Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bernard & Janets 50th anniversary party

started out decorating, then ate lunch at the café (all 18 of us!), then Katie & I ran home to get dressed, Kevin oversaw set up of cake (the leftovers later met with a disaster in our driveway....which probably saved me about 10 lb....), Teri arrived for family pictures, then the party started, they had several co-workers and friends show up, and seemed to have fun!
mom's sister Charlene Smith was there, with her son-in-law Kerry, and grandsons Kenton and Steven, Kenton's girlfriend Lynnda, and great grandbaby. Dad's sister Mary Johnson was there with her boyfriend Fred.
all 4 of us kids made it, with ALL or Lisa, Tom, Max, & Logan; John; Brenda, Rachelle, Sarah, Seth, & Brent; and Deb, Kevin, KJ, & Katie; & Koren & Cody.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Jo gets married.....

and she looks happy! she was my father-in-laws girlfriend for a time....