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Mary Alice Bryant was 15 when she married Philip Higdon & had her first child at age 16. Her 17th birthday was 5 months away. She was a grandmother at age 36 & a great grandmother at age 55.
Philip came to Missouri in September 1871. He was 25 years old. He was of Belgian Dutch descent, enlisted in the 134th Indiana Volunteer Infantry May 7 1864 at the age of eighteen, was honorably discharged Septemver 2nd. He left Harrison County,MO fall of 1903, after spending the winter in Butler County, KS, & moved to Winona, MO.
He was going to Winona on horseback Jan 15 1907 (to meet relatives, I am told) when he crossed a pond in the road and the horse threw him into the water. Although almost drowned, he was able to get out and walk home, over a mile away, but the water he had taken into his lungs & the exposure caused congestion of the lungs which resulted in his death three days later.

their nine children:
James Hugh Higdon born Dec 2 1875 died April 22 1943 Hutchinson KS
married Nellie Holmes March 4 1900
Nellie was born Sept 20 1875 died Dec 26 1948 buried Potwin KS
their children are listed under Higdon-Holmes
Nannie Agnes "Nan" Higdonborn July 26 1877 near Bolton, Harrison Co, MO
died March 9 1972 in a Bethany, MO Hospital, buried in Sharon Chapel Cemetery, Harrison county, by her husband Seth D. Stanley, whom she married Dec 13 1893 at her parents home. Seth was born Jan 6 1870,Harrison Co, MO, died March 9 1921 at his marble & granite shop, Bethany, MO.
Joseph Daniel Barnet Higdonborn Sept 20 1879 died Dec 20 1951 Winona, MO married Lillie Belle Lemon
their daughter Florence died in infancy
Emilie Phyliss "Emma" born Nov 4 1881 died Dec 28 1962 El Dorado, KS, married John Wesley Orton at high noon, Feb. 14 1903 at her parents home, a log cabin with five rooms, fairly bulged to hold invited guests. Following the ceremony, an elaborate dinner was served which centered around roast turkey & Virginia Baked Ham.
children under Higdon-Orton
Gilly Mae Higdonborn Oct 4 1883 died May 16 1961 at Wright Memorial Hospital, Trenton, MO. buried at Cat Creek Cemetery, Brimson,with her husband.
Married Thomas Witten Maxwell April 15 1900 at her parents home near Stephen's School. he was born June 7 1873 Taggart, MO nw of Brimson. died March 16 1959 at his home in Trenton, MO.
children under Higdon-Maxwell
Dottie Higdon born Nov 23 1885 died Nov 24 1885 nine and a half hours old, buried Springer Chapel Cemetery
Norah Grace Higdonborn Oct 17 1887 died 1968 Winona MO. she married Lee Cooper OCt 28 1936 & later married Richard O. Williams
their daughter Ruth Olive Williams married country western singer Porter Wagoner.
(elsewhere on this blog are excerpts from a biography of Porter, listing different aspects of his family life.) they had 3 children, Debbie, Denise, & Richard. ( I am pretty sure about the names, reciting them from memory...deb)
Minnie Alzura Higdonborn May 23 1891 died Dec 7 1930 Wichita, KS. buried Highland Park Cemetery. married Lawrence D. Blood. no children.
Hobart Franklin Robert Higdon born Oct 19 1894 died Dec 18 1959 married Stella, no children.

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