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desc. of Helen Boyd, dau. of Alfred Boyd by Scott Nesbitt

Descendants of Helen Boyd, daughter of Alfred Boyd:

Children from Helen’s first marriage with Floyd Martindale: Jim Martindale, who lives in Newell, Iowa and Gerada Martindale Nesbitt, married to Richard Nesbitt of Newell, Iowa. Gerada (my mom) passed away on Feb 4, 2001.

Children from Helen’s second marriage to Frances Dingman: Helen Foster, who is married to Rich and lives in Guthrie Center; Ginger Swaney, married to Frank Swaney and lives in Hampton, Iowa; Darl Dingman who lives in Atlanta Georgia; Boyd Dingman, married to Diana and lives in Omaha (check Dingman Collision Center.com on web to find out more detailed information about Helen’s kids.) Darlene was the second to youngest and died of diabetes in about 1953 at the age of 5.

Information about my family: I am the son of Gerada, who was the daughter of Helen Boyd Dingman, who was the daughter of Alfred Boyd.

Dick and Gerada’s children:

Craig (born 1954) married to Shari and lives in Pocahontas, Iowa. They have two daughters, Melanie (age 14) and Lynette (age 10).

Brad (born 1955) married to Barb and lives in Alta, Iowa. They have two boys, Nick (age 23) and Cody (age 20).

Pam (born 1957) married to Rick Sievers and lives in Newell, Iowa. They have two children, Dustin (age 26) and Destiny (age 23).

Scott (me born 1961) married to Janelle and live in Lake City, Iowa. We have 3 children: MaeLaan (age 17), Brock (age 14) and Jaden (age 11).

Lance was the youngest child of Dick and Gerada, and he died in 1986 at the age of 20 from leukemia.

My grandma Helen died in October or November of 2003. She was living in Omaha with my uncle Boyd.

(I intended to email you this last spring when we corresponded but I became sick (with no previous health issues) and ended up having a liver transplant at UNMC.
added April 5 2010
Thank you very much for adding my information to your Boyd family blog. I noticed today that I didn't include Darl's wife Colleen (one of my grandma's sons). Also Frank Swaney died in 2008. I don't know how difficult and time consuming it is to add this info, but if you have time, I would appreciate it.

Thank you very much!!!
Nesbitt, Scott [mailto:scott_nesbitt@southern-cal.k12.ia.us]

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