Friday, March 18, 2016

Black Diamond Coal Mine, Melbourne, MO.

I'm thinking one of Grandma Grace's brothers worked in a coal mine...Leland, maybe? googling trying to find out when this was opened. A.P. Harrison caught my eye. was he a son of Harriett Hughes Harrison Maxwell? that name rings a bell for some reason....
and Lewis M. Davis have incorporated the Melbourne Coal Mining Company at Melbourne, Mo., with a capital of $3,000.
not finding dates.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mom with dad and grandma Grace on her wedding day.

cousins....Darla, Mona, & Jerry Lynn Haggard; Deb, Lisa, & Brenda Axsom

those smiling Axsom girls....

Dad and his cows and milk barn

The shed with the gate by it

The old barn lot

Brenda & John


Lisa & Deb

Alfred, Pauline, Mary, & Freeda Axsom

Aunt Dona & Uncle Dean

Grandma Grace, Aunt Minerva, and Uncle John in 2000.

Dec 2004 - Grandma Grace and the great grandkids.

Circa 1980 posters all over the wall!

My family in 1974.

Grandma Grace (2nd from right) and her friend Claudia Lam (to her left) bowled in the National AL Bowling Tournament in 1972.

The Crawford Family 1980's....they were short shorts!

Aunt Chardy and Aunt Kay.

Aunt Kay's 9th grade graduation

Us girls in dresses mom made us.

we both thought we were so fat...

Uncle AL and Aunt Mary with us girls and horse King. Uncle AL died of a heart attack that night at our house.

Mom was a beautiful little girl!

Cousins at Grandma Grace and Grandpa Vermal's 45th anniversary in 1984.

Koren Wills, too bad Coralee can't have a stroller like your mom rode in. smile emoticon — with Deb Dailey.

Grandma Grace and Grandpa Vermal's 45th anniversary

May 1973 - my California cousins

Aunt Freeda, Uncle Jerry, Darla, Mona, & Jerry Lynn.

May 1988 family reunion - dad's family

dad's grandma Amanda Shafer, mom Pauline Axsom, my dad Bernard Axsom, his sisters Mary Johnson and Freeda Haggard, his dad Alfred Axsom, at Al & Dolly Gray's near Saline, MO.

Dad in 1979 or 1980

Donnie and Nancy Burkeybile 1962 or 1963...not officially family, but they were always there when we were growing up!

Mom and dad in 1964

cousin Cathie Frisbie Parkhurst newspaper clipping

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Lisa's facebook post about mom selling the farm

Bittersweet day as mom closes on the sale of the family farm. 40+ years of memories there. I'll list many of my memories in the comments.
Lisa: Competitive mushroom hunting with Grandpa Vermal
Lisa: Games around the dinner table - checkers, Uno, Skipbo, marbles, Monopoly, and Crap on Your Neighborhood (and Grandpa Vermal winning all cost)
Lisa : 4th of July picnics - boy cousins sitting pasture on fire, boy cousins chasing all us girls with bottle rockets, barbed wire accidents, grandpa Vermal not letting anyone else set off fireworks, barbed wire accidents, Grandma Grace hitting Aunt Kay's new car
Lisa: Sledding down big hill (avoiding cow pies and pond at the bottom) and ice skating the shallow pond
Lisa: Playing in the old barn lofts, root cellar, and shed with sisters and cousin Shelia, dreaming of living there as adults via The Bionic Woman (and hours spent playing Charley's Angels).
Lisa: Farm stuff - chopping ice on the pond, wood cutting marathons, building the grain bin, Brenda riding calves, silage pit, huge gardens, picking up rocks, fixing fence (and annual April's Fool joke of telling dad the cows were out!), milking (and mom's famous "I quit" in grease pencil on the wall!), jumping hay bales, bottle feeding calves, working pigs and cows, the mean rooster, the smooth cow scratching pole, and so many more.
Lisa: Playing school with pieces of slate by the pond and playing in the old, falling down abandoned church.
Lisa: Dinners with neighbors, with watermelon seed spitting contests, Andy Over, Blind Man's Bluff, etc.
Lisa: Mom mowing rooms in the front yard for us girls to play house.
Lisa: Pets... Hare Lip the cow, Wart the dog, Thump the dog, and so many more.
Deb: Mom & Grandma filling their silver stacking towers full of food and taking meals to the hayfield for Dad & Grandpa. They'd use the tailgate as a table and they always took a fresh thermos full of coffee...
deb: camping out in the pasture by the old barn and listening to the cows eating outside our 'tent'...( Lisa: And the rotten eggs from one failed camping trip...)
deb: opening presents on Xmas eve