Tuesday, August 25, 2009

my new favorite genealogy tool!

is Facebook...have found many relatives there, including my California cousin Mona Haggard Somers. found out from a posting today that she drove a school bus for 6 years! That was something I never knew about her & found quite interesting! Yeah, Facebook! I also stole this picture of Mona & David from Facebook....I am evil!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dorothy Carmichael

Princeton Post Telegraph July 23 2009 obit

Dorothy Mae Carmichael, 76, died Sunday July 19 2009 at Wayne County Hospital in Corydon, Iowa.
Funeral services conducted by the Rev. Max Carmichael were held Wednesday July 22 at Greenlee-Middleton Funeral Chapel in Lineville, Ia. Burial was in the Evergreen Cemetery in Lineville.
Mrs Carmichael, daughter of Oral & Louie (Durham) Haggard, was born in Mercer MO on Oct 4 1932. She was raised in the Mercer community and was a 1950 graduate of Mercer High School.
She married Howard ""H.L." Carmichael on Dec. 2 1950. They lived most of their married life in Davenport, Iowa. They later moved to Meridian, Miss. for 13 years before returning to Mercer in 1989 after Mr Carmichael retired. From 1989 to 2007 they spent winters in Pharr, Texas.
She was a member of the Mercer Baptist Church. She loved to shop and travel, but mostly loved to spend time with her husband, children, & grandchildren.
Survivors include her husband, H.L. Carmichael of the home in Mercer; three daughters, Ardeania Cale & husband Ron of Davenport, IA; Rita Worden & husband Terry of Walcott, IA; and Renee Puryear of Jacksonville, FL; two brothers, Richard Haggard of East Moline, IL.; & Jerry Haggard and wife Freeda of Redding, CA; a sister-in-law Chastine Haggard of Mercer; six grandchildren, Terrah Setteducato & husband Vinny; Justin and Samantha Young; Ryan Cale; Savannah Worden & Trey Puryear; and several nieces, nephews, other relatives, and friends.
She was preceded in death by her parents; her sister Carolyn Shroyer; two brothers, Billy & Max HAggard; two sisters-in-law Barbara Haggard & Jeanne Carmichael; and a brother-in-law, Wayne Shroyer.
The family requests memorial contributions to Mercer Baptist Church in lieu of flowers. Contributions may be maled to Greenlee-Middleton Funeral Service, PO Box 316, Princeton MO 64673.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

we are family....

cousins on grandma Janet & Grandpa Bernard Axsom's farm....KJ & Katie Dailey, Logan & Max Butler.
sisters on the farm we grew up on...Deb Dailey & Lisa Butler.
and the old dairy barn is falling down, down, down.

The Axsom Farm

KJ & Katie Dailey visited their cousins Max & Logan Butler @ Grandpa Bernard & Grandma Janet Axsom's farm. Their moms Deb & Lisa grew up in the dairy barn which is now falling down.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

places we have lived...

