Tuesday, December 25, 2007

grandma remembers...

& her memory is amazing!
She talked about how her father got the 100 acres of Creswell land, & what the other siblings got.
about her Grandpa Maxwell who lived with them, how her & her brother John would torment him, about him dying after the fire when she was 8,
how Evie was like her mom, teaching her to sew & cook & crochet while their mom was outside working,
walking about half a mile to school.
She went to Melbourne & took a test & earned a years tutition to high school. She had to board with families, she talked like her & Eva boarded together, at one time they stayed in the back of a cafe.
Grandpa Vermal's uncle that he lived with needed him at home to help on the farm a lot, he got behind in school. He had to walk 2 miles each way. He only made it thru 6th grade.
The whole family babied Minerva.
She thinks she had a picture of Evie & Charlene.
Wheelchairs back then were nothing like todays models, yet Evie could sweep & mop & make beds.

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