Sunday, December 2, 2007

Ileen Thomas Xmas Letter 1998

from grandma grace's book
I was washing kitchen windows June 2 when the front leg of the stepladder fell thru a mole run. I stayed overnight for observation. Then later on I had a very bad kidney infection & spent a week in the hospital.
Bill & Virginia are doing fine at the locker.
On July 24 Dan & Jodi (their oldest son) made me a great grandmother-Grace Elizabeth. Their other son Chris works at the locker. Sara & Shannon now live north of Kirksville. He's a conservation agent.
Had a good THanksgiving at David & Dianne's. All of my children and grandchildren but one were there. Sandra & Allen had been down a month before & brought Ruth & Chad with them. They they came back for Thanksgiving & brought Amy.
David's have Elissa who is now 14 & Whitney who is 3. They are a real joy to me for they live here in Cainsville.

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