Friday, September 7, 2007

Debbie Axsom

from Grandma Grace's book
hand dated newspaper clippings

Princeton Post Telegraph
March 28 1980
Poet's Corner
A man is a man within himself.
A man is not made from a mold.
A man is is an individual unique to others
around him. A man moves on,
But behind him leaves long lived
A man may or may not be handsome,
But what is inside counts far more.
A man can help a neighbor, in the field,
through a tragedy.
It really doesn't matter,
As long as he is willing and able to
contribute to mankind.
Debbie Axsom

8th Grade To Get Diplomas At Princeton
hand dated 1980
Thirty-nine Princeton eighth grade graduates will receive diplomas in ceremonies May 25 at 8p.m. in the elementary gymnasium auditorium. Students presenting the evenings program include Kathy Cain, Kris Seymour, Lisa Gibson, Joe McLain and Mark Graham. The junior high band and chorus under the direction of Ann Taylor and Debbie Penning, music instructors, will perform. Rotary courtesy awards will be present to Ronald White and Debra Axsom by Neil Baker. William Prichard, principal, will announced school awards and Superintendent Merlin Shelton will present the diplomas to graduates.

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