Monday, January 23, 2017

Senior Spotlight

John Axsom is the son of Bernard and Janet Axsom. John has attended Princeton School District all 13 years of his education. While attending PHS, John been involved in SAAD. John describes himself as a patient, quiet, and fun- loving person.
"My favorite class is Mrs. Dougan's accounting class because she takes time out to help and make us understand without getting mad at us," said John.
John enjoys listening to his favorite tunes, which is anything by Aerosmith. The movie Dazed and Confused is also among his favorites.
John finds people who can not drive right and obey traffic laws to be his very annoying pet peeves.
John recalls one if his fondest memories. "My most memorable moment would have to be when we had to do community service for Tech Prep. Mindy, Carol, Jerry and I painted the park picnic tables, and when we went to clean off the brushes the paint dyed my hands green for several days," said John.
John will never forget all of his friends for giving him all the memories he has to cherish forever and for always being there for him as he leaves PHS behind him. John plans to attend college at North Central Missouri in Trenton. In the future he sees himself living in Princeton with a family. John is patiently awaiting being out on his own.