Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving with the fam.

Katie, KJ, Kevin, me, Mom, & brother John....picture by Kevin, obviously~

my daughter's facebook post:

This thanksgiving I am so thankful for the 15 years I got to spend with my grandpa. I miss him every day. I am also thankful for all the great times I had with my cousins, who are beautiful inside and out. I pray that one day our paths will cross again. I miss them so much and I love them with everything I have.

cousin Kate's daughter Elly posted on facebook asking if anyone had Mae Dailey's apple salad recipe, her mom had lost her copy in the fire in 2004 when the house burnt....

Kevin's sister Dianna replied: I call this " Mae Dailey's Apple Salad Dressing" It has been printed in at least two cook books published here in Mercer County. 3/4 cup water 1 Tbsp vinegar, put on to heat. Mix one egg, beaten with 1/2 cup sugar 1 T. cornstarch. add to the water and cook and stir till thickened. Then we used apples , celery, grapes and nuts as desired.

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states my sister Lisa has been to

pretty impressive, eh? my own list is not as long, but continually amazes me that we've found vacation time and $ to get there and do all the cool shit we have!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

thank you, veterans.

there have been many veterans in our family, from all walks of life, all branches of the families. some were drafted, some enlisted. some were lifetime soldiers like Great Uncle Marvin Axsom. Some lost their life in battle like my Great Uncle Ralph Shafer in WWII. some fought the British, some fought Indians, some even fought each other...we have Confederate and Union soldiers. some fought overseas....on land, in air, on water. Some used the service to get money for education. Some like Great Grandpa Ross Shafer told their children of cat sized rats in the trenches in France during WWI. Some probably had things they never could talk about with anyone. The sacrifices made by them, by the ones they left behind, are monumental. Families were changed. No one can ever repay what parts of themselves they had to give up to serve. The years lost with small children. The parents who died while they were away. The worry over their spouse and children. In high school, I thought of joining the service: a way to travel, a paying job, and a way to get in great physical condition. then I fell in love and went to marriage boot camp instead. I appreciate our veterans. I do. But I am secretly glad my own children are not in the service. There is danger everywhere. But I am selfish and don't want to not see them for so long. to have no contact. If it was something they had their hearts set on, then I would have to let them go. But all those movies where you open the door during war time and there are officers there to tell you your loved one is, we're not in a war right now, per say. But the world is a violent, dangerous place. Especially the places our military goes overseas. so, again, Thank You to all those who did the right thing and served. To Great Uncle John Maxwell, and Great Uncle Dean Shafer, and great great Grandpa JC Maxwell, to Kevin's cousin Janet, his step-Grandpa Joe Hass, his step-brother Kevin Heaton, his uncles Duane and Frank, and my cousin Shawn. My cousin-in-law Bobbie, who started off his marriage going to Operation Desert Storm. To Great Uncle Dale Brown. To all the Bryants and Maxwells and Fosters and Shafers and Axsoms and Boyds and Browns and.... My own grandpas Alfred Axsom and Vermal Brown were drafted for WWII, but didn't get shipped out. Their wives and children had to tell them goodbye and pray for them. They both were fine. But I can't imagine the worries my grandma's Grace and Pauline had. Being a soldier is a noble thing. Being a military family is a noble thing. It would be somewhat easier now with Skype and the internet and phone calls. but some times it was letters that may or may not make it to the recipient. Some bodies were never identified or recovered. Some families just never knew for sure. The National Anthem always brings tears to my eyes. I am so proud to have these ancestors. When the entire crowd sang God Bless America today at the school Veterans Day Assembly, I remembered the cave tour we did in Arkansas and the theater room in the cave where Kate Smith sang God Bless America. They played a recording of it on the tour, it was so beautiful.

These are my own veterans--my dad and my two sons!! My dad Melville Wesley Bever WWII served in the 8th Army Air Corp, MSgt. 351st Bombardment Group, 509th Bomb. Sq. and Sgt. 314th Troop Carrier Group, 62nd TCS. My two youngest sons: David C. Doze, SSgt. 325 Fighter Wing Avionics Flight, USAF, Vet. and Kansas Air National Guard, Active; and Jesse C. Doze, SSgt. 3rd Bat. 4th Marines, Weapons Co., RET. Vet. (injured in Iraq).

Vicki facebook post.

mom gave me this radio.

she said her dad (Vermal Brown) bought it at (I think) Montgomery Ward. It has a record player with a record still inside! and is in pretty good shape, considering how old it is.
I know Lisa has an old radio, too....think it was Great Grandma Daisy's. I can just see my grandparents and my mom and her sisters clustered around the radio listening to news or records....

little sister in junior high basketball

Lisa posted this pic today
I still haven't found my 8th grade basketball memory maker photo. But I found this 7th grade photo in the 1980 yearbook! I was #13! L I had the older style uniform. The white t-shirt style was the "newer" ones. I remember thinking it was so "cool" that I had PHS on my top when I was in junior high. .. Have to laugh at the shorty shorts and the knee socks and the converse style shoes that had next to NO support! Not to mention how laid back & relaxed we all looked, like we out for an evening stroll versus preparing for a sporting event!

