Friday, April 24, 2009


children of John William "Bart" Utterback & Emily Mary "Emma" Maxwell~
1. "infant Utterback Feb 2 1905-Feb 15 1905 a little flower of love that blossomed
but to die"
2. Collen May Utterback born april 5 1910 died May 1 1911 bureid Cat Creek Cemetery
3. Harmon Utterback died 1968 farmed in Brimson area, married Gladys Owens of Laredo.
a. Karen Utterback lives in Chicago, ILL
4. Vernon Utterback married Marsha who died 1980
5. Marie Utterback Jan 1, 1956 Trenton MO. married Harry Dority, A railroader in
6. Lola Utterback married Victor Beal in Michigan, she was a teacher in local
schools and in Michigan, where she retired as an elementary principal
1. Victor Jr. lives in Washington DC area
7. Roberta Utterback taught school, retired from Ohio State University

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tallulah jane said...

I was missing a page!

child 8 was Lorene Utterback, taught school before her marriage to Harold Pederson of Spickard, they live in the Portland,OR area near their children Michael, Mark, & Deanna. their grandchildren are Adam, Ingrid, Edith, & Nora.