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The Family of Hidgon

(from Grace Brown)
variations of the name Higdon as found among records: Hidon, Heighton, Highton, Higden...Higdon & Higden are the two usual American spellings.
The first record of a Higdon in Maryland is a deed dated April 17 1693 "from William Dent of Charles County, planter, to JOHN HIGDON of St. Mary's County, planter, for two thousand pounds of tobacco (Deed Book No 1, date 1690-1694, Folio 187, Land Records of Charles co, MD) this is the first record of a Higdon in Maryland, and the second record of any Higdon in the United States...only other being Peter Higdon in Massachusetts, dated 1635 found in "Planter of the CommonWealth" by Banks, Book H-1067, B3, p. 138 where it is mentioned Peter Higdon came to America with Antony (Anthony) and Mary Thatcher of Salisburg County Wilts, England, to whom he was indentured. They came over on the James of London, Willam Cooper, Master, sailing from Southhampton April 15 1635 arriving June 3 at Yarmouth with passangers and cattle. But in this year of their landing, Peter Higdon, an additional record shows, was probably lost in the great storm of Aug 15 1635 when his master wrecked off Cape Anne (Taken from Sage's Genealogical Dictionary of New England, Vol. 2) So this further substantiates my original contention that the first record of whom bears the date of 1693 above, This JOHN HIGDON of Maryland married Millisent who was either a Bowling or a Semmes (the Bowling, Semmes, Montgomery, & Dent families intermarried with the Higdons at this early date.)
children: John, Charles, Benjamin, Mary Simes (Semmes), Thomas, William
St Mary's County,Maryland, where John was first recorded as a planter, is located in South Maryland and adjoins Charles Co, to which he later moved. These counties were the first part of Maryland to be settled.
John Higdon, born 1649, for in disposition of will on March 11 1711, he gave his age as 62. Will probated 1723, as that of John Higdon, planter, Charles Co., Maryland (taken from RT Semmes Genealogical Collection, Maryland Historical Society)

Leonard & Eva (Hoffman) Higdon
children: Mary, Leonard, William, Eliza, Samuel, Thomas, Nancy, Katri, and Americus...William the great grandfather of Linne Higdon Hodges, Burke Co, NC, Scotch Irish

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