turned into big, fluffy snowflakes by 8A.M. We didn't get much accumulation, but it was pretty on all of the tree branches, etc. till the sun came out and the majority of it melted.
One of the first cards I received this year was from your Grandma Grace. She's a lovely person and has always been one of my favorite people. I was surprised that she'd still been mowing her yard! And doing some gardening and canning, too. I heard from Mona.
Brenda wrote me using your parents address as her return.
Today I got a card from Capper's newspaper announcing a gift subscription from dad. I've always enjoyed it. Mom subscribed way back (when I was a kid) to it too.
Christmas season at a mall is like a zoo. If I wasn't working at a mall I wouldn't go near one from Thanksgiving until after Christmas! The traffic going in and out is a bottleneck mess (as one side of the mall butts up against the interstate (I70). If they'd just ask me, I'd say "Make a tunnel under I70 just like they've done under M-291 near to one side.) A 20 screen movie opened across the street about 3-4 yrs. ago, which makes for Fri. & Sat. evening congestion. Another mall where I worked upon moving to Indep. has entrances/outlets on 4 sides, whereas the one I work at now has only 1 side access in & out.
Fred's granddaughter Angel went forward at church. She's anxiously awaiting being baptized. Christmas décor is blocking the baptismal view presently. I usually have 1 to 3 little girls riding to church with me and sometimes little boys too when cousins have stayed over night, etc. I adore them all, but occasionally they do get on my nerves.
The store is opening earlier and closing later this month. When I work late and double back I don't get to sleep early enough, then I drag myself out of bed still tired & sleepy. I'm getting too old for such nonsense!!!
I've always thought Koren was pretty. At Saline, when she was 2 1/2 yrs. old, I told her she was cute and she said, "My Mom tells me I'm REAL cute!" Well, her Mom was right and I'm glad for her that her Mom thought so and told her so. She's been a lucky little girl to have loving parents. I was proud of you (being my brother's first cute baby.)
Yes! I seem to recollect a few brawls you girls had. Not at all unlike me and Freeda and sometimes your dad as well! We fought over 1 nicely padded leather (cushioned)seat dining room chair 'til we were made to take turns for example. Freeda wore umpteen crinoline petticoats and nobody was supposed to crowd her in the car and no one was supposed to allow an open car window to blow a hair on her head. Meanwhile she didn't care if the rest of us were having a heat stroke. Your dad will vouch for this constant squabbling all thru hot weather. Sibling can be a joy! HA! We didn't have fights with Roger cause he was so much younger. (He & I were much like you &John. We adored each other.)
Well. I guess I'll sign off for now.
Aunt Mary

Hello Dear Ones:

Feb. 7-1999
Hello Dear Ones: I received your card & the pictures, Gee the kids are really growing & I was surprised but Happy about the new baby. She looks like a doll.
They are so precious when they are little & growing up.
Yes, we are in another care center as Wanda says she just can't help take of us anymore but she sure was well enough to take all of money, my car, an Ins. policy that I had for Clyde for $2.000.00. She held a pen in Clyde's hand & then she held his hand & made him sign that policy one morning while I was at the grocery store, then she sent the policy in & cashed it, besides $130,000.00 that I had saved up & $55,000.00 that I got out of our house when we sold it & came down here to live with her.
And she promised to keep us until we died but now here we are & she don't even come to se us very often. She has only been here 1 time since Thanksgiving.
Juanita or any of them have been here either, but she was sure glad to get the $20,000.00 I loaned her to buy her new truck & instead of her paying me the money every month she paid it to Wanda, & Wanda took our Social Security checks too as she got me to sign papers for her to be our trustee.
But now our Social Security checks comes here to this home & Clyde & I each get $30.00 per month to buy our needs.
But we will make it someway but it is a little rough.
I hope all of you are well & can enjoy life. Clyde & I were married 62 years Jan. 9th & he was 82 & I will be 80 in July so we have had a pretty good life, but now that he has Alzheimers, he doesn't even talk any more & now he is losing a lot of weight but otherwise he is pretty healthy.
The kids of yours are sure growing up & Koren is a beautiful girl & K.J. is a handsome boy.
I know you all are real proud of them. I sure like the baby's name, we sure don't have one with that name. It is a real pretty name.
It sounds like you & Kevin stay pretty busy. That is great that you can both work, as everything is so high now. Well dear ones let us hear from you again, I love to get letters.
Bye Bye -
Grandma & Grandpa Blaylock
this is sad. since they were in the nursing home, I am assuming the kids had to take over their financial affairs. Grandma didn't seem to understand.

