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harrison county cemeteries

Antioch Cemetery is located in section 30 of Sherman Township, Harrison Co., approximately four miles southeast of Bethany.
From Bethany, go east two miles on highway 136 to the second gravel road to the right (south). Go south two miles to the first gravel road to the right (west). Follow this road less than one mile to the cemetery which is located on the left (south) side of the road.
Antioch Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in central Harrison County and was initially the primary burial ground for residents of the Bethany area. Although the cemetery remains in use and is very well cared for, many of the older stones are down, broken, worn, and unreadable. A stone and plaque at the entrance to the cemetery states: "Antioch Cemetery established 1840s." The church that was associated with the cemetery no longer exists. A history of the Antioch Church states that John and Ellen Foster donated the land on which the cemetery was established. The first church was established as the Christian Church of Antioch, even though no "town" of Antioch actually existed. The first church was a frame structure built in 1841.
This survey was conducted by Phil & Kathi Stewart on May 5, 2003.

BRYANT James G. Aug 1, ???? Age 41y, 5m, 11d No Birth Date
Death year unreadable
Same stone with Mary Bryant
BRYANT Mary L. June 29, 1906 Age 77y, 11m, 23d
Wife of J. G. Bryant No Birth Date
BRYANT Sarah I. Sep 20, 1871 Age 3y, 6m, 27d
Dau of J. G. & E. M. Bryant No Birth Date
BRYANT Gilly M. Dec 13, 1866 Age 43y, 1m, 6d
Wife of J. M. Bryant No Birth Date
FOSTER Amanda F. Feb 2, 1836 October 30, 1914 Wife of G. W. Foster Same stone with George W. Foster
FOSTER Anderson Jul 25, 1840 May 20, 1912 Same stone with Sarah Foster
FOSTER Andrew J. Dec 27, 1845 September 07, 1935
FOSTER Catherine J. Jul 30, 1830 January 19, 1913 Maiden Name Smith
Wife of Thomas Foster Same stone with Thomas Foster
FOSTER Charles F. Jan 7, 1878 September 17, 1938
FOSTER Elen M. Nov 5, 1801 Dec 1, 1877
FOSTER Emma 1866 1934
FOSTER George W. Dec 8, 1837 April 05, 1917 Same stone with Amanda Foster
FOSTER George W. 1866 1941
FOSTER Ida Grace Dec 3, 1886 February 18, 1999 Dau of W. T. & N. B. Foster
FOSTER Ida Mae 1877 1944 Same stone with Samuel R. Foster
FOSTER John Dec 9, 1804 Aug 16, 1890
FOSTER John H. Mar 18, 1888 Age 19y, 7m, 19d
Son of A. J. & L. Foster No Birth Date
FOSTER John N. Apr 23, 1855 Age 5m, 21d
Son of S. & M. A. Foster No Birth Date
FOSTER Lizzie L. Jan 8, 1879 January 13, 1929
FOSTER Lucenith Feb 19, 1847 Sep 19, 1898
FOSTER Martha Ellen Feb 19, 1860 April 14, 1917
FOSTER Mary A. Aug 23, 1831 March 19, 1927 Same stone with Samuel Foster
FOSTER Nolan A. Oct 11, 1897 April 1911 Son of G. W. & E. Foster
FOSTER Opal Nov 22, 1893 Oct 16, 1895 Dau of A. R. & E. Foster
FOSTER Raymond Nov 25, 1895 Jan 18, 1896
FOSTER Samuel Oct 28, 1832 November 13, 1910 Same stone with Mary A. Foster
FOSTER Samuel R. 1873 1959 Same stone with Ida Mae Foster
FOSTER Sarah J. Dec 3, 1842 July 10, 1930 Same stone with Anderson Foster
FOSTER Sophronia E. Jul 10, 1863 Age 2y, 2m, 15d
Dau of George and Amanda Foster No Birth Date
FOSTER Thomas Jul 22, 1825 December 22, 1900 Same stone with Catherine Foster
FOSTER William J. Oct 9, 1859 Age 1y, 6m, 21d
Son of S. & M. A. Foster
Died in Farmington No Birth Date

Cat Creek Cemetery is located adjacent to the Mt Pleasant #1 Baptist Church and is also known as the Mt Pleasant #1 Cemetery. A sign at the church states it was founded in 1845. The church and cemetery are located in section 2 of Sugar Creek township in the south-eastern corner of Harrison. The church still has services and the cemetery is well maintained.
From Bethany, go three miles east on highway 136 to highway 146 and turn right (south). Proceed on highway 147 for approximately seven miles to blacktop MM, which will continue east as 146 makes a turn to the right. Go east approximately six miles on blacktop MM to the "T" intersection with blacktop CC and turn left (north). The entrance to the church and cemetery are less than one mile from this intersection on the left (west) side of the road. There are signs for both the church and cemetery.

