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Jonathan M. Bryant

nov 5 1821-March 10 1900 age 79
married Gilly Mae Nelson (Nov 7 1823-Dec 13 1866 age 43y1m6d Antioch Cemetery) daughter of Nancy Nelson (Oct 25 1802 Carrol County, KY-Aug 10 1879 Kingston,MO)

page 9 Harrison County Marriage Records "Jonathan M. Bryant married Elizabeth Hultz Jan 14 1867"

he fought for the Union in the Civil War and was a highly respected citizen of Harrison County. he was a noted singer and teacher of vocal music, very active member of the Christian Cambellite Church, owned 600 acres splendid farmland and a large amount of livestock, came to Missouri from Indiana 1855.
1.Samuel A.
2.Mary Alice---this is Deb Dailey's great great grandmother.
3.James Thomas
4.Nancy Amy
5.William S. born Indiana, died of measles in the Civil War
6.Charles E. born Indiana, died of measles in the Civil War

1860 Harrison County Census
Jonathan 38y
Gilly 37y
William S 15y
Charles E. 16y
John Clousen 29y born in Germany
Sameul A. 7y
Mary Alice 6y

1880 Harrison county census
Jonathan age 57, farmer, born KY, father born KY, mother born KY
Elizabeth age 31 wife born MO father born TN mother born MO
Thomas age 14 son born KY father born KY mother born Indiana
LouAnne age 10 daughter born MO father born KY mother born MO
Al___ aged 8 daughter born MO father born KY mother born MO
Cora B. age 6 daughter born MO father born KY mother born MO
Kitty age 4 daughter born MO father born KY mother born MO

William D. Bryant

William D. Bryant MD born Feb 11 1837 died Feb 11 1901 aged 64y7d. buried Oaklawn cemetery. Married Miss Elizabeth Miller of Bartholomew county, Indiana, Oct 1 1857. he was orphaned at age 8. apprenticed by his guardian Elder Hopkins at age twelve to the tanners trade which proved uncongenial. Enlisted Aug. 6 1862 in Company H, 12th Indiana Infantry. served 26 months, most of the time as clerk and hospital stewart, but twice as prisoner adn participated in the battle of Richmond. worked in a brickyard and on his brothers farm until age 12 or so until 1856. the brother came on to Missouri and William worked as a farmhand at Hartsville until Oct 1 1857 when he married Miss Elizabeth Miller, a native of Bartholomew county where her father is still engaged in farming at age 87. William remained in that county, engaged in farming and reading medicine until 1862, when he was in the war. in 1865 he immigrated to Mt Moriah, MO, where he spent 3 years practicing medicine, which he had studied before the war in Indiana. July 9 1868 he came to Cainsville, MO where he has enjoyed a lucrative practice for almost 20 years, his territory expanding over Harrison & Mercer counties. He was a justice of the peace, notary public, and pension attorney, draws a pension of $8 per month. Elizabeth died Feb 24 1892 age 61y10m Oaklawn Cemetery.
1. Frank
2. Thomas F.
3. Josephine died Aug 31 1884
4. Kate G.
5. Cora married a Cain
(History of Missouri Illustrated 1888 didn't mention Frank. Found a Laura on 1880 Harrison County MO census, and a Jessie in Harrison County Death Registar.)
"Jessie, daugther of W.D. & E. died Aug 13 1899 age 24y8m
"Josie Bryant, age 24y8m died Aug 13 1884. seamstress. single. born Indiana , in Missouri 19 years, buried Oaklawn Cemetery, Cainsville.

1880 Harrison County Census
William D Bryant 43y
Elizabeth 50y
Laura 20y born Indiana
Thomas F. 22y
Kate G. 16y
Cora M 6y

Thomas O. Bryant

April 30 1796 Ky-Jan 27 1845 married Nancy Edwards. in 1833 they moved to Indiana, making their home in Bartholomew & Decatur counties. Thomas died in the latter, having been thrown from a mule while looking over his extensive business. Nancy survived him by 5 months. they are buried side by side on the old homestead. Thomas was a nephew of ex-Governor Owsley of KY and both are descendents of a well-known and highly respected family, both are natives of Garrad Co., KY.
1. T.J. a professor, had a school of book-keeping and penmanship of Indianopolis, IN
2. William D.
3. Jonathan M.

John Bryant

died July 4 1833 married May 25 1783 Mary Owsley in Lincoln county KY. he immigrated to KY 1783. resided in Powhatten county, VA when he entered the VA troops. volunteered in May 1780 and served 3 months, enlisted in 1781. engaged in Battle of Guilford. served 6 months. enlisted summer of 1781, orderly sergeant six months. his sisters were Mary Meyers, Keziah K. Brady, & Elizabeth Hall. Mary Owsley Bryant was allowed pension on her application executed May 18 1840 at which time she was a resident of Garrad County, KY and 70 years of age. The only child referred to was William O. Bryant. (this was in a letter to W.T. Foster from Dept. of Interior, Bureau of Pensions, Washington, DC Nov. 15 1915)
1. William O.
2. James G. grandfather of Joseph F. of Bethany, MO
3. Daniel grandfather of Isaac Bryant
4. George S. (L.?) father of Independence, Bryants
5. Jonathan grandfather of Maryville, MO Bryants
6. Edmond L. father of the Pike Co. Bryants
7. William
8. Thomas Owsley born KY April 30 1796 died Jan 27 1845 grandfather of Nancy Amy Foster

[they had 2 sons named William? probably another deb typo in my many rewrites...sigh]

John Howard Bryant

(son of Peter) removed to Illinois 1831. He married June 7 1833 Harriet Elize Wiswall (born Sept 14 1808) at Norton, Mass.
1. Henry Wiswall April 17 1835-April 28 1854
2. Elijah Wiswall born Dec 2 1836

Arthur Bryant

(son of Peter) married in 1832 Henrietta Raymond (born Oct 12 1812)
1. Arthur born Oct 15 1834
2. Julian Edward born Nov 8 1836
3. Ellen Aurelia born Jan 8 1839
4. Joseph Plummer born March 25 1845
5. Raymond Lester born Sept 8 1848
6. Henrietta Raymond Aug 15 1851-Oct 12 1852
7. Adeline born Sept 4 1855

Cyrus Bryant

(son of Peter) married May 13 1834 Julia Everett, daughter of James Everett of Cummington.
1. Everett born Aug 10 1835
2. Peter born June 2 1837
3. Cullen born June 2 1839
4. Marcus born March 21 1842
5. Julia born Feb 3 1845
6. Charity born Dec 17 1848

Frances Bryant & Parke Godwin children

1. Minnie Godwin
2. William Bryant Godwin
3. Annie Godwin
4. Nora Godwin
5. Frances Godwin
6. Alfred Godwin
7. Harold Godwin

William Cullen Bryant

(son of Peter) married Jan 11 1821 Frances Fairchid, daughter of Zacariah, of Great Barrington (born March 27 1797.) William Cullen Bryant, the lawyer & celebrated poet, is one of the editors and proprietors of "The New York Evening Post". The first general collection of his poems, according to "Cyclopedia of American Literature" was published in 1832 at New York. Since then, many editions have appeared. Son-n-law Parke Godwin is a well known writer who is associated with William as editor of the "Post".
"Unlike those...who made fun of her being in touch with people who couldn't be seen, Mr. Lincoln took a serious interest in the seances she attended after their son Willie's death & sat in on them with her when they were living in the White House. Other men of intellect in America like...William Cullen Bryant...made earnest attemtps to get in touch with the spiritual world."

William & Frances daughter Frances Bryant was born in Great Barrington Jan 2 1822, married May 12 1842 Parke Godwin (born Feb 25 1816 Paterson, NJ)
William & Frances daughter Julia Bryant born Cummington, June 29 1831

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Frances Elizabeth Bryant & Frederic Mosely Children

1.Austin P.
2.Roland E.
3.Frederic P.

Austin Bryant

Austin, son of Peter, married Nov 18 1819 Adeline Plummer, daughter of Edward, born at Pittsfield May 24 1801
1.Sarah Louisa born Sept 16 1820 married July 12 1856 Tracy Reeve by whom she had Willam G. born June 4 1857
2.Edward Raymond born Nov 2 1823
3.William Austin born Dec 21 1826
4.Frances Elizabeth born Nov 11 married Jan 1 1851 Frederic Mosely of Princeton ILL
5.Charles Howard born March 21
6.Mary Snell b orn Nov 2 1834

Charity Louisa Bryant & Justin H. Olds Children

1.Sarah Snell born April 1 1839
2.Julia Louisa born July 4 1840
3.Bryant Oct 22 1843-April 12 1851
4.John Hixon born May 21 1847
5.Lucy Wood born April 29 1849

Peter Bryant

Peter, son of Philip, was a physician and settled at Cummington, Mass. he married in 1792 Sarah Snell, daughter of Ebeneezer and Sarah (Packard) Snell. She was born at North Bridgewater April 6 1776. The children were all born at North Bridgewater.
1.Austin born April 16 1793 married Adeline Plummer
2.William Cullen born Nov 3 1794 married Francis Fairchild June 12
3.Cyrus born July 12 1798 married Julia Everett
4.Sarah Snell born July 24 1802 married Aug 3 1842 Dr Samule Shaw who was born May 6 1790. their daughter Ellen Theresa Shaw born Oct 24 1822 married Aug 3 1842 Clark Ward Mitchell.
5.Arthur born Nov 28 1803 married Henrietta R. Plummer
6.Charity Louisa born Dec 20 1805 married Justin H. Olds born in Belchertown Sept 4 1806
7.John Howard July 22 1807-Jan 14 1902 married Harriet E. Wiswell

Philip Bryant

Philip (son of Ichabod) married 1757 Silence Howard, daughter of Abial Howard. She died June 25 1777 and he married Hannah, daughter of Benjamin Richards. She died Feb. 18 1816 age 84 & he died Dec 19 1816 age 80. children, all by his first wife:
1.Oliver March 5 1758 - Aug 24 1776
2.Ruth March 18 1760-died young
3.Daniel June 27 1763-Nov 5 1787
4.Bezaleel born July 27 1765 removed to New York State
5.Peter born Aug 12 1767 at North Bridgewater
6.Cyrus born Dec 20 1769 married Polly Noyes (Descendants found in Kingman's History of North Bridgewater
7.Anna born March 10 1771 married Capt. Henry Kingman
8.Silence born April 28 1774 married Dec 27 1792 Ichabod Bryant, son of Seth & Elizabeth
9. Charity born May 22 1777 removed to New York State

Ichabod Bryant

Ichabod (son of Stephen 2) died Nov 22(7) age 60 at North Parish of Bridgewater. His wife Ruth died March 27 1777 age 75.
1.Philip married 1757 Silence Howard
2.Nathan died unmarried
3.Seth married Feb 7 1765 Elizabeth French. their descendants are found in Kingsman's History of North Bridgewater.
4.Job married May 3 1764 Mary Turner
5.Gamaliel resided at New Bedford
6.Phebe married Henry Howard
7.Ruth married Mr. Holmes
8.Sarah married 1750 Francis Cook
9.Anna married Mr. Robinson
10.Prudence died unmarried.