since our marriage September 28 1983, Kevin & I have moved a lot...sometimes due to looking for a better place, sometimes for jobs...
we started out in an upstairs apt. in Chillicothe. We had a sunporch, a fireplace, a guest room....swanky! Kevin went to school, worked for a farmer, & picked up odd jobs off the bulletin board at school. Deb worked at Taco Nita & The Carriage House. Then she just sat home on her lazy butt.
we moved that summer to his dad's farm to save rent $ for Kevin's next year of school. we adopted a cat, Gray. Kevin worked for the State Highway Dept. & helped his dad on the farm haying, etc. Deb worked with her mother in law Dixie at Ma & Pa's.
end of summer we moved to a different apt. in Chillicothe, just a few blocks from the first one, downstairs. we had pets...roaches. we also had Gray & Little Bit. this is where I got pregnant with Koren! Kevin went to school, worked for farmers, & did odd jobs. I babysat Chelsea Cox & Amanda (can't remember her last name...)
after Kevin graduated from vo-tech school, we moved back to his old room at the farm while Kevin looked for a job. Kevin worked on the farm, Deb just got more & more pregnant. We gave the cats back to my mom, my dr. told us all about complications a pg. woman could get from cats. Kevin found a job at Lamoni Products in Lamoni, IA. we rented a house at Eagleville, MO. Deb just knew their soon to be born baby would learn to ride a bike & roller skate on the concrete driveway. This was Koren Marie Dailey's first home. She was born Oct. 8 1985 & came home after 2 very long weeks at Blank Children's Hospital in Des Moines. Deb babysat Jackie Thomas here. My best friend from high school Shirley Slaughter Thomas helped us find the house & we hung out a lot.
our next move was to a drafty but very cool apartment in an old building a couple of blocks from the square that the landlord told us was the first drs. office in Bethany. There were transom windows, leaded glass windows, beautiful woodwork...Deb ran a daycare there & worked briefly at Kentucky Fried Chicken, then started her daycare back up again. Kevin left Lamoni Products for Fordyce Equipment in Bethany.
we bought our first new bed: a waterbed from B&W Furniture.
When Kevin got hired as a Place's Discount Store asst. manager, his first store was in Indianola, Ia. I loved it there, we had an apt. with a balconey & a playground at Robin Manor. I babysat a neighbor girl Mandy Jo Nelson. Koren always had someone to play with. She loved going to the Mickey Mouse pool & having a grape DQ Starkist afterwards. we recycled pop cans to go to the movies. We went to the Balloon Classic, paddleboated at Lake Aquabi...Koren took ballet class & went to Park & Rec classes. We journeyed into Des Moines. Kevin got afternoons off after working the weekend, he'd plan fun outings for us. We bought our first new car there...a 1989 Chevy Cavalier from Lentz Chevrolet. We also bought our first new tv. and vcr. and entertainment center. and a mushroom chair for Koren. Up to this point, 99% of our furniture was hand-me-downs. Koren & I went to the Grand Opening of the Indianola Wal-Mart. Koren had her tonsils taken out while we lived here.
He was transferred to help open the new store in Montgomery City, MO. We rented a house, Koren went to preschool, Deb babysat for awhile, then had to get a 'real' job at the nursing home. We decided that when Kevin became a manager, we'd try to have another baby. We lived close to my sister Lisa, she came to visit. There was a fountain, a bakery, a dime store, a pet store...Koren finally got her fish!
Kevin got the Rock Port store, we rented a house on a hill, it had an upstairs! Deb got a nursing home job & promptly got sick....I was pregnant with Karl Joseph Dailey. Kevin joined the Park board & became a volunteer firefighter. Koren went to Kindergarten. KJ was born March 3, 1992.
Kevin was transferred to the Albany Places store. We found the upstairs of a duplex that was decorated in the 70s to rent...all shades of shag carpet. Lots of stairs to climb up & down. Koren went to first grade, second grade, & half of 3rd grade there. Deb worked at the nursing home, we did opposite shifts. I started out nights, Kevin was days. When Place's let him go, he got an evening shift at T-3 & Deb went to days. He had a lot less stress & we were all happier. We bought new furniture from F.C.Grace in Denver. We took our first 'real' vacations here...a long weekend at Lake of the Ozarks, a week wandering around Missouri on the way to my sister Lisa's wedding...
Then Kevin decided he wanted to move back to Mercer & work for PSF. He went to a job fair, was hired at the Lucerne Feedmill, & gave me 2 weeks to get ready to move. I didn't want to move back home. I think everyone in a two block radius knew exactly how I felt. But we moved anyway. Kevin's Grandma rented us one of her houses on a small farm. I got a job at Princeton Care Center evenings. After a couple of months, I went to a PSF job fair & ended up working part-time at the Wade units in May. In Jan. I went full time at Wade 3. We decided to have our last baby....Katie Scarlett Dailey was born Nov. 2 1998. After several hernia surgeries, I transferred to DD Polebarn parttime, then to GIF fulltime, then back to Wade 3. when our barn de-popped spring 2009, I had to work at Wolf 9 for several months.
Kevin had sinus surgery which was caused by dusty feedmill conditions, plus he was losing his hearing. He got a part time job at the Hy Vee Warehouse in Chariton IA & worked 2 jobs for about a year and a half without a day off, then started taking off one day every other week. When Hy Vee offered him full time, he quit the feedmill.
Our kids have been in scouts here, played soccer, Katie takes dance class, KJ has played BB & ran track & been in pep band, on the academic team, in school plays. Koren got her first cats & dogs here. and a hamster & a rabbit. KJ had Templeton the gerbil. Katie got the first inside cat...Miss Cuddles. We have had so many cats & dogs here...
Koren was Prom Queen & Valedictorian. 25 years later...here we are. We've been in Mercer 15 years. I love our house on the edge of town. I love the backyard. I just wish there were more jobs.
I am a Girl Scout Leader, a Band Booster, an Athletic Booster. I buy raffle tickets for everything. I love to go to school activities. The kids have lots of trees to climb, a cool BB court at the park next door, a pool in Princeton...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Susan Elizabeth Elliott Boyd

