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Mitchell Cemetery-1964

aunt minerva collection
typewritten document

Located in Harrison County, T62N-R24 (a black mark), Section 26. It is approximately 1 1/2 miles over border of Grundy County, and is important to our records because of those families from Grundy County, buried there; also, because of the number of service men buried there. The following clipping from the Trenton Republican Times offers further information regarding the cemetery:

"A headstone in the Mitchell Cemetery, four miles east of Gilman City, and one miles west of Melbourne, dated 1840 is proof that the cemetery is the oldest in the area. The fact was realized by persons visiting the cemetery on Decoration Day. The cemetry is unusual not only in its age but in that in it is buried a relative of Abraham Lincoln and negro slaves.
It is a small cemetery and because of neglect and no proper markings, a score of graves are believed to be lost. The graves were not laid out in rows but were selected at random. The cemetery is now cared for by Sherman Payne and Gilbert Gamble from funds received by donations and from royalities from the New Diamond coal mine, which is nearby.
More than 30 Civil War veterans, both union and southern soldiers, and Spanish American War were buried in the cemetery. Flags are place on the veteran's graves each Decoration Day by the American Legion of Gilman City.
The cemetery was named for William Mitchell, who with his wife Sally Conduitt Mitchell, and six children, came to Missouri from Kentucky as a pioneer in a covered wagon in October 1837, and entered government land for which he paid the government 90 cents an acre. The Mitchell home was built on land now owned by Mr. and Mrs. Lew Dunn.
A Negro slave, named Luce, was given to Mrs. Mitchell by her father at the time of her marriage. A relative of Luce, a young Negro boy named Charlie who had come to live with her, died after a short illness. As there was no cemetery in the country, Charlie was buried in the Mitchell yard.
The next year, 1840, Mr. Mitchell's wife, Sally, died and was buried beside the Negro boy. Other settlers moving into the country asked that they might bury their dead beside the others. Mr. Mitchell set aside a portion of his land for this, known as the Mitchell Cemetery.
After the death of Mrs. Mitchell, Luce cared for the Mitchell children. Mr. Mitchell bought from Archibald Peery for $100.00 a Negro named Stephenie, who later married Luce. Instead of taking the name of their master, Mitchell, as was the custom, they took the nameof Johnson after President Johnson. At the time of his death, Mitchell gave the Negroes their freedom. 40 acres of land, stock, and machinery. This 40 acres of land is a part of the farm now owned by Mr. and Mrs. Roy Waggoner. Among the papers of William Mitchell was a tax receipt dated 1858 that showed in that year on 55.71 acres of land he paid $11.94 in taxes. The tax collector was Charlie Cravens.
At the present time (1952?)there are two living grandchildren of William & Sally Mitchell. (check Coon Creek records for Peery dates.) They are: MRs. Alice Mitchell Peery, 96, Gilman City, and Ella Willis Smith, 90, Long Beach, Calif.
The relative of Abraham Lincoln, buried in the Mitchell Cemetery was Elizabeth Dillon, who was a sister of Nancy Hanks, mother of Lincoln. Elizabeth Dillon was a Hanks and first married to a Ray and was the grandmother of Tony and Frank Ray and the late John and Jim Ray, all of this community.
One centenarian, Margaret Herrin Couch, mother of Mrs. John Hughes of Melbourne, is buried in the Mitchell Cemetery.
Near the year 1880, the church was built, where it now stands. Willis B. Mitchell, son of William and Sally, donated a large portion of the timber from which the lumber was sawed and with the help of others, the church was built. The church was a union church, non-denominational, and could be used by any group. (in small handwritten print is inserted: Bought Mar 20 1883 For $25.00 from WM. I. Booram, filed for record Aug 16 1884 fee 75 cents, Bethany Mo)
First trustees of the church were Robie Burrill, Benny Dewitt, and Tom Oram.
The church is now in poor repair and cannot be used for services. In the church yard, under the lofty trees, Decoration Day services are held each year and are attended by persons from all parts of the state."

handwritten list of names....
these names are in 3 rows.
I will list them as with the column headings on each piece of paper (1,2, 3, etc.)....

Column 1
Anna Terry (Layson)
Buck Terry
Emma Brown
Dora M Brown
Thomas A Brown

Laura E Ellis

Alice Brown
John A Brown

Oma Herrin
Charles E Vance

Cary Kent Rice
Connie Marie Rice

William I.Scott

Eddy Don Gamble

Lucille Terry
Joe E. Terry
Ruth Terry Carpenter
Linda Sue Terry
Mary Jane Johnson
LEslie M. Lovell
Virgil R. Lovell
Beverly A Lovell

Bertha Gamble
J.E. Gamble

Lewis N. Dunn
Mary Alice Dunn

Column 2
John M. Ray
(located between Alice Borwn/John R Brown & Hila Herrin/John W Herrin)

Jack L. Scott (located between William I. Scott & William S. Terry/SArah B. Terry, John Terry

Larry Max Jennings Jr. (located between Eddy Don Gamble and Margaret JAne Terry/Lorenzo Dow Terry

Nolan Terry Jr. (located between Ruth Terry Carpenter and Mary L. Herrin

column 3
Jamie Holt
George Holt

Lorenzo S Terry
Alice M. Terry

Kate Shoemaker

Jack Herrin

Hila Herrin
John W. Herrin

Nellie inf. dau. of John & Hila Herrin

Buell Edward Scott

William S. Terry
Sarah B. Terry

John W. Terry

Margaret Jane Terry
Lorenzo Dow Terry

Mary L.Herrin

MAry C. Chaney
George W. Chaney

Minnie C. Burrell
Lester O. Burrell

column 46
Thomas Williams
Inf. son of T.B. & L. Williams

Inf. dau. of ? White
? White


Elizabeth White
Emma GArdner

W.J. Tenhulzen
Baby Tenhulzen

William J. Tenhulzen
Laura L. Tenhulzen

Alice Tenhulen Colwell

Inice Timmons
Pearl H. Timmons

Dale Timmons
Edmond Dale Timmons

Harold D. Timmons

William Herbert Mather
Hannah MAther
Carrie Fay Lockridge

Column 56
George W. Hatfield


Max D. Watkins
Mildred K. WAtkins
Olin J. Watkins

Essie Watkins
Walter Watkins
Small smooth stone

Dollie Watkins
Lloyd Watkins

Jennie Huffman
Oleath Huffman

Mildred Gardner

MArley Vandyke
Inf. dau. Vandyke

Omar N. Chaney
Beryle Gean Watkins
Dollie Watkins
Bert Watkins

column 66
Serea? Vandyke
Charley Vandyke

Martha Vandyke


ISrael Vandyke
Emily J. Vandyke

native stone

native stone

large gray Charles W. Booram and Gertie Ward Boorman

Sarah Booram
William F. Booram

Fannie Booram
J.Elmer Booram

W.H. Vance
Millard Vance

M.A. Vance

Henry A. Vance
Emma Vance

Robert Allen Vance/John Richard Vance {pink}

column 4
Lloyd W. Lockridge

Bert Griffith


John D Griffith

Edna V Shepherd
Willie Shepherd
Inf. dau of E.& W. Shepherd

Inf. son of WE & EV Shepherd
Inf. son of G.W. & H.M. Shepherd

Catherine Corbin

B.H. Corbin
Lula B. Corbin

ruth corbin
W.H. Corbin

Willis G. Chaney

Elizabeth Chaney

Grace Chaney dau. GW & MC

Robert Williams
Frances M. Williams

John Lock

Frank Miller

C.G. Miller
? child

column 5
R. Boylan

Easter Terry
H.R. Boylan
Annie Terry (Shepherd)
Geor E. Boylan
Frankie O. Boylan
Welthy Boylan
SAmuel H. Shepherd

Ulric Z. Shepherd
Sarah C. Shepherd {white}

Hazel Isabella Shepherd

Joseph Greenall

Arch Beverlin
Emma Beverlin

William E Beverlin

Hannah M PAyne
BenJ. F. PAyne
Martha PAyne
James I. Payne
Buell Ray PAyne

smooth stone grey Rose Ellen Scott/Jacob Scott

Addie Williams

Elizabeth Elwood

column 6
Nina Scott Gordon

? adult

? adult

MAry Scott Early

Edward D.V. Scott

? Scott

Inf. son of Ed & M>J Scott
Inf. dau. of Ed & M.J. Scott

Edrie L. Scott

Voleny E. Scott

Edith Scott

Oliver Scott

Oliver G. Scott

Lydia Margaret Scott
John W Scott

Elizabeth Scott
Caleb Scott

Audy Ford

Chesley O Ford

Forrest Lovell
Rollie Lovell
Leslie L Lovell
Buell D lovell
James H HAgerty
Inf. of CW & NA? Hagerty
Mary R. Jordan

Rose Ella Scott
Jacob Scott

Cecilia McGowan

native stone
column 76
Edward S Meader
Sarah E Hagarty
infants of BS & SE Hagerty
1885 1882
Hugh Hagerty son of JH & WJ
JAmes R Hagerty
Levin D Payne
Edward R PAyne

James Payne
Eliza J Payne
George Barngrover
Inf. son of GW barglover

Inf. dau of AB & ML Buren

Edward R Collyer
Agnes Collyer
Marvin Millard Collyer

column 86
Ann Scott
Gray Volney B.Scott/Ann C. Jordan Scott
Julia A Scott
Albert S Scott
Elizabeth Scott
Matthew O Scott
Mary S Scott

Son Scott
Sarah S Scott
Winfield Scott
Rachel M. Scott
dau. of MO & GE

Sopia Oram
John Oram
Aaron Oram
James Oram
Belva Barngrover

MAry A Jefferson
Dottie Jefferson
WC Jefferson
MAry E Jefferson

Benjamin Young
MH Young

column 96

Bessi M. scott

Small Smooth stone

Easter Kelly

The State Historical Society of Missouri

aunt minerva collection

102 Lowry Street
Columbia 65201
James W Goodrich Director
Telephone 314-882-7083
February 12 1991
David E. Layson
509 Ellsworth
Canon City, Colorado 81212

Dear Mr. Layson,
Because the towns you cited are in several different counties, the task of tracing your family may be a bit more difficult. All counties kept their records and to obtain records such as marriages, births, deaths and wills before the turn of the century, one must contact appropriate agency in each county. Please see the enclosed information sheet, "vital records."