John & Sarah Bryant children

John & Sarah Bryant children:
John Bryant born Sept 1 1678
James Bryant born July 26 1682
Ruth Bryant born Sept 26 1685
Sarah Bryant born Feb 28 1688
Joanna Bryant born Nov 13 1690
George Bryant born Dec 3 1693

Abigail & John Bryant children

Abigail & John Bryant children:
Mary born Sept 11 1666
Hannah born Dec 2 1668
Bethia born July 25 1670
Samuel born Feb 3 1673
Jonathan born March 23 1677
Abigail born Dec 30 1682
Benjamin born Dec 16 1688

Stephen & Mehitable Bryant children

Stephen & Mehitable Bryant children:
1.Stephen born May 1 1684
2.David born Feb 10 1687 married Elizabeth
a.Stephen Bryant born 1724 Beddeford, ME,
aa. Nathan Bryant
3.William Bryant born Feb 11 1691-2;
4.Ichabod born Middleboro July 5 1699 married Ruth Staples
5.Timothy Bryant

Steven Bryant

came to Plymouth Colony from England in 1632. Son of Thomas. Steven married Abigail, daughter of John Shaw, who also come from England in 1632. Steven's childrens births were recorded at Plymouth from 1650-1665. Land purchased in his name May 5 1863.
1.John Bryant born April 7 1650. wife Sarah.
2.Abigail Bryant married Nov 23 1665 Lt John Bryant
3.MAry Bryant born May 29 1654
4.Stephen Bryant born Feb 21 1658 married Mehitabel
5.Sarah Bryant born Nov 28 1659
6.Lydia Bryant born Oct 23 1662
7.Elizabeth Bryant born Oct 17 1665

Henry O. Bryant

Henry O. Bryant born Oct 11 1828 died Sept 20 1876 age 47. married Nancy Ellen Bowling, Jan. 8 1848. she was born Jan 8 1829 died July 22 1855.
Henry's 2nd wife was Loue Jane Chenoweth, married March 24, 1859. Loue Jane was born Feb 20 1833 died Aug 2 1890.
1.George Albert Bryant born April 13 18502
married Elizabeth Blount in 1872
their children: Frank Otis Bryant, Roy Bryant, & Mary Ellen Bryant who married William Jacobson.
2.Thomas Otis Bryant Oct 6 1857-Jan 5 1858
3.Minnie H. Bryant married Stanley M. Haas June 15 1898. Stanley was born Sept 7 1872 in Worth Co, MO,son of Henry & Martha J. Frost Haas. His sister Stella E. Haas married Charles D. Neff of Fayette, IA. His brother W.H. Haas is a jeweler and optician at Bethany, MO.
their children: Thorton Henry Haas born Nov 3 1901; Stella Pauline Haas born Nov 22 1908; Martha L. Haas born July 12 1906; & Melvin B. Haas born July 2, 1913. Melvin was an undertaker in Bethany, MO.
Mr and Mrs Bryant lived in Bethany. H.O. Bryant started the first regular hotel in Mt Moriah about 18602, was the postmaster there, the county clerk of HArrison County 1864-1866, treasurer Bethany City Government.

Will of Henry O. Bryant
my eldest son George A.Bryant; my second oldest son Thomas Bryant; Minnie Bryant, my daughter; my wife Louise J. Bryant; Jonathan M. Bryant, exe.; written out Sept 1877; witnessed by A.T. Shaeffer and S.D. Logan; probated 6 Feb 1877

1860 Harrison County MO Census
Bryant Henry 33y
Bryant Lucinda J. 26y
Bryant George 10y
Bryant Thomas 2y

History Of Tazewell County pp 432-3 continued...

Robert Maxwell, who settled on Plum Creek, had 8 children: Robert, Mary, John, Margaret, James, Jennie, Mattie, & Elizabeth. Jennie & Mattie were killed by Indians when the savages were making one of their bloody attacks upon the Clinch settlements. Bickly says nothing about this tragic incident. Evidently, the girls were very young, and the murder must have occurred in 1780 or 1781. Robert Maxwell's cabin stood south of the road, and opposite the residence of the late Captain James S.Peery. Some of the cabin chimney stones still remain on the ground.

Margaret, daughter of Robert & Mary Maxwell, married David Whitley. He built a grist mill on the site now occupied by the Star Milling Company at North Tazewell, and he built the stone house for a dwelling that is now a part of the residence of John D. Peery at North Tazewell.

James Maxwell, son of Robert, the pioneer, married Mary Witten, daughter of Jeremiah Witten, son of Thomas Witten, the pioneer.
He was a scholarly man and died in 1866, aged 86 years. His wife Mary Witten Maxwell, died in 1873 at age 93. They had three sons and two daughters. Robert, one of their sons, married Margaret Bates, and he died in 1904, age 97. He was the father of the venerable James Maxwell, who is now living at Maxwell, 6 miles west of the town of Tazewell. His residence is the stone house built by Burdine Deskins at about the same time David Whitley built his stone dwelling at North Tazewell.

History of Tazewell County pp 432-3

The Maxwell family- one of the pioneer families that figured prominently in the history of the Upper Cinch Valley, is the Maxwell's. James Maxwell, who was of the Scotch-Irish blood, came from the province of Ulster to America and settled in Pennsylvania early in the eighteenth century. He married a Miss Roberts, and moved to that part of Augusta county, VA, now embraced in the county of Rockbridge. Three of his sons, Thomas, James, & Robert, were among the first settlers inpresent Tazewell County. Thomas & James settled on Bluestone,not very far from the present town of Graham; and Robert located near Plum Creek, about two miles west of present town of Tazewell. They came here about 1771-1772.

Thomas Maxwell not only had frequent encounters with Indians, but was with Lt. Rees Bowen at the battle of Kings' Mountain, where he acted wtih usch gallentry that he was made a captain of militia in Washington county, he having located on the north fork of Holston River, after his return from King's Mountain. The brave pioneer lost his life while assisting in the rescue of the wife and children on Thomas Ingles, who had been captives in Burke's Garden by a band of Shawnee Indians. If Thomas Maxwell left any descendants, there is no record or traditional evidence by which the author can locate them.
{deb's note: I love this applies to every branch of my family!}

James Maxwell moved from the Bluestone settlements and located on Clinch River, somewhere westward of the present county seat of Tazewell. He did excellent service as a soldier and scout in the war with the Indians in 1774, and also in the Revolutionary War. When Tazewell county was organized in 1800, James Maxwell was made the first sheriff of the county. The records of the county show that he was a very active & influential citizen. He had a family but it has been impossible to get any information about his descendants. It is possible that they all left the county.
{deb says "I love this line, too!"}

to be continued with Robert Maxwell....


William Brown married Jane Blanchard
2.George-bachelor buried Christian Union
3.Dollie married Sam Chrisman
children Willie, Ralph, Nannie, Gladys, twins Mary & Marion, Andrew, Donald
4.Ruth married Henry Stahl
children Frank, John,Jess, Jennie, Andrew
5.Della Brown married Mr. Truitt
children Blanche, Wilma, Florence, Roy
6.Frances Marion "Frank" 1868-1945 buried Christian Union
married Etha Mae Wissler 1884-1967 buried Christian Union
they raised my Grandpa Vermal Brown most of the time after he was age five.
a. Albert Everrett 1905-1926 buried Christian Union
b. William Wiley "Bill" born Sept 16 1907 died April 28 1984 KC. MO
buried Christian Union Cemetery
married Esta Foster born Sept 19 1910 died Nov 3 1955
buried Christian Union
Bill carved little baskets out of peach pits & gave them away at family
picnics...I have at least one in an cigar box of momentoes.
7.Lewis Albert born April 11 1881 died Jan 21 1955 of a
heart attack while
scooping snow from a neighbor's sidewalk buried Christian Union
married Maggie Mae Smith May 13 1913, she was born Nov 8 1900 near Hatfield MO
You'll notice Maggie was only 12 when they got married & he was 32.
I have been told that her mother never married & died when Maggie was
young, so she was being raised by "Aunt Mae',that Lewis was somehow
her guardian...of course, this is heresay. Maggie never talked of her
family. She was a cousin to Etha Mae Wissler Brown.
you still have to wonder about this, though...
have to wonder what was going on...

Maggie died Oct 27 1982 & was buried in Rosehill Cemetery, Lamoni, IA.
a. Edith Mae Brown born June 7 1914 died Feb 26 1982 buried Resthaven, Trenton,MO
married Ode Chambers 1908-1952 Springer Chapel Cemetery
after her parents seperated in 1920 "eva" was raised by the Elder family.
1.Cecil Lewis born Sept 1939 married Doris Ann Lewandowski from Texas
August 1st (no year)
a. Larry Gene Chambers married Carla Van Fleet Dec 11 1982
b.Kathryn Ann Chambers
c.Gary Wayne Chambers born Aug 25 1965 drowned in the Trenton Reservior
May 2 1977 buried Resthaven, Trenton, MO
b.VermaDean Brown born Nov 23 1915 died June 29 1982 buried Resthaven MO
married Robert McCullough
after her parents seperation in 1920, VermaDean was raised by the
Cambell (Camel) family.
they had twin sons.
I have seen pictures of VermaDean, she was a beautiful
woman & always very well dressed.
c.Vermal (no middle name) Brown born Nov 23 1915 married Leona Grace Maxwell
July 22 1939. she was the daughter of Tom & Gilly Maxwell & was born Sept 21
1916. Children listed seperately under Higdon-Maxwell #7 Leona Grace Maxwell
my Grandpa Vermal died in 1996. Will post his obituary. I loved him to death,
when you were watching TV, 'you make a better door than a window', & he was
always 'gonna stomp a mudhole in you, Debber Webber.' He loved life & he
loved his family, there was a big hug & kiss everytime you saw him.
He used to take us waterskiing @ Lake Trenton, I was always to scared to
try, so would ride in the boat while Grandma drove.
d.Lela Mae Brown born Dec 15 1917, her mother took her when Maggie & Lewis
parted ways, she was taken into the household of Mr & Mrs Anway of North
Harrison County, later Lamoni, IA, when Maggie realized there was no way she
could feed the children she had taken with her.
e.Lewis Orval born Jan 21 1919, his mother took him when Maggie & Lewis parted
ways, he was taken into the household of Mr & Mrs Art Stanely (Stanley),
they lived in Bethany & ran a restaurant there. they may have adopted
Lewis Orval.
In this time frame, Maggie would've had no help, she had no family (That I know of, anyway) except her husbands' family to help her, there was no welfare, or WIC to help her feed the kids, no housing assistance, it was a cold, cruel world that she found herself in at a very young age, with 2 very small children. She did what she had to do. How many women in this time frame found themselves in a similiar situation?
And how did they come to this division of the children? How could you leave your 3 oldest (still very young) children? did she have a choice, or were things just so bad she had to go? did they have any money or possessions to split up besides the children they had together?

Lewis Brown married Mayme Beeman. they seperated.
Lewis Brown married Hannah Clara Neill, May 28 1932. she had a son, Sherman Neill.
After Lewis' death she married a Baker. Clara born Feb 27 1881 died Feb 4 1959 buried Christian Union Cemetery.

Maggie Mae Smith Brown married Frank Smith.
1.John Junior Smith born Dec 28 1932
2.Charles Milton Smith born Aug 191925
3.Wyvonne Elaine Smith born April 23 1927 died Sept 17 1941 Rosehill Cemetery, Lamoni, IA.
Maggie & Frank seperated. (yes, Maggie is still relatively young, now has 2 husbands & 8 children...). Frank took Charles and went to Arkansas. Maggie kept
Junior & Wyvonne and lived with Ike Webber. They were married Nov. 3 1942.

8.Maude Brown, daughter of William Brown & Jane Blanchard, nothing is known about her.

most of the Brown's were from Grundy County, MO.

William Cullen Bryant reference

I am a huge fan of William Cullen Bryant...not his poetry,so much, which I find hard to follow, but the fact that he is very distantly related to me & it is fairly easy to find mentions of him in various forms of media...
you can usually find him in an Abraham Lincoln biography, but this one was in "1,001 Things Everyone Should Know About American History" by John A. Garraty page 147 #807

"The Embargo" (1808) by William Cullen Bryant, an intemperate attack on Thomas Jeffersnon ("Go, wretch, resign the presidential chair"), composed to his later embarrassment, when Bryant was 14.

