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Mr and Mrs T.W. Maxwell 50th Anniversary

newspaper clippings from grandma grace's book
Mr. and Mrs. T.W. Maxwell To Observe Golden Wedding
Mr. and Mrs. T.W. Maxwell will observe their 50th wedding anniversary April 16 at an open house at their home north of Brimson.
Relatives who have already arrived to attend the Golden Wedding celebration are Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hidgon, Birch Tree; Mrs. Richard Williams, Winona; Mr and Mrs. Wesley Orton, Rosalea, Kan., and Chesley Higdon, Goldendale, Colo. Other relatives are expected to arrive later this week.
hand-dated 1950

A very large crowd called at the Tom Maxwell home Sunday in honor of Mr and Mrs Maxwell's 50th anniversary. They held an open house all day. One remarkable coincidence was that the couple who attended were the same couple who were present at their wedding 50 years ago. They were Bart Utterback and Emma Higdon, sister of Mrs Maxwell. Mrs Maxwell's other two sisters and a brother and all their children adn grandchildren were present. The Rev. J.B. Cash, the Rev. Mr. Sharrow and The Rev. Beecher Shrum made interesting talks. Lots of pictures were taken, dinner was served at noon and cake and coffee served all evening. The bright, sunny, warm day made it a perfect day well spent.
{note from deb: Beecher Shrum was pastor at Halfrock where I attended church as a girl.}

April 16 a very large crowd of relatives and friends gathered at the home of Mr and Mrs Tom Maxwell, for an all day open house, to pay tribute to this worthy couple who have spent all their lives in our midst and had been wed 50 years that day. Mrs. Maxwell's maiden name was Gillie Higdon. She has one living brother, Joe Higdon of Birch Tree, MO; three sisters, Mrs. Nannie Stanely, Cainsville; Mrs. Emma (Higdon) Orton Rosalin, Kansas; Mrs Grace Williams, Winona, Mo. All were present and a very remarkable coincidence was, Miss Emma Higdon, sister of Mrs Maxwell, and Bart Utterback, a brother-in-law of Mr Maxwell were the best man and bridesmaid at the wedding 50 years ago and were able to stand wtih them that day for pictures and congratulations. Letters from Representative Magee and Senator James P. Keme.
All their children and grandchildren were present: Mr and Mrs Leland Maxwell, daughter Marsha Jane of Marshall, MO; Mr and Mrs James Maxwell, sons Clyde and Jasper, of Brimson; Mr and Mrs John Maxwell, of Kansas City; Mrs Grace Brown, daughters Charlene, Kay, Janet, Trenton. Her husband Vermal came late in the afternoon; MR and Mrs Dale Brown of Brimson.
A wonderful dinner was served at noon, and cake, coffee and grape juice throughout the afternoon to new arrivals. A lovely five-tier white wedding cake was baked by a daughter-in-law.
Mrs. Emma Gardner (now 90 years old) was the oldest guest; Master Jimmy Haun, eight months old was the youngest. The sisters and brothers remained for a week's visit. It had been years since all were together.
Rev. J.B. Cash, Rev. C.E. Sharrah and Rev. Shrum of Trenton, offered prayer and congratulations.
Relatives from a distance were Mr and Mrs Joe Higdon, Mr and Mrs Wesley Orton, Mrs. R.O.Williams, Chesley, Higdon Wash; Mr and Mrs Roy Creswell St Louis MO; Mr and Mrs Bart Utterback, Trenton; Mr and MRs Roy Johnson, Greeley, Colo.; Mrs Inez Bush and son Chillicothe; Mr and Mrs Ross Hobbs, Sampsel, Mo; Mr and Mrs Harley Maple, Cainsville; Seth Griffin, Mr and Mrs Herbert Roberts, Trenton.
Friends that signed the register: Mr and Mrs Joe Chambers, daughter Vada, Chillicothe
Mr and Mrs Ross Hobbs, Mr and Mrs C.H. Hobbs, Mr and Mrs Bert Taylor, Mont.; Lee Shirley, Mr and Mrs Wm. Brown, Spickard; James Gibson, Frank and Nettie Hobbs, Mr and Mrs Glen Hamilton, Mr and Mrs Jack Hobbs, Mr and Mrs Stanley Maple, Opal Bain, Mr and Mrs Pearl Smith, Mr And Mrs Floyd Smith, Mr and Mrs Jack Haun and sons, Mr and Mrs Gilert Gamble, son Stanley; Mr and Mrs Tom Brown, Mrs Emma Gardner, MR and MRs J.D. Pilcher and Deloris; Mr and Mrs Harley Maple, Kay, Sharon, Roger and Jim; Mr and Mrs W.S. Robertson, Junior and Charles Robertson; Mr and Mrs Hubert Whitt, Mr and Mrs Jerry Davidson, Christine, Peggy and LarryWhitt, Mr and Mrs Earl Shirley, son Eddie; Mr and Mrs Rex Murphy, sons Robert, Beryl, Pat, Mike and Jimmy,; Mr adn MRs Ira Fulkerson, Jamesport. A number of
the afternoon guests did not sign the register.
The bright, sunny warm day, made a perfect day well spent.
Again we all say congratulations and happy day to you, Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell and family.

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