From the MISSOURI POST OFFICES 1804-1981, Robert G. Schultz, these towns were listed wtih their county and dates these towns were post officeds:
Taggart Harrison County 1886-1903
Bethany Harrison Coutny 1850-present
Melbourne Harrison County 1897-1977
Gallatin Daviess County 1838-present
Trenton Grundy County 1842-present

There was also a Tagert Mills in Carroll County from 1858-1861
Wein Chariton County 1873-1903
Marcelline Linn County 1887-present

We have very few printed, indexed sources for Harrison County, but in the listing for the I.O.O.F. Cemetery in Bethany (Miriam Cem.) there were these LAYSON:
Bert L. 1881-1947
Lura C. 1884-1959
Garland P. 1904-1948

We also have an index to the 1860 Harrison County Census and these LAYSON:
(handwritten into text "my great grandfather, my great grandmother")
family #1454 James F. Layson, 31 Ky, Jemima 31 TN, Elizabeth B. 10 Ill, Mary A. 6 Ill, John C. 4 MO (handwritten "my grandfather"), and Alfred N. 1 month MO.
family #1455 Westley Layson 33 KY, Elizabeth 28 Ill, alice 6 Ill, Casandra 4 MO, and Vincent 2 MO.

In the index to the statewide 1870 census, Volume 1 (counties above the Missouri River) there were several LAYSON, but none in Harrison County. They were in Platt, Ralls, Montgomery, and Putnum counties. Later census should be checked, but we canont search the microfilm for you. You could have access to the microfilm census (see enclosed "census" sheet).

This is all that we can do for you from our printed, indexed sources of Harrison County. There is no Harrison County Historical Society, but there is a Grundy county Genealogical Society, Secretary Maradyn E. Oyler, 1715 E. 8th Trenton Missouri 64683. Please read over the enclosed information sheets and you may find a way to proceed. You would be most welcome to visit the Society.
Elizabeth Bailey (Mrs.)
Reference Specialist

Buildings of Canon City

aunt minerva collection
from the Historical Dept. Canon City Library Canon City CO by David Eugene Layson 1990

It's obvious what this building is from the sign ast the top-The Taggart Building. But, do you recall where it is located and anything about it's history?
It has been a business district feature for some 90 years, starting out as a dry goods store, and then covering a number of other fields of endeavor.
THe little decorative knob on the top corners and the other decoration just below the roof are features. If you can't think of the answer, you'll find it in the box at the bottom of this page.

The Answer to Buildings of Canon City
The Taggart Building is located at 318-320 Main St and it was built in the 1880s-probably the very early '80s.
In its early years,, it housed the Taggart Dry Goods, which was sold some years later to George A. BAker and C.A. Biggs, owners of Baker & Biggs Merchantile. They later built the building at Sixth and Main that is now the First National Bank.
The Taggart family has long been gone from Canon City. Frederick E. Riede recalls that the Taggart's daughter married Al Morey, who was a brother of Mrs. David L. Robison.
By 1903, after Biggs & Baker had moved to their new location, the Thomas & Diegel Auto Livery occupied the Taggart Building. Five years later, Frank L. (Peanut) Bunten had his garage there.
Mr. Riede remembers that Clyde Farmer, long a leading figure in the automotive business in this area, also had his garage there for several years.
In more recent history, the building has served as a storage warehouse, and also the location of Van Riper Motors. When the Taggart Building was erected, it was right in the middle of the business section-the 300 block of Main was the busiest in town.

another old school picture

aunt minerva collection
check out the guy looking out through the window!

old school picture

aunt minerva collection

The Wichita Beacon-Kansas' Greatest Newspaper

aunt minerva collection
very faded, photocopied newspaper article.
will try my best!

Potwin for four years, he moved to Whitewater, where he pioneered and organized the
Federated Church movement, serving as pastor for a number of years. He returned to Potwin in 1927 and since 1929 has been in the insurance business and employed as state oil inspector.
Surviving are his widow, Mary E. Higdon; one son, Philip of El Dorado; three daughters, Mrs. Elsie Smith of Potwin, Mrs Carrie Hill of Coldwater, and MRs Mary Ferking of Newton; two brothers; four sisters; and eight grandchildren.
Funeral services will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday from the Christian Church in Potwin with the Rev. Francis Bruce officiating. The Smith Mortuary of Whitewater will be in charge.
The body will be taken to Hutchinson for services at the Elliott-Gard Mortuary at 3 p.m. Saturday and burial in Memorial Park there.

Charles Bruce Wilson, six-year-old son of Mr and Mrs Thomas L Wilson, 518 Symthe, died Thursday night in a local hospital. The

(obviously missing part of this the name of the deceased...but this is what I have to work with...)

Cemeteries of Grundy County

aunt minerva collection
Trenton Republican Times, Trenton Mo Daily, Saturday February 20 1965

instructions to locating a ploT
All 89 known plots in the county are numbered consecutivley beginning in Washington township, located in the upper left hand corner of the map. Townships read from top to bottom of the map. They key numbers in the left hand column below correspond to the same number, with symbol(+) indicating the approximate location of the plot. The number in parenthesis following the township name in the list below indicate the number of plots located to date in that township.

Washington (3)
1. Fox (Welch)
2. Griffin
3. Wild Chapel

Franklin (14)
4. Bethel
5. Boswell
6. Clark, J.J.
7. Clark, William
8. Johnson
9. king
10. Moore, Jackie
11. North Evans
12. Pembertopn
13. Speer
14. Spickard
15. Trussell
16. Williams, John
17. Wyatt

Myers (1)
18. Bery

Taylor (3)
19. Fulkerson
20. Gil Miller and wife
21. Willis Chapel (Ward)

Harrison (3)
22. Hatton Chapel
23. Salem North (Ratliff)
24. Wood, Robert

Lincoln (11)
25. Atteberry
26. Brainard (PulliumP
27. Gates
28. Honey Creek Chapel
29. Martin
30. Proctor
31. Sires
32. South Evans
33. Stepp
34. Tracy
35. Wooley (Nuckles)

Liberty (8)
36. Brassfield, Ruben
37. Dillon
38. Galt-East
39. Galt-West
40. Mt Zion (Johnstown)
41. North Union
42. Vencill
43. Willis, John

Madison (12)
44. Antioch
45. Bryant, Reverenc
46. Coon Creek
47. Metcalf
48. Edinburg
49. Peery, Sarah
50. Peery, George
51. Peery, Robert
52. Peery, Evans
53. Peery Chapel
54. Thompson J. DR. W.P.
55. Wynne

Trenton (13)
56. County farm
57. Drummond
58. Grundy Center
59. Lancaster
60. Terry
61. I.O.O.F. ,Roselawn, Maple Grove, Masonic, Old City, Resthaven, and St Joseph Catholic
62. Redenbaugh

Marion (8)
63. Barr
64. Black Oak
65. Boyers
66. Brooks
67. Joab Holloway (Union Grove)
68. Rural Dale
69. Salem East
70. Wright, Joseph

JEfferson (12)
71. Bratton (Parberry)
72. coy
73. Embrey (Gee) (Brummitt)
74. Gees Creek
75. Lucas
76. Livingston, Dr James
77. Matt Green
78. Sandridge
79. shelburne
80. Stevens, Robert
81. Thompson,Lorenzo
82. Woldridge

Jackson (3)
83. May
84. Skinner
85. Tolle

Wilson (4)
86. Alpha
87. Laredo
88. Merryman
89. Stucker


and that concludes the contents of the Creswell Family Records to see what's next in the box of treasures from great aunt Minerva's collection....

handwritten document

aunt minerva collection
handwritten document
Creswell Family Records folder

Nancy Skaggs was the daughter of
Martha Skaggs-Jeimah and Hannah Skaggs
Jerimiah Skaggs the son of Zachariah Skaggs
Nancy his wife was born OCt 25 1766
John Skaggs was born April 13 1770
Lydia Skaggs was born June 15 1781

Mary Gray the daughter of Polly Gray was born the 19th of July 1788.

Griffe Whitt was Tom's great grandfather-and Cynthia Whitt was Tom's grandmother and she married Yancy Creswell. She was one of Griffe & Martha Whitt's children and her brothers and sisters were
(back of page)
Martha Skaggs was born the 2nd of August 1791
Lydia Skaggs was born the 1st of Nov. 1793
John Skaggs was born the 26 of Jan 1795
HAnnah Skaggs was born 26 of Jan 1798

Richard Whitt was born the 8th of Dec 1806
Jeremiah Skaggs the son of Zachariah Skaggs and Nancy his wife was born Oct 25 1766
John Skaggs was born April 13 1770
Lydia Skagsg was born June 15 1781

Cordilia Catherine Whitt

aunt minerva collection
handwritten document
Creswell Family Records folder

born March 31 1895

this was written on the back of children of Griffe & Martha Skaggs Whitt

children of Griffe & Martha Skaggs Whitt

aunt minerva collection
handwritten document
Creswell Family Records folder

these were the children of Griffe and MArtha Skaggs Whitt

Timothy Whitt
Shone Whitt-Harrison
Sena Whitt-Vandyke
Cynithia Whitt-Creswell
Noah Whitt
Jerimiah Whitt
Richard Whitt-Noah's father, Zetas Grandfather
Hannah Whitt-Everly {Lydia Fosters mother}
John Whitt settled around Gallatin
Ta-Nai Whitt went back to Virginia as near as can make out.


aunt minerva collection
handwritten document
Creswell Family Records folder

Aunt Minerva's handwriting

Ruth Carter,810 Greenwood Drive, Canon City Colorado 81212
Vern & Leona Casity,2405 Frey AVe, Venice Calif. 90291
Ethel J. Smith, 209 North Cedar St, Newkirk, Okla. 74647
Ocie Cassity,324 North Main St, Newkirk Okla 74647
Daivd Kelly, Ponca MO

in my grandmothers handwriting continued...

aunt minerva collection
handwritten document
Creswell Family Records folder
this particular document written by my grandma Grace

John Yancey Creswell is a brother to Alice Creswell Maxwell
John Yancey Creswell married Cynthia Whitt Sunday morning Oct 15 1837
their children are:
1. Minerva Creswell b. Tues. July 31 1838
2. Cosba Creswell b. Tues. Dec 24 1839
3. Harriet Creswell b. Wed. Oct 6 1841 Harried died in Virgina Tues. Dec. 15 1842 with diptheria
4. Ballard Preston Creswell b. Tues. July 25 1843. He was called Preston. HE was missing in the Civil War in the March to Georgia. He was drafted when sick and taken in the march to Georgia. The last they knew of himn he had give out and was sitting on a log in Texas.
5. Lenzey (Louesy) Creswell b. Oct 21 1845. Lenzey died when they lived in Iowa. she was buried in a cemetery 5 or 6 miles northwest of Patterson Iowa. Madison Co. died of typhoid fever.
6. Suffrona Creswell b. Wed Dec 29 1849 Storm came up and going to the cellar-door blew up against her and hurt her. she died soon after.
7. Erastic Worth Creswell b. Mon Nov 26 1849
8. Emily Creswell b. Dec 31 1852
9. Patrick Henry Creswell b. Monday april 2 1855
10. Griffe Scages Creswell b. Sat May 23 1857

(my note: they lost a baby to diptheria, a grown son to the Civil War, a daughter to typhoid fever, a grown daughter who died from injuries from a cellar door during a storm...)

