Monday, December 31, 2007

Moses Brown

undated newspaper clipping
about Mitchell Cemetery, east of Gilman City. Jake Gardner a member of Boy Scout Troop 67 in Gallatin completed a service community service project for his Eagle Scout Award.
a headstone dates 1840. the oldest cemetery in the area. there is a relative of Abraham Lincoln there-Elizabeth Dillon, was a sister of Nancy Hanks, so she was his aunt. , also some Negro slaves.
small cemetery-neglect-no proper markings-a score of graves are lost. the graves weren't laid out in rows but were selected and located at random. the cemetery is now cared for from funds received by donations and from royalties from the New Diamond Coal Mine which is nearby.
by Emma Brown 1955
More than 30 Civil War vets, Union and Confederate, and Spanish American vets are buried there.
On July 10 1971 Mr & Mrs Abel Pierce, Jr of Houston, Tx came by and Emma Brown, Fern Brown, & Mabel Brown Clark went to the cemetery seeking information on monuments that are in the Brown family. We found Moses Brown' monument lying on the ground broken. After using a shovel we finally found his wife's monument, Elizabeth Hadley Brown buried under several inches of earth. We removed these stones and took them to Chillicothe to Moore Monument Company. They sandblasted, repaired and reset these back in the cemetery. they looked so nice that other people have had some of their relatives monuments repaired.
the coal mine has ceased operation several years ago. by Mable Brown Clark Jan 1986

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