Shafer info

rec'd a phone call from my Aunt Mary April 25 2009 telling me she had been going thru a cardboard suitcase full of family pictures & letters inherited from Great Aunt Dona...

a photo of Charles, Clarence, & Joseph Shafer in a shop

a pic of a man with a long coat holding a gun on the front porch that had "Joe Shafer 1920" on the back

letter to Ross & Amanda Shafer from Aunt Josie Johnson dated 1923 Moore Oklahoma

letters from Ralph & Dean Shafer to their mother Amanda Shafer while they were in WWII.

the letters are yellowed & written in pencil!!!

an old school picture with siblings Amanda Craig, Cleo & Hallie Osborn
with a note on the back that said Hallie had scratched out her face in the picture, & what Aunt Mary thought said Moore School

black & white snapshot of Aunt Inez Shafer & her adopted son Warren

Aunt Freeda had sent her a picture of a young Amanda Craig Shafer, she was very pretty.

Aunt Mary is going to her cousin Virginia's next week & will get all these on the computer....

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Mamie Higdon

Mamie Higdon married JC Bowman in Dunlap Feb 21 1906. the bride is the daughter of Mr and Mrs A. Higdon. she was an attendant at the wedding of Emilie Higdon and John Orton Feb 14 1903.


Tom & Gilly like most pioneer families, endured many hardships. They started their marriage in the home of his father & cared for his parents until their deaths. Their oldest daughter Evie had polio when she was 7 years of age. Tom drove her to Bethany twice a week-a distance of 18 miles each way-hoping she might be able to walk again. The disease at that time was so new that little could be done, so Evie traveled in a wheelchair the remainder of her life.
Probably their greatest heartache came in 1910 when they made two trips in one week to Cat Creek Cemetery with the deaths of their two young sons-Eugene Higdon Maxwell, 2yr10mo, & Joseph Henry Maxwell, 1yr 3 mo. this was during the year of the Typhoid Fever Epidemic.
In 1924 the family home burned, leaving them with few belongings. Again, they rented a nearby farm and picked up their lives. In 1937 they built a house and moved to their own farm which joined Cat Creek Cemetery and continued to live there until 1950 when they moved to Trenton.
Tom, a 16th blood Cherokee, was always soft-spoken, very quiet, and reserved, while Gilly of German descent was quick-spoken, energetic, a wonderful cook & marvelous homemaker. Both parents instilled in their children a sense of respect for their ancestorial heritage.
1. Mildred Evie Maxwell born April 7 1902 died Jan 1 1948 at the home of her sister
Grace Brown in Trenton, MO. burial Cat Creek cemetery. she had polio when
she was 7 & was paralyzed from the hips down. She was skilled in
needlecraft, sewing, and cooking. she made the bed with the help of a
broom handle. She always remained cheerful and was a second mother to the
other children.
Evie never married or had children of her own, but she was a great favorite of
her nieces Chardy, Kay, & Janet Brown.
2. James Phillip Maxwell born Nov 8 1904 on the old Maxwell homestead one mile
north of the Cat Creek Church , now commonly referred to as being Hanes Lake.
at one time it was the Taggert Post Office of which his grandmother was
postmistress. he died Feb 11 1980 buried Springer Cemetery, Brimson MO
married Alma Alice Arney ec 24 1924 Bethany MO. she was born Aug. 29 1907 the
daughter of John & Cathryn Arney Brown Arney & died Nov 13 1977 at Sunnyview
Nursing Home, Trenton, MO burial Springer Cemetery, nw of Brimson
1. Jasper Lloyd Maxwell born June 18 1925 married Gladyes Bessenbacker March
1966, she has child by previous marriage.
2. Clyde Elwood Maxwell born Oct 18 1928 married Doris Ellis March 2 1951
Lawton,OK. she was born Jan 29 1933 Trenton MO daughter of Calvin &
Ruth Jones Ellis. died March 9 1976 buried Hillcrest Cemetery west of
Excelsior Springs, MO.
1. Ruth Maxine Maxwell born July 29 1952 married __________ Mattivi
a. Joey Mattivi
b. Jamie Mattivi
c. Jennifer Mattivi
2. James Richard Maxwell born April 25 1954 married Judy
a. James Michael
3. Sharon Sue Maxwell born Nov 4 1955
Clyde Maxwell married & divorced Lucille Perryman, then married the widow
of Eddie Chambers, Margie Chambers.
3. Eugene Higdon Maxwell Jan 1 1907-Oct 8 1910 buried CAt Creek Cemetery.
victim of the Typhoid Fever Epidemic died 5 days after his baby brother
4. Joseph Henry Maxwell July 16 1909-Oct 3 1910 buried Cat Creek Cemetery
victim of the Typhoid Fever Epidemic died 5 days before his big brother
5. Leland Albert MAxwell born Dec 7 1911 died June 10 1994 services June 13
1994 Melbourne Baptist Church, buried June 13 1994 Mitchell Cemetery
married Eva Jane Brown May 7 1940 @ Gilman City, she was born May 5 1911
the daughter of Thomas Armfield and Dora M. Gardner Brown.
1. Eva Maxwell stillborn daughter July 19 1941 Mitchell Cemetery
2. Mary Maxwell stillborn daughter April 26 1943 Mitchell Cemetery
3. Marsha Jane MAxwell born April 26 1943 married Emmitt Williams Dec 24
1966 Melbourne Baptist church
1. Erica Rae Williams born Dec 19 1979
2. Erin Ann Williams born Oct 24 1981
6. John Leonard Maxwell born April 16 1614 married Thelma "Honey" Moffett
March 4 1939(49) KC, MO. born Feb 14 1905 Mountain Grove, MO died August 3
1977 Grove, OK burial Olympus Cemetery. she had one child of her own.
married Oletha Odem of Grove, OK on Dec 11 1978 , she died Thursday March 21 1996 &she had 2 children.
7. Leona Grace Maxwell born Sept 21 1916 married Vermal Brown uly 22 1939 Trenton MO
a. Charlene Ann "Chardy" Brown born Dec 21 1941 at 1104 Rural St, Trenton,MO
married Larry Keith Little, divorced 1975 . he died of cancer Oct 3 1986 &
was buried Mt Washington Cemetery, KC. he had remarried & had
several children.
1. Shelia Grace Little born Nov 3 1968 KC MO. married Kerry Allan Dauma
March 25 1989 NKC, MO.
a.son Dauma born April 25 1991 Belleive, ILL
b.Steven Keith Dauma born July 31 1995 KC MO.

Charlene married Vaugh Dongan June 1976-divorced
Charlene married Jim Bridgefort Feb 19 1977-divorced
charlene married Bob Shank Feb 20 1978-divorced
Charlene married Jim Smith
b. Sharon Kay Brown born Sept 17 1943 at 1314 West Crowder St, Trenton, MO
eloped with Bobbie P. Crawford Aug 1961, he had children: Bruce, Connie, &
1. Teresa "Robin" Crawford born July 30 1962 Trenton MO
married Bobby Shalz Dec 8 1990 St Joe MO. he was born Nov 15 1960
Robin worked in car dealerships for years & now is a stay at home mom.
Bobby is in the National Guard & participated in Operation Desert Storm
& every campaign since.
a. Jace Patrick Shalz born Nov 21 1995 St Joe MO
b. Alexis "Lexi" born
I don't have this one updated...she was born early 1999...will fix this.
2. Christopher Paul Crawford "Chris" born Oct 17 1964 married Robin Lynette
Parcel Nonv 11 1989 St Joe, MO
a. Ashley Nicole born Nov 3 1991 St Joe MO
b. Tara Kayann born July 21 1996. her middle name was in honor of her
3. Joseph "Shawn" Crawford born July 20 1969 St Joe MO married Karlan Finney
Dishon June 10 1995 St Joe MO, she was born Jan 24 1963 & has 2 children:
Grant Dishon born Dec 17 1986
Emily Dishon born April 27 1989
c. Janet Mae Brown born May 14 1945 420 West 20th Trenton MO married Bernard
Charles Axsom June 2 1963 Trenton MO he was born June 17 1944 at home
north of Cainsville, MO.
1. Debra Lynn Axsom "Debbie" born Dec 8 1964 Trenton Mo married Kevin Fred
Dailey Sept 28 1983 Mercer MO, he was born Feb 28 1965 Galvaston Co, TX.
a. Koren Marie Dailey born Oct 8 1985 Leon IA.
b. Karly Joseph "KJ" Dailey born March 9 1992 Fairfax, MO
c. Katie Scarlett Dailey born Nov 2 1998 Corydon, IA
2. Lisa Ann Axsom born Nov 17 1966 Trenton MO married Thomas Heiber Butler
June 4 1984 Belle MO, he was born Oct 3 1963.
a. Maxwell Oran Butler born 1998.
b. Logan Aaron Butler born 2000.
(this is embarrassing, both were born around Labor Day Weekend, I'm
thinking Max end of Aug, Logan Sept 1st, maybe, will have to verify.)
3. Brenda Kay Axsom born March 28 1969 Trenton MO. she & long time boyfriend
Jason Crabb have 4 children:
a. Rachelle Kay Crabb born Derby IA June 2 1996
b. Sarah Ranea Crabb born Jan 1998 CorydonIA
c. David Seth Crabb born
d. Brent Jason Maverick Crabb born
(still embarrassing...)
4. John Ross Axsom born Sept 9 1980 Trenton MOnamed after both his paternal
grandfathers: Ross Shafer & Johnnie Axsom
8. Minerva Alice MAxwell b orn Oct 10 1921 married LAwrence Dale Brown Aug 9 1945
Albuquerque, NM. born Aug 29 1922 BrimsonMO died Sept 17 1987 KC MO burial
Cat Creek Cemetery.
1. Glen Dale Brown stillborn Dec 13 1949 Cat Creek Cemetery
2. Lawrence "Gale" Brown born July 19 1952 died Oct 26 1994 in a work accident
at KC MO, buried Cat CreekCemetery.


children of John William "Bart" Utterback & Emily Mary "Emma" Maxwell~
1. "infant Utterback Feb 2 1905-Feb 15 1905 a little flower of love that blossomed
but to die"
2. Collen May Utterback born april 5 1910 died May 1 1911 bureid Cat Creek Cemetery
3. Harmon Utterback died 1968 farmed in Brimson area, married Gladys Owens of Laredo.
a. Karen Utterback lives in Chicago, ILL
4. Vernon Utterback married Marsha who died 1980
5. Marie Utterback Jan 1, 1956 Trenton MO. married Harry Dority, A railroader in
6. Lola Utterback married Victor Beal in Michigan, she was a teacher in local
schools and in Michigan, where she retired as an elementary principal
1. Victor Jr. lives in Washington DC area
7. Roberta Utterback taught school, retired from Ohio State University


James C. Maxwell born Dec 17 1829 Tazewell Co, VA died May 16 1925 at his home in Harrison County, Fox Creek township, buried Cat Creek Cemetery, Brimson, MO
he had a blacksmith in Tazewell County, VA, according to family legend, it was burnt during or after the war. He served in the Civil War joining in 1862 and serving until the end of the war. Company A 45th VA infantry. JC was a farmer. After the war, he went to an aunt in Iowa, and then on to north Missouri the fall of 1866, the oldest of 3 boys and 2 girls, and the only one of his family who came to Missouri. His father died at age 96 after an accident.
One room of his house was logs, hewn & put up by him about 1868.

"Harrison County Post Offices" by W.A. Woodward p. 70 "James C.Maxwell, April 1886 signed form asking to establish a post office at Taggart, MO" he and second wife Harriet Hughes Harrison operated this in their home.

James C. Maxwell married Minerva Creswell Aug. 8 1868 Harrison County, MO. she was born in VA 1838. she died Feb. 26 1878 & is buried in Cat Creek Cemetery. She died giving birth to twins who didn't survive.

