Sunday, September 16, 2007

Frisbie Reunion

Mary (Axsom) Johnson attended a Frisbie reunion at a Cainsville, MO church Sunday September 9th. There was lots of food, family stories, fun, and music provided by Jackie Hague.
Others that she mentioned attending were Sherry (Ashley) & her husband Jess, Lori (Ashley) & 2 children, Larry Grief, Richard Uhler & wife Shirley, & Shirley Flatt.
"Mamie Grief's son Larry told a story that some Craig sisters were walking along the street in Saline, Mo. and joked about starting a whorehouse in Saline. Shirley said that Mary and May told her late husband Howard that they'd like to have the bank building for such. One of them told the other that she wanted to be the madam and let the other one do the work. We were all laughing about their antics. They were both fun loving."
Deb had to work so couldn't go...they are planning another reunion in 2008.

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