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when someone you love dies....

Bever Family and Burg Family Unite! First picture is the wedding picture of my grandfather Melville Ward Bever and my grandmother Lula Alice Burg married 1893 Pawnee Co., NE. Second wedding picture is of Wesley Curtis Bever and Margaret Elizabeth Burg married 1892 Pawnee Co.,NE. Brothers married sisters!! For all my double cousins out there in facebook land!

Vicki Doze facebook post.
I have cousins marrying cousins like crazy back several generations! My 2nd grandfather married four times and all wives were related to each other or related to my 2nd grandmother or related to my 2nd grandfather! Their children were either full or half to one another as well as being cousins. The children were also cousins to their own father, etc, etc. Pretty wild stuff! (Vicki Doze)

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Koren's favorite boys in the whole world!

daddy I cried

California cousins....

Today marks one year that my grandpa went home to Jesus. I miss him every day, more and more as the days go on. I would give anything to fish with him one last time. I will never forget his laugh and how much fun we had at the farm. I will never forget how he believed in me and made me felt like i belonged. I will never forget how much he loved me and how much i love him. I can't wait to see my best friend again.

miss you, dad.

and the inevitable facebook comments...
Lisa: I can't remember life before Brenda, but this photo proves that it did in fact happen!
Deb: huh. was there life before Brenda & John? it probably wasn't as much fun!
Lisa: Bre and John have certainly added excitement to our lives! Cow skulls in hoodies, calf riding in the spring, destroyed Christmas trees, riding bikes off the top of the old semi, and many, many more memories!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Dailey Honored

Karl J. Dailey has been honored with membership into the International Dean's List Society for exemplary academic performance at the Northwest Missouri State University.
Karl is majoring in Social Science and anticipates graduating in Fall 2014.
The International Dean's List Society provides scholarship, study abroad, and online personal and career development opportunities to students from the United States and countries around the world. The Society congratulates Karl J. Dailey on this distinctive honor.

Northwest announces spring 2012 trimester honor rolls

Northwest announces spring 2012 trimester honor rolls
Updated Aug. 1, 2012
The Office of the Registrar at Northwest Missouri State University announced the names of students named to the Academic or President's Honor Roll at the end of the 2012 spring trimester.
To be included on the Academic Honor Roll a student must carry a minimum of 12 credit hours and attain a grade point average of 3.50 or above on a 4.00 scale. Students named to the President's Honor Roll have attained a perfect 4.00 GPA for the trimester.
Listed by country, state and hometown, Northwest's spring 2012 trimester honor roll:
Karl J. Dailey, Mercer, Academic.

Letter To Bob

The Mercer County Mirror Reflecting Mercer County The People's Paper
Another year has flown by. I really enjoy hearing from "home" and I love the colored pictures!
I love Jennie's column. She brings back so many memories of my childhood. We were neighbors "way back when." Keep it coming.
Donanell Shafer
Waukee, IA

it's JHBB season!

Looks like Logan is #35!

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googled my dad's name....

EWG Farm Subsidies
Bernard Charles Axsom received payments totaling $2,029 from 1995 through 2012

Grand River Valley Choir and Orchestra

my mom is in the middle of the group...

Oak Hill Memorial Park

found this pic on Great Grandpa Johnnie, Great Grandma Daisy, Grandma Pauline, Grandpa Alfred, and Uncle Roger are all buried here in California.