Harrison County MO Census 1860
Creswell, John age 45 male born VA
Cintha 42 female VA
Minerva 21 female VA
Causby 19 female VA
Ballard 16 male VA
Louise 15 female MO
Sophonia 13 female MO
Erastus W. 10 male MO
Emily 8 female MO
Patrick H. 6 male MO
Griffin 4 male MO
Whitt, Griffin 25 male VA

Minerva Brown has been told that the Creswell family left the state to stake claims~possibly in Arkansas~and that JC & Minerva had planned to go with them, but after Minerva's death JC stayed in Missouri.

JC & Minerva Maxwell's Children:
1.John Henry Maxwell born Oct 1 1869 died Feb. 25 1848 KC, MO buried
Springer Cemetery, Brimson, MO. married Josephine Quigley March 27 1899.
she was born 1868.
a. James Franklin "Frank" Maxwell born Aug 4 1903 died sept 29 1952
in a car wreck by Gilman City, MO. buried Springer Cemetery. he had
been married but had no children.
b? I also found this child in Cat Creek Cemetery, Brimson Mo
"infant Maxwell dau of J & JM 1900"
2.Cynthia Alice MAxwell born June 12 1870 died 1873 buried Cat Creek Cemetery
3.Thomas Witten Maxwell born June 7 1873 Taggart, MO northwest of Brimson
died March 16 1959 at his home in Trenton, MO burial Cat Creek Cemetery
married Gilly Mae Higdon April 15 1900 at her parents home
Gilly born Oct 4 1883 Harrison Co, MO
died May 16 1961 Wright Memorial Hospital, Trenton, MO
burial Cat Creek Cemetery
children under Higdon-Maxwell
4.Emily Mary "Emma" Maxwell born Sept 29 1876 died April 5 1963 buried Cat Creek
Cemetery. married John William "Bart" Utterback March 17 1901
Bart born Oct 22 1870 Putnam Co, Indiana; died April 1 1961 at home in Trenton,
MO buried Cat Creek Cemetery
Emma taught school a few years before her marriage, her mother died when she was a
baby, her father & brothers kept house until he married Harriett Harrison March
4 1881. Bart moved from Indiana to Harrison Co. with her father John Newton
Utterback in 1898. Bart was a banker and operated a general merchandise store in
Brimson for many years. He later farmed in the community until he moved to
children under Maxwell-Utterback.

JC Maxwell married Harriett Hughes Harrison of Fox Creek township March 4 1881, she was born Aug 29 1829 VA and died Feg. 2 1911, buried Cat Creek Cemetery. She was an old-time school teacher and the widow of Alexander Perry Harrison, who was killed in the Civil War and is buried in the St Louis, MO area. They were married Jan 11 1857 in Harrison County.
1. Laura S. Harrison born Aug 26 1858 drowned June 1 1867 in Cat Creek with her cousin Syria (or Nevada) Hill & buried Cat Creek Cemetery.
2. Erastus Harris Harrison born Dec 31 1861 died Jan 8 1862 buried Cat Creek Cemetery
3. Mary Electa Harrison married Charles F. Towns Cec 21 1879
a. William A. Towns died in infancy
b. Perry H. Towns died in infancy
c. Lillan Clair Towns died age 2
d. Eva Gladys Towns died age 7
e. Lida Louise Tripp Aug 10 1888-March 9 1952 Edinburg Cemetery
f. Francis Lorin Towns Nov 17 1893-July 14 1976 buried Resthaven, Trenton, MO
g. Charles Raymond Towns May 30 1900-Macy 27 1925 Mitchell Cemetery, Melborne, MO
you have to feel for this poor woman, she buried a lot of children.
4. Alexander Perry Harrison Feb 10 1860-March 27 1925 Mitchell Cemetery,Melborne, MO

1860 Harrison County MO census Sugar Creek twp.
Harrison , Alexander age 31 male born VA
Harriett 30 female VA
Laura S. 1 female MO
Alex P. 3/12 male MO
Griffin 22 male VA

Civil War Pensioners Harrison County 1888
certificate # 47, 685 Harriett Harrison
cause for which pensioned "Widow"
date of original allowance blank
monthly rate $8

William Harrison, Tazewell County, VA 1802-1871 married Shone Whitt, half Cherokee
1. Alexander married Harriett Hughes Harrison Maxwell
2. Griffey
3. Austin
4. Thomas
5. Jerry
6. James Crockett

Harrison County Post Office

Harrison County Post Office
by W.A. Woodward p. 70

Philip Higdon 23 July 1901
form signed by Philip Higdon Feb 27 1901 asking for new site.
Location: S/E 1/4 26-63N-26W. P.O. 2 1/2 miles west of Grand River and 1/2 mile east of Cat Creek on Route 45156, to be supplied from Bethany at 16 mile distance-Bolton 3 mile NW Oval 4 1/2 mile NW, Thomas 6 mile SW,office 7 mile N. of O.K. S.Q. Railroad.

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children of James Hugh & Nellie Higdon
1. Phillip Arthur married Maggie Doyle June 1 1933
1. Doyle Arthur born Aug 3 1934
2. Phylis Ann born July 19 1937
3. Alberta Sue born April 15 1939
2. Elsie Lucille married Kenneth Herbert Smith
1. Karen Jane born May 20 193_
3. Carrie Ruth married Jess Hill May 4 1930
1. Avis Anne born June 1933 married Norman Thomas.
they are now seperated & she lives in Cottage Grove, Colorado.
4. Mary Alloe born July 3 1902 died Sept 4 1989 married Harold Claus Ferbing May
26 1926
1. Anita Rose born Nov 10 1928
2. Donna Marie born Nov 28 1931
3. Harold John born April 24 1936

1880 Harrison County MO Census Clay Township

Higdon, Philip male age 34 farmer born Indiana, father born KY, mother born blank
Higdon Mary wife female age 23 born Mo father born KY mother born IND
Higdon Lewis male age 4 son born MO father born IND mother born in MO
Higdon Nancy female age 3 daughter born MO father born IND mother born MO
Higdon Joseph male age 9 months son born MO father born IND mother born MO


Mary Alice Bryant was 15 when she married Philip Higdon & had her first child at age 16. Her 17th birthday was 5 months away. She was a grandmother at age 36 & a great grandmother at age 55.
Philip came to Missouri in September 1871. He was 25 years old. He was of Belgian Dutch descent, enlisted in the 134th Indiana Volunteer Infantry May 7 1864 at the age of eighteen, was honorably discharged Septemver 2nd. He left Harrison County,MO fall of 1903, after spending the winter in Butler County, KS, & moved to Winona, MO.
He was going to Winona on horseback Jan 15 1907 (to meet relatives, I am told) when he crossed a pond in the road and the horse threw him into the water. Although almost drowned, he was able to get out and walk home, over a mile away, but the water he had taken into his lungs & the exposure caused congestion of the lungs which resulted in his death three days later.

their nine children:
James Hugh Higdon born Dec 2 1875 died April 22 1943 Hutchinson KS
married Nellie Holmes March 4 1900
Nellie was born Sept 20 1875 died Dec 26 1948 buried Potwin KS
their children are listed under Higdon-Holmes
Nannie Agnes "Nan" Higdonborn July 26 1877 near Bolton, Harrison Co, MO
died March 9 1972 in a Bethany, MO Hospital, buried in Sharon Chapel Cemetery, Harrison county, by her husband Seth D. Stanley, whom she married Dec 13 1893 at her parents home. Seth was born Jan 6 1870,Harrison Co, MO, died March 9 1921 at his marble & granite shop, Bethany, MO.
Joseph Daniel Barnet Higdonborn Sept 20 1879 died Dec 20 1951 Winona, MO married Lillie Belle Lemon
their daughter Florence died in infancy
Emilie Phyliss "Emma" born Nov 4 1881 died Dec 28 1962 El Dorado, KS, married John Wesley Orton at high noon, Feb. 14 1903 at her parents home, a log cabin with five rooms, fairly bulged to hold invited guests. Following the ceremony, an elaborate dinner was served which centered around roast turkey & Virginia Baked Ham.
children under Higdon-Orton
Gilly Mae Higdonborn Oct 4 1883 died May 16 1961 at Wright Memorial Hospital, Trenton, MO. buried at Cat Creek Cemetery, Brimson,with her husband.
Married Thomas Witten Maxwell April 15 1900 at her parents home near Stephen's School. he was born June 7 1873 Taggart, MO nw of Brimson. died March 16 1959 at his home in Trenton, MO.
children under Higdon-Maxwell
Dottie Higdon born Nov 23 1885 died Nov 24 1885 nine and a half hours old, buried Springer Chapel Cemetery
Norah Grace Higdonborn Oct 17 1887 died 1968 Winona MO. she married Lee Cooper OCt 28 1936 & later married Richard O. Williams
their daughter Ruth Olive Williams married country western singer Porter Wagoner.
(elsewhere on this blog are excerpts from a biography of Porter, listing different aspects of his family life.) they had 3 children, Debbie, Denise, & Richard. ( I am pretty sure about the names, reciting them from memory...deb)
Minnie Alzura Higdonborn May 23 1891 died Dec 7 1930 Wichita, KS. buried Highland Park Cemetery. married Lawrence D. Blood. no children.
Hobart Franklin Robert Higdon born Oct 19 1894 died Dec 18 1959 married Stella, no children.

Benjamin Hidgon married Sarah Morgan

Benjamin born Millhausen Maryland Dec 11 1733, he married Sarah in KY, they moved to New Point Indiana & are buried there.

son George Washington Higdon
born Jan 23 1814 Harrisburg KY
died OCt 27 1899 age 95 buried Newport, Indiana.
another source says he died Oct 4 1876.
another source says he was buried at New Point, Indiana.

I am now noticing these dates can't be right...his parents would've been awfully old when he was born...maybe I have the birthdate of an earlier Benjamin. sigh. I'm not so good at this...

anyway, on we go. George Washington married Mary Sarah Foester
she was born June 24 1817 Strausburg, Germany
died Octo 14 1875 buried New Port,Indiana
she came to America at age eleven.
their children: Daniel, Benjamin, Peter, Philip, Josiah, Chiristeen, George, Nancy Agnes, Jacob

Daniel born Sept 30 1838 died Feb 11 1913 no children found
Benjamin born Nnov 20 1840 killed in the Civil War at Weldon Rail Road Aug 21 1864
Peter born June 9 1843 died Sept 10 1857
Philip born April 9 1846 Franklin Co, Indiana died Jan 18 1907 Winona MO buried Winona Cemetery
married Mary Alice Bryant Feb 4 1875 Harrison Co MO. she was born April 29 1859 in Harrison County, MO died Spet 16 1934 Winona, MO, & was buried between her two husbands. daughter of Jonathan M. Bryant & Gilly May Nelson Bryant, children under Bryant-Higdon.
Josiahborn March 15 1848 died March 1 1933 married Lucinda, children Chelsey & Celeste
Chiristeenborn Dec 4 1850 died Dec 31 1925 aged 75year, 27 days. never married.
George born June 12 1854 died Jan 1 1864
they lost 2 sons in 1864.
Nancy Agnesborn March 22 1857 died Jan 13 1926 married Jasper Riley.
their children were Rosa, Willie, Ola, Lydia, Daisy, twins Edith & Ethel & Jasper.
Jacobborn Feb 7 1861 died Aug 31 1906

John Higdon married Millisent

1. son John born 1649 married Bathia Semnes, the disposition of his will dated March 17 1711 gave his age as 62. 3 children
2. son Charles
3. son Benjamin married Margaret
1. Abraham
2. John Baptist
4. daughter Mary Semnes
5. son Thomas
6. son William