Marriage of John Yancey & Cynthia Creswell children
1. Minerva Creswell-James C Maxwell
2. Cosba Creswell-Josiaph Peery Gilliland
3. Suffrona Creswell-Shirred McGowen
4. Erastic Creswell-Amranda Creswell
(under Amranda's name says Married Charley Seiverns no children)
5. Patrick Henry Creswell-Adda Syres
6. Griffie Scages Creswell-Anna Severns March 1887

Suffrona Creswell is a sister to Minerva Maxwell.
Suffrona Creswell & Shirred McGowen children:
1.Orval PErry McGowen b. Jan 1874
2. John Yancey McGowen b.Wed July 5 1876
3. Maud Susan McGowen b. Sun April 20 1879
4. Henry Franklin McGowen

marriage of Suffrona & Shirred McGowen children:
1. Orval PErry McGowen -Viola-no children
2. Maud Susan McGowen -Preston Harland

Maud & Preston Harland had a son born Aug 1904 who died when small,don't remember his name.

Brother to Suffronia & Minerva
Erastas Worth & Amranda McGowen Creswell children:
1. Pascal Oliver Creswell b. FEb 1874
2. Magga Eva Creswell b. 1876
3. Ida Pacience Creswell
4. Preston Yancey Creswell b. Sat. May 1 1886

marriage of Erastas & Amranda Creswell children:
1.Pascal Oliver Creswell married Carrie Alice Truex
2. Magga Eva Creswell-Fred Shipps no children
3. Ida Pacience Creswell married a Sipes

PAscal & Carrie Creswell had a daughter
1. Nella May Creswell b. May 23 1900 Wed/

Nella May Creswell married Clinton Hughes
1. baby boy died at birth
2. Edela Martice Hughes
3. Betty Joe Hughes died when small
4. Doris Hughes
5. Velma Hughes
6. Clinton Albert Hughes
7. Wayne Hughes

Ida Pacience Creswell Sipes children
1.Mildred Sipes

Mildred Sipes married ___________ Mores, they had a daughter.
1. Alvenia Mores

brother of Suffronia, Minerva, & Erastas
PAtrick HEnry Creswell married Adda Syres
1. Baby boy died very young
2. Mildred Lucille Creswell b. 1883

Mildred Lucille Creswell married Ray Robbins first, (I think it says 2 wks-month) annulled. then Ira Fulkerson.
children with Ira Fulkerson:
1. Wilma
2. Willa
3. Henry
4. Wilber
5. Addalene

Brother to Suffronia, Minerva, Erastas, Patric
Griffie Scages Cresswell-Anna Severns Creswell children:
1. Henry Newton Creswell b. Sun Sept 16 1888
2. Ocie Ethel Creswell b. Tues. March 6 1892

marriage of Griffie & anna Creswell Children:
1. Henry Newton Creswell -Edna Oaldfield children
(Henry & Edna raised her niece Connie)
#1. Ruth Heneryetta Creswell married Buck Carter
2. Ocie Ethel Creswell married Guy Cassity

children of Ruth & Buck Carter
1. Henry Carter
2. Connie Ruth Carter

children of Ocie & GUy Cassity
1. Vern Cassity . Mon April 3 1911
2. Ethel Cassity b. Monday Feb 9 1914

marriage of Ethel & Guy Cassity children:
Vern Cassity married Leona Emmons
1. Gary Cassity b. Friday Nov 10 1933

Garry Cassity married Pat Broadus 1954
1. Pam Cassity b. FEb 19 1955
2. Terry Lynn Cassity b. Feb 28 1956

Ethel Cassity married a Smith.

Thomas Witten & Gilly Mae Maxwell are our parents.
James C. & Minerva Maxwell our grandparents
Witten & Alice Maxwell our great grandparents

Alice Creswell Maxwell was dau. of Henry Creswell

Henry Creswell was our great great grandpa
James Creswell was our great great great grandpa

Saturday, February 25, 2012

James Capell Maxwell

Maxwell Fred R 26/Nov/1917 16/May/1992 Married 28/Dec/1937
Maxwell James C.
Sarah E. "wife" 06/Jul/1863
19/Jul/1864 05/Mar/1959
Maxwell Orville A. 07/Apr/1890 13/Mar/1974
Maxwell Willa F. 28/Jul/1920 16/Sep/2007 Married 28/Dec/1937

Minerva Maxwell

John H Gilleland

looked this up after reading that he was buried in Cat Creek.

John H. Gilleland
s/o J.P. & C.

This cemetery is located in Harrison County, on Hwy CC about 3 miles northwest of Brimson, over the Grundy county line; this cemetery is included in Grundy County's records because of Grundy County people who are buried here. It is located high, with a beautiful view out over the green hills. The ground was a part of the Yancy Creswell farm and was given by him. The cemetery was recorded in 1964 by Mr. & Mrs. Delbert Hesler, Mrs. B. F. Hoover and Mrs. O. L. Livingston

the prevention of Typhoid Fever

in the rural districts of Virginia


1. most common beginning of June-middle of September
2. in winter months localized water-bourne outbreaks sometimes occur
3. direct contact with patient spreads disease
4. milk & foods coming from infected houses frequently carry infection
5. general dissemination of feces by flies, animal feet spreads
6. mild undiagnosed cases can spread

to prevent:
1. isolation of sick and the disinfection of the excreta, body, bed linen
2. inform public of nature & spread of & contact infection
3. recognition of human excrement as the most dangerous material on the farm, providing for its care and disposal that it be kept off the ground, in a water tight receptacle, screened against flies and animals until burned or otherwise safely disposed of.

the way it was....

In the 19th century people didn't understand what caused disease/how to treat it. Doctors did the best they could.
In the 19th century, one-third of the children in the U.S. did not live to adulthood. In the 1980s, about 98 percent of children lived to adulthood.
Pioneers often relied on home remedies to cure disease before they contacted a physician. Fever and ague struck many homes. People could come down with chills and fever one afternoon and die the next day. The symptoms included chills, fever and lack of energy. Doctors were helpless to find a cure.

A less serious, but annoying ailment was called prairie itch. Often the home remedy was a lotion made "from the roots of the skunk-cabbage."

Malaria, cholera, typhoid and small pox were serious health risks during the 1800s in Iowa. These diseases were often deadly. Scientists knew little about the causes and treatments for these diseases. In the mid-19th century it was believed that these diseases were caused by "bad air." It wasn't until the 1880s that scientists began to understand that germs caused certain diseases.
Physicians used simple drugs and instruments. In the medicine chests of most 19th century doctors were a stock of basic drugs: castor oil, bark, calomel, Dover's powder and quinine. They also carried unusual instruments. In case of fever, a patient was generally bled. Every physician carried lancets for this purpose. It was believed that bleeding would relieve the body of disease.

Physicians often advertised their services in newspapers. One doctor's rates in Bloomington (now Muscatine) were:

First visit in town in the daytime $1. 00
Every succeeding visit $ .50
Visit in the night time $1.50
Bleeding $1.00
Tooth Extracting $1.00
Attention on a patient all day or night by request $5.00

Not all physicians were strict about collecting their fees. Many doctors received food as payment instead of money.

(I was looking for mention of the typhoid fever that killed John Henry Gilliland in Patterson,Iowa.)

typhoid fever

Typhoid fever is an infection that causes diarrhea and a rash -- most commonly due to a type of bacteria called Salmonella typhi (S. typhi).

from pubmed health
Causes, incidence, and risk factors

The bacteria that cause typhoid fever -- S. typhi -- spread through contaminated food, drink, or water. If you eat or drink something that is contaminated, the bacteria enter your body. They travel into your intestines, and then into your bloodstream, where they can get to your lymph nodes, gallbladder, liver, spleen, and other parts of your body.

A few people can become carriers of S. typhi and continue to release the bacteria in their stools for years, spreading the disease.

Typhoid fever is common in developing countries, but fewer than 400 cases are reported in the U.S. each year. Most cases in the U.S. are brought in from other countries where typhoid fever is common.
Early symptoms include fever, general ill-feeling, and abdominal pain. A high (typically over 103 degrees Fahrenheit) fever and severe diarrhea occur as the disease gets worse.

Some people with typhoid fever develop a rash called "rose spots," which are small red spots on the abdomen and chest.

Other symptoms that occur include:

Abdominal tenderness


Bloody stools



Difficulty paying attention (attention deficit)


Fluctuating mood



Severe fatigue

Slow, sluggish, lethargic feeling


outcome becomes poor if complications develop. (& since we're dealing with the times of our ancestors, there were no antibiotics to help them)


Intestinal hemorrhage (severe GI bleeding)

Intestinal perforation

Kidney failure



from pubmed health:

Diphtheria is an acute infectious disease caused by the bacteria Corynebacterium diphtheriae.

Causes, incidence, and risk factors

Diphtheria spreads through respiratory droplets (such as those produced by a cough or sneeze) of an infected person or someone who carries the bacteria but has no symptoms. Diphtheria can also be spread by contaminated objects or foods (such as contaminated milk).