BROWN Elmer A. 1891 1940
BROWN Glen Dale December 13, 1949 One Date on Stone
BROWN Laura 1897 1934
BROWN Lawrence Dale August 29, 1922 September 17, 1987 Same stone with Minerva Brown
BROWN Lawrence Gale June 19, 1952 October 26, 1994
BROWN Minerva Alice October 10, 1922 No Death Date
Same stone with Lawrence Brown
CHRESWELL Cynthia Born abt 1816
No Death Date
No other info on stone
Surname may be misspelled. Listed as Cynthia "Creswell" in 1880 Census of Harrison Co., MO as 64 years old, born in Virginia.
CRESWELL Patrick H. Jun 19, 1886 Age 29y, 2m, 17d No Birth Date
DORITY Marie August 27, 1907 January 02, 1956 Maiden Name Utterback
FOSTER Charles H. October 02, 1963 One Date on Stone FOSTER Lydia 1856 1932 FOSTER R. T. Dec 15, 1849 November 04, 1927 (?related?)
HARRISON Eliza E. 1869 1924 Same stone with H. G. Harrison
HARRISON Erastus Dec 8, 1861 Jan 8, 1862 Son of A. & H. Harrison
HARRISON H. G. 1865 1935 Same stone with Eliza Harrison
HARRISON James Crockett 1849 1924 Son of William & Shone (Whitt) Harrison
HARRISON Laura S. Aug 26, 1858 Jun 1, 1867 Dau of Alexander & Harriet Harrison Stone broken
HARRISON Viola A. July 17, 1904 October 21, 1908
HARRISON William Mar 15, 1801 Mar 19, 1871 Co H 23rd MO Infantry Son of Thomas & Rebecca (Perry) Harrison
Born in Virginia
Married Shone Whitt on Sep 11, 1827 in Tazewell Co., Virginia
HILL Syria N. Jun 8, 1851 Jun 1, 1867
HUGHES Amanda M. Oct 5, 1868 Age 1y, 24d
Dau of L. O. & M. A. Hughes No Birth Date
HUGHES Infant Son May 5, 1865 Son of L. O. & M. A. Hughes No Birth Date
Other info unreadable
Stone worn
HUGHES Lewis O. Co G 4th Prov. Enrolled MO Militia No Dates
Husband of Malinda (Craig) Hughes
Married Aug 14, 1864 in Grundy County, MO
HUGHS James Co K 1st MO State Militia Cavalry No Dates
HUGHS Malinda A. 1846 1920 Wife of Lewis O. Hughes
Surname spelled "Hughs" on stone
Dau of Franklin & Malinda (Booram) Craig
MAXWELL Cyntha 1870 1873
MAXWELL Eugene H. January 25, 1907 October 10, 1910 Same stone with Joseph Maxwell
No Dates on Stone
Son of Thomas & Gilly Maxwell
MAXWELL Gilly May 1882 1961 Wife of Thomas W. Maxwell
Maiden Name Higdon
MAXWELL Harriet Aug 29, 1829 February 21, 1911 Wife of J. C. Maxwell Maiden Name Harrison
MAXWELL Infant Dau 1900 1900 Dau of J. & J. Maxwell
MAXWELL James C. 1829 1925 Husband of Minerva Maxwell
MAXWELL Joseph H. Same stone with Eugene Maxwell
No Dates on Stone
Birth Date Jul 16, 1909
Death Date Oct 03, 1910
Son of Thomas & Gilly Maxwell
MAXWELL Mildred Evie 1902 1948 Dau of Thomas & Gilly Maxwell
MAXWELL Minerva 1838 1878 Wife of James Maxwell
Maiden Name Creswell
MAXWELL Thomas Witten 1873 1959 Husband of Gilly (Higdon) Maxwell
Son of James & Minerva (Creswell) Maxwell
OSBORNE Ephraim Concrete Marker(?)
No Dates on Stone
Born abt 1801
Died betw 1872 & 1880
Son of John & Sarah (Stewart) Osborn
Born in North Carolina
OSBORNE Margaret His Wife Concrete Marker(?)
No Dates on Stone
Born 1832
Died aft 1880
3rd wife of Ephraim Osborne
SHIRLEY Amanda L. Aug 9, 1884 September 17, 1911 [not related, she is the neighbor of my great grandparents maxwell whose murder was never solved that i have found....]
SHIRLEY Ed Mar 23, 1873 June 21, 1937 [her husband]
SHIRLEY Emery E. 1927 1937 [his son with his second wife]
TOWNS Charles F. 1852 1932 TOWNS Gladys E. July 14, 1902 Age 6y, 1m, 15d
Dau of C. F. & M. E. Towns No Birth Date TOWNS Infant Son Jan 23, 1884 Age 9 Days
Son of C. F. & M. E. Towns No Birth Date TOWNS Lillie C. Sep 23, 1887 Age 2y, 3m, 9d
Dau of C. F. & M. E. Towns No Birth Date TOWNS Mary Electa 1862 1936
UTTERBACK Colleen May April 05, 1910 May 01, 1911 Dau of Bart & Emma Utterback UTTERBACK Emma M. Sep 29, 1875 April 05, 1963 UTTERBACK Infant Dau February 02, 1905 February 15, 1905 Dau of Bart & Emma Utterback UTTERBACK John N. Mar 16, 1847 June 26, 1920 Born in Indiana
Son of Thomas & Nancy (Boardman) Utterback UTTERBACK J. W. Barton October 22, 1970 April 02, 1961 UTTERBACK Roberta F. July 29, 1914 No Death Date
Christian Union Cemetery is located on Route MM, four and 1/4 miles east on the town of Blue Ridge. From Bethany, go east on Highway 136 approximately three and 1/2 miles to the intersection of Highway 146. Go south on 146 approximately six miles to the town of Blue Ridge. The highway will merge with Route MM as it turns east. Go east, but continue east on MM when Highway 146 turns back to the south toward Gilman City. Go east on Route MM three and 1/4 miles. The church and cemetery is on the right side of the highway in the middle of an "S" curve. It is still in use and well maintained.
This survey was conducted by Phil & Kathi Stewart on April 21, 2003.