The Family of Hidgon

(from Grace Brown)
variations of the name Higdon as found among records: Hidon, Heighton, Highton, Higden...Higdon & Higden are the two usual American spellings.
The first record of a Higdon in Maryland is a deed dated April 17 1693 "from William Dent of Charles County, planter, to JOHN HIGDON of St. Mary's County, planter, for two thousand pounds of tobacco (Deed Book No 1, date 1690-1694, Folio 187, Land Records of Charles co, MD) this is the first record of a Higdon in Maryland, and the second record of any Higdon in the United States...only other being Peter Higdon in Massachusetts, dated 1635 found in "Planter of the CommonWealth" by Banks, Book H-1067, B3, p. 138 where it is mentioned Peter Higdon came to America with Antony (Anthony) and Mary Thatcher of Salisburg County Wilts, England, to whom he was indentured. They came over on the James of London, Willam Cooper, Master, sailing from Southhampton April 15 1635 arriving June 3 at Yarmouth with passangers and cattle. But in this year of their landing, Peter Higdon, an additional record shows, was probably lost in the great storm of Aug 15 1635 when his master wrecked off Cape Anne (Taken from Sage's Genealogical Dictionary of New England, Vol. 2) So this further substantiates my original contention that the first record of whom bears the date of 1693 above, This JOHN HIGDON of Maryland married Millisent who was either a Bowling or a Semmes (the Bowling, Semmes, Montgomery, & Dent families intermarried with the Higdons at this early date.)
children: John, Charles, Benjamin, Mary Simes (Semmes), Thomas, William
St Mary's County,Maryland, where John was first recorded as a planter, is located in South Maryland and adjoins Charles Co, to which he later moved. These counties were the first part of Maryland to be settled.
John Higdon, born 1649, for in disposition of will on March 11 1711, he gave his age as 62. Will probated 1723, as that of John Higdon, planter, Charles Co., Maryland (taken from RT Semmes Genealogical Collection, Maryland Historical Society)

Leonard & Eva (Hoffman) Higdon
children: Mary, Leonard, William, Eliza, Samuel, Thomas, Nancy, Katri, and Americus...William the great grandfather of Linne Higdon Hodges, Burke Co, NC, Scotch Irish

(can't find the next page...& accepting all blame for typos...deb)

George Washington Hidgon-Mary Sarah Foester

their children:
1. Daniel Dept 30 1838-Feb 11 1913 married Mary...
children Adrian, Daniel, Mabel (Mrs John Shepard)
2. Benjamin Nov 28 1840-killed in the Civil War at Weldon Railroad Aug 21 1864
3. Peter June 9 1843-Sept 10 1857
4. Philip April 9 1846-Jan 18 1907 married Mary Alice Bryant, nine children
Hugh, Nannie, Joe, Emma, Gilly,Dottie, Grace,Minnie ( I know this is only 8...
I'm just the typist! deb)
5. Josiah March 15 1848-MArch 1 1933 married Lucinda
children Chelsey & Celeste
6. George June 12 1854-Jan 21 1864
7. Nancy Agnes March 22 1857-Jan 13 1926 married Jasper Riley, eight children
Rosa, Willie, Ola, Lydia, Daisy, twins Edith & Ethel, Jasper
8. Jacob Feb 7 1861-Aug 31 1906 married Mary, one child
9. Chiristeen Dec 4 1850-Dec 31 1925

I always wonder about cause of death for the children & why some people never got married...guess we'll never know...deb

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info compiled primarily from a history by my grandmother Grace Brown
this is not up to date, as you'll notice...& I of course take responsibility for all typos, please contact me if you find something...deb

Nan Higdon & Seth Stanley had been neighbors from childhood, after their marriage, they lived on a farm south of Mt. Moriah until 1912 when they moved to Bethany where Seth operated a marble and granite shop and retained his farming interests.
Seth & Nan were married at her parents home Dec 13 1893
Nannie Agnes "Nan" Higdon was born July 26 1877 near Bolton, in Harrison Co, MO
she died March 9 1972 in a Bethany, MO hospital, buried next to her husband Seth in Sharon Chapel Cemetery, near Brimson, in Harrison County, MO.
Seth was born Jan 6 1870 Harrison Co MO
died March 9 1921 at his marble & granite shop in Bethany, MO
Their daughter Cora Ellen born Nov. 21 1894 Harrison County MO died March 2 1968 Bethany MO buried Zoar Cemetery near Cainsville, MO married Harley E. Maple August 14, 1913. Harley was born Dec 26 1892 Harrison Co. MO, died Dec. 25 1982 Crestview Nursing Home in Bethany, MO. buried Zoar Cemetery, Cainsville, MO.
1. Stanley Alvin Maple born March 17 19156 married Margaret Ballew May 3 1937
Margaret was born March 11 1917 & died July 9 1987 Fairfield, IA, burial
Evergreen Cemetery.
1. Nina Kay Maple born Nov 15 1938 Norman C Rouse Feb 9 1958 Fairfield IA
1. Julia Kay Rouse born Sept 27 1958
2. Curt Rouse born Feb 1 1960
3. Karen Rouse born Nov 24 1962
2. Sharon Sue Maple born MAy 21 1940 married Milliard Morgan June 22 1958
Fairfield, IA.
1. Kevin Morgan born June 21 1959 married Brenda Gottman June 2 1978
1. Scott Allen Morgan born Nov 27 1979
2. Suzanne Morgan born April 22 1961
3. Dennis Morgan born April 19 1962
4. Kara Morgan born Sept 27 1967
3. Roger Stanley Maple Born March 9 1945 married Margo McCartney March 17 1968
1. Jenifer Alison Maple born Aug 27 1977
4. James Ballew Maple born Aug 18 1948 married Teresa Hartrick July 30 1976
1. Emily Maple born July 6 1979
5. Jeff Maple born Aug 7 1956
2. Elaine Maple born OCt 15 1917 married Jack McMullen Graham June 19 1937
at Cainsville, MO. Jack was born April 17 1912 Cainsville, died Jan 27 1990
Harlinger, TX.
1. Philip Bradley Graham born March 25 1940 married Martha Caulzman Farmer
Feb 16 1968
1. Marc David ________ born Sept 10 1963
2. Philip Michael born Feb 16 1969
2. JoAnn Graham born Sept 21 1941 married Philip Stanley Johnson June 19 1960
he was born Sept 29 1941
1. Steven Bradley Johnson born Oct 19 1962 married Charlean Frances Davis
she was born Dec 31 1963
1. Matthew Bradley Johnson born April 5 1984
2. Stephanie Ann Johnson born Aug 15 1966 married Nelson Ross Gregory
Nov 15 1987 [divorced]. he was born Sept 13 1957
1. Zachary Nelson born July 2 1988 Kankakee, IL
3. Phillip Shannon Johnson born Oct 9 1969, went to NWMSU, Maryville, MO
3. Ileen Graham born Nov 6 1920 married William Keith Thomas April 20 1941
at the home of the Rev VF Walker, Princeton MO. William born Feb 3 1917 on
a farm in Wayne Co, IA. Ileen taught Mt. Pleasant and Phoenix Schools
William died Jan 5 1997 Liberty MO hospital
1. William Keith Jr "Bill" born March 6 1943 married Virginia Sue Stahl
Oct. 15 1969
1. Daniel Scott Graham born Jan 19 1968
2. Christopher Seth born April 26 1972
3. Sarah
married Shannon Smith aug 24 1996 Cainsville MO
2. Sandra Lee Graham born March 13 1947 married Ward Allen Putnam
of Princeton MO Aug 26 1967
1. Amy Marie Putnam born March 24 1969
2. Ruth Ellen Putnam born April 9 1973
3. Allen Leon Graham born Dec 1 1952 died Dec 15 1952
4. David Lyon Graham born July 23 1959 married Dianne
1. Elissa Graham
2. Whitney Lauren Graham born 1995
4. Kathleen Maple born Feb 28 1922 Robert Lewis Clegg Dec 1945 Robert born Aug
22, 1922
1. Kathryn Louise "Kathy" Clegg born Feb 1947 married Charles Michael Johnson
1. Michelle Renee Johnson born June 8 1966
2. Michael Troy Johnson born Aug 21 1967
3. Christopher Robert Johnson born Oct 16 1969
4. Randall Keith Johnson born June 12 1974
5. Joanna Maple born June 20 1924 died April 6 1996 Liberty MO hospital
married Kenneth Andrew Bondurant Oct 15 1946
Nan & Seth's daughter Zula Alice Stanley born Sept 13 1896 died Jan 12 1990 married Israel Chaney May 30 1917 he was born Dec. 28 1892
1. Rebecca Chaney born Nov 24 1921 married Robert Dale Cottrell Jan 19 1945
1. William Robert Cottrell born Dec 23 1945 married Martha R. Dutro March 25 1967
1. Michael Robert Cottrell born July 8 1969
2. Michelle Renee Cottrell born Aug 19 1972
2. John Dale Cottrell born Sept 8 1951 married Ronda Faye Reynolds
1. Amy Nichole Cottrell born Dec 14 1973
2. Beth Ann Cottrell born May 2 1978
2. John Seth Chaney born Oct 14 1924 married Lucretta Myrtis Thompson May 30 1942
1. John Stephen Chaney married Sandra Sue Plumlee
1. John Stephen Chaney II born May 27 1967
2. Laura Ann Chaney born July 27 1969
Seth & Nan's daughter Eva Rebecca Stanley married Wayne Spicknall
1. Enna Marie Spicknall
Seth & Nan's daughter Grace Dovora Stanley married Fred Jaqt (Taff?) handwritten, hard to read.


Bethany, MO March 12-Weighted with a sack of cement and with the hands bound tightly together with wire, the body of Seth Stanley, 50, a well-known farmer and business man of Bethany, was found early Thursday morning at the bottom of a well located at the rear of his marble and granite works here. Except for scratches on the face, there were no other marks on the body. Stanley's hat and coat were found at the edge of the well.

When last seen Wednesday evening, Stanley had returned from the depot, where he was to have met a salesman from Maryville,MO, who did not arrive, and gone to his shop where he had parked his car. He did not return home, and the search was instituted for him Thursday morning. When the coat and hat were found searchers looked in the well and perceived the body under the water at the bottom. Grappling hooks were secured and the body was brought to the surface.

A coroner's jury Thursday afternoon returned a verdict of suicide, but Stanley's friends declare that he was not the man to have killed himself, and they believe he was the victim (of murder or foul play?)

Seth Stanley Dead

obituary Bethany Newspaper

Seth Stanley Dead
-met a tragic death either by his own hands or by foul play
-coroner's jury unable to Decide-still a mystery to All-Funeral Held Saturday.

Seth Stanley, a prominent citizen of this country, large land owner, and Bethany business man was taken from a well in his own marble shop, dead, last Thursday morning, March 10, after his unusual absence from his home all night.

His family gave the alarm early on Thursday morning that he had come to town as usual the evening before and had not returned, or communicated with them all night. The searchers went to his marble yard and found his Ford car parked across the street and his office door unlocked. Further investigation found his overcoat and cap on a chair, and the lid to the well covering open, and an examination found his body at the bottom of the well weighted down with a sack of sand tied with the well rope around his neck and when the body was raised outo f about sixteen foot of water, it was seen that his hands were wired together, the right hand slipping out of the wire loop by the process of being taken from the well, but the wrists showed the marks of the wire having been securely fastened. This fact caused the rescuing party to suspect foul play and the county coroner was notified and took charge of the body.

A jury was impanelled and an autopsy held in their presence and after a number of witnesses were examined, rendered a verdict that he came to his death by means unknown to them.

Mr. Stanley was a character that his friends claim would not be one to commit suicide because of financial troubles. He was in good health and no known reason was given at the inquest why he would destroy himself. And on the other hand, no one is suspected of foul play or nothing has developed that there would be a motive for anyone to commit a crime like his tragic death.

On Monday the well was drained but revealed nothing that would throw any light on the mystery.

He visited different places of business during the evening, chatting as usual, and was last seen alive about 9 o'clock. About an hour later James Taylor in making his usual round tried the Stanley marble yard door and found it unlocked and going in, someone whom he recognized as Mr. Stanley's voice called to him from the rear of the shop, that he was there, and the night watch passed on his way.

This was 10 o'clock or after the night watch says, the watch taken from Mr. Stanley's dead body having stopped at 9:45. The night watch might have been mistaken as to the time of his visit to the marble yard or the watch might have stopped before it went into the well.

