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Psychology Paper by KJ DAILEY Dec. 12 2008 North Mercer

I sat in on the first, fifth, and sixth classes. I will go over what I observed in the first grade time period. From my observations the first graders were very attentive for their age, and I think it's because they have a different mindset of the older students, and may be more enthusiastic about school. They also seemed to know the material they were going over quite well, which may be a result of how attentive they were in class. The students were also not afraid to answer questions, and seemed to enjoy being in class. They seemed very well-behaved in my period of study, although they did move around a lot, which I think is because they have a lot of energy left over from recess. They can read very well, and they seem intelligent for their age, so I assume all of them have experienced satisfactory intellectual development. They also seem to have developed good motor skills, and their speech seems to be developing quite rapidly. When they were broken up into groups, they seemed to work in cooperation with each other. The groups worked very well together. They were very excited when they saw that they had the opportunity to make a picture for an assignment. They showed good manners to the teacher as well as each other. This is probably a result of what they learned in pre-school and kindergarten regarding good manners. In their excitement to go to recess, the teacher needed to remind them to get a book. They also needed to be reminded to get a coat. They were probably anxious to go to receses because they wanted to go out and play to get rid of their excess energy.
In review, the first grade was very well behaved, had developed good motor skills, and seemed to be learning at a great pace. They also paid attention to their teacher very well and did not talk to each other until they were put into groups. They also showed great understanding of speech.
In my fifth grade observation period I noticed that some of the children were talking while they were supposed to be reading from their textbooks. I believe this is due to enhanced social skills as well as them becoming bored with schoolwork. They also asked the teacher a lot of questions. Most of these questions were very off topic. I believe they were trying to keep their teacher from assigning them homework. They did not pay attention to the teacher as well as they should have. I think this is because they have lost respect for the teacher because none of them seemed to be paying attention. Their social skills have clearly developed, even though they use them at times that were inappropriate to talk, such as when the teacher was talking. They seemed to be struggling with their assignment, which I believe is directly caused by their lack of attention. Many got in trouble for talking during the lecture and many were moved to different tables as punishment. They seemed to be interested in topics they had not gone over yet. They continued to be very inquisitive throughout the lecture. One student in particular was trying unsuccessfully to prove the teacher wrong. In spite of many of them disrupting class they did answer the questions asked by the teacher. Overall, they had good motor skills, and they seemed to be intellectually developing quite well. The first graders had better behavior than the fifth graders, and I believe it is because the first graders still seem to like going to school, unlike the fifth graders. They also showed more respect for the teacher than the fifth graders. Perhaps it is because the first graders get three recesses, which helps them get rid of excess energy, while the fifth graders have only two. Perhaps a solution to the fifth graders lack of attention is having an extra recess. This may help them to use their left over energy so they may be more inclined to listen to their teacher.
My observation of the sixth grade showed that the sixth graders seemed a little more mature than the first and fifth graders. They also seemed to pay more attention to their teacher than their fifth grade counterparts. They were already hard at work on their assignment when the observation period began. They did not have any converstations that were not focused on anything other than the assignment, as they were checking their answers with other classmates. They seemed calmer and more laid back than the fifth graders. They seemed very mature for their age. Their speech had developed quite well, and they are starting to become very articulate. They worked well in groups, and seemed to help out classmates who had the wrong answer. They had respect for their teacher and asked questions about problems they needed help with throughout the observation period. They seemed to be developing quite well intellectually. They seemed to have good motor skills, even though they did not move around a lot during the observation period. When the teacher said it was time for the science quiz, they showed confidence because they all said they had studied the night before. This shows maturity because they took their books home and studied so they could get a better grade. They also knew to stop talking when the teacher was talking. Overall the sixth grade class had the best behavior of all the classes that I had sat in on. I believe one of the reasons that the fifth graders attention problem might have been caused by changes brought on by pubertyy, and the hormones that it causes. I do not know why the sixth graders would not also be affected by this. Maybe the sixth graders are more used to it than the fifth graders, which would cause them to handle it better.
In conclusion, all of the classes I sat in on had developed very well in the motor skills, speech, and reading categories. They were all well behaved at some points in the observation. All of the classes had at least one point where they misbehaved. I also believe that all of them are going to mature a lot over the years.

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