The bacteria most commonly infects the nose and throat. The throat infection causes a gray to black, tough, fiber-like covering, which can block the airways. In some cases, diphtheria may first infect the skin, producing skin lesions.

Once infected, dangerous substances called toxins, produced by the bacteria, can spread through your bloodstream to other organs, such as the heart, and cause significant damage.

Because of widespread and routine childhood DPT immunizations, diphtheria is now rare in many parts of the world. There are fewer than five cases of diphtheria a year in the United States.

Risk factors include crowded environments, poor hygiene, and lack of immunization
Symptoms usually occur 2 to 5 days after you have come in contact with the bacteria.

Bluish coloration of the skin

Bloody, watery drainage from nose

Breathing problems

Difficulty breathing

Rapid breathing



Croup-like (barking) cough

Drooling (suggests airway blockage is about to occur)



Painful swallowing

Skin lesions (usually seen in tropical areas)

Sore throat (may range from mild to severe)

Note: There may be no symptoms.
Diphtheria may be mild or severe. Some people may not have symptoms. In others, the disease can slowly get worse.

The death rate is 10%. Recovery from the illness is slow.
The most common complication is inflammation of the heart muscle (myocarditis). The nervous system is also frequently and severely affected, which may result in temporary paralysis.

Whitney Thomas

she is on the Cainsville R-I school high school basketball team...Number 03, grade 10. and check out their cool socks! she is such a pretty girl & I didn't ever get a picture of her from the front...will have to see if Betty got a pic of her.
the head coach is Chris Thomas.


I dont' remember now what post this went with....(sigh) but something I put on today....

in my grandmother's handwriting...

aunt minerva collection
handwritten document
from the folder Creswell family records

just found all this but in my grandma Grace's handwriting instead of Aunt Minerva's.....Grandma has a few additional notes.

Creswell Family
written by Grace & Minerva Brown

1st Generation of Creswell Family the family tree of James Creswell & wife Alice

Birth of 2nd generation (James & Alice Creswell)
Henry Creswell was born July 11 1781 in Ireland and came to America when a small boy hid on a ship. Henry Creswell married Susy (Susanah) Whitt Tuesday April 19 1804. Susy was born Friday 19 1787

birth of 3rd generation children of Henry & Suzy Creswell
1. Alice Creswell b. tues. Nov 19 1800
2. Betsy (Elizabeth) b. Sat. July 23 1808
3. John Yancy Creswell b. Wed Aug 24 1814. John Yancy was called Yancy Creswell. he was our grandfather.

marriage of Henry & Suzy Creswell children
1. Alice Creswell married Whitten Maxwell sunday MArch 4 1827
2. Betsy Creswell married William Peery July 23 182_ can't make out the rest of the date. No record of their family.
3. John Yancy Creswell married Cyntha Whitt Sunday morning Oct 15 1837. Cyntha Whitt wasn't related to Susy Whitt.

4th generation
the children of Alice Creswell Maxwell & Whitten Maxwell
1. Susy C Maxwell b. Monday May 12 1828
2. James C Maxwell b. Monday Dec 17 1829 our grandfather
3. Mary Jane Maxwell b. Wed Dec 26 1832
4. Henry Maxwell b. Tues. June 4 1835
these are brothers and sisters of J.C. Maxwell. J.C. Maxwell was called Uncle Jim. Jim's children are Henry-Tom-Emma.

5th generation
James C. Maxwell b. Dec 17 1829 married Minerva Creswell d. Feb 26 1878
Tazwell to Virgina

Children of James & Minerva Maxwell
1. John Henry Maxwell b. Oct 1 1869 called Henry
2. Cynthia Alice Maxwell b. J (can't tell if Jan, July, or June) 12 1870 d. 18763
3. Thomas Whitten Maxwell b. June 7 1873 called Tom
4. Mary Emily Maxwell called Emma b. Sept 29 1876
5. twin boy died at birth Feb 26 1878
6. twin girl died at birth Feb 26 1878
Their mother Minerva Maxwell died at same time.
all children were born in HArrison County Missouri north of Melbourne.

JAmes C MAxwell married Harriet Hughs Harrison MArch 4 1881. Harriet Maxwell died Feb 21 1911. James C Maxwell died March 18 1925.
Marriage of James & Minerva Maxwell Children
1. John Henry Maxwell -Jospehine (Josie) Quigley m. March 27 1899. Joohn Henry Maxwell died Feb 25 1948. Josephine Maxwell died March 4 1925.
#1. their son James Franklin Maxwell b. Aug 4 1903. was killed in car accident near Gilman City Mo.

2. Thomas Whitten MAxwell m. Gilly Mae Higdon April 15 1900
Thomas Maxwell died March 4 1959.
Gilly Maxwell died MAy 19 1961
their children were:
#1. Mildred Evie Maxwell April 7 1902-Jan 1 1948
#2. James Phillip Maxwell Nov. 8 1904-FEb 11 1980
#3. Eugene Maxwell Jan 25 1907-Oct 8 1910
#4. Joseph Henry Maxwell July 16 1909-Oct 3 1910
#5. Leland ALbert Maxwell Dec 17 1911
#6. John Leonard Maxwell April 6 1914
#7. Leona Grace MAxwell Sept 21 1916
#8. Minerva Alice Maxwell Oct 10 1922

3. MAry Emily Maxwell d. April 5 1963 m. Barton Utterback d. April 3 1961, they were married in 1901.
their children:
#1. Harmon Utterback Jan 5 1902
#2. Vernon E Utterback June 13 1903
#3. infant dau. Utterback Feb 3 1905
#4. Ellen Marie UTterback Aug 27 1907
#5. Colleen May Utterback April 5 1910
#6. Lois MarJorie Utterback July 3 1912
#7. Roberta Florence Utterback July 29 1914
#8. Lorene Frieda Utterback Feb. 12 1917

note: children of John Yancy Creswell shouldl come next after Alice Creswell Maxwell family, page 4.

6th generation
Cosba Creswell married Joesiah Peery Gilliland

their children are:
#1. John Henry Gilliland b. Sunday Dec 9 1866 died with diptheria Wed. Nov 23 1867
#2. LEwis PReston Gilliland b. Oct 14 1868
#3. Cynthia Susan Gilliland b. Tuesday June 27 1871
#4. Effie Soffrona Gilliland b. Tues. Feb 1873
#5. Effie twin sister died at birth
#6. Baby boy died at birth
#7. Shone Emily Gilliland b. Wed Jan 17 1877
#8. baby boy died at birth
#9. George Yancy Gilliland b. Aug 20 1880
#10. Mary Eva Gilliland b. Friday June 15 1883

Mary Eva Gilliland married Clayton James Grigsba Monday Dec 2 1907
#1. Lloyd George Grigsba b. Sat. June 12 1909
#2. Mary Louise Grigsba b. Wed May 8 1912
#3. Marian Grigsba (twin) b. Wed. May 8 1912 died at birth
#4. Joe James Grigsba b. Sat April 12 1919
#5. Wiley Donald Grigsba b. Mon. Dec 3 1923

marriage of Mary Eva & Clayton James Grisgba children
Lloyd George Grigsba-Dorcas E Estas Friday Feb 19 1943
Mary Louise Grigsba-Gene R. Cooper

to be continued....


aunt minerva collection
handwritten document
from the folder Creswell family records

Magga Eva Creswell married Fred Shipp no children.

Ida Pacience Creswell married a man by the name of Sipes.

Born to Iad Patience Creswell Sipes and husband a daughter Mildren Sipes. Mildred Sipes married a man by the name of Mares. Mildred S. Mares and Mr. Mares was born a girl by the names of Alvenia Mares.

Children of Patric Henry Creswell and Adda Syres are a son died very young-Mildred Lucelle Creswell born Cot. 1883.

Mildred Lucele Creswell married Fulkerson

Adda (can't read) Ceswell married George Campbell
3.F (can't read....Frank?)

family of Griffie Scages Creswell and Anna Severns Creswell are

1. Henry Nuton Creswell b. Sept. 16 1888
2. Ocie Ethel Creswell b. Tues. March 6 1892

marriages of Griffie Scages Creswell and Anna Severns Creswell's children.

1. Henry Newton Creswell married Edna Oaldfield.
2. Alice Ethel Creswell married Guy Cassity.

Births of Henry N. Creswell & Edna Oaldfield Creswell's children.
1. Heneryetta Creswell married Buck Carter

Born to Ruth H. Creswell Carter & husband
1. Henry Carter
2.Connie Ruth

Children of Ocie Ethel Creswell Cassity and Guy Cassity are:
1. Vern Cassity b. Mon. April 3 1911
2. Ethel Cassity b. Mon Feb 9 1914

Vern Cassity married Leona Emmons

Ethel Cassity married Burl Smith Dec 1932.

Born to Vern Cassity & Wife Leona Cassity.
1. Gary Cassity b. Friday Nov 10 1933

Gary Cassity married 1954 Pat Broadus
born to Gary & Pat
1. Pam b. Feb 19 1955
2. Terry Lynn b. Feb 28 1956

Grandpa Cress-

aunt minerva collection
handwritten document
from the folder Creswell family records

Whitten Maxwell married Aunt Alice---double cousin, reason Jim Maxwell was Whitten MAxwell

find out about this?
buried at Jamesport Masonic Cemetery
James C Maxwell July 6 1863-March 5 1959
Sarah E. (his wife) July 19 1864-Sept 9 1927

Family of Erastes Worth Creswell & Amanda McGowen Creswell

aunt minerva collection
handwritten document
from the folder Creswell family records

sixth generation

1. Pascal Oliver Creswell b. Feb 1874
2. Magga Eva Creswell b. 1876
3. Ida Pacience Creswell
4. Preston Yancy Creswell b. Sat. May 1 1886

marriages of Erastis Worth Creswell & Amanda McGowen Creswell children are:

Pascal Oliver Creswell married Carrie Alice Truex (First wife)

born to Pascal Oliver Creswell & Carrie Alice Truex Creswell
7th generation births
Nella May Creswell b. May 23 1900 Wednesday.

marriages of Pascal Oliver Creswell and Carrie Alice Truex Creswell's child.

Nellie May Creswell married Clinton Hughes.