Wild rumors of cold-blooded murder have been advanced by persons not familiar with all the details, and before the coroner's jury made their investigation, but so far nothing has developed that would conclusively show foul play.

Most of his friends, which are numbered in the hundreds in Bethany, and in his former home in the east part of the county accept the suicide theory, but are ready to consider adn investigate anything that might look like murder.

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Psychology Paper by KJ DAILEY Dec. 12 2008 North Mercer

I sat in on the first, fifth, and sixth classes. I will go over what I observed in the first grade time period. From my observations the first graders were very attentive for their age, and I think it's because they have a different mindset of the older students, and may be more enthusiastic about school. They also seemed to know the material they were going over quite well, which may be a result of how attentive they were in class. The students were also not afraid to answer questions, and seemed to enjoy being in class. They seemed very well-behaved in my period of study, although they did move around a lot, which I think is because they have a lot of energy left over from recess. They can read very well, and they seem intelligent for their age, so I assume all of them have experienced satisfactory intellectual development. They also seem to have developed good motor skills, and their speech seems to be developing quite rapidly. When they were broken up into groups, they seemed to work in cooperation with each other. The groups worked very well together. They were very excited when they saw that they had the opportunity to make a picture for an assignment. They showed good manners to the teacher as well as each other. This is probably a result of what they learned in pre-school and kindergarten regarding good manners. In their excitement to go to recess, the teacher needed to remind them to get a book. They also needed to be reminded to get a coat. They were probably anxious to go to receses because they wanted to go out and play to get rid of their excess energy.
In review, the first grade was very well behaved, had developed good motor skills, and seemed to be learning at a great pace. They also paid attention to their teacher very well and did not talk to each other until they were put into groups. They also showed great understanding of speech.
In my fifth grade observation period I noticed that some of the children were talking while they were supposed to be reading from their textbooks. I believe this is due to enhanced social skills as well as them becoming bored with schoolwork. They also asked the teacher a lot of questions. Most of these questions were very off topic. I believe they were trying to keep their teacher from assigning them homework. They did not pay attention to the teacher as well as they should have. I think this is because they have lost respect for the teacher because none of them seemed to be paying attention. Their social skills have clearly developed, even though they use them at times that were inappropriate to talk, such as when the teacher was talking. They seemed to be struggling with their assignment, which I believe is directly caused by their lack of attention. Many got in trouble for talking during the lecture and many were moved to different tables as punishment. They seemed to be interested in topics they had not gone over yet. They continued to be very inquisitive throughout the lecture. One student in particular was trying unsuccessfully to prove the teacher wrong. In spite of many of them disrupting class they did answer the questions asked by the teacher. Overall, they had good motor skills, and they seemed to be intellectually developing quite well. The first graders had better behavior than the fifth graders, and I believe it is because the first graders still seem to like going to school, unlike the fifth graders. They also showed more respect for the teacher than the fifth graders. Perhaps it is because the first graders get three recesses, which helps them get rid of excess energy, while the fifth graders have only two. Perhaps a solution to the fifth graders lack of attention is having an extra recess. This may help them to use their left over energy so they may be more inclined to listen to their teacher.
My observation of the sixth grade showed that the sixth graders seemed a little more mature than the first and fifth graders. They also seemed to pay more attention to their teacher than their fifth grade counterparts. They were already hard at work on their assignment when the observation period began. They did not have any converstations that were not focused on anything other than the assignment, as they were checking their answers with other classmates. They seemed calmer and more laid back than the fifth graders. They seemed very mature for their age. Their speech had developed quite well, and they are starting to become very articulate. They worked well in groups, and seemed to help out classmates who had the wrong answer. They had respect for their teacher and asked questions about problems they needed help with throughout the observation period. They seemed to be developing quite well intellectually. They seemed to have good motor skills, even though they did not move around a lot during the observation period. When the teacher said it was time for the science quiz, they showed confidence because they all said they had studied the night before. This shows maturity because they took their books home and studied so they could get a better grade. They also knew to stop talking when the teacher was talking. Overall the sixth grade class had the best behavior of all the classes that I had sat in on. I believe one of the reasons that the fifth graders attention problem might have been caused by changes brought on by pubertyy, and the hormones that it causes. I do not know why the sixth graders would not also be affected by this. Maybe the sixth graders are more used to it than the fifth graders, which would cause them to handle it better.
In conclusion, all of the classes I sat in on had developed very well in the motor skills, speech, and reading categories. They were all well behaved at some points in the observation. All of the classes had at least one point where they misbehaved. I also believe that all of them are going to mature a lot over the years.

{he got 100!}

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Leta Schaeffer/Shafer

Jean Frisbie sent this information to Virginia Matson, who sent it to me:

Leta Anna (Hancock, Shaffer) Griffin

Born: November 22, 1914 in Harrison County, Missouri

Died: Thursday, August 7, 1969 near Slayton, Minnesota
Interment: Freedom Cemetery, Mercer County, Missouri

Funeral Service Conducted from Freedom Church on
SUNDAY, AUGUST 10, 1969 at 2 p.m.

The Rev. Eldon Smith OFFICIATING

Cecil Griffin; L.D. Griffin; LeRoy Griffin;
Robert Leeper; Kenneth Oxford; Ransall Oxford

PIANIST: Mrs. Bill (Mabel) Williams
SINGERS: Mrs. Elza (Mildred) Seymour and Mrs. Larkin (Mable) Seymour
"Going Down The Valley"; "In The Garden"; "Beyond The Sunset"

The Slade Funeral Home.....Leon, Iowa

Website where this information was found.,A,Griffin,Mis...

You may need to finish that website address on out I'm not sure but the last word is Missouri

Other information I found was:

Leta Hancock's parents were: Ora Hancock and Myrtle Lacy.
Ora's parents were: Theodore Hancock and Lucinda Melton.

In a message from Julia Ilse in reply to a Theodore Hancock of Missouri was this:

Maurice K Griffin from the Social Security Records his social security number was:
484-16-4428 Issued in the state of Iowa. Born March 31, 1910 (in Mercer County, Missouri). Died June 5, 1984 (in Des Moines, Iowa).
(Married: first wife Phoebe (Williams). Married: second wife Leta A. (Hancock, Shaffer).
Maurice's last known Residence: Des Moines, Iowa.
(Phoebe R. Williams was born on January 13, 1908 and Died on February 22, 1946).

I got this e-mail address off of the that I was looking on of Julia Ilse but the message was left on the site in April 5, 2001 so she may not have the same e-mail address. .

This was all the information I could find on line today about Leta Griffin. What is the adopted son's name who is wondering about his parents? Martha said she didn't really know about anyone back in the time of these folks but that there were a lot of Griffin's that they were related to.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Memories of Summer, 1922

back of photograph is inscribed "Memories of Summer 1922. Dad, Mother, At Home" in dark black ink.

in lighter blue ink "George & Rosa Shafer"

rec'd this photograph from Mary Johnson


A Lovell Family Picture

this portrait of my husbands step-mother Dixie Lovell Heaton Dailey family was taken at Ron & Sheryl Thompson's home in Mercer, MO

Sheryl, Arlene, Joy, Ervin, Dixie, Bill, Nancy, & Darla

Lovell Family Picture


David, Kevin, & Dianna are the children of Elijah & Juanita Dailey.

old family picture

this was taken at the (now gone) Johnnie & Daisy Axsom farm off Route A, near Trenton, MO, where Bernard & Janet Axsom had their first three children. In this picture, they only had 2 kids, Debbie, & Lisa.

A Brown Family Christmas 2008

My late Grandpa Vermal Brown always had his Polaroid Camera handy at family gatherings to take pictures, we loved watching them magically appear! I usually insist on group pictures every year, & my sister Lisa & Aunt Chardy will back me up!

back row: KJ, Kevin, & Deb Dailey; Lisa & Tom Butler; Janet, John, & Bernard Axsom. front row: Katie Dailey, Grace Brown, Max & Logan Butler.

family picture

November 2008 at the Dailey's house in Mercer, MO
Koren Dailey, John Axsom, KJ Dailey, Kevin Dailey, Deb Axsom Dailey, Katie Dailey, Janet Brown Axsom, & Bernard Axsom

Koren Dailey Graduates From Missouri Western State University

May 2008, St. Joseph, Missouri.
Koren is pictured with her parents, Kevin & Deb, her brother KJ, & sister Katie.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

more from Robert Norman

I am getting more information from every e-mail. This is really great!!

My mother's maiden name was Lita Ann Hancock and the death was in 1969 and likely from a vehicle accident in Minnesota. My adoption records said her name was Lita Anna but that is insignificant. I have a copy of this legal notice of adoption and it is dated October 21, 1948 as advertised in the Chillicothe Constitution Tribune. Oscar must have changed his last name to Schaeffer as it was also in the paper with that spelling.

My adopted mother, Mildred Norman told me that Judge Rose in Unionville said that George, my brother was 4 1/2 years older than me so he would have been born around 1939. He may still be in California.

Thank you all for participating in this whirlwind knowledge of my family tree as it came so quickly and I never really expected any information would ever come. It is amazing what google can do and the caring people who keep records to share like you guys.

Great!! It won't be for a while as the Chillicothe reunion plans are dragging on due to a lack of interest to organize it there. I will always stay in touch with you and with your permission, I would like to pass this information along to my sister's two children in St. Charles, MO. They have been searching records too. Their mother, Patty is not well with diabetis and heart problems. Honestly, they don't get along with her, but that is sometimes how family life is. I have met them all and they all have nice qualities. Patty had a hard life, never legally adopted but did get married, then divorced. She is in a nursing home with no family to care about her. The adoption home would not allow the Norman's to adopt both Patty and me and they wanted a son first. Anyway, I would like to send the information to her children, K.R. and Donna Shank and they will indeed be grateful.

from Norman

I can't thank you enough for your time and effort to put this all together. It has become easier to follow the names and dates. It appears that Oscar was not a pleasant person to know. His children went elsewhere if possible and the family lost track of him. There is a conflict regarding the death of Leta Shafer as to whether she died in 1969 or in an auto accident in 1985.

It appears that living a long time is not too likely on the Shafer side of the family. Upon my return to north Missouri, probably as a reunion, I will visit the grave sites in Cainsville and search for past family members.

I have tried to find information on burial of Oscar Shaeffer in Arkansas but no luck yet. The spelling of Shaffer is a bit of a hurdle but officially it must be Shafer if the other families are using it. I will also search for automobile fatality records in Minnesota. If the voice mail you received was correct, Leta's mother was in the car and she was pretty old so some of the family can survive for a long time.

Here's to your good health and thanks again.

desc. of Leta Unknown

[thank you Virginia Matson!]

Descendants of Leta Unknown

Generation No. 1

1. Leta1 Unknown was born 1914, and died 1969. She married (1) Oscar Shafer Bef. 1929, son of George Shafer and Rosa Oxford. He was born Abt. 1902. She married (2) Morris Griffin Aft. 1945.

More About Leta Unknown:
Burial: Freedom Cemetery, Mercer County, Mo.

Notes for Oscar Shafer:
Not sure of this but I think he probably attended the Hutchinson Country School, Mercer County, Lindley Twp. Missouri.

I was told that Oscar and his sister Inez changed their spelling of their name from Shafer to Schaeffer. But don't have any proof of this.

Children of Leta Unknown and Oscar Shafer are:
2 i. Nadine2 Shafer, born Abt. 1929.
3 ii. George Shafer, born Aft. 1930.
4 iii. Patricia Shafer, born Aft. 1939.

Notes for Patricia Shafer:

5 iv. Clifford Shafer, born December 15, 1943.

Notes for Clifford Shafer:
Clifford was adopted by a family in Chillicothe, Mo. 1946 his name was changed to Robert Norman. He graduated in Chillicothe.