BROWN Albert E. 1905 1926
BROWN Cecil I. December 20, 1905 October 23, 1937
BROWN Daniel F. Jul 25, 1899 Age 1y, 1m, 18d
Son of M. & M. J. Brown No Birth Date
BROWN Esta A. September 29, 1910 November 03, 1955 Same stone with William Brown
BROWN Etha Mae 1884 1967
BROWN Eva 1881 1967
BROWN Frances M. 1868 1945
BROWN Francis E. June 29, 1921 July 05, 1921
BROWN George 1866 1941
BROWN Harl April 01, 1930 April 01, 1930 Same stone with Harold Brown
BROWN Harold April 01, 1930 April 01, 1930 Same stone with Hal Brown
BROWN Lewis A. Apr 11, 1881 January 21, 1955
BROWN Lula E. July 14, 1901 Age 2m, 4d
Dau of M. & M. J. Brown No Birth Date

BROWN Martha J. Dec 31, 1835 January 05, 1904
BROWN William M. Sep 16, 1895 Age 39y, 2m, 1d No Birth Date
BROWN William O. 1881 1951
BROWN William W. September 16, 1907 April 28, 1984 Same stone with Esta Brown

HARRISON Alex Sep 11, 1889 November 01, 1956 Pvt US Army WWI
HARRISON Alta 1907 1977
HARRISON Fannie Frances 1892 1966
HARRISON Floyd August 06, 1926 November 05, 1994
HARRISON Jerry 1887 1944
The Old Blue Ridge Cemetery is located in section 11 of Adams Township in the southeast portion of Harrison County. From Bethany, go east on highway 136 for approximately three miles to highway 146 and turn right (south). Follow highway 146 for approximately seven miles, past the village of Blue Ridge, to where the highway curves back to the south. Continue south on 146 for one mile past the curve to the crossroad of 370th Street and turn left (east) on the gravel road. Go east for approximately 1/2 mile to where the gravel ends and turn left (north) into the lane that goes up a gradual hill along the fence. Follow this lane approximately 1/4 mile to the cemetery. The cemetery is marginally maintained and has sustained some damage from vandals. Several stones are down, broken, worn and unreadable. This should not be considered a complete list of burials.
This survey was conducted by Phil & Kathi Stewart on Aug 3, 2004.