Children of Clint Hughes and Nellie May Creswell Hughes are

1. a baby boy died at birth
2. Edela Martice Hughes
3. Betty Joe Hughes died when small baby
4. Doris Hughes
5. Nelma Hughes
6. Clinton albert Hughes
7. Wayne Hughes

marriages of Nelly May Creswell Hugh & Clint Hughes family are:

Edela Martice Hughes married Buck Henderson
Doris Hughes married Henry P.
Nelma Hughes married Clinton A. Hughes

children of Suffrona Creswell McGowen & Shirred McGowen

aunt minerva collection
handwritten document
from the folder Creswell family records

1. Orval Perry McGowen b. Jan 1874
2. John Yancy McGowen b. Wed. July 5 1816
3. Maud Susan McGowen b. April 20 1879 Sunday
4. Henry Franklin McGowen

marriages of Suffrona Creswell McGowen & Shirred McGowen's children are:

1. Orval Peery McGowen married Viola, no children
3. Maud Susan McGowen married PReston Harland, they had a son who died when small, don't remember his name, born Aug. 1904

Children of Casha Creswell Gilleland and Joesiah Perry Gilliand

aunt minerva collection
handwritten document
from the folder Creswell family records

Births 6th generation
1. John Henry Gilleland b. Sunday Dec 9 1866 died Nov. 23 1867 with diptheria Wednesday.
2. Lewis Preston Gilleland b. Oct 14 1868
3. Cyntha Susan Ann Gilleland b. Tues. June 27 1871
4. Effie Suffrana Gilleland b. Tues. Feb 1873
5. Effies twin sister died at birth
6. baby boy died at birth
7. Shone Emily Gilleland b. Wed. Jan 17 1877
8. Baby boy died at birth
9. George Yancy Gilleland b. Friday Aug 20 1880
10. Mary Eva Gilleland b. Friday June 15 1883

marriages of Casba Creswell Gilleland & Josiah Perry Gilleland's children.
Mary Eva Gilleland married Clayton James Gregsba Mon. Dec 2 1907

7th generation
births of MAry Eva Gilleland Grigsba & clayton James Grigsba's children are:
1. Lloyd George Grigsba b. Sat. June 12 1909
2. Mary Louise Grigsba b. Wed. May 8 1912
3. Marian Grigsba b. Wes. May 8 1912. died at birth
4. Joe James Grigsba b. Sat April 12 1919
5. Wiley Donald Grigsba b. Mon Dec 3 1923

Marriages of Mary Eva Gilleland Grigsba & Clayton James Grigsba children

Lloyd George Grigsba married Dorcas E Estas Friday Feb 19 1943

Mary Louise Grigsba married Gene R. Cooper

5th generation

aunt minerva collection
handwritten document
from the folder Creswell family records

Birth of Minerva Creswell Maxwell and James C Maxwell Children
1. John Henry Maxwell called Uncle Henry Maxwell
2. Adda Maxwell
3. Thomas Whitten Maxwell
4. Mary Emily Maxwell called Emma Maxwell
5. twin boy died at birth
6. twin girl died at birth

Marriages of Minerva Creswell Maxwell & James Maxwell children
1. John Henry Maxwell married Jocie Quiqley (1 boy Franklin Maxwell)
2. Thomas WHitten Maxwell married Gilly Higdon
3. Emma (Mary Emily Maxwell) married Barton Utterback.

Note: Frank Maxwell: Jim Maxwell says Frank married an Indian woman in Okla. Left his wife about the time Aunt Jose died. Said he was picking cotton and dragging cotton sack and he said he wasn't going to do that any more and ran off and left her.
second marriage Opal Lee (Gilman City-work)
Stella Quigley daughter-seemed to have some equipment left at by Frank Maxwell. she lives at St Joe MO.
Ask about Brian Quigley-nephew of Aunt Josephine. Story was Frank was working in KC Mo mets this Indian gal. They were working at a hotel. He was a bell hop.
Died on a drinking spree near Gilman.
Leland said Grandpa MAxwell was in Civil War-was a prisoner of war and lingered after the war. He had a leather shop in Virgina. When he returned his shop was torn apart. He took what Confederate money he had and came west.

marriages of John Yancy Creswell & Wife Cynthia Whitt Creswell's Children

aunt minerva collection
handwritten document
from the folder Creswell family records

1. Minerva Creswell married James C. Maxwell- they were cousins
2. Casba Creswell married Joseaph Perry Gilliland
6. Suffrona Creswell married Shirred McGowen
7. Erastic Worth Creswell married Amranda Cresswell, married Charley Severns (no children)
9. Patric Henry Creswell, married Adda Syres.
10. Griffie Scages Creswell married Anna Severns MArch 1887

1st Generation of Cresswell family have

handwritten document
aunt minerva collection
from the folder Creswell family records

The Family Tree of James Creswell and wife Alice
births of 2nd generation

1. Henry Creswell son of James & Alice Creswell was born Wed. July 11 1781. He was born in Ireland,came to America when a small boy hid on a ship.

Marriage of Henry Creswell
Henry Creswell and Susy (Susanah) Whitt was married Tuesday April 19 1804(19)/ Henry's wife Susy Whitt-born Fri. Jan 19 1781..

3rd generation
Children born to Henry Creswell & wife Susy Whitt Creswell
1. Alice Creswell born Tues. Nov. 19 1800
2. Betsy (Elizabeth) Creswell born Saturday July 23 1808
3. John Yancy Creswell-called Yancy Creswell our Grandfather and 2 sisters

marriage of Henry Creswell and wife Susy Whitt Creswell's children
1. Alice Creswell married Whitten Maxwell Sun. March 4 1827
2. Betsy Creswell married William Peery July 23 182_, can't make rest out. No record of their family.
3. John Yancy Creswell married Cyntha Whitt Sunday morning Oct. 15 1837
Cyntha Whitt wasn't related to Susey Whitt.
(Alice & John Yancy have Xs by their names, it says double cousins by John Yancy's X.)

4th generation
children of Alice Creswell Maxwell & Whitten Maxwell are:
1. Susy C. Maxwell born Monday May 12 1828
2. James C Maxwell b. Monday Dec 17 1829
3. Mary Jane MAxwell b. Wed. Dec 26 1832
4. Henry Maxwell b. Tues. June 4 1835
5. Frank MAxwell
these are brothers-sisters and Uncle Jim Maxwell, Henry, Ton & Emma's father.

children of John Yancy Creswell & wife Cynthia Whitt Creswell's births are:
1. Minerva Creswell, b. Tues. July 31 1838
2. Cosba Creswell b. Tues Dec 24 1839
3. Harriet Creswell b. Wed Oct 6 1841 Aunt Harriet died in Virgina Tues Dec 18 1842 with diptheria
4. Ballard Preston Creswell b. Tues July 25 1843. called Preston-Uncle Preston was missing in the Civil War in the March to Georga, he was drafted when sick and taken in teh March to Georga the last they knew of him he had give out and was sitting on a log in Texas.
5. Lenzey (Louesy) Creswell, b. Oct 21 1845. Aunt Louesy died when they lived in Iowa, she was buried in cemetery 5 or 6 miles north west of Patterson, Iowa, Madison Co. died of typhoid fever.
6. Suffrona Creswell. b. Wed Dec 29 1849 (storm came-going to cellar-door blew against her and hurt her. she died soon after.)
7. Erastis Worth Creswell b. Monday Nov 26 1849.
8. Emily Creswell b. Dec 31 1852.
9. Patric Henry Creswell b. Mon April 2 1855. called Henry Creswell.
10. Griffie Scages Creswell b. Sat. May 23 1857.

Minerva, Cosba, Harriet, & Ballard Preston were born while the family was living in Virgina.
the rest of the children were born in Virgina.
(scratched out at end of listing of children: these children were born in Missouri.)

to be continued....

piece of notebook paper...

aunt minerva collection
notebook paper in her handwriting
from the folder Creswell family records
going to include the scratched out portions as well.

Cynitha Creswell (scratched out)
Utterback (scratched out)

4. Erastus Creswell children
Preston Creswell

John Yancy Creswell died at Sherman Texas under pecan tree buried in Texas.
cynitha Creswell Cat Creek Cemetery not no date
son Patrick Henry Creswell Cat Creek Cemetery large stone
(Ada Sires) Nellie Creswell

Johnnie Gilliland (has name on it) Buried Cat Creek close to Grandmother Creswell

(scratched out) Patrick Henry Creswell Huge stone Cat Creek Cemetery

James Maxwell-Jane Roberts

aunt minerva collection
handwritten document
from the folder Creswell family records
I quite honestly don't know how to read this, so will just type down the info....

James Maxwell settled on (can't read) Tazwell Co Virg. on Cavittts Creek near Clinch River

James (X by name) married Jane Roberts sometime before Declaration of Independence July 4 1776
James sp. Nancy Lanson(? see picture)
Robert (X in box)

grandchildren (this is under the box wtih James sp. Nancy Lanson(?)
James Worth
Sallie Ann m. 1839 James Deskins, sp. Lavson
Frank died young
John sp. Mary MX

grandchildren (under box for Robert)
Robert b.1807 sp. Margaret Bates
Margaret b. Jan 14 1818/m.July 14 1840 sp. Berdine Deskins d. April 5 1897
James (X by name) b.1780 m.1804 Mary Witten b.1780
Jennie d. young
Mattie d.young
Elizabeth sp. Hugh Guthrie

across from James b. 1780
great grandchild Robert b.1805?
Witten (X by name) b.1807 m. Alice Creswell

adjoining Witten b. 1807? box
great great
gr. parents
Frank (X b.1825 could there be another brother James C. b. 1829)

beside Great great gr. parents Frank
3 great gr p Mary (X by name) sp. John Maxwell

note-Robert was Fields great-grandfather

James & Alice continued...

aunt minerva collection
photocopied handwritten document
from the folder Creswell family records
(I have included pictures of words I'm not sure of...and to show how 'ghostly' double writing....deb)

3.Children of Manerva Creswell Maxwell (daughter of John Y. and Cyntha Whitt Creswell) and James C. Maxwell (son of Alice Creswell Maxwell and Whitten Maxwell)
born to James-wife Manerva Maxwell
#1. John Henry Maxwell
#2. Adda Maxwell (died when small)
#3. Tomas Whitten Maxwell
#4. Mary Emily (Emma) Maxwell SEpt 29 1875
#5. twin boy died at birth
#6. twin girl died at birth

(I am typing exactly as written. some of these names are mispelled...)