Browna Fay Axsom

found Miss Bronna on! her name is a bit out of whack, but the dates match. And the Fairview Cemetery is in Mercer County....too many similarly named country cemeteries!
Fairview Cemetery is located in the north-central portion of Mercer County. From Princeton, go approximately two miles west on highway 136 to route P. North (right) on route P approximately five miles to the third gravel road to the right (east). Fairview cemetery is approximately one mile east on the left side of the road. The cemetery is well maintained as of the date of this survey. This survey was conducted by Phil & Kathi Stewart on April 9, 2003. NOTE: Photos on this site are the property of the photographer and/or contributor. Permission gladly given for use of these pictures. However, since you did not take them, please give credit to Phil Stewart and/or the Mercer County website. Thank you
Birth: Nov. 10, 1906
Death: Oct. 29, 1916
Daughter of James and Cora (Boyd) Axsom.
Burial: Fairview Cemetery, Princeton, Mercer County, Missouri, USA
Edit Virtual Cemetery info [?]
Created by: Laura
Record added: Aug 09, 2012
Find A Grave Memorial# 95077961
Mercer County Cemetery listing does not have her in the 2003 survey. hmmmmmm.

Madge V. Hamilton

while reading thru comments on my genealogy blog, I made notes of things to look up....and I found Madge on!
Birth: 1900
Death: 1924
Wife of C. J. Hamilton
Burial: Hamilton Cemetery, Pleasanton, Decatur County, Iowa, USA. Plot: 3 12-1
Maintained by: Juanita Millhouse
Originally Created by: Thelma Jane Dorsey
Record added: Apr 13, 2002
Find A Grave Memorial# 6344788


The Mount Ayr Record-News, 1931
Nona May AXAM, daughter of John T. and Daisy (BOYD) AXAM, was born near Pleasanton, Decatur county, Iowa, October 20, 1908, and died September 17, 1931, near Kellerton. Her early childhood was spent in Mercer and Harrison counties, Missouri, and later the family moved to Potter county, South Dakota, where she grew to womanhood and engaged in teaching in the public schools of that county. She leaves to mourn her departure her father and mother, two sisters, Anna and Viola, one of whom now lies seriously ill with typhoid fever at the home of her aunt, Mrs. Ed O. MOORE, and two brothers, Alfrd and Marvin, all residing at home at Lebanon, S.D., and two grandmothers and other relatives and a host of friends in Missouri and South Dakota. Funeral services were held from the Christian church, conducted by the pastor, Rev. KRATZER, and burial was in the Maple Row cemetery [Kellerton, Iowa].
deb's notes: she was Nona May AXSOM. her brother was ALFRED.

