Wednesday, June 30, 2010

letter from aunt mary

Aunt Mickey is in an assisted living facility with dementia. Aunt Dona's son Randy has cancer & is in great pain. Aunt Mickey's daughter Cathy's birthday is July 4th, she'll be 60. Aunt Dona had given her an old beat up cardboard suitcase that had belonged to Grandma Shafer. in it is an album with pictures & many clippings. There is one with a picture of Ronald Grief who along with another boy fired shots at other vehicled on a highway and who stole gas at 2 farms & set a barn on fire.
There are many clippings of crimes, arrests, etc. by Osborn boys/men (Lyle, Robert, Wilbur, & Truman.) Truman was shot & killed in a bar brawl. It is said that the other man claimed self defense, there were a few witnesses. Obituaries for Aunt Maude (Boyd) & Grandpa Johnnie are in it.
I believe Aunt Hallie & Cleo were listed among Grandma Craig's children in her obit as being the children of her & John Melvin Craig. We know they had an unknown father. Aunt Dona said that Grandpa Pete disliked her two children so much taht their maternal grandmother practically (or actually?) raised them.
Virgina found an Osborn childs obit with burial at Freedom.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Patty Shank (Shaeffer)

email rec'd from Robert Norman:

My sister, Patty passed away June 22nd.from heart failure. She was the daughter of Oscar and Lita Anna Schaeffer(Shafer). She was the half-sister of Julia Ilse and they never met. Her two children, Donna Peterson and K.R. Shank are her two children living near St. Charles, Missouri.

Debbie, I know you and your family keep excellent records for the family tree so I regrettably sent this for your information.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Ms. Ashley Crawford!

I've been stealing pictures on facebook again...and I LOVE this one!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

the Muehlberg family

Jessica with the city of Reno behind her...
and Lacey, Craig, Kim, & Jessica at the Inn of the Six-Toed Cat in Allerton, IA July 2009.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

facebook pictures...

Kenton Dauma with his parents Kerry & Sheila at his high school graduation, and his MeMaw Chardy & Jim Smith.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bryant from History of Northwest Missouri Vol. 3

made themselves useful in a public way is John Brown Bryant, a son of Joseph F. Bryant, a prominent Northwest Missourian whose career is sketched at length on other pages of this work.

John Brown Bryant was born in Bethany August 20, 1870, and has spent most of his life either in the town or the close vicinity. His education came from the city schools, supplemented by attendance at Woodland College in Independence, Missouri, and a commercial course in the old Stanberry Normal. His practical business career began at the age of twenty in the Cottonwood Valley National Bank at Marion, Kansas, where he remained two years. He returned to Harrison County to take up farming, and it was as a substantial farmer that he was known in this community for fifteen years.

While on the farm, in 1904, he was elected a member of the county court from the south district as successor to Judge Taggart, and was re-elected in 1906. Judge Miller was presiding judge and his associates in the administration of county affairs were Judges Alley and Tucker. During those four years the board busied itself besides the routine affairs with repairing the bridges of the county destroyed or damaged in the notable flood of that time. They also improved the county farm, adding more land and constructing a substantial barn. Mr. Bryant's successor on the county board was Olin Kies. Besides his work as a county official Mr. Bryant also was a member of the Bethany school board a number of years.

Having given up farming in the meantime and moved into Bethany, Mr. Bryant became interested in merchandising as a grocer three years, and then became a partner in the firm of Walker, Bryant & Company until they sold out to Chambers & Davis. Since then his business has been real estate and insurance, and he is also secretary and a director of the Bethany Savings Bank. Since leaving the county board he has taken only a nominal interest in politics, but still classifies as a republican, the political faith in which he was reared. His fraternities are the Masonic, Independent Order of Odd Fellows and the Knights of Pythias.

In Harrison County on December 23, 1891, Mr. Bryant married Miss Carrie E. Howell. Her father was the late Judge John C. Howell, who died while on the circuit bench including Harrison County. . Judge Howell was born in Morgan County, Illinois, August 18, 1833, and died at Bethany, September 29, 1882, and had been identified with Northwest Missouri since childhood and for many years was a notable figure in law and politics. He was one of two children, his sister being Mrs. Carrie Carson. His father was a Kentuckian, but settled in Illinois, and on moving to Missouri first lived in Clinton County, but in 1847 went to Gentry County, where Judge Howell grew up. He completed his education at old Bethany College in what is now West Virginia, an institution founded by Alexander Campbell. After entering law, he found himself rapidly promoted in favor and success, and as a democrat was elected to the circuit bench before the formation of the district in which Harrison County is now included. He was a Mason and a member of the Christian Church. Mrs. Bryant is the only child of Judge Howell'a marriage to Belle Brown, who was born near Monroe, Wisconsin, and died at Bethany. Mr. and Mrs. Bryant have two children: Marie, who graduated from the Bethany High School in 1913; and Helen, now in one of the grades of the Bethany public schools.

Joy Frisbie

today is her 31st birthday! this is a picture on facebook from her college graduation.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Paul Bryant & Howell Bryant

this pictures are displayed at the Bethany High School gym. I know Howell was Marie's brother. Paul I think was a cousin? will have to look it up. somewhere I have info on them...

Marie Bryant

I found this picture years ago when KJ was playing summer ball at Bethany High School in the old graduate display...made sure I took a picture of it at The Dance Studio I Wanna Go To Hollywood Dance Recital at The Bethany High School Theater! she was such a lovely girl!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Lake School 1918-1919

3rd row 7th from left James Maxwell

Lake School students

3rd row 3rd from left Jasper Maxwell, 5th from left Clyde Maxwell

Lake School House

Lake School

1st row 4th from left Clyde Maxwell
2nd row 4th from left Jasper Maxwell

Lake School 1934-1935

first row: far left Jasper Maxwell, third from left Clyde Maxwell
2nd row 6th from left Mabel Brown, teacher


first row far right Vernon Utterback
third row far right Erma Brown


all these old pictures are from the Brimson History 1985-1986. and now you know the rest of the story...or at least the rest of the story that I have rememered to share with you!

another picture from Brimson History 1985-1986

2nd from left Dale Brown

Eight Grade Graduates 1959

midle of back row: Minerva Brown, Teacher

Brimson Teachers

Eva Brown

Brimson Girls Basketball Team 1937-1938

back row 3rd from left: Minerva Maxwell

Brimson Girls Basketball Team 1925-1926

Mabel Brown second from left