BROWN Amanda J. Apr 6, 1853 February 22, 1903 Wife of A. Brown
BROWN Anderson 1842 Co H. 23rd MO Infantry No Death Date
Military Stone
Son of Isaac & Rebecca Brown
Husband of Elizabeth Bush & Amanda J. ????
BROWN Mary I. Dec 2, 1829 October 28, 1918 Same stone with Noah Brown
Maiden Name Golpheny
Born in Tennessee
BROWN Nannie J. 1859 1953
BROWN Noah Dec 25, 1830 May 28, 1891 Same stone with Mary I. Brown
Son of Joshua & Sarah Brown
Born in Indiana
Fairview Cemetery is located in section 36 of Clay Township, Harrison County, and is three miles north of Cainsville on Route V. It is well maintained and still in use. This survey was conducted by Phil & Kathi Stewart on Oct 19, 2003.
AXSOM Mary Francis 1884 1939
BOYD Lewis A. Nov 28, 1888 Nov 26, 1889 Son of S. & S. Boyd
COCHRAN Charles A. 1889 1960 Same stone with Pearl Cochran
COCHRAN Charles R. 1916 1994 No Stone
Funeral Home Marker
COCHRAN Pearl E. 1897 1980 Same stone with Charles Cochran
COCHRAN Russell June 19, 1916 December 09, 1994 Tech 4 US Army WWII
CRAIG Andrew Feb 20, 1808 Dec 27, 1876 Husband of Mary Craig
CRAIG Eli Sep 22, 1841 June 25, 1924 Same stone with Sarah Craig
CRAIG Ida Mar 21, 1877 Age 4 Weeks, 3d No Birth Date Other info unreadable
Stone worn
CRAIG Infant Jul 20, 1873 No Birth Date
Other info unreadable
Stone worn
CRAIG Louisa Oct 9, 1865 February 16, 1939
CRAIG Mary Dec 25, 1881 Age 71y, 22d
Wife of Andrew Craig No Birth Date
CRAIG Rebeca Oct 23, 1891 Age 62y, 2m, 15d
Wife of I. E. Craig No Birth Date
CRAIG Sarah E. Oct 20, 1842 March 21, 1916 Wife of Eli Craig Same stone with Eli Craig
CRAIG William O. Aug 30, 1896 Age 1y, 9m
Son of W. E. & S. A. Craig No Birth Date
CRAIG Wintford Jul 4, 1865 August 05, 1953

SHAFER Amanda 1901 1988
SHAFER George W. 1862 1937 Same stone with Rose Shafer
SHAFER Rose E. 1868 1933 Same stone with George Shafer
SHAFER Ross J. June 09, 1938 Pvt US Army No Birth Date
Military stone
SHAFER William R. August 18, 1920 November 20, 1943 Pfc USMC WWII

Foster Cemetery is located in section 19 of White Oak Township, southwest of New Hampton. From New Hampton, go south on blacktop ZZ approximately one mile to the first gravel road to the right (west). Turn right and go west less than a mile to the cemetery. Foster Cemetery is on land originally owned by John J. Foster and is the primary cemetery for the New Hampton area. It is still in regular use and is very well maintained. A few stones are down, broken, and/or worn, and are now unreadable. This should not be considered a complete list of burials.
Due to its size, the Foster Cemetery will be surveyed in sections. This section is the original (older) section of the cemetery located on the south side of the gravel road

BOYD Delia Belle Nov 20, 1898 Feb 24, 1899 Dau of Bloomer & Annie Boyd
BOYD Mary Ellen Jun 7, 1895 October 07, 1900 Dau of Bloomer & Annie Boyd
BROWN Chester Apr 28, 1881 Jun 27, 1882 Son of S. H. & M. J. Brown BROWN Emma Feb 29, 1884 Age 21y, 8m, 4d
Wife of W. S. Brown No Birth Date BROWN Lester May 3, 1880 Apr 25, 1881 Son of S. H. & M. J. Brown BROWN Mary C. Feb 24, 1845 November 06, 1921
The Gilman City Masonic Cemetery is located on the western edge of section 29 of Sugar Creek Township in Harrison County and is just east of the town of Gilman City. Some stones are old and now unreadable, but it is the main cemetery for the Gilman City area, and is still in regular use and is well maintained.
This survey was conducted by Phil & Kathi Stewart on June 26, 2004.