letters from Aunt Mary

Yes! Union Station is an awesome building! I was there many Friday nights boarding the train for Trenton when I first came to K.C.
Sometimes, I've wondered if I got too overly enthusiastic about the Vaile and bored others. One volunteer (and good friend) can't quite understand my treasure hunts and getting things so far in advance. It pays off in 2 ways-most of the time it saves money and gives an opportunity to acquire accessories related to the theme and still not look like everybody elses (such as finding black plates and saucers for 2014 and a wedding gown (very pretty) for 50 cents for 2015 and 24 shatter proof red ornaments for very little. Fred's sister Diane said when looking at snapshots from 2013 that we could use red in the water tower room, not knowing I'd decided on red for 2014 (along with black, white, metallic gold, some crystal clear, fake evergreen.) My expenditures range from $1 for a pretty (not bright) red gown with small, all over pattern of small, velvety, black flowers to a tall, lipstick red vase with a clear base found at an antique store for $20+ (I passed it up, kept thinking about it, went back over to Claycomo, it was still there, so I got it), my biggest splurge. The antique store charges tax which is aggravating for second hand merchandise!
in craft/decorating books found 2 ideas that I'd like to try. One is stringing balls from sweet gum trees on monofilament and spraying them gold to make garland to decorate a Christmas tree. Another is pressing blooms from Queen Anne's Lace to make ornaments. they are to be sprayed on both sides with adhesive, then sprinkled with fine glitter: pearl and a folded piece of ribbon glued to the center of each flower.
for 2014 theme is Victorian Christmas magic.
Fred & I stayed at The Bluebird, south Chillicothe, not fancy but clean.
Fred & I watched a program of Route 66...I love the backroads and small towns any day over the interstate highways!
Freeda wrote me that your mom told her that your dad had been diagnosed with prostate cancer in June (she thought 2012. I had no idea of any cancer until the morn of Oct. 17 2013 and the news was quite a shock! As Aunt Dona wrote about Uncle Dean's emotions regarding Mom, I was devasted!
I loved all your signs, cozy décor with photos & antiques AND your home's location. You've raised 3 good kids and deserve to be proud of them!
awhile back, Freeda wrote that Marc & Darla had bought an ice cream shop. They still do kettle korn at festivals.
Aunt Edith's boy who died was Dewey. Carol Sue sang on the radio, Virginia told me. Aunt Edith married a third time and they lived in Leon. Virginia corresponds with Mavis Heitz who had a brother Keith (Jrs. age.)
In the Boyd genealogy many were born in Putnam County, Ind. Sanford Clark Boyd (Susie's husband) was born in Putnam County, near Greencastle on 10-21-1859. Susie was born in Tippicanoe Co,Ind. 10-7-1864. He moved to MO. when he was 9.
genealogy for Madge Boyd Hamilton states that she died from infection following a miscarriage in 1924. her husband was Clem. she's buried in Hamilton Cemetery, Pleasanton, IA. This is how Virginia had heard it.
Jr.'s mother Edith first married Jim Frisbie. She had a son Gerald who married June Wishon. Edith later married Clifford or "Cliff" or "Littler" King and they had Carol Sue and Jr.
Virginia has an aunt Ruth Flanagan Dale who's 85 bracket. her husband is Orville They live in a senior facility in Lamoni, IA..
Grandma Daisy claimed that her sister Cora married to Grandpa Johnnie's brother James "Jay" had a 10 yr. old daughter named Bronna Fay who died after struck in the head by a ball at school and she's buried at Fairview Cemetery, Cainsville, MO. Uncle Jay and Aunt Cora had 3 children buried at Fairview.
Tomorrow would be my mother's 92nd birthday.
Madge Boyd Hamilton has one daughter still living. Maxine Axsom Bradbury keeps in touch with her. Maxine lives in El Cajon, CA. Donna Fay Doty still lives in Cainsville. Her grandma Maude was Susie Boyd's daughter.
Grandpa Johnnie's car was a 1936, I think. The hood was lifted each side individually. It had a running board. The headlights were not concealed inside the fenders. I believe the windshield was 2 pieces. The car was black, as most were.
Back in 1974 (the spring after Al died) Roger wanted me to come to California during his college spring break. I spent a night at Freeda's. the girls wanted me to tell them about the antics of the Axsom kids.....such as hiding cigs in the hay in the barn and going down in the pature to bring in the cows so she and your dad could smoke. once we had permission to go swimming at Crowder Lake. she ditched me to go motorcycle riding. we went into a park restroom, wet our swimsuits and hair, then went home late and hung our swimsuits on the line like trustworthy "good" girls.
Jerry's dad died in spring 1976.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

