Monday, May 25, 2015

Jean Frisbie Memorial Day post.

I remember my grandma but I never got to meet my grandpa. I loved her so. My mom is sitting on her dads lap with a little white bonnet on. In this picture can barely see her she was a tiny baby back then. I loved my mom too very much. In my mind these people are heroes too. My mom was born in the USA but my grandparents came over with their parents from Germany. They didn't fight the wars but they did have to learn to live in the USA and they became citizens the old fashion way. I heard some stories and learned how to count to 10 in German but the parents of my grandparents wouldn't let the children talk in German. They told them we are in America now and we will speak English. My grandparents were children when they came here so my grandmother didn't know many words in German either. I knew this all my life but never gave it much thought till everyone got so into being offended!!! Where is their pride? The times have changed so much. Some of my thoughts this Memorial day.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Lisa's facebook post:
Happy 70th birthday to Janet Axsom from three non morning people!! In honor of your 70th here are 70+ comments about you.
Artist. Let's face it... the "I quit!!!" in grease pencil on the wall of the milk parlor was a work of ART! Great cook. Best potato soup, homemade noodles, fried potatoes, and cherry delight EVER!!! #1-4... artist, good cook, great mom, and amazing lady. #5- 11... awesome grandmother, piano/keyboard player, beautiful singer, milk maid, farm wife, cat lover. #14 - Mowing rooms in the yard for us girls to play in. Past jobs and organizations are #15 - 22. Frost Top, Wright Memorial Hospital, stay at home mom, small business owner, Mt.Olive Friendship Club, Sweet Adelines, Community Choir, and Princeton Chamber of Commerce. #23 - 36 are her family. Married 50 years to Bernard. 4 kids (Deb, me, Brenda, & John). 9 grandkids (Koren, KJ, Rachelle, Sarah, Max, Katie, Logan, David Seth, and Brent). #37 - sister to Charlene and Kay. Collector of many things. #38 - books. #39 clocks - Mom has over 20 clocks in her livingroom. Some work and some don't. All show different times. #40 - mirrors. #41 - Giver of strange names to animals. We had a dog named Warthog and a milk cow named Skyhook. #42 - 44. Lover of Godzilla, tremors, and Dark Shadows. #45 - The person who introduced me to God. Lots of fond memories of going to church at Half Rock with mom! #46 - hard working. #47 - selflessly sacrificed for her kids, wearing hideous "old people clothes" while us girls had "cool clothes". School age memories. #45 - Trentonette. #46 - liked drag racing. #47 - walked home from school for lunch. #48 - played baseball with neighbor kids in the street. Crafty. #49 - Made a huge God's eye crochet thing that was on the front porch for years. #50 - made gorgeous plastic flowers. #51 - sewed my older sister's wedding dress. #52 - swinky dinks. #53 - loves jig-saw puzzles. #54 - Got married less than a month after graduated high school. #55 - Had us girls all about 2 years apart, with the oldest born after about a year if marriage. #55 - Had John when us girls were 11-15 years old. #56 - 65. Had huge gardens when I was young. Stubborn. Widow. Loves auctions. Elementary room mother. Caregiver to both her parents in their last months. Colorful friends. Supportive. Wants to visit the deep south. Scared of heights. #66 - Network of informants when I was in college (she knew way more of what I was up to then I ever knew at the time). #67 - learned to use a comouter in her 60s. #68 - given us way too many scares with her health issues. #69 - taught me a comfortable home is more important than having a showroom perfect house. Lisa Axsom Butler #70 - last, but not least, she is my much beloved mom! Happiest of birthdays to you!! she did a good job!
my contribution:
Let them eat cake. Marie Antoinette Happy Birthday, Mom!
Happy birthday to my dear grandma! I love you so much and I hope your day is great!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Jackie & Linda Hague Family

(Jackie's mom was my dad's cousin)

Friday, May 1, 2015

Marriage Licenses Friday April 17 2015

Elijah Dailey of Mercer, MO, and Donna Turnipseed, of Ravenwood, Mo.
Princeton Post Telegraph April 30 2015