BROWN Amelia 1861 1936 Maiden Name Ward
Wife of Jonathan Brown
BROWN Artie J. 1884 1959
BROWN Cena E. December 06, 1901 March 16, 1990 Same stone with Paul Brown
BROWN C. Ethel 1879 1970 Same stone with DeWayne McCormick
BROWN Harrie 1849 1932
BROWN John 1855 1936 Son of Daniel & Martha Jane (VanDyke) Brown
Husband of Harriett Vandeventer
BROWN Jonathan C. 1858 1920 Husband of Amelia Brown
Son of Christopher C. & Elizabeth (Smith) Brown
BROWN Mary J. 1861 1929 Maiden Name DeWitt
2nd Wife of Moses Brown
Same stone with Moses Brown
BROWN Moses 1857 1935 Son of Daniel & Martha Brown
Same stone with Mary J. Brown
BROWN Oscar E. 1888 1967 US Army WWI
BROWN Paul McKinley Feb 15, 1896 November 23, 1993 Pvt US Army WWI Same stone with Cena Brown
BROWN Rosa V. 1870 1939
BROWN Sollie 1891 1958
BROWN William O. 1870 1927
Gray Cemetery is located in section 34 of Trail Creek Township in eastern Harrison County, approximately two miles southwest of Mt Moriah. It is approximately 1/2 mile west of highway 136 and is considered abandoned, is not maintained, and is in very poor condition. This list is compiled from various sources, including old surveys, burial records, and family histories. It should not be considered a complete list of burials.

GRAY Charles 1823 Death Date uknown
GRAY Isaac N. 1852 Death Date unknown
Son of Joseph & Mary Gray
GRAY James Jun 22, 1830 No Death Date
Son of Joseph and Mary Gray
GRAY Jane 1803 1894 Wife of Joseph Gray
No stone, but some records indicate she is buried next to husband
GRAY Joseph Jan 15, 1785 Apr 20, 1890 Born in (now) West Virginia
Son of William & Ann Gray
Husband of Jane Lindsay
GRAY Sarah Apr 4, 1844 Feb 8, 1900

The Hughes Cemetery is a roughly one-acre plot set aside formally by Hiram "High" Hughes from what was at the time his farm, to be a cemetery open to all. Certainly, the spot was used as a de facto cemetery before that, though; the first burial noted to date was in 1859, before Hiram had migrated to the area and certainly before he first bought land in this area in 1886. The cemetery is located in Section 12, Township 66, Range 26 of Harrison County, one-half mile west of the Mercer-Harrison county line, about 8 miles north of Cainsville, Missouri.
Although the cemetery is located within Harrison County, it can no longer be reached directly from there, as the old road has not been used in far too many years. It can now only be reached from Mercer county, via the road that goes past the old Hiram Hughes farm (now owned by Mike Campbell, a close friend of the family).
Despite the "Hughes Cemetery" name, only three Hughes' are buried there. Hiram and his wife, Sarah Ann (McDonald), are buried with the only "Hughes" headstone; their daughter, Mary, is buried their with her husband, James Seymour. Hiram and Sarah's son and only other child, John Wesley Hughes, is buried with his wife, Etta, in Freedom Cemetery, near Saline, Missouri.
The current trustee of the cemetery is Mr. Victor Seymour (RR 1, Cainsville, Missouri 64632). He has explained that there is no official listing of the people buried in the cemetery; when his uncle, the previous trustee, asked him to take over, he had no such information to provide. The cemetery is still in active, if infrequent, use. Burials are made where there is room; there are no assigned plots and the graves are laid out in rough, rather than strict, lines. Nevertheless, the cemetery is well maintained, and readily accessed.
A partial (somewhat more than 1/3 and less than 1/2) "photographic census" was taken on August 15, 2000. The results of this have been used to supplement the information previously on hand from a fragment of a previous survey. Unfortunately, many of the very old stones are marble, rather than granite, and have become difficult to read as lichen and acidic rain have taken their toll. In at least one case, the stone was entirely unreadable at the time the photo was taken; in another the top portion of the stone was broken off, and the name, date of death, and part of the age at death is missing. In addition, Victor Seymour pointed out that a number of stones and fragments have been moved to a pile at the edge of the cemetery. Clearly, a more thorough census is still needed.

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