2021 Sun Valley Rd, Saint Joseph, MO 64507 - Home For Sale and Real Estate Listing -®

Property Details
One owner home for over 48 years! Spacious Main floor family room! Large Living Room ! Cheerful Kitchen with lots of cabinets! Main floor workshop connected to garage ( approx 15 x 10 with furnace and attic fan!) Pretty backyard!Nice patio with covered awning! Utility shed for garden tools! Additional outbuilding for lawn mower, etc. 4 bedrooms or wall could be removed for larger master br!
General Information
Beds4 Bed
House Size1,288 Sq Ft
Property TypeSingle Family Home
Baths3 Full Bath
Lot Size0.28 Acres
Year Built1960 - See Improvements StyleRanch
Garage2 car garage
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Interior Features
•3.00 Bath(s) on Level One •Dishwasher •Disposal •Electric Oven/Range •Range •W/D Hookup On Main Level •40 Gal. Water Heater •Gas Water Heater •Carpet •Vinyl Flooring •Wood Flooring •Wood Cabinets •Cable Available •Cable Ready •Laminate Counters •Eat In Kitchen •Foyer •Garage Door Opener(s) •Kitchen/Dining Combo •Pantry •Smoke Detector(s) •Storm Door(s) •Wash/Dry Connection •Utility Room On Main Level •Workshop
Exterior Features
•Asphalt Driveway •Fenced Back Yard •Landscaped •Outbuilding(s) •Storage Shed •Insulated Window •Back Porch/Patio •Covered Porch/Patio •Patio •Patio Door(s) •Level Lot •Public Sewer •Public Water
Heating Features
•Forced Air •More Than 1 •Natural Gas
Exterior Construction
•Crawl Space Foundation
Roofing •Comp Shingle
Room Description
•3 total full bath(s) •Family room is 28 x 13'2'
Unit Features
•Cooling features: Attic Fan, Ceiling Fan, Central
Lot Size and SQFT
•Approximately 0.28 acre(s) •Approximate lot is 100 x 120
•Area: Buch NW
•Master Bedroom is 11'6 x 9'4 •Living room is 22 x 11'6 •Kitchen is 15'6 x 12 •Laundry room is 8 x 7'3 •Lot size is less than 1/2 acre
•2 car garage(s)
•Elementary School: Pickett •Middle School: Truman •High School: Central
Additional Details
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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Daniel Bruce Lawson

Daniel was born on November 9, 1949 and passed away on Saturday, October 23, 2010. age 60. Daniel was a resident of Princeton, Missouri.
)partial online obit (have to be paid subscriber to read: Trenton Republican Times.)

Dona Lynn Hesseltine

she was my dad's cousin.
ALAMO - Funeral service for Dona Lynn Hesseltine will be at 11 a.m. today, Sept. 30, 2014, at Iles Westover Chapel in Des Moines, Iowa. Burial will be at Iowa Veterans Cemetery in Van Meter, Iowa. Skinner-Silva Funeral Home of Pharr is in charge of local arrangements. Published in The Monitor on Sept. 30, 2014
Dona L. Hesseltine
Formerly of Urbandale
Dona Lynn Hesseltine, age 69, of Alamo, TX, went to her Lord on Monday, September 22, 2014 at Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen, TX from complications of a stroke.
Dona was born on October 25, 1944 in Princeton, MO to Cecil Dean Shafer and Marolyn Donanell Shafer.
She is survived by her husband, Ronald Hesseltine of Alamo; daughter, Christina McNeley of Johnston; son, Richard Hesseltine of Norwalk; mother, M. Donanell Shafer of Waukee; sister, L. Janie (Arthur) Breese of Waukee and brothers, W. Albert (Kathy) Lawson and Randall Lawson both of Des Moines.
She was preceded in death by her son, Craig Hesseltine; her father, Dean Shafer and by a brother, Daniel (Diana) Lawson.
She worked as a nurse at Des Moines General Hospital for 15 years, then worked for the Health Insurance Office of the Iowa Laborers Union until she retired in 1999. She was also an award-winning professional musician in Iowa and Texas. After retirement, she worked with many charities, both volunteering and making and donating her hand-crafted articles. She attended the First Baptist Church of Alamo, TX. Funeral services will be held at 11:00 a.m., Tuesday, September 30, 2014 at Iles Westover Chapel. Interment will follow at 12:30 p.m. at the Iowa Veterans Cemetery in Van Meter, Iowa. Memorial contributions may be directed to H.C.I Care Services in memory of Dona. - See more at: - See more at: - See more at:

my dad's tool shed.

mom is working on cleaning it out so it can be sold. she said Grandpa Vermal bought it in Gilman City (I think?) and hauled it to the farm so dad would have a place to put his tools. the old tool shed she cleaned out behind house has fell in. Brenda has rented a house in Trenton. mom told Katie when we were there selling (damnable school fundraisers!) that she would probably be the last person to ever live there. Katie told her she'd live there, she loves the place. that got me to thinking...all the years they were there. all the memories. all those abandoned old farms you see once had a vibrant family living there, happily or not...every place has a story.