Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Brown Family Christmas 2008

held at the same spot in Trenton, Missouri (although it is now KCP&L) on Sunday, November 30, 2008.
the fare was Janet's Baked Potato Soup, Jim's Spicy Chili, & Kay's Vegetable Soup, along with sandwiches, veggies & dip, brownies, peanut brittle, Rice Krisy treats, peanut butter & chocolate fudge, peanut butter cake, pumpkin pie, & a cherry dessert.
Attending were Jim & Charlene Smith, Kerry, Shelia, Kenton, & Steven Dauma, Robin, Chris, Ashley, & Tara Crawford, Bob & Kay Crawford, Bobby, Robin, Jace, & Lexi Shalz, Tom, Lisa, Max, & Logan Butler, Grace Brown, Minerva Brown, Clyde Maxwell, Bernard & Janet Axsom, Kevin, Deb, KJ, & Katie Dailey, & Shawn Crawford.
This year the gift giveaway was wrapped candy bars & cookies.
We did the traditional group pictures.

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