Child of Leta Unknown and Morris Griffin is:
6 i. Baby2 Griffin.

desc. of George Washington Shafer

[thank you, Virginia Matson!]

Descendants of George Washington Shafer

Generation No. 1

1. George Washington1 Shafer was born 1862, and died 1937. He married Rosa Ell Oxford December 25, 1884, daughter of William Oxford and Mary Zimmerman. She was born 1868, and died 1933.

More About George Washington Shafer:
Burial: Fairview Cemetery, Cainsville, Missouri

More About Rosa Ell Oxford:
Burial: Fairview Cemetery, Cainsville, Missouri

Children of George Shafer and Rosa Oxford are:
+ 2 i. John William Ross2 Shafer, born June 09, 1892; died June 09, 1938.
3 ii. Rosa Shafer, born Abt. 1894.
4 iii. Dell Shafer, born Abt. 1896.
+ 5 iv. Pearl Shafer, born April 19, 1897 in Mercer County, Mo.; died October 04, 1980 in Leon Hospital, Leon, Iowa.
+ 6 v. Oscar Shafer, born Abt. 1902.
7 vi. Freida Inez Shafer, born Abt. 1904. She married Unknown.

Notes for Freida Inez Shafer:
Inez adopted Wayne, he was her brother Oscar's son.

Generation No. 2

2. John William Ross2 Shafer (George Washington1) was born June 09, 1892, and died June 09, 1938. He married Amanda Craig October 10, 1919 in Princeton, Missouri, daughter of John Craig and Alcinda Osburn. She was born September 23, 1901, and died June 25, 1988 in Iowa Luthern Hospital, Des Moines, Iowa.

Notes for John William Ross Shafer:

John William (Ross) Shafer, Third son of George and Rosa Shafer was born June 9, 1892 near Cainsville, Missouri and departed this life at the Veteran's Hospital in Des Moines, Iowa June 9, 1938. On his 46th birthday. On May 24, 1918 Ross was called to Camp Dodge at Fort Des Moines Iowa to serve his country in the World War. He was in Company H. 88th division, 35th infantry. He served until June 9 1919 making a service of 9 month in France.
For several years Ross has been in failing health. He spent three months in the Veteran's Hospital in Des Moines for the treatment of Diabetes in 1938.He never complained and much of his suffering he bore in silence. His last illness was of short duration being ill only a week.
On October 10, 1919 he was united in marriage to Miss. Amanda Craig. To this union five children were born. He has been preceded in death by his father, mother, sister, and two brothers. He leaves to mourn his passing, his wife, two daughter, Pauline and Betty Jean. Three sons, Ralph, Junior and Dean, all of the home. Also three sisters, Alpha Van Zuyen of New Plymouth Idaho, Inez Cantrell of Ann Arbour, Michigan; and Pearl Cochran of Cainsville, one brother
Oscar Shafer of Saline, Missouri.
To know Ross was to love him and he leaves a host of friends and loving relatives
He is not dead,
He is just away,
We'll meet him over yonder,
Some sweet day.
Funeral services were held at the Fairview Church Sunday afternoon June 12, 1938. Rev George Austin officiating, assisted by Roy Donaldson of Lineville, Iowa. Mrs. Velda Booth, Mrs. Ruth McClain, Cal Cain, Frank Harrold sang: " The Old Rugged Cross" " We'll never say Good Bye" " Some time We'll Understand" and "It Is well with my Soul". Mrs. Alice Austin sang "The Golden Gates" with Ali Lawhead presiding at the organ.
The honorary pallbearers were all World War Veterans present. The active Pallbears were World War Veterans: W. L. Epperly, G.W. Hamilton, Charles Jones, W.W. Noah, Jessie Whittington, and Lee Wishon. The relief Pallbearers were Carl Gillispie, James Doyle, Earl Hart, Ford Wilson, Alva Zimmerman and Harvey Zimmerman.
Leo Ellis Post N 22, The American Legion of Princeton, Missouri conducted the military service assisted by Earl Baker and J. Glaze Blaer as Buglers.
Interment was made in the family lot in the Fairview Cemetery Ed. J. Stoklasa, Funeral Director in charge.


Words cannot express our sincere appreciation to the many friends who aided in ever way during the illness and death of husband and father, for the kind words of sympathy and the beautiful floral tributes, also the World War Veterans and the American Legion for the service they rendered.

Mrs. Amanda Shafer and children

More About John William Ross Shafer:
Burial: Fairview Cemetery, Cainsville, Missouri
Military service: Served in France in WWII

More About Amanda Craig:
Burial: Fairview Cemetery, Cainsville, Missouri

Children of John Shafer and Amanda Craig are:
8 i. William Ralph3 Shafer, born August 18, 1920; died November 21, 1943 in Gilbert Island in S.Pacific.

Notes for William Ralph Shafer:
Killed in action in WWII. Terminate interment is Gilbert Island in S. Pacific, Battle of Tarawa. His body was brought home in 1944?

More About William Ralph Shafer:
Burial: Fairview Cemetery, Cainsville, Mo.

+ 9 ii. Mary Pauline Shafer, born May 20, 1922; died December 06, 1992 in at home in San Jose, California.
+ 10 iii. Junior Ross Shafer, born March 19, 1924; died March 08, 1972.
+ 11 iv. Cecil Dean Shafer, born February 14, 1926; died August 08, 1998 in At home in Princeton, Missouri..
+ 12 v. Betty Jean Shafer, born June 17, 1928; died July 14, 1988 in At her home in Des Moines, Iowa.

5. Pearl2 Shafer (George Washington1) was born April 19, 1897 in Mercer County, Mo., and died October 04, 1980 in Leon Hospital, Leon, Iowa. She married Charles Arthur Cochran.

More About Pearl Shafer:
Burial: Fairview Cemetery, Cainsville, Missouri

More About Charles Arthur Cochran:
Burial: Fairview Cemetery, Cainsville, Missouri

Child of Pearl Shafer and Charles Cochran is:
+ 13 i. Lois3 Cochran.

6. Oscar2 Shafer (George Washington1) was born Abt. 1902. He married (1) Edna Banks Abt. 1920, daughter of Alvin Banks and Millie Turner. She was born 1904, and died 1967. He married (2) Leta Unknown Bef. 1929. She was born 1914, and died 1969.

Notes for Oscar Shafer:
Not sure of this but I think he probably attended the Hutchinson Country School, Mercer County, Lindley Twp. Missouri.

I was told that Oscar and his sister Inez changed their spelling of their name from Shafer to Schaeffer. But don't have any proof of this.

Notes for Edna Banks:
Eva Shafer and Clayton Shafer were Edna children by a prior marriage. After she married Roy Willis he raised them.

More About Edna Banks:
Burial: Zoar Cemetery, Harrison County, Cainsville, Mo.

More About Leta Unknown:
Burial: Freedom Cemetery, Mercer County, Mo.

Children of Oscar Shafer and Edna Banks are:
+ 14 i. Eva Edith3 Shafer, born in Harrison County, Cainsville, Missouri.
15 ii. Clayton Ray Shafer.

Notes for Clayton Ray Shafer:
Clayton was either adopted by Roy, or else he changed his name to Willis himself.

16 iii. Wayne Shafer.

Notes for Wayne Shafer:
See his aunt Inez, he went to live with her and we think she adopted him.

Children of Oscar Shafer and Leta Unknown are:
17 i. Nadine3 Shafer, born Abt. 1929.
18 ii. George Shafer, born Aft. 1930.
19 iii. Patricia Shafer, born Aft. 1939.

Notes for Patricia Shafer:

20 iv. Clifford Shafer, born December 15, 1943.

Notes for Clifford Shafer:
Clifford was adopted by a family in Chillicothe, Mo. 1946 his name was changed to Robert Norman. He graduated in Chillicothe.

Generation No. 3

9. Mary Pauline3 Shafer (John William Ross2, George Washington1) was born May 20, 1922, and died December 06, 1992 in at home in San Jose, California. She married Alfred Axsom August 29, 1939 in Bethany, Missouri. He was born December 27, 1913 in Andover, Missouri.

More About Mary Pauline Shafer:
Cause of Death: Lymphoma

Children of Mary Shafer and Alfred Axsom are:
21 i. Mary Jean4 Axsom, born May 29, 1940 in At home near Cainsville, Missouri. She married (1) Alvin Warren Beck; died in Farm near Spickard, Missouri. She married (2) Lewis Fred Johnson May 25, 1976.

More About Alvin Warren Beck:
Cause of Death: Heart Attack
Military service: U.S.Navy

+ 22 ii. Freeda Darlene Axsom, born December 30, 1941 in At home north of Cainsville, Missouri..
+ 23 iii. Bernard Charles Axsom, born June 17, 1944 in At home near Cainsville, Missouri.
24 iv. Roger Dale Axsom, born March 30, 1952 in Trenton, Missouri; died January 12, 1987 in San Jose, California. He married Delores Jane Bruce August 28, 1971.

Notes for Roger Dale Axsom:
Roger attended college, was a musician.

More About Roger Dale Axsom:
Burial: Oakhill, California

10. Junior Ross3 Shafer (John William Ross2, George Washington1) was born March 19, 1924, and died March 08, 1972. He married Katerine Darlene Teas. She was born January 01, 1927.

Children of Junior Shafer and Katerine Teas are:
+ 25 i. George Ross (Butch)4 Shafer, born January 1945.
+ 26 ii. James "Jimmy" Lee Shafer, born December 15, 1947.
27 iii. William Ray "Bill" Shafer, born September 18, 1949. He married (1) Susan Lowe; born October 22, 1940; died Unknown. He married (2) Becky Unknown June 07, 1986; born June 28, 1947.
+ 28 iv. Stephen Craig Shafer,Jr., born March 23, 1954.
+ 29 v. Karen Kay Shafer, born September 23, 1955.
30 vi. Gerald Wayne Shafer, born January 28, 1956.
+ 31 vii. Cindy Lynn Shafer, born March 05, 1964.

11. Cecil Dean3 Shafer (John William Ross2, George Washington1) was born February 14, 1926, and died August 08, 1998 in At home in Princeton, Missouri.. He married (1) Marolynn Donanell Hampshire March 24, 1944. She was born November 28, 1926. He married (2) Joanne Sloan Aft. 1944. He married (3) Marolynn Donanell Hampshire Lawson July 03, 1970.

Child of Cecil Shafer and Marolynn Hampshire is:
+ 32 i. Dona Lynn4 Shafer, born October 25, 1944.

Child of Cecil Shafer and Joanne Sloan is:
33 i. Roy Dean4 Shafer, born October 17, 1946. He married Janet Olson Unknown.

Children of Cecil Shafer and Marolynn Lawson are:
+ 34 i. Lovella Jane4 "Janie"Lawson, Stepchild.
35 ii. William Albert Lawson, Stepchild.
+ 36 iii. Daniel Bruce Lawson, Stepchild.
+ 37 iv. Randall Mark Lawson, Stepchild.

12. Betty Jean3 Shafer (John William Ross2, George Washington1) was born June 17, 1928, and died July 14, 1988 in At her home in Des Moines, Iowa. She married David Leroy Ashley.

More About Betty Jean Shafer:
Cause of Death: Cancer

Children of Betty Shafer and David Ashley are:
38 i. Rodney David4 Ashley, born April 01, 1951.
+ 39 ii. Sherryl Jean Ashley, born July 13, 1954.
40 iii. Lisa Luanne Ashley, born October 06, 1963.
41 iv. Lori Lynne Ashley, born December 21, 1964. She married Jim Evans September 03, 1988.

13. Lois3 Cochran (Pearl2 Shafer, George Washington1) She married Lester Booth.

Children of Lois Cochran and Lester Booth are:
42 i. Linda4 Booth.
43 ii. Randy Booth.