was my great great grandmother. She died in Cainsville in 1960. As a widow she shared a house with Mollie Mullins. She was known as "Susie".

Bernard Axsom

my dad has always been a farmer...here he is with his dog Blaze returning from bottlefeeding a calf at the barn. For years they milked cows & put up crops & both he & mom worked off the farm, now they run stock cows. He has always been a clown, turning his hat sideways, doing a jig, getting all flustered trying to tell an off-colored joke...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

family picture

Marie Dailey Hass "50th Wedding Anniversary Jan 1 1921, they were married Jan 1 1871. left to right: Jessie Toot Shroyer, Walter Toot, Jonathan Toot, Leonard Toot, Lura Elizabeth Shipley toot, Carl Toot, Lena Laura Toot Hickman

Virgil & Jessie Toot

Marie Dailey Hass "Virgil Wyman Shroyer & Jessie Leona Toot Shroyer 50th Wedding Ann'y pictures"

Marie Shroyer Dailey Hass

Marie Dailey Hass "Marie Shroyer Dailey Hass 3 months old. I still have that dress!"

The boys

Marie Dailey Hass gave me this picture...."We had these studio pictures made 1958 Thanksgiving, I think. Fred Dailey was in car wreck that blinded him soon after. left to right: Fred Dailey, Duane Dailey, Elijah D. Dailey, Howard K. Dailey."

Jonathan & Lura Toot Home in Mercer MO

"this was the home of Jonathan & Lura Toot in Mercer, MO, Fran & Billy Fisher now have a home on that lot. I think the original home burned." Marie Dailey Hass

Family picture

a picture from Marie DAiley Hass....
front row Eva & Wesley Shroyer
middle row Wauneta Shroyer, Grandpa, Grandma holding Ruth Shroyer, Vera Shroyer
back row Cliff Hickman, Lena Toot Hickman, Leonard Toot, Walter Toot, Carl Toot, Grace Thomas Toot, Virgil Shroyer holding Marie Shroyer, Jessie Toot Shroyer.

1913 Ford

a picture from Marie Dailey Hass...
Virgil & Jessie Shroyer take their Nov 17 1919 model daughter Marie for a ride in their 1913 Ford...

Lura Elizabeth Shipley Toot

Marie Dailey Hass gave me old pictures....
"born July 2 1852 Knox County Ohio, died March 17 1940 KC Kansas, age 83. Grammie would sit out on the porch & sit so quietly a wren would land on her shoulder."

Sunday, August 2, 2009

a quote...

"...the human struggle to understand our elusive past...a willingness to recount all our stories-our darkest tales as well as our most inspiring ones- and to ponder those stories that violence has silenced forever." Shadows At Dawn by Karl Jacoby