Thursday, April 2, 2009

emails from Robert Norman

I am the son of Oscar and Leta Schaeffer, born in Blythesdale, Missouri. I believe you posted some family information on your blog. This is the first information I have been able to obtain about my family since I was removed from the family at the age of 2. I am very interested in getting more information about my family and can also provide more input about the Schaeffers.
I didn't mention that I was born December 15, 1943 in Blythedale by the name of Clifford Schaeffer. I also had a sister named Patty who was 4 at the time and also removed from the family. My brother's name is George but I don't remember him. I met Patty about 25 years ago and she lives near St. Louis. I was adopted at age 3 and lived in Chillicothe through high school. I have two degrees in civil engineering from Mizzou and now living in Berwyn, Pennsylvania. My wife, Janis, has a PhD in Art Education from Kansas. We have been married 37 years.

I was wondering how you were related to the Schaeffers and if you know anyone in the family that is still living. Hope you can help.

You are an exceptional person to keep track of your family and I am glad you did.

{most of the credit goes to my late Grandma Mary Pauline Shafer Axsom for writing down her memories...}

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