14. Eva Edith3 Shafer (Oscar2, George Washington1) was born in Harrison County, Cainsville, Missouri. She married Harold Asa Mathes March 13, 1941. He was born in Harrison County, Colfax Twp. Blythedale, Mo..

Notes for Eva Edith Shafer:
Eva went to live with Shafer grandparents after Edna & Oscar divorced. When her mother Edna married Roy Willis she moved back to live with her mother. Roy never adopted her but she used the last name of Willis while she lived with them. Her maiden name listed on her marriage certificate is Shafer.

Children of Eva Shafer and Harold Mathes are:
+ 44 i. Deanna4 Mathes, born July 12, 1942.
+ 45 ii. Denver Lavern Mathes, born December 25, 1943; died April 2005.
+ 46 iii. Daryl Keith Mathes, born January 28, 1946.
+ 47 iv. Harold Gene(Gene) Mathes, born July 26, 1948.
+ 48 v. Vicki Lynne Mathes, born August 26, 1952.
+ 49 vi. Ronda Gail Mathes, born March 19, 1959.

Generation No. 4

22. Freeda Darlene4 Axsom (Mary Pauline3 Shafer, John William Ross2, George Washington1) was born December 30, 1941 in At home north of Cainsville, Missouri.. She married Jerry Lee Haggard June 06, 1959 in Trenton, Missouri.

Children of Freeda Axsom and Jerry Haggard are:
50 i. Darla Ann5 Haggard, born June 19, 1960 in Trenton, Missouri. She married Marcus Wayne Winegarden May 03, 1980.
51 ii. Mona Carol Haggard, born June 25, 1963 in Princeton, Missouri. She married (1) Randy Edward Boyer February 21, 1981 in Redding, California; born April 13, 1960. She married (2) David Wayne Somers August 13, 1988 in Anderson, Cailfornia; born May 13, 1960 in Mercy Hospital, Redding, CA..
52 iii. Jerry Lynn Haggard, born December 23, 1967 in Davenport, Iowa.

23. Bernard Charles4 Axsom (Mary Pauline3 Shafer, John William Ross2, George Washington1) was born June 17, 1944 in At home near Cainsville, Missouri. He married Janet Mae Brown June 02, 1963 in Trenton, Missouri.

Children of Bernard Axsom and Janet Brown are:
53 i. Debra Lynn5 Axsom, born December 08, 1964. She married Kevin Fred Dailey September 28, 1983 in Mercer United Methodist Church, Mercer, Mo. by Rev. Virginia Belt; born February 28, 1965 in Galvaston County, Texas.

More About Debra Lynn Axsom:
Graduation: 1983, Princeton, Mo. High School

Notes for Kevin Fred Dailey:
Graduated from Chillicothe, Mo. Vo-Tech in 1985 with a farm industrial II degree.

More About Kevin Fred Dailey:
Graduation: 1983, Mercer High School, Mercer, Mo.

54 ii. Lisa Ann Axsom, born November 17, 1966. She married Tom Butler June 04, 1994 in Belle, Missouri.

Notes for Lisa Ann Axsom:
She graduated Trenton, Mo. Junior College and graduation from Kirkville, Mo. college with a CPA.

More About Lisa Ann Axsom:
Graduation: 1985, Princeton High School, Princeton, Mo.

55 iii. Brenda Kay Axsom, born March 28, 1969. She met Jason Crabb.

Notes for Brenda Kay Axsom:
Graduated American Institute of Business in Des Moines, Iowa

More About Brenda Kay Axsom:
Graduation: 1987, Princeton High School, Princeton, Mo.

56 iv. John Ross Axsom, born September 09, 1980.

Notes for John Ross Axsom:
He attended North Central Missouri College, Trenton, Mo. As of 2005 he works as a dispatcher in sheriff's office, Trenton, Mo.

More About John Ross Axsom:
Graduation: 1999, Princeton High School, Princeton, Mo.

25. George Ross (Butch)4 Shafer (Junior Ross3, John William Ross2, George Washington1) was born January 1945. He married (1) Doris Unknown. He married (2) Carolynn Unknown. He married (3) Judy Unknown. He married (4) Nancy Unknown. He married (5) July Miller 1964. He married (6) Evelyn Overton 1969.

Children of George Shafer and July Miller are:
57 i. George Ross "ButchY"5 Shafer, Jr., born June 21, 1965.
58 ii. Brian Keith Shafer, born August 03, 1966.

Children of George Shafer and Evelyn Overton are:
59 i. James5 Overton, born May 25, 1967; Stepchild.
60 ii. Michelle "Sissy" Lynn Shafer, born August 15, 1969.
61 iii. Floyd "Fonzie" Ross Shafer, born August 08, 1970.
62 iv. George "Huey" Ross Shafer, born August 31, 1971.
63 v. Jerry Roy Lee Shafer, born December 04, 1972.
64 vi. David Earl Shafer, born January 03, 1975.

26. James "Jimmy" Lee4 Shafer (Junior Ross3, John William Ross2, George Washington1) was born December 15, 1947. He married Marcia Ann Olson.

Children of James Shafer and Marcia Olson are:
65 i. John James5 Olson, born March 15, 1957; Stepchild.
66 ii. Ronald Clark Olson, born December 25, 1959.
67 iii. James Lee (Jimbo) Shafer, Jr., born August 05, 1965.
68 iv. Dawn Marie Shafer, born September 03, 1968.
69 v. Linda Leann Shafer, born Aft. 1969.

28. Stephen Craig4 Shafer,Jr. (Junior Ross3, John William Ross2, George Washington1) was born March 23, 1954. He married Peggy Sue Unknown. She was born March 12, 1958.

Children of Stephen Shafer and Peggy Unknown are:
70 i. Stephen Craig "Stevie"5 Shafer, Jr., born September 01, 1974.
71 ii. Robert Ross "Robbie" Shafer, born May 19, 1977.

29. Karen Kay4 Shafer (Junior Ross3, John William Ross2, George Washington1) was born September 23, 1955. She married Frank Howard Ragan December 07, 1974. He was born November 02, 1955.

Child of Karen Shafer and Frank Ragan is:
72 i. Frank Howard "Frankie"5 Ragan, Jr., born February 28, 1975; died February 28, 1975.

31. Cindy Lynn4 Shafer (Junior Ross3, John William Ross2, George Washington1) was born March 05, 1964. She married (1) Tim Pearson. She married (2) Rodger Gullian.

Children of Cindy Shafer and Rodger Gullian are:
73 i. Joshua Edward5 Shafer, born February 04, 1981.
74 ii. Jennifer Nicole Shafer, born January 15, 1983.
75 iii. Melinda Sue Shafer, born December 13, 1985.

32. Dona Lynn4 Shafer (Cecil Dean3, John William Ross2, George Washington1) was born October 25, 1944. She married Ronnie Hesseltine September 29. He was born November 26, 1945.

Children of Dona Shafer and Ronnie Hesseltine are:
76 i. Christina Lynn5 Hesseltine, born July 09, 1963.
77 ii. Craig Wesley Hesseltine, born July 12, 1966; died January 14, 1968.

More About Craig Wesley Hesseltine:
Burial: Glendale, Dis Moines, Iowa
Cause of Death: Crib Death

78 iii. Richard "Rick" Harold Hesseltine, born May 12, 1971.

34. Lovella Jane4 "Janie"Lawson (Cecil Dean3 Shafer, John William Ross2, George Washington1) She married Art Unknown.

Child of Lovella "Janie"Lawson and Art Unknown is:
79 i. Ty5 Unknown.

36. Daniel Bruce4 Lawson (Cecil Dean3 Shafer, John William Ross2, George Washington1) He married Cricket Unknown.

Child of Daniel Lawson and Cricket Unknown is:
80 i. Gilbert5 Lawson.

37. Randall Mark4 Lawson (Cecil Dean3 Shafer, John William Ross2, George Washington1) He married (1) Unknown. He married (2) Jennie Unknown.

Children of Randall Lawson and Unknown are:
81 i. Corby5 Lawson.
82 ii. Michelle Lawson.

39. Sherryl Jean4 Ashley (Betty Jean3 Shafer, John William Ross2, George Washington1) was born July 13, 1954. She married (1) Tim Shay 1974. She married (2) Jess Hicks October 1985.

Child of Sherryl Ashley and Tim Shay is:
83 i. Unknown5 Shay, Adopted child.

Child of Sherryl Ashley and Jess Hicks is:
84 i. Amanda5 Hicks, born April 27, 1990 in Korea; Adopted child.

44. Deanna4 Mathes (Eva Edith3 Shafer, Oscar2, George Washington1) was born July 12, 1942. She married (1) Robert Harmon Aft. 1960 in Marshalltown, Iowa. He died Abt. 1962. She married (2) Ray Steveson Abt. June 06, 1972.

Notes for Deanna Mathes:
Deanna's address as of 2005 was 111 Palmer St., Marshalltown, Iowa 50158.

Notes for Robert Harmon:
Killed in a motorcycle accident about 1 1/2 years after they married.

More About Robert Harmon:
Cause of Death: Motorcycle Accident

Child of Deanna Mathes and Ray Steveson is:
85 i. Ray5 Steveson,Jr., born November 29, 1975.

45. Denver Lavern4 Mathes (Eva Edith3 Shafer, Oscar2, George Washington1) was born December 25, 1943, and died April 2005. He married Linda Shannon March 31, 1967. She was born in From Knoxville, Iowa.

Notes for Denver Lavern Mathes:
Lavern had several chronic health problems (diabetes, heart).

Marriage Notes for Denver Mathes and Linda Shannon:
Linda and Lavern separated but never divorced.

Child of Denver Mathes and Linda Shannon is:
86 i. Denise5 Mathes, born July 18, 1972. She married James Paris 2003.

46. Daryl Keith4 Mathes (Eva Edith3 Shafer, Oscar2, George Washington1) was born January 28, 1946. He married Rebecca Jo Nichol Abt. 1967.

Children of Daryl Mathes and Rebecca Nichol are:
87 i. Bradley5 Mathes, born 1969. He married Tessia Essen Abt. 1989 in Marshalltown, Iowa.
88 ii. Brian Mathes.

47. Harold Gene(Gene)4 Mathes (Eva Edith3 Shafer, Oscar2, George Washington1) was born July 26, 1948. He married Rebecca Ellen Piek July 28, 1973 in Milwaukee, Wi.. She was born in From Elkhorn, Wisconsin.

Children of Harold Mathes and Rebecca Piek are:
89 i. Rachel Lynn5 Mathes, born June 25, 1974. She married Matthew Silas Uksas August 29, 1998.

Marriage Notes for Rachel Mathes and Matthew Uksas:
They lost 2 boys during mid pregnancy.

90 ii. James Paul Mathes, born July 30, 1976; died July 30, 1976.
91 iii. David Gene Mathes, born August 16, 1978. He married Amanda Weiss July 02, 2005.
92 iv. Daniel Roy Mathes, born March 14, 1981. He married Kristin Heesch June 26, 2004 in New Lisbon, WI..
93 v. Timothy Jon Mathes, born September 25, 1984.

48. Vicki Lynne4 Mathes (Eva Edith3 Shafer, Oscar2, George Washington1) was born August 26, 1952. She married Kenneth Sires September 16, 1978 in Marshalltown, Iowa.

Children of Vicki Mathes and Kenneth Sires are:
94 i. Jillissa5 Sires, born September 28, 1980. She married Shawn Woods.
95 ii. Kellanie Sires, born March 24, 1984.

49. Ronda Gail4 Mathes (Eva Edith3 Shafer, Oscar2, George Washington1) was born March 19, 1959. She married Wayne Blubaugh May 19, 1979 in Marshalltown, Iowa.

Children of Ronda Mathes and Wayne Blubaugh are:
96 i. Travis5 Blubaugh, born September 24, 1980. He married Tressie Unknown.
97 ii. Kimberly Blubaugh, born December 30, 1982.
98 iii. Tyler Blubaugh, born Abt. 1987.