John Henry married Jocie Quigley
#1. Franklin Maxwell

Thomas Whitten & Gillie Gamble was married
(my great grandma was Gilly Higdon....deb)

Mary Emily (Emma) Maxwell married Bart Utterback MArch 17 1901
#1. Harmon Utterback
#2. Vernon Utterback
#3. Lois Utterback
#4. Roberta Utterback
#5. Lorane Utterback
two children died small
one girl Mrs. Harry Dority Dicsed (deceased)

children of Tomas Whitten Maxwell and Gillie Gambie Maxwell (I see....they are using this as her middle name...which was May. or Mae? hhhmmmmm....)
#1. Eve Mildred Maxwell
#2. Jim Maxwell
#3. Leland Maxwell
#4. John Maxwell
#5. Grace Maxwell
#6. Minerva Maxwell (this added in different ink in Aunt Minerva's handwriting!)

Born to Causba Creswell Gilleland (daughter of John Yancy and Cynthy Creswell) and Josiah Perry Gillelands Family

Born John Henry Gilleland born Dec. 9 1866
Lewis Preston Gillenald OCt 14 1868
Cynthia Susan Ann Gilleland June 27 1871
Effie Sufronia Gilleland Feb 18 1872
Baby Boy died at birth
Shone Emily Gilleland Jan 17 1877
Baby boy died at birth
George Yancy Gilleland Aug 20 1880
Mary Eva Gilleland June 15 1883

Mary Eva Gilleland married Clyaton James Grgsba Dec. 2 1907
born to Mary Eva G. Grigsba-Clayton James Grigsba
Loyd George Grigsba born June 12 1909
Mary Louise (Bobbie) Grigsba born May 8 1912
Joe James Grigsba born April 12 1919

Marriage Loyd George married Darcas Estic Feb 19 1943
no children
a step son Harley James Grigsba

Mary Louise Grigsba married Gene Cooper May 1940 no children

Saffrona Creswell (daughter John Yancy & Cynthy Creswell) married Shirred McGowen
children of Saffrona-Shirred McGowen
#1. Orval Perry McGowen born Jan 1874
#2. John Yancy McGowen born July 5 1876
#3. Maude Susan McGowen born April 20 1879
#4. Frnklin Henry McGowen

marriage Orval Perry McGown married Viola in Colorado. no children.
one adopted son Yancy McGowen

Maude Susan married Press Harlem
born a boy died small

6. Erastis Worth Creswell son of John Yancy and Cynthy Whitt Creswell) married Amanda McGown
children born to Erastic Worth & Amanda McGowen Creswell
1. Pascoe Oliver Creswell born Feb 1874
#2. Magga Eva Creswell born Feb 1876
#3. Ida Pacience Creswell
#4. Preston Yancy Creswell born May 1 1886 Saturday

Pascal Oliver Creswell married Carrie Alice Truex one daughter by first wife
#1. Nellie May Creswell born May 23 1900
don't know how many children he and last wife had, one boy and some girls

Nellie May Creswell married Clint Hughes
#1. Edella Martise Hughes married Buck Hhenderson
#2. Doris Hughes married Harry Pilkington
#3. Nelma Hughes married Gene Buers
#4. Cling Hughes Jr. wife Joan
#5. Wane Hughes OK.

Magga Eva Creswell married Fred Shipp, no children

Ida Patiance Creswell married __________ Sipes
#1. Mildred Sipes

Milded Sipes married a (can't read, see picture) of Moses
Mildred & husband have on girl Alvina
#1. Alvina Moses born Dec. 7 1925

Patric Henry Creswell (son of John Yancy and Cynthy Whitt Creswell) married Adda Syres
born to this union
#1. Mildred Lucele Creswell born October 1883

Mildred Lucele Creswell married a Fulkerson. their children I don't know.

bottom of this page says (unfinished) Ot

8. Children of Griffie Scags Creswell (son of John Yancy & Cynthy Whitt Creswell) & anna Severns Creswell
#1. Henery Nuton Creswell born Sept. 16 1888
#2. Ocie Ethel Creswell b. March 6 1892

Henry Newton Creswell married Edna Oldfield
#1. Ruth Heneretta Cresell

Ruth Heneretta Creswell married Brick Carter
#1. Buck Carter
#2. Henry Creswell Carter
#3. Connie Ruth Carter

Connie Ruth Carter married James Phillips Oct 11 1964

Ocie Ethel Creswell and Guy Cassity married
#1. Vern Cassity married Leona
#2. Ethel Cassity Feb 9 1914

Vern Cassity married Leona
#1. Gary Cassity b.Nov 10 1932

Gary Cassity married Paty Buger
#1. Palma Lee Cassity b. Feb 12 1955
#2. Terri Lynn Cassity b. Feb 28 1956
#3. Christie Louise Cassity b. Aug 12 1958
#4. Sandrie Leigh Cassity b. Sept 19 1960

John Yancy Creswell's parents (Grandfather)
Susanah (Susy) Creswell deceased June 20 1848
Henry Creswell deceased June 21 1834

Harriet Creswell deceased Dec 15 1842
daughter of John Yancy and wife Cynthy Creswell
died in Virgina with Scarlet Fever


Nancy Whitt daughter of Milbern and Mahal his wife was born Feb 20 1825

Hannah Whitt daughter of Milbern-Mahala Whitt, his wife, was born Jan 26 1827

Henry Creswell son of James-Alice Creswell was married to Susy Whitt on Tuesday April 19 1804

this is all the record I have of Grand Mother Whitt Ceswell. Edna may have more, I will write her.

Aunt Manda McGowen Creswell sent this out of their Bible when she lived in Topeka Kans.

Monday, February 20, 2012

James and Alice Creswell lived in ?

aunt minerva collection
handwritten...there is only writing on one side of each page, but it looks like ink has bleed thru...there is faded backwards handwriting as well...willdo the best I can! using exact spellings as I can make them out.

James & Alice Creswell lived in (Ireland? I'm guessing!)
Henry (son of JAmes and wife Alice Creswell) was born July 11 1781.
Henry Creswell's wife Susy Whitt no relative of Grandma Creswell. was born Jan. 19 1781.
Henry Creswell and wife Susoma (Susy) Whitt (Creswell) was married Tuesday April 19 1804.
Born to Henry-Susy Whitt Creswell
Alice Creswell born Tuesday Nov 19 1805.
Betsy Elizebeth Creswell July 23 1808.
John Yancy Creswell Wedensday Aug. 24 1814
marrage of Henry-Susy Creswells' children:
Alice Creswell married Whitten MAxwell MArch 4 1827.
Betsy (Elizabeth) Creswell adn William Peery July 23 18__.
John Yancy Creswell and Cynthy Whitt OCt 15 1837.
chldren born to Alice Creswell Maxwell Whitten Maxwell
1.Susy C. Maxwell Monday May 12 1828
2.James C Maxwell Saturday Dec 17 1829
3.Mary Jane Maxwell Wed. Dec 26 1832
4.Henry Maxwell Tuesday June 4 1835
5.Frank Maxwell
Betsy Creswell was married in Virgina, haven't any record of their family.
(from Mary Grigsby/Cresswell family Roberta Utterback & Minerva Brown these copies.)

James & Alice Creswell lived in Ireland their son Henry Creswell born in Ireland came to Amarica alone when a small boy stod away on a Ship (his parance died know he was leaving if I remember right he hid in among some sacks of wool If I am romg and you know correct me)

Susy Whitt (Henry's wife) was not related to Grandma Whitt Creswell theydidn't live in Grandma neighberhood.

2.John Yancy Creswells on of Herny and wife Susy Whitt Creswell and Cyntha Whitt was married Oct 15 1837.
born to John Yancy-Cyntha Creswell
1.Manirva Creswell born Tuesday July 31 1838
2.Causba Creswell born Dec 24 1839
3.Harrit Creswell born Oct 6 1841. (died in Virgina with Scarlet Feaverf Dec 1842)
4.Ballard Preston Creswell july 25 1843 (lost in the march to Geroga in the Cival War took from home sick)
5.Louisa (Lienzy) Creswell born Oct 21 1845. died while they lived in Iowa with Typhoid Fever buried 5 or 6 miles north west of Patterson, Iowa Madison Co.
6.Suffrona Creswell born Dec 29 1847.
7.Erastic Worth Creswell born Nov 26 1849
8.Emily Creswell born Dec 31 1852
9.Patric Henry Creswell born april 2 1855
10.Grifie Scags Creswell born May 23 1857.
Minerva Creswell married James C Maxwell
Causba Creswell married Josiah Peery Gilleland
Saffrona Creswell married Shired McGown
Erastic Worth Creswell married Amanda McGown
Emily Creswell married Charley Severns (no children)
Patric Henry Creswell married Adda Syers
Griffie Scags Creswell married Anna Severns

to be continued....


aunt minerva collection

Nancy Skaggs was the daughter of Martha Skaggs-Jeimiah and Hannah Skaggs

Jerimiah Skaggs the son of Zachariah Skaggs Nancy his wife was born Oct 25 1766.
John Skaggs was born April 13 1770.
Lydia Skaggs was born June 15 1781.

MAry Gray the daughter of Dolly Gray was born the 19th of July 1788.

Griffe Whitt was Tom's great grandfather-and Cynthia Whitt was Tom's grandmother and she married Yancy Creswell. She was one of Griffie and Martha Whitt's children and her brothers and sisters were:
Timothy Whitts
Shone Whitt-Harrison
Sena Whitt-Vandyke
Cynithis Whitt-Creswell
Noah Whitt
Jerimiah Whitt
Richard Whitt-Noah's father, Zetars Grandfather
Hannah Whitt-Everly Lydia Fosters mother
John Whitt-settled around Gallatin
Ta-Nai Whitt went back to Virginia as near as can make out.

These were the children of Griffe and Martha Skaggs Whitt

Cordelia Catherine Whitt born March 31 1895

Martha Skaggs was born the 2nd of August 1791.
Lydia Skaggs was born the 1st of Nov. 1793.
John Skaggs was born the 26Jan 1795.
Hannah Skaggs was born the 26 of Jan. 1798.
these children were children of.....