Lisa's Veteran Day Post

Thank you Great Uncle John, all veterans, and all those currently serving. We truly owe you more than you will ever receive here on earth

thank you to all the veterans in my family tree.....this is great grandpa Ross Shafer in WWI

we have documentation of ancestors in the Indian Wars, Revolutionary War, Civil War, both World cousin Shawn served in peace time. My grandma Grace's brothers all served. she had nephews who served. Her own husband was drafted, but never had to serve. Brown, Bryant, Maxwell, Shafer. So many stories, so much sacrifice and worry. Terror, bloodshed, death. Soldiers who fought on land, on water, in the air. So many. There were Union soldiers. There were Confederates. At one time in high school, when I realized that college wasn't in my cards, I thought the military would be the way to go. Travel a bit. See some of the world. Lose some weight. Get tougher. But then I fell in love and went to marriage boot camp instead. I honor the veterans, while I am glad my own children didn't go this route. When your numbers up, your numbers up. And yes, there are many old veterans who went through a lot. But there are a lot of tombstones from those who didn't survive.

My son Jesse was a member of the Thundering Third.

Vicki facebook post

25 years of bliss! I am a lucky girl. Super excited we get to spend the whole day together!

Robin posted this on facebook for her & Chris's 25th anniversary!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Two different pictures of Peter Doze older brother to Joseph B. Doze

Vicki facebook post

Vicki military pictures post on facebook.

Tonight I'm posting military pictures of my Grandfather Elmer C. Hudson and his two sons Jesse and Elmer "Chuck." The first two pictures are of my Grandpa who was born in 1897 and died in 1995 at the age of 98 years. He was a veteran of The Great War (WWI). He also received the honor of being the oldest living WW I Veteran in Logan Co., KS, several years before his death. The third picture is of my Uncle Jesse Hudson who served during WWII and the Korean War and who made the military his life for 21 years and when he retired, he became a police officer! The last two pictures are of my Uncle Elmer C. "Chuck" Hudson. He was in the 511th Parachute Infantry Reg. Co. D 2nd Platoon Mortar Squad. He was severely injured on a mountain in Leyte, Philippines and suffered from his injuries the rest of his life. I know I've missed some family members with tags, hope they understand.
Elmer C. Hudson, Sr. 1897-1995
Elmer C. Hudson 1997-1995
Jesse J. Hudson 1922-1985
Elmer Charles Hudson 1924-2009
Elmer Charles Hudson 1924-2009

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

an ode to her cattleman grandpas.

my daughter Katie was going to do a speech about artificial insemination last fall for FFA competition. she interviewed both of her was a long time dairy farmer who ended up a stock farmer, and the other a long time stock farmer. One of her grandpas passed on not long after their interview. she didn't feel like she could do the speech. this year she finished the speech to perform in a competition for a scholarship or magazine interview or something. she polished it, practiced it, almost lost her voice the night before the competition. she gave it her all. She just texted me that she lost. I am proud of her. I know her grandpas are proud of her. she has a full, massive amounts of homework, a social life, a boyfriend, dance practice, club meetings and events and fundraisers. she pushes herself really hard. Public speaking is something that is beyond me. I have no desire to do it. I am proud of her for working so hard and putting herself out there like that. She is smart and brave and talented. And I don't think she 'lost.' they just didn't select her speech. Will try to get it on here. she did a remarkable job.

a card shower for Grandma Marie

Lisa's facebook post on the joys of boys...

I was looking thru some stuff and found this note from January 2001 on the joy of having 2 boys. I'm so thankful for my guys!
* Logan smiling whenever he sees his big brother
* Logan watching his brother like a hawk, taking in everything he does
* Max giving Logan hugs & kisses each morning
* Max running to the bouncy seat to bounce & comfort Logan whenever he cries
* Max banging toy on the side of the crib so it'll play music for Logan
* Max giving HIS favorite "Logan" toy to Logan to play with
* Max saying "MINE" whenever anyone pays a lot of attention to Logan, signifying that that Logan is first & foremost HIS brother
* Max's joy & pride in helping change Logan's diaper (getting a diaper for me, bringing me the wipes, etc.)
* Max insisting on having the bar stool put by the kitchen sink so he can supervise Logan's baths
* Max asking to hold Logan on his lap
* Max casually rubbing & patting Logan's head as he moves past him
* Comparing the 2 boys - I can't believe how much of Max's baby days I forgot. Seeing Logan do new things reminds me of Max's first solids, his first attempts to roll over, his first teeth, his first shots, etc.
* The sheer joy of holding both boys on my lap - knowing that no matter what else might happen that both boys adore me & are truly little angels that I have been blessed with
* Knowing that each of my boys has a brother - a constant playmate, a "safe" person to learn social skills with (how to fight & make up, how to be flexible when dealing with others, etc.)

email from Marie

I enjoyed the birthday party for Katie Scarlett . But I think Ian stole the show. We used to have camera that would get all that action. Elijah got my mail box moved up to my house. I am so glad of that. When Ian gets his balance and starts running , Koren and Cody will be busy. I am not ready for winter. love Grandma Marie