Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Doze Lake

rec'd this email today from Vicki Doze of Kansas...deb

This lake is along the Alberta-Saskatchewan border in Canada. It is a small lake, but who cares when it was named after a Doze! Joseph Wilbur Doze was the son of Augustus Doze who was the son of Peter Doze who was the son of John Claude Doze (John Claude Doze being our emigrant from France). Peter Doze was a brother to Victor and Joseph B. Doze.

Information from Warren, David and Jim Doze of Ontario, Canada

Location: Lsd 9 Sec 13 Twp 125 Rge 1 Mer 4W
Latitude: 59 degrees 51 ' 43"
Longitude: 10 degrees 0' 39"
Description: Approximately 350 km north north-east of Fort McMurray
Origin Summary: The name of the lake was recorded by B. W. Waugh, DLS, in his 1938 field notes; it was named after J. W. Doze [Joseph Wilbur Doze], an assistant on the Saskatchewan-Alberta Buondary Commission's party who surveyed the boundar from Lake Athabasca to the 60th Parallel.
Primary Sources: Filed note books
Collection: Canada. Dominion Lands Survey
Item: B. W. Waugh
Archival Date: 1938/08/24
Reference No.: 83.376/5744
Repository: PAA
Quotation: p. 9 - Doze Lake is noted at E13-125-1-4. Note that J. W. Doze had been assistant on B. W. Waugh's previous crew.
File Name: Fitzgerald Sheet Alta No. 74M Topographical Survey of Canada
Collection: GBC microfiche
Item: List
Archival Date 1938/11/28
Reference No.: 74M
Repository: GNP
Quotation: Doze Lake -- J. W. Doze, ALS, assistant on Albert-Saskatchewan Boundary Commissin survey
Approvals: Offical: Federal 1939/12/12

Vicki Bever Doze



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