Richard Whitt was born the 8th of Dec. 1806.
Jeremiah Skaggs the son of Zachariash Skaggs and Nancy his wife was born Oct 25 1766.
John Skaggs was born April 13 1770.
Lydia Skaggs was born June 18 1781.

Old Wittens Mill Has Many Names But It Is Now Straight

aunt minerva collection
unknown undated newspaper clipping

Tazewell,Nov. 7-Tazewell County Court clerk, H. Elmer Kiser, is often called on for information. Most of the requests have been made so often that they have become routine, but recently he was asked by a representative of the freight and passenger tariffs, and in various publication in six forms Norfolk & Western Railway to supply the correct name of a non-agency station on the line in Tazewell.
The name had appeared in of spelling. (thinking we may be missing part of the article here....deb)
The station referred to is Wittens Mill, located some five miles east of Tazewell, and as used by the railway it has been written as Witten Mills, Witten's Mill, Wittens' Mills and also as Whittens Mils.
Kiser informed the questioner that the records of his office carried the name Wittens Mill.
The utility from which the place received its name was built, along with a dam, across the north branch of the headwaters of the Clinch River by Alexander Witten and was operated by him until his death several years ago.
Operation was not continued very long after his passing, and has since been dismantled and the old water wheel is pretty well rotted down.
One of the millstones has een erected on the plot in Maplewood Cemetery in companionship to the venerable miller whom it served for such a long time.
Still standing, but not in use, is part of the old Witten Mill. One of the mill stones is in the Maplewood Cemetery in Tazewell, where it was erected as a memorial to its long time owner and operator, Alex Witten. A mill on this site was first built, and run by a Mr. Lane, but it was burned when the Yankee army invaded the county under Col. Toland. In 1870 Thomas Witten and Richard Smooth joined in partnership to reconstruct the mill, with the help of William Tarter, a millwright.
In early settlement days the location of the mill was the impelling influence in teh selection of a homesite. A miller was an artisan of great skill. The names of the mills were adopted into the names of many of the communities in the county today.

(pictured in middle of article Witten's Mill, pictured at bottom of article is Maxwell Mill.)


aunt minerva collection
typed document...

This Bible was printed by the order of His Majesty; the printers were Mark and Charles Kerr. It was printed in 1793 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

March the 1st day Sunday 1807

Richard Whitt the father of Edmond and Hannah Whitt was born Dec. ? 1706 or 1756. Monday morning between 1 & 3 o'clock.

Thursday, March 19 1807-I am alone my wife being absent.

Edmund or Edmond Whitt March 1807 Sunday

Edm. Whitt--1806

September 10 1805(6) I gegan to read this BIble through on Wednesday. "Say ye to the righteous that it shall be well with him; but unto the wicked it shall be ill with him."

Patty Skaggs her book gave to her by her grandmother March 21 1807

Jeremiah Skaggs the son of Zachariah Skeggs and Nancy his wife was born October 25 1766.

John Skaggs was born April 13 1770.

Lydia Skaggs was born June 18 1781.

Mary Gray the daughter of Dolly Gray was born July 19 1788.

Ruth Lester was born December 3 1785.

Martha Lester was born May 29 1788.

Clovy Whitt was born February ? 1818 on Wednesday.

Noah Whitt was born april 19 1822 on Wednesday.

Jeremiah Whitt was born November 16 1822.

Richard Whitt was born May 13 1826.

Hannah Whitt was born May 10 1828.

John Whitt was born August 21 1833.

Jonas Whitt was born August 16 1836.

Griffee Harrisson (?) was born December 3 1837.


November 3 on Thursday about one in the morning was born Timothy Whitt the son of Griffee and Patty Whitt in the Indianna Territory on Silver Creek---1808

Shone Whitt was born December 25 1810.

Aseeney Born. Feb. 19 1813---Friday

Centha Whitt the daughter of Griffee Whitt and Martha his wife was born Dec. 9 1815.

Alexander Harrison---Oct. 11 1828.

Martha Jane HArrison was born Dec. 27 1841.

Griffee Whitt deceased Aug. 28 1853 on the Sabbath

Martha Whitt deceased April 22 1855 on the Sabbath.

Martha Jane VanDyke daughter of John VenDyke and Aseeney his wife was born Dec. 31 1835.

Charles VanDyke was born March 28 1838.

MAry VanDyke---born Aug. 15 1840.

Griffes (male) VanDyke was born Sept. 12 1842

(July 12 1855)

Cindavilla (Cinderella) Whitt was born Oct. 27 1847.

Hulda Ann Whitt was born Nov. 6 1848.

Shelby Whitt was born april 25 1859.

Zelda Whitt was born Sept. 29 1852.

L.F. Burge Whitt was born Aril 4 1854.

Christopher Columbus Whitt was born April 11 1856.

William Cruso Whitt was born June 2 1858.

Noah Sebastian Whitt was born June 2 1860.

Richard Jeremiah Whitt was born June 29 1862.

(This is the family of Richard & Catherine Whitt)

Russell County
Nancy Skaggs the daughter of Jeremiah Skeggs and Hannah was born Aug. 12 1789.

Martha Skaggs was born Aug. 2 1791.

Lydia Skaggs was born Nov. 1 1793.

John Skaggs was born Jan. 26 1795.

Hannah Skaggs was born Jan. 26 1798.

James (?) Husk was born Feb. 6 1789.

Richard Whitt was born Dec. 8 1806.

George Sedler was born April 25 1799.

Rhoda SEdler was born June 19 1799.

Betsy Ann Sedler was born Feb. 16 1804.

Drucila Sedler the daughter of Samuel Seddler & Drucille his wife was born AUg. 31 1792.

Wm Seddler was born Nov. 24 1787.

John Seddler was born June 17 1785.

Zecheriah Skaggs his book, Oct. 7 1803.

Russell County

("Marvel not that I said unto you ye must be born again")
Russell County

Thursday, March 12 1807. This is fine weather. I am same.


State of Missouri
County of Harrison

(can't read name) being duly sworn, says that he is attory. for Joseph NEff an (can't read)
and that he has had the management and transaction of the business out of which the above demand originated, and that, to the best of his knowledge and belief, credits have been given to the above estate for all payments and offsets to which it is entitled, and that the balance here claimed is justly due.
(signature I can't read)
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 17 day of Sept 1925
HG (can't read) Judge of Probate

Bank of Brimson

$100.oo Melbourne Mo, Mch 11 1916 Jan 1 1917 after date we promise to pay to Joseph S. Neff or order the sume of One Hundred and no/100 DOLLARS, for value recieved, with interest at the rate of eight per centum per annum from late which shall be due and paid annually, and if the interest is not paid annually it shall be added to and become a part of the principal and bear interest at the same rate.
TW Maxwell
JC MAxwell
Payable at Bank of Brimson
Printed and For Sale at CLIPPER Office, Bethany, MO Mar 10-28 $228.85

Demand Certificate of Allowance And Receipt Of Claimant

The Estate of JC Maxwell, Deceased to Joseph S (can't read...maybe Neff?)
note (can't read) attached
Note & (can't read)

James Creswell

aunt minerva collection

this handwritten document is in my late grandma Grace's brought tears to my eyes. I miss her so much!

James Creswell
His Son
children are Alice, Betsy, John Yancy.
Henry children marriages & their children.

Alice Creswell married Whitten Maxwell
Betsy Creswell married William Perry
John Yancy Creswell married Cynthia Whitt

Henry's daughter Alice Creswell married Whiteem Maxwell, he was born 1806 d.1894
Susy Maxwell
1.James C Maxwell b.Dec. 19 1829 d.May 16 1925
--Mary Jane Maxwell
--Henry Maxwell

Alice & Whitten son
1.James C Maxwell married Minerva Creswell 1867
--1)John Henry Maxwell
----cynthia Maxwell
---2)Thomas Witten Maxwell
---3)Mary Emilie Maxwell

Alice grandchildren/JC Maxwell children
1. John Henry Maxwell married March 27 988 Josephine Quigley
son James Franklin Maxwell born Aug 4 1903 d.Oct 1952
2. Thomas Witten Maxwell married Gilly Mae Higdon
-Mildred Evie Maxwell
-James Phillip Maxwell
-Eugene Maxwell
-Joseph Henry Maxwell
-Leland Albert Maxwell
-John Leonard Maxwell
-Leona Grace Maxwell
-Minerva Alice Maxwell

3. Mary Emilie Maxwell married Barton Utterback March 17 1901
-Harmon Utterback Jan 5 1902
-Vernon Utterback June 13 1903
_Marie Utterback Aug. 27 1907
-Lois Utterback July 3 1912
-Roberta Utterback July 29 1914
-Lorene Utterback eb 12 1917

John Yancy Creswell married Cynthia Whitt. Their children:
1.Minerva Creswell
2.Cosba Creswell
Harriet Creswell
Ballard Creswell
Lenzey Creswell
3.Soffarona Creswell
4. Erastic Creswell
Emily Creswell
5.Patric Henry Creswell
6. Griffe Scage Creswell

1. Minerva Creswell married JC MAxwell History of their families is with Alice Creswell & Whitten Maxwell.
2. Cosba Creswell-Josiaph Peery Gilliland
-John Henry Gilliland
-Lewis Preston Gilliland
-Cynthia Susan Gilliland
-Effie Soffronia Gilliland
-Effie (twin)
-Baby Boy
-Shone Emily
-Baby Boy
-George Yancy
-Mary Eve
3. Soffronia Creswell married Shirred McGowen
-Orval Peery Creswell
-John Yancy Creswell
-Maud Susan Creswell
-Henry Franklin
4/ Erastas Worth Creswell married Amanda McGowen
-Pascal Oliver Creswell
-Maggie Eva Creswell
-Ida Pacience Creswell
-Preston Yancy Creswell

5. Pactric Henry Creswell married Adda Syres
-baby boy died young
-Mildred Lucille Creswell

6, Griffe Scages Creswell married Anna Severns
-Henry Newton Creswell
-Ocie Ethel Creswell

Thomas Witten & Gilly Mae Maxwell our parets
James C Maxwell & Minerva Maxwell our grandparents
Witten & Alice Maxwell our great grandparents.
Alice Creswell maxwell was the daughter of Henry Creswell
Henry & __________ Creswell were our great great grandparents.
James Creswell was our great great great grandparent.

