Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lake Teacher List

from grandma grace's book

Every Lake Pupil should be able to help on this list. Place first teachers first---giving dates if possible. If anyone remembers other names---add them. A.P.L.
I have put the teachers that I am pretty sure are related to "us" in bold print. deb.
Nora Miller
Emma Maxwell
Ella Hobbs
Mildred Chriswell
Irene Steward
Ilene Parker
Mamie Daniels
Julia Cole
Iva HArris 1910-1911
Florence DeLong 1920-21
Corrol Mooney 1922-23
Ercil Crigler 1921-22
Eva Jane Brown 1930-31-
Mabel Brown 1933-34-35
Ida Hamilton 1929-30-32-33
Lula Wilson 1944-45-46-47
Henry Maxwell 1944-45-46-47
Elmo Little 1935-36-37-38
Stanley Walker 1915
Bill Stevens 1906-1907
Rozelle Dowell 1938-9
Raymond Robinson 1939-40-41-42
Mavelyn Webster 1942-3
Francis Trobough 1943-44
Jessie Louderback 1909-10

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