Harrison County Genealogy Library

aunt Minerva collection

Open Tues. & Thurs. afternoons 1-5 and Sat. afternoons 2-4 or by appt. with one of our members or librarians.
WHen you first come to the library sign the register. Put the names of the people you are researching. We publish these in our newsletter 4 times a year.
Then ask the librarian to look at the big cards which has names and where they are located. Not all are on these yet but they are being added to all the time. THere are codes to go by and the librarian can help you find these to get you started. They will help you find the books and papers where these are located and also the books that you would like to check. Most of the scrapbooks are indexed so they are easy to look through to find your name you are researching.
Next we have a corresponding file to check so see if any one else is researching your name. Be sure to check the pedigree charts and surname cards too, to see if anyone else is researching your name. This way you can write to them or contact them some way.
After you have checked the books there are microfilms, microfiche, and newspapers to check. We have newspapers of Harrison County and Census of Harrison County. (some of these are in books) & also of other counties. We have a set of microfiche of the original plats of Harrison County.
Anything you find and want copied except microfilm or microfiche, we cna do taht for you. 8x11 sheets 25cents, business size 30cents.
We are paying for our building by the month plus utilities and supplies (most supplies are donated.) These are being paid for by donations and from the sale of our published books and different sales we have during the year.
Now about the material we have for use in researching in our library. Starting at the NE corner of the room, we have school records from a lot of our country schools plus other books. Then we have annuals of different schools and colleges. Then there are telephone books of Harrison county plus other areas. After these there are directories to help write for information, and how to do genealogy. There are "Books in Print" which has authors and titles of books. Then we get into books to do our research. First, there a few books on other countries, Germany, England, Ireland, etc.
Next we start with the US in alphabetical order the different states and counties within, and they are in alphabetical order within the state, until we come to Missouri. We have histories of Missouri and Northwest Missouri, Bucananan Co., Clinton, Daviess and so on to Harrison County. Within that we have histories, census, town histories, etc. Church histories, family histories, cemetery records, and lots of scrapbooks. After Harrison county we go on to the remainder of Missouri counties. Then War Books, D.A.R. and US. Then we get into the newsletters, some we buy, some we exchange with.
We have different forms for sale plus surname cards, which all members are supposed to fill out and return to Lee Eckerson.

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Dailey News

my daughter Katie spelled her way to 1st Runner Up in The Mercer County Spelling Bee on Valentine's Day! She was also Captain of the Junior High Academic Team, is on The North Mercer Glimmer Girls Dance Team, in Choir & Pep Band, & has a role in the upcoming Drama production!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Greensburg, Indiana

aunt minerva collection....all typos are mine.

Aug 3 1953

Dear Mr Higdon;
I am the daughter-in-law of Forrest Higdon and writing this for him. Papa was pleased to receive your letter but I am afraid his help will be of no great value. He thought he had an old Bible containing a lot of dates but when he looked for it he could not find it, perhaps it has been destroyed so far as he knows your dates are right as you may already know Papa (Forrest) is the only child of his father (Jacob) and Papa has only one child, Edward, and we have no children so you see there isn't many around here with the Higdon name. I have heard of two other families in this county with the name of Higdon but I think Papa claims to be related to them.
In answer to some of the questions you ask:
Papa thinks his grandfather was born in Harrisburg Kentucky and the great-grandfather born in Millhousen in Maryland. Both his father and grandfather are buried at the cemetery about 3/4 mile out of New Point. In case our address misleads you, we still live at the edge of New Point but there is no rural delivery from New Point which throws us to be on a Greensburg route. My Mother-in-law is dead. Papa lives with us or us with him at what was his Mother's home. Papa is janitor at school which is just across the highway from us. Edward is a factory worker at Batesville about 7 miles east of us.
You ask about Hazel Green, Kentucky. We did not have a good map of the state and the one we did have did not show that town so roughly guessing it is about 150 miles from here.
So far as Papa knows you are right about the deaths of Benjamin and Jim. I think you have traced the family tree and have more information than Papa. But it was interesting to get your letter and sorry not to help you out more. We would be glad to hear from you again and would be glad to see you should you find it convenient to come our way sometime.
Yours truly,
Mrs. Edward Higdon
written to Hobart Higdon August 3 1953

Notes on the Higdon Family

aunt minerva collection....all typos are mine.

Your coat of arms, as previously states, is of a very ancient origin when crests and coats of arms were first used without mottos. In Scotland the motto is included in letters patent and cannot therefore be changed without a rematriculation of the coat.
Colors in heraldry are as much a part of the arms as any phase of it. These colors form the essential background of your arms.
The term coat of arms, as now understood, signified a complete and distinctive heraldic composition, but its original meaning was a coat, bearing heraldic insignia, which was worn over the armour by medical warriers.
This painting I am sending you is called a coat of arms, meaning a crest and armour in its entirety. The helmet was used as a protector in warfare. That which is supported by the helmet (The crown, flames, and phoenix) is a crest-a figure originally worn as a head dress by heroes and soldiers of hig command as a mark of distinction in rank. The crest can be used alone, but the coat of arms in its entirety is more frequently adapted and is more impressive. Animals, birds, or mythical figures, as in the time of the ancients, are still used on the crest to indicate bravery, chivalry, etc. Every symbol used-and they are innumerable-is significant of some deed, title, or outstanding characteristic of that particular family and is identified with them as such.
The shield, below the helmet, had the titles, estates, and rank of the family emblazoned on it, and was used during combat as a protection. Arms (when used as in a coat of arms) is restricted to the shield adn its charges. The term charge signifies any simple heraldic figure such as an animal that, as on the crest, is a symbol of fearlessness, etc.
The following explanation pertains to your own coat of arms:
The phoenix on your crest is a fabulous bird represented as issuant from flames. It is a symbolic of Christ and the Resurrection. IT interprets strength and glory.
The crown, supporting the phoenix, indicates a peerage or barony in the family.
The red circle on the shield is an indicator of the chase and is symbolic of a family of warriers and great fighters, The red color signifying blood.
The buck's heads are representative of sportsmanship and love of the chase, which was the most important phase of life of the ancients next to war.
The lions, below the bucks, are considered teh king of beasts and are therefore the most worthy of all animals and are used most frequently on the coat of arms of royalty.
Enclosed is a sample of your coat of arms for stationery, invitations, etc. It can be used in any of the colors suitable in herlady. Blue is the most of active, black is very good or red, green and purple. Where a ring is desired the dye is given to your jeweler who makes the cutting from this after an impression has been taken. I might suggest in framing you use a thin black frame. Coats of arms should not be mounted as is the popular belief. The earlier ones were not, and the object of a reproduction is to have it authentic in every detail as the original.
I could always obtain stationery if you find it difficult to do so. Specify the colors you desire for the coat of arms, and a general idea of the type of stationery. Of course I must have the dye to do this. Two pounds---

Leonard Higdon and Eva Hoffman and their children:
-Mary Higdon
-Leonard Higdon My great grandfather Burke Co Nc Scotch Irish
-William Higdon
-Eliza Higdon
-Samuel Higdon
-Thomas Higdon
-Nancy Higdon
-Katri Higdon
-Americus Higdon

Leonard Higdon & Mary McClure and their children:
-Nimrod Higdon
-Harriet Higdon
-Augus Higdon
-Ruse Higdon
-John Spencer Higdon
-Samuel Higdon
-William Higdon

Nimrod Higdon & Lou Gaston & Their children:
Quinlan, Texas
-Esta Higdon
-Linnie Higdon
-Emma Higdon
-Leonard Higdon
-Sadie Higdon
-Era Higdon
-Roy Higdon
-Nimrod Higdon

William Higdon, born 1815-father's brother, 180 lbs. Burke Co NC Wealthy. he married Jane Burkhanan-had nine children: Higdonville NC & Macon Ga.

am I repeating myself here?

aunt minerva collection....all typos are mine.
I have been typing all this Higdon info....some of this I know I have typed, some looks will just keep on going...

The children of John & Millisent Higdon were:
1-John Higdon
2-Charles Higdon
3-Benjamin Higdon
4-Mary Simes (Semmes) Higdon
5-Thomas Higdon
6-William Higdon

John Higdon son of John And Millisent Higdon, married Bathia Semmes, daughter of Anthony Semmes. They had three children. He died 1735 when his will was probated. Benjamin Higdon married Margaret. They had two sons: Abraham & John Baptist Higdon.

William married Jane.
The children of William and Jane were:
1-Benjamin Higdon b. Dec 11 1733
2-William Higdon b.Feb 21 1735
4-Ignatius Higdon b. Aug 12 1740
5-Susana Higdon b. June 5 1743
6-Martha Higdon b.Nov 13 1745
7-Clair Higdon b.Feb 2 1748

The above mentioned Benedict Leonard Higdon, son of William and Jane Higdon, is found among the records of Charles County, Md. where he was born and raised, as signing his name different legal matters as Leonard Higdon, sometimes B. Leonard Higdon, but dropping the "Benedict" altogether later, though in the parish records his full name is written Benedict Leonard Higdon.
(As a witness to a quill which he signed with his brother William; his signature is merely Leonard Higdon. The date of this will was July 4th, 1771. Reference from the Inventory Book, No.106 folio 328, Estates of late Thomas Higdon of Charles county Md., copied at Annapolis, Md. this Thomas Higdon referred to was an uncle of B. Leonard Higdon. This Thomas had married Margaret, they had two sons, Abraham & John the Baptist Higdon.)

Higdons of Maryland in Revolutionary War:
Militia List--Index--to Revolutionary War, page 98 Higdon
Benjamin Higden p.96,118
Fran Higden p.25
Ignatius Higden p.48
John B. Higden p.29,112
Joseph Higden p.112
Thomas Higden p.104
William Higden p.24,25
These men were listed as the brothers and cousins of Leonard Higdon, known as Benedict Leonard Higdon.
Benedict Leonard Higdon was a private in the Company of Captain Busby Curry-Charles County Militia 12th Battalion 1775 page 24 Index to the Revolutionary War-Militia